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Featuring: Melina, Edge

Rated A-List
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Inside one of the WWE Superstars' locker rooms at a super show event, the
Rated R Superstar known as Edge unties the laces on his boot, pulling it off
as he's clad in a red version of his signature ring gear, still smirking
after stealing a quick win earlier in the evening. "This is too easy..." He
gloats to himself as he sits on the bench in the empty room. "At this rate,
the title will be mine in no time..."

He's about to say something else when his attention is caught by the door
into the room opening. Stepping into the room without even knocking is the
gorgeous WWE Women's Champion, Melina who looks around the room apparently
looking for someone. She's clad in tight fitting blue top and bottoms
combination with red and gold flame designs which show off a sexy amount of
cleavage as her top hugs tightly to her huge breasts and cling to her juicy,
mind blowing ass.

"All alone Edge?" Melina taunts him slightly, adjusting the title belt that's
resting on her shoulder.

"Nothing new I guess ever since Lita ditched the company to go tour with that
little band of hers."

"Let me guess, looking for Batista?" Edge answers back in a similarly mocking
way. "Planning on sleeping your way to another couple of months with that

The Los Angeles native narrows her eyes at him, gritting her teeth. "Don't
bring up that fling. We all have our regrets." She then smirks at him. "Maybe
you're mad that you weren't able to steal me away like you did with that
skank from Matt."

He laughs, standing up from the bench. "Babe, I could have gotten you in an
instant if I wanted to." The Ultimate Opportunist states, not hiding the fact
that he's taking a long look over her tanned, curvy body. "I'd make big Dave
look like a real small time amateur."

"Oh really?" Melina raises an eyebrow seductively at him. "Well then, how
about you show me if you really are Rated R?" She challenges him as she puts
her title down into an empty locker.

Edge just grins, already licking his lips at the thought. "Then get up
against that wall and assume the position." He bluntly says and with a look
over his muscular body, Melina tosses her long hair back as she walks over to
the wall, leaning up against it with her back facing the approaching
perverted Superstar.

Putting his hands onto her ring bottoms, he starts to slowly pull them down
her smooth legs, revealing her tanned, bare and perfectly rounded ass, the
sight of which makes him lick his lips as he soon places his hands onto her
cheeks, squeezing them and marveling at the soft feel of the juicy flesh. He
lifts a hand up and gives her backside a spank, watching her cheek jiggle for
a moment before he does the same to the other one, but all the sexy Diva does
is look back with a slightly raised eyebrow, as if asking if that's all he's
got for her. He smirks slightly, spreading her cheeks as he puts his face in
between them, sticking his tongue out to run it right down her crack,
travelling from the very top, briefly touching her asshole before going right
down to her pussy where he starts to work over the entrance of her tight,
shaved pussy.

She watches on over her shoulder, seeing the perverted Superstar deep between
her ass cheeks and feeling his tongue tease across her lower lips, going
around the outside of her as one of his hands continues to grope her full ass
while the other has reached down, pushing down his own ring gear enough so he
can fish out his long, hardening cock, clearly getting off on licking the
snatch of the talented female. She sticks her ass out some more, leaning into
the wall so her large tits are almost pressed against the wall, pushing her
pussy right into his face, encouraging him to venture further into her and he
soon takes the hint, slightly moving his tongue right across her entrance but
still not yet going properly in as he gets her nicely warmed up.

With one hand lightly stroking his now rock hard, foot long cock, he leans
his face up again, brushing his tongue slightly up her ass crack but it's a
little trick as he soon puts it back down and this time into her snatch,
going right in and starting to work it around the inside of her lips which
already gets a moan from the multi-time Women's Champion. He smirks, giving
her ass another spank as he really dines on her tight snatch, his tongue
slowly moving from side to side as if he's trying to find where she's the
most sensitive but she sounds more than happy to just have his tongue in her
no matter what way he does it as he easily slides himself across and around
her with a slow, methodic pace.

