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Ram-Paiging With Paige
by JGarces

The next day dawned for Tyler and I with the thought of hooking up with Paige still in our minds as we went about our day and got ready for Raw that night.

"Think she means it? I personally think she's bluffing. I bet those Divas stick together in real life," I told Tyler as we killed time in the room, flipping through the program we had bought at the PPV the night before as we debated whether to use the pass she had given us.

"John, I can't believe you're wanting to back out now after we've come this far," Tyler chastised me, slugging my arm as he joked about me not being the man he thought I was.

"I just think it's kind of odd she'd be so willing to give herself to us so easily," I told him, having a feeling in my stomach that something wasn't adding up.

"And I'm not about to take the same chance that we took with the Smellas with an arena full of security," I continued, reminding him that I didn't really want to press our luck twice.

"But on the other hand...look at how fucking sexy she is," I said when Tyler shoved his Paige poster in my face, both of us feeling a rise in our pants as we agreed to use the pass to get backstage and take it from there.

"Hey. Look up at the TV dude. They know already," Tyler told me, elbowing me to get my attention.

"That's not gonna help anything at all, is it?" I said to him as we looked up at the morning news on the TV, which was plastered with news reports of the Bellas' having been raped in their hotel rooms the night before.

"That would explain the cop cars outside," he responded as he pulled the curtains back on our window to reveal a gaggle of Nashville-area police cars surrounding the hotel.

Many hours later, after getting a quick bite to eat and catching a nap in case we did need to conserve our energy for later, we walked the short distance from the hotel to the arena, dodging the heavy police presence by blending in with the busy Nashville landscape, and flashing our pass to the security guard that was separating the backstage area from the main arena concourse once we got inside.

"That was the easy part. Now for the hard part," I told him as we started searching backstage for Paige, doing our best to blend in as we walked around looking for any sign of her.

"Dude. It's Vince. Let's find somewhere to hide," Tyler whispered to me when we heard the booming voice of the chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment Vince McMahon walking down the hall.

"Yeah. I'm walking around right now Paul. I don't see anyone here that isn't supposed to be here," we heard him say, surmising that he was talking to Triple H (whose real name is Paul Levesque) about what had happened to the Bellas the night before.

"I've already told the police to have an extra presence around the Divas' locker room. No one's allowed back here without clearance," Vince bared into his walkie-talkie, not knowing that not only had the Bellas' rapists gotten backstage, but had gotten backstage due to his hottest Diva giving them a backstage pass.

"The coast is clear. And the old man just led us right to them," Tyler, having designated himself as the lookout for us, said to me as we hopped back out of the restroom we had ducked into and started scurrying down the hall, following the flurry of police activity until we found ourselves standing right in front of the door to the Divas' locker room.

"Hey, do you think she'll like my shirt?" Tyler asked me as he looked at his "Scream for Me" Paige t-shirt, before realizing the gravity of the situation and continuing.

"John, I have an uneasy feeling about this. What if the Smellas are inside or this is a set-up of some sort?" he said as he started shaking nervously and looking at the door.

"Calm down Tyler. Have a little faith in our crumpet. I'm sure she's just in the shower or something," I told him as we prepared to knock on the door.

"Hey John, I just realized that Paige will be the one screaming for us tonight", Tyler said as he started laughing at his own comment.

"Yeah, if we don't want to get busted out here, we should probably just knock and see where it gets us," I told Tyler, just about ton rap on the door when he grabbed me by the arm.

"Don't knock. I see her coming," he told me, all four of our eyes about to pop out of their sockets as we saw Paige walking down the hall in her revealing, tight-fitting ring gear, trying to pick up our tongues up off the ground as she approached both us and the Divas' locker room.

"I wouldn't go in there if I were you boys," she teased us, her British accent sounding even hotter than it had in the hotel, as she looked us up and down and licked her lips.

"Nice shirt. Which one are you again?" she teased Tyler, rubbing his arm when she saw he was wearing her shirt.

"T-Tyler," he stammered as she continued to flirt with him, clearly enjoying being in control as she pulled him close and whispered in his ear.

"It'll look better on the floor," she whispered to him, loud enough for me to hear as I started feigning being upset at her lack of interest in me.

