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Raping Rena Mero
by Alcool (

A professional criminal by nature, over 41 burglaries, and only once
caught in the act and sentenced to two years!

The conviction lasted little over 7 months, the case dropped and Tim
Collins was allowed to be freed. With most of his possessions confiscated and
secured, he needed another break in, to set him on the right road. A catch
22, in that he had to do an injustice to become clean!

His last heist would be that of a grand mansion in Florida, not knowing
who lived there, he had to make his plans accurate and precise, with no
margin for error!

9pm on Saturday the 2nd November, he made the act. Little did he know,
sleeping upstairs was the one time womens champion of the WWF, and Playboy
centrefold, Rena Mero.

Wearing black plastic gloves as not to mark a single thing, he crept in
through a downstairs window! With less than a tip-toe sound, he made his way
with a plastic bag, collecting things, as if they were toys!

Brushing past a delicate coffee table, Tim managed to knock down an
ornamental clock, engraved, `To Rena, thanks for the successful Playboy
shoot'. In what seemed like an hour, Tim saw the clock plummet to the floor
with an almighty thud!

Upstairs and in trance Rena Mero, sat up in bed, purely instinctive!
Rubbing away the sleep from her eyes, Rena listened tentatively from
upstairs! She stood out of her bed and stood almost frozen next to her four
poster. She was wearing a silk robe, that barely covered her ample chest,
infact, her cleavage, more than present, bulged out from her top! the bottom
of the robe barely covered her bare ass and thighs!

Downstairs Tim knew he could have foiled his opportunity, not knowing of
the proprietors of the house, he stood back in a door way with a candle-stick
in hand! his shock was genuine as he saw the celebrity, walk down the stairs
in a panic, frantically searching around for any intruders that may be there!
Little did she know that the burglar was right behind her donning one of her
own candle-sticks as a weapon!

Unwillingly he dropped it and pounced on the `blonde bombshell!' and threw
her into the lounge! Rena was too petrified to even think of screaming for

Now he had announced himself, Tim, had no idea what to do. an idea popped
into his head, as Rena's left breast crept from her robe and lay in full

Without giving it a second thought, Tim grabbed and pulled at Rena's robe
and tore it clean off! Rena was terrified, she stood in complete nudity, in
front of this criminal!

He just examined every square inch of her body, scanning her enourmous
legs, that of a supermodel. her legs led the way to her softly, neatly shaven
pussy! her pubic hair wsa divine!

He looked past that at her incredible abdomen, and past her belly-button
piercing! he continued and examined her fantastic, 34cc breasts! the ones
that had graced the cover of Playboy, looked twice as incredible, and 4 times
as supple!

He stared at her face, a petrified face that just stared back at him as if
he were a ghost! She let out an almighty scream, and without thinking, Tim
swung a violent left hook at Rena, knocking her clean onto the couch! She
looked up in amazement, as that shot had drew blood, her bottom lip was
bleeding, and she remained silent!

"Wha.. Wha.. what are you going to do to me?" asked Rena with panic
creeping into her voice.

"It's pretty obvious," replied Tim, as he unbuckled his pants and allowed
them to drop to the floor!

"I didn't intend for this to happen you know," he continued, "I'm really
not a bad guy, I just need this last heist to set me on the right path, the
one that leads to heaven," he smirked!

"So raping an innocent woman, gets you noticed by him upstairs does it,"
an almost angered Rena snapped!

"I don't care about him upstairs. I care about me downstairs, and with
you, the person who is going to satisfy my needs," he proclaimed!

He removed his plastic gloves followed by his nylon shirt! he removed
his boxers to free his 9 Inch cock, which even Rena appreciated in her
predicament! Her admiration was quickly stopped as Tim grabbed her by the
wrist and threw her up against the wall! He walked over and forced his fat
shaft up into Rena's pussy!

The first thrust almost left her paralytic, her eyes nearly rolled back
into her head and her mouth widened! Her pussy accepted the fat tip, but only
just, as she was extremely tight, and well tought!

He continued to thrust his massive 9 inches into Rena, who insisted that
she hated this in her mind, and kept trying to struggle! He was making her

Rena began to let out little moans, uncontrollable ones!

"Oh god, ahh, ahh..."

Tim dictated that action an threw Rena to the floor harshly and abruptly
ending their session!

As Rena knelt down she was completely unaware and caught harshly as the
intruder stuck his cock right up her ass!

"Oww, fuck, aww!"

Rena couldn't handle the cock up her ass, it was too big, and it was
forcing her into a pain, that she hadn't felt before! he continued to violate
her now sore ass!

As beads of sweat formed on her head, she also began to let trickles of
tears fall from her eyes! She was almost full out crying, as Tim continued
to force his member in the very small area! Rena Mero now was pretty much
crying through the amount of pain she was enduring!

"Oww, stop it, you're fucking hurting me you bastard," she said in amongst
the sobbing! He relented and took out his member! Rena dropped to the floor
and clutched her ass cheeks in her hands!

"fine bitch, now you're gonna swallow me!"

Rena looked up at him, but he was hardly visible through the streams of
tears she had!

He grabbed a knife and put it to her throat!

"You are gonna suck me now!" he demanded! She disapproved but nodded
tentatively! She engulfed his large cock, and began to lick the outside of
his shaft slowly at first! her almost experienced tongues ran a line down
from the tip of his cock down to his ball-sack, she was performing major
deep throat!

She almost clutched his balls in her mouth! she began to suck, and blow
his cock! She then began to rock back and forth, using her saliva as
lubricant! She began to suck back and forth faster, harder and more vibrant!

She blew him for what seemed like an eternity, as he began to shoot his
hot liquid down her throat! he only withdrew when the clots of his cum,
began to choke Rena! She clutched her throat and gasped for air! she finally
engulfed that load, and when Tim was satisfied with that, he replaced his
cock and shot another load down her throat! making sure she was ok, he
withdrew yet again!

He signalled for Rena to finish him off with a hand job! Rena again
reluctantly obliged, pumping her fists on his man-hood, he proceded to pump
his fluids all over a hot sticky Rena Mero! he continued to ejaculate until
Rena Mero was completely covered on her face with sperm! He satisfyingly
smiled! So did Rena as she believed the ordeal was over!

Tim almost picked Rena up completely by her hair and stood her infront of
him! He simply said!

"Sorry bitch," and then fully swung back and kicked her in the groin at
full-pelt! She collapsed in a huddle on the floor and just began clutching
her now sore pussy! She began to cry, Tim put her out of her mysery by
knocking her out cold with the candle-stick! She was alive, yet unconscious!
She lay there spread eagle, completely nude and with hot fluid covering her
delicate, and once beautiful face!

Tim continued to ransack her mansion, and in the house he found a camera!
He took a Polaroid of the fallen Rena, and carefully made his way out of Rena
Mero's mansion!

That truly was one heist he would remember!

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