The former manager of MNM tosses her long curly hair back as she tilts her
head back, enjoying the way his tongue is teasing her tightness, already
succeeding in turning her on and getting her wet as her nipples are already
hard as they poke through her very tight top. Letting out a soft moan she
starts to slightly rock her hips back and forth against his face, rubbing her
snatch across his mouth and rugged facial features, further heightening her
own pleasure as he swirls his tongue around her pussy slowly but surely. She
moves a hand across her breasts, squeezing them through the tight clothing
and making herself lick her own lips as she gets eaten out by a handsome WWE
Superstar who knows exactly what he's doing, moving his talented tongue all
about and around her dampening hole.

The man known as the Ultimate Opportunist is certainly making the most of
this moment, moaning himself as his mouth is pressed right up against her
snatch, allowing him to push his hungry tongue as deeply as he possibly can
into her tasty hole, very much enjoying the sweet taste of the stunning, A-
List Diva as he pleasures himself at the same time, moving his own hand
slowly across his thick dick to keep himself nice and hard. It's made even
better to feel her pushing back into his face, almost smothering him with her
thick booty as he dines on her box, lapping away at her folds as he quickens
the pace, sliding his tongue around in a much firmer, determined way as it
doesn't seem he'll just be happy to have made her slightly wet like she
currently is, and he's not going to get any complaints from the woman on the
receiving end of this expert treatment to her pussy.

Rubbing her breasts through her top, the sexy Diva lets out a moan as she
feels his tongue darting around quickly inside her box, the combination of
pleasure from his oral ability and the slight pain from the random spanks
onto her ass cheeks she's getting making the feeling feel perfect. She's more
than just wet right now, giving him plenty of her juices to drink down as she
rubs her pussy all across his face and chin as she really gets into it at
all, letting the Rated R Superstar eat her out in such an eager way that she
begins to think that he's been waiting for his for quite a long time. She
slides a hand underneath her clothing, slightly pinching the hard nipple to
make her groan as he feels him pulling his head back, patting his tongue
across her snatch for a few moments before he slowly drags his tongue all the
way up to the top of her ass crack, finally pulling his head back and giving
her ass another spank, grinning as he watches the flesh shake for a second
from the blow.

"So, had fun?" Melina teasingly asks, still staying in position as she looks
back over her shoulder at the grinning former WWE Champion, glancing down at
his dick and smiling at what she sees.

"Compared to Lita you're a fucking feast..." Edge compliments her in a unique
but perverted way as he looks down over her juicy ass. "And you didn't just
burst like a waterfall after a minute like she did."

She smirks at the Rated R Superstar, leaning forward and sticking her ass
right out at him, swaying her incredible backside from side to side at him.
"Ready to "spear" a real woman for once then?" She lustfully says, eyes
narrowing slightly as she watches him step up close to him.

"Damn right I am..." He grins at her as he lines his cock up with her already
well prepared hole.

The stunning Diva lets out a loud moan as she feels her pussy getting filled
up as he forces a good amount of his thick cock into her tight, wet hole,
going in until more than half of his length is inside her before he starts to
move himself back and forth into her snatch, building up a steady rhythm as
he begins to give it to the curvaceous, sometimes arrogant female. His hands
grope her juicy ass cheeks as he starts to pump her, his gaze focused right
down onto his cock as he watches it slip in and out of her snatch, never
completely leaving her and managing to gradually work more of his manhood
into her every time he sends himself into her, licking his teeth with lust as
he takes the bent over sports entertainer from behind as she's up against the
locker room wall.

Keeping her hands firmly on the wall for support, Melina lets out a moan as
she feels his dick smoothly sliding in and out of her pussy, his thickness a
perfect size for her tightness as she feels more filled up than she's been in
a long time already, and he's not even got all of his cock inside her yet.
Tilting her head back again, she starts to rock her body against the incoming
thrusts, pushing her butt back to meet his shaft as he pushes it forward into
her, allowing him to go deeper into her which makes them both moan as they
enjoy the feeling. The beautiful, tanned and half naked Diva grits her teeth,
looking back at the studly multi-time champion with a sexy glare as she takes
this firm, steady pounding, and her tits slightly are swaying from the motion
of her body as they're still contained in her straining top.