"Don't get your knickers in a wad, my other cheeky little American friend. I don't think I caught your name either?" she told me as she brushed my arm and winked at me when she saw the growing tent in my pants.

"J-John. It's John," I stammered as she led us each away by the hand, explaining to us why she didn't want us going into the Divas' locker room.

"I requested my own personal locker room this evening, under the premise that I had friends here coming in to see me. But I'm sure I don't have to tell you boys what we're really going to use it for, do I?" she giggled as she batted her eyes at us and led us inside.

"The only question I have now is which one of you is going to start with me?" she told us as she laid down on the leather couch in the locker room and spread her legs for us as she sucked on her finger, showing us how turned on she already was.

"Aw, are my American lovers getting cold feet? You did something really nice for me by attacking those Bella sluts. So it is only fair that I do something for you," she told us as we snapped out of our stupor and walked over to her, deciding neither of us could wait to have her.

I saw Tyler pull down his pants as he approached the 2-time Diva's champion as Paige licked her lips at the sight before her.

"My, my. That's quite a big knob you have there, Tyler. I don't know if I can fit the bloody thing in my mouth, but I'm always up for a challenge," she said to him as she dropped to her knees, her ass sashaying in the air.

I watched as Paige got about half of his dick into her mouth before pulling out as she struggled to adjust to it.

"Your dick is twice as big as my boyfriend's. But I think I'm used to it now," she told him as she went back to giving him a blowjob as I sneaked up behind them and gave Paige's tight ass a healthy smack that almost made Tyler blow his load before he was ready to.

"Damn it John. Don't make me blow too soon," he chastised me as I grabbed Paige's hips and pulled them back into mine, sliding my dick into her tight, British-made pussy as I slapped five with Tyler.

"Fuck my bloody cunt," Paige moaned from around Tyler's dick as I started to thrust in and out of her, her tight cunt walls swallowing up my dick and taking me deeper and deeper inside of her every time I penetrated her.

"I'm gonna tear you up, Paige. We've waited a long time for this baby," I whispered to her as I grabbed a hold of her hips again and rammed my dick in and out of her, her hands cupping Tyler's balls as she sucked him off.

"FUCK. That tongue feels just as good on my fucking cock as I dreamed it would," Tyler hissed as she started running her tongue along his knob, throwing his head back and placing his hands on the back of her head to hold her in place on it as I buried myself balls-deep inside of her.

"FUCK. Gonna cum Paige," Tyler hissed as he thrust his hips forward into Paige's face, trying as hard as he could to last longer, but finally giving up the fight when she ran her tongue over the head of his dick.

"Not gonna be too far behind you," I whispered as I pounded away on her pussy, her walls starting to clamp down on my dick as I buried it deep inside of her.

"FUCK YES," Tyler moaned as he lurched his hips into her face one last time, snaking his dick the back of her throat as he came, shooting his cum down her throat as she giggled and started to drink it down.

"SHIT...cum for me Paige baby...gonna cum soon," I whispered in her ear as I drove myself into her pussy, feeling her juices start painting my dick as she came all over it, still sucking away on Tyler's cock as mine started to twitch deep inside of her.

"Paige...SHIT...if you want me to pull out you better hurry up and tell me or else it's going inside you," I warned her, not wanting her to think we were taking this too far as my dick began to react to the squeezing of her cunt muscles on it.

"MMM..." Paige hissed as she continued sucking on Tyler's knob, his hands going to the back of her head to hold her in place.

"Hurry up and cum in her dude. So I can have my turn at her pussy," he told me, both of us quite sure by that point that she wouldn't protest to that as I thrust one last time inside of her and let loose with a thick torrent of my cum, bathing her pussy in my thick, sticky seed as I came deep into her snatch.

"OHGOD, you feel so good," I whispered to her as I filled her a few more times, pulling out of her after spending myself for the time being.

"I don't think you cheeky boys can handle another bloody round with me," she teased us as she made out with Tyler, one of her hands rubbing her cunt as she fingered herself and brought her cum-stained fingers to her mouth.

"I really don't get why boys don't like tasting themselves. You taste pretty good to me, you know John," she teased me, winking at me as she once again dropped to her knees with Tyler getting behind her.

"But fortunately for you, I fuck better than he does," Tyler teased her as Paige took my dick in her hands and led it to her mouth, intent to clean it off as Tyler started to fuck her pussy.

Tyler slammed his dick deep into his favorite Brit's pussy, causing her to grit her teeth as she gripped the sides of the couch to keep from falling.

"OH FUCK MATE. YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE BIG DICK," Paige moaned as Tyler pistoned his way in and out of her pussy as I shoved my dick deep down her throat.

"Suck my tally wacker," I said to her after a few minutes of thrusting my cock to the back of her throat, the slurping sounds that she was making around it driving me to the breaking point.

Try as hard as I might to make it last as long as it could, Paige's dick-sucking skills proved to be good for me and after a few more pumps, I shot my load into her mouth and down her throat.

"Well that was bloody tasteful mate," Paige purred as she used her finger to wipe some of my cum off of her face and then licked it off of her finger.

While I was recovering from Paige sucking me off, Tyler was increasing the intensity of his thrusting into her as her hips sashayed back and forth.

"Come on Paige," Tyler said as the slapping sounds of his balls against her thighs increased, and after a few minutes Paige exploded into orgasm and painted his cock with her juice.

"Come on Paige. SCREAM FOR ME," Tyler whispered to her as he smacked her ass and buried himself balls-deep inside of her.

"THIS IS MY HOUSE! FUCK YES!" she shouted as Tyler gave her one last thrust and came inside her, his sticky treat joining the load I had already put inside of her as he filled her with shot after shot of his thick, sticky seed and slowly pulled out of her.

"So...what do you boys want to do with me now? This has been a jolly good time, and I have a little more time to kill before I have to get ready for the show," she told us as she rubbed her cunt and wiggled her ass in front of us, offering it up to whichever one of us wanted it first.

"How about we continue this after your match Paige?" Tyler said to her, thinking quickly about how to get the most possible time with her.

"Yeah. We'd love to go another round with you right now baby, but we don't want you to be too tired for your match," I chimed in, Paige walking over to us and kissing both of us on the cheek, and then the lips as she winked at us and sent us on our way to our seats.

"If there's one thing I do bloody love after I get all sweaty in the ring, it's a nice, steamy, STICKY shower," she whispered in Tyler's ear as she grabbed both of our cocks and winked at us again as we got dressed and headed for the door.

"Better go out this way. Wouldn't want the old man to see you in here would we?" she told us as she directed us to leave the back way, taking us unseen through the catacombs of the arena and back out among the public as we raced back into the arena with our tickets in hand.

"Not that it's going to be that easy, but I guess we better try and focus on the show now," I told Tyler as we made it to our seats and sat down, passing the time until our crumpet would be whipping some ass in the ring so we could continue things with her.

It was hard enough for Tyler and I to sit through the show knowing what was waiting on us after the show.

The show was also going pretty well, as it was getting close to WrestleMania, their biggest show of the year, and as such, the company had stepped up their game.

Tyler and I cheered when Paige came out with Emma for their tag match with the Bellas, who won again, despite what we had done to them the night before.

"How well do you think the Bellas are adjusting to wrestling after our "encounter" with them last night?" Tyler asked me as we left our seats.

"Not as well as us, that's for sure," I responded to him as we headed back towards the back entrance of Paige's locker room.

"Our crumpet must be expecting us," he said to me when he noticed the door was unlocked, allowing Tyler and I to walk in and lock the door behind us as Paige turned the shower off.

"Paige? It's your two American lover boys," Tyler called out to her, both of us watching as she turned around and winked at us, using the crook of her finger to call us over to her.

"Don't keep me waiting any longer you silly wankers. I hate taking showers alone when I can take them with two hot American studs like you," she purred, grabbing us both by the arm and pulling us into the shower as she turned the water once more.

"I only have one question for the two of you no which one of is going to be the first one to fuck my dirty pussy in this shower stall?" she whispered to both of us as she made out with Tyler, wrapping her legs around his waist as he sucked on her tits and slid his dick back into her pussy.

"That would be me love," Tyler whispered to her as he started thrusting in and out of her, sucking on her tits as I came up behind her.

"And I'll be taking your tight Brit ass," I whispered to her as I grabbed her hips and pulled them back into mine, pushing my dick into her ass and thrusting it deep into her bowels as Tyler thrust deeper and deeper into her pussy.

"Bloody fucking hell. Fuck me," she hissed as we double-teamed her, her body rocking back and forth from the force of our cocks penetrating her tight, wet holes.

"FUCK. This is so fucking hot, dude," I whispered to Tyler through gritted teeth as we pounded away on her holes, the only sounds being heard besides the running water the sounds of his balls slapping against her ass and my hips slamming into hers as we filled her pussy and ass with everything we had.

"You're telling me," he answered as we felt her body starting to tense up as her orgasm fast approached.

"I-I'm gonna c-cum. Fuck me harder you bloody wankers," she moaned, throwing her head back as she came all over Tyler's dick, the pulsating from her pussy also pushing me over the edge as I drilled her ass.

"Oh fuck. Cumming Paige," we hissed as we plunged inside of her pussy and ass, each of us giving her one last thrust as we came deep inside of her, nothing but shouts of passion filling up the room as we each deposited a full load of cum into her and pulled out.

"Time to switch holes," we told each other as Tyler made out with her a little longer, finally breaking things up as I came around in front of her and Tyler walked behind her, smacking her ass as we lined our cocks up with her two holes once more.

"YES. YES. OHGOD. Fuck me," Paige shouted as my dick started to thrust away in her pussy and Tyler's tally wacker started to pound away on her ass, all three of us nearing orgasm much faster than we would've liked to.

"Tired yet?" Tyler teased me as we continued to get our sexual workout in, his dick working its way in and out of her ass as mine plunged into the depths of her pussy.

"You could never outdo me, and you won't now either," I teased him back as we double-teamed Paige, hearing her screams start to get louder as she drew closer and closer to cumming for us again.

"Come on Paige. Cum for us baby. We want to hear it," I whispered to her as she threw her legs around me, violently humping my dick as I thrust it deep inside of her while Tyler beat up her ass in perfect rhythm with the way I was fucking her pussy.

"THIS IS MY HOUSE!" she screamed as she came for us, her body shaking as she rocked back and forth on our dicks, spraying her cum out onto my dick as her cunt clamped down on my dick.

"FUCK. Gonna cum," we softly hissed as Paige started coming down off of her orgasm, her body stiffening up as we thrust into her one last time and came in her, my cum shooting into her pussy in waves while Tyler's filled her bowels.

"MMM. Fill me up boys. Fill up your little crumpet's filthy holes," she hissed as we gave her the last of our loads and pulled out of her, both of us completely spent by the time we finished up with her.

"I hope you boys haven't had your fill of me yet? Cause I know how we should end this party," she teased both of us, grabbing one of our cocks in each hand and starting to jerk us both off.

"If this ends with both of us nutting in her face, this will be the greatest night ever," Tyler said as Paige wrapped her hands around our dicks, stroking them a little harder when she saw both of us throwing our heads back.

"Don't drown boys. You'll miss the best part," she teased us when she saw us throwing our heads back and spitting out the water from the shower head.

"Oh...what's wrong? Is it time for my two American boys to cum again?" she teased us as she stroked our cocks a few more times, smiling as she took a step back and watched us start to furiously finish ourselves off.

"Cum on my face. I know you both bloody well want to," she teased us as she turned the water to the shower off, turning around and sticking her tongue out just in time for us to start shooting ropes of cum all over her face.

"MMM. The only thing I bloody love more than a man's cum inside of me is a man's cum all over me," she purred as we released the contents of our cocks all over her face, chest and stomach.

"Thanks Paige. We'll remember this night forever, you know," Tyler managed to stammer, with me unable to add anything but a nodding of my head, as we watched her rub our cum into her skin.

"What? It's good for the skin. But you two should run along before you get found out," she told us, giving us both a long, deep goodbye kiss as we departed, but not before telling us there was something we could do for her.

"I hear that Brie is fixing to retire to go make mutant farm animal babies with Bryan. But I was thinking...since you guys already raped them once for me...maybe you could do it to Brie again as a "going away" present?" she asked us, twirling her hair and winking at us.

"Anything for you Paige," we both told her, quickly agreeing to it in the hopes that if we continued doing things for her, she would continue doing things for us.

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