Grinning at the look he's getting, the unashamedly perverted Superstar lifts
a hand up to dish out a strong spank to her thick butt, causing her to groan
out but not completely in pain, much to his approval as he then squeezes her
cheeks as he starts to pick up the pace. His waist now smacks into her
perfectly rounded ass as he now has all of his foot long cock lodged deep
into her pussy, his quick thrusts allowing his balls to smack into her tanned
skin as he goes balls deep into her wet hole, his manhood getting nicely
covered with her juices that not only increase his enjoyment but allow the
thrusting to be completely smooth as he pumps her deeply over and over again.

With her eyes closed she moans out, staying in this bent over position with
her head slightly down, taking it from behind as she willingly lets the lewd,
crude and tattooed Superstar have his way with her tight, wet pussy and she
loves every moment of it, a stark contrast to the strong, promoter of women's
wrestling that she has become recently. Indeed, if people saw her like this -
moaning like a whore as takes it hard and fast from behind in a standing
doggy-style position while in the one of the men's locker rooms - they would
argue that she is anything but that, and certainly not acting like a proper
WWE Women's Champion should. The look of pleasure on her face shows she
couldn't care less at this point, a dirty, naughty side coming out as she
clearly loves being fucked like this in a quite public place, the excitement
of knowing that she could be caught in the act turning her on even more and
making her pussy even wetter as it gets pumped deeply and repeatedly.

For Edge, his lust and pleasure is coming from other factors, most of all
just the fact that he's giving it to one of the hottest women on television,
let alone the whole world, who's wanting more and more of what he's already
giving her. Perverted as he may be, it only gets worse around women who want
it and want it as badly as she does, so it's fuel enough for him to use the
hard, fast past to pound her pussy like he's doing right now, the smack of
skin hitting skin ringing out when his waist connects with her ass as he
sends all of his twelve inches into her snatch. He's not Rated R for no
reason, showing what he's all about as he slams his rod back and forth
repeatedly into her snatch, dishing out the odd spank to her thick booty as
he does so, moaning as he moves his shaft into the still tight hole of the
beautiful Diva bent over in front of him.

Whatever the other is thinking, they are both moaning loudly, slightly
sweating now as the already intense fucking continues as he slams his fat,
meaty tool rapidly into the soaking wet pussy of the stunning female with
balls deep thrusts, his dick coated now with her juices as her tight snatch
has remained snug all around him despite his thickness and length. She looks
back over her shoulder at him, a saucy gaze over his naked frame as pumps her
and a slight grin exchanged between the two as it's clear that they both
doubted each other's ability and have been very pleasantly proved wrong
already but both look ready, able, and most of all willing to carry this on
for a long time to come.

"Looks like big Batista isn't that huge all over then..." Edge smirks as he
pulls out of her snatch, implying that her tightness is due to her former
boyfriend not being as "blessed" as he is.

"He never usually got past a blowjob..." Melina replies with a soft laugh,
standing up and turning around as she lifts her top up and over her head,
revealing her large and perfectly rounded breasts.

"That doesn't surprise me..." The Rated R Superstar says, although he's
talking to her tits as he takes a long look at them. "He probably injures
himself just getting a boner."

The current Women's Champion smirks as she steps forward towards him,
slipping down to her knees in front of him. "Well, let's see if you can take
one of these..." She says, glancing at his stiff rod then up to him with
lustfully narrowed eyes.

Brushing her hair back over her shoulders, the Los Angeles native leans he
head in, sticking out her tongue and swirling it around the bulbous bell end
of his cock, moaning as her tongue collects her own pussy juices from it and
it doesn't look like she's disgusted by the taste, smiling as she swallows it
down. She starts moving her head down, dragging her tongue along the side as
she slowly cleans up his shaft, working over the top and the underside before
she moves back up to the top, giving the head another swirl around and across
before she moves down the other side, giving it the same treatment as she
replaces her pussy juices with a light covering of her saliva. With a raised
eyebrow directed up at him she pats her tongue against the underside of the
head of his dick, slightly teasing before she gives another swirl all the way
around the crown for good measure.

Placing a hand onto his thigh, she opens her mouth and takes his cock inside,
placing her lips tightly around his thickness and lowering her head down long
him, travelling down until well over half way, impressively taking about
eight inches of him insider her warm mouth before she goes all the way back
up until just the head is still inside her. Still maintaining eye contact
with a sexy glare, she starts to smoothly bob her head along his length,
slightly moaning as she slides his tool in and out past her pouty lips, not
fazed by his girth as she already uses a steady, firm pace on him as she
shows off her talented mouth to the handsome, sinful Superstar who's dick
she's now sucking off had just moments ago been balls deep in her own pussy.
Her other hand has gone down between her smooth legs, rubbing her wet pussy
to make her moan around his dick, keeping herself stimulated as she dishes
out some oral satisfaction to the lustful, perverted Superstar.

Reaching down to take a handful of her long hair, the former Money In The
Bank match winner moans as he feels her made for blowjobs lips grinding back
and forth over his dick, her mouth soothing his member with the deep sucking
motion she's using on him, clearing not being an amateur when it comes to
this sexual act. Just looking at the dirty, somewhat bitching look she's
giving him as her gorgeous face moves gradually closer and closer to his
crotch as she sucks his dick is enjoyable enough, but the feeling is
certainly mind blowing to say the least. He moves his other hand down,
copping a rough feel of her large tits, giving a quick squeeze to each one
while she sucks away on his meaty, impressive cock that's getting nicely
coated with her saliva.

With her fingers teasing her pussy lips, the hot, A-List Diva now has her
face right down into the multi-time former champion's crotch, handling his
whole twelve inches inside her warm, damp mouth as she keeps her head down on
him, moans being muffled by his shaft and not gagging for a moment as she
remains in place for several moments, allowing him to really enjoy the
feeling and from his loud moans it's clear he does. Her eyes are closed as
she starts to quickly bob her head along his length, going up half way before
diving straight back down with a slight groan as she enjoys the way he's
playing with her big tits, her chin touching his ball sack each time she
dives down onto his still rock hard cock.

The man receiving this top notch sucking lets out a deep moan, having to
close his own eyes to savor the feeling as the stunning, talented female
shows off skills far removed from the in ring ability she's known for, loving
how perfectly his cock is stuffed right into her mouth that's left his dick
coated with her soothing saliva that's dripping down onto her own chin and
his balls as it trickles past her pouty, soft lips. He never thought that
he'd ever get the apparently teasing and holier-than-thou Diva to be like
this, naked and whorishly feasting on his man meat in the middle of the men's
locker room but it damn sure feels great to him, as he sweats a little from
the intense, deep blowjob that she's dishing out to him.

Opening her eyes and slyly looking up at him, the reigning Women's Champion
slowly lifts her head all the way up to the crowd, brushing her tongue across
his underside as she does so, and once at the top she twists her head from
side to side, grinding her soft lips around his shaft in the process and
moaning around him as she continues to get herself off by rubbing her wet
snatch with her hand. Lifting her head right off of him, she smirks at the
blown away look on his face before lashing her expert tongue across the very
tip of his dick, dabbing a little more saliva onto him before giving another
long, teasing swirl all the way around the crown, using her other hand to
give his ball sack a light squeeze to make her further groan, much to her
amusement as she lets out a chuckle at his reaction.

"Shit..." Edge says as he looks down at the tanned, perfectly curved Diva.
"You make Lita look at a virgin cock sucker." He somewhat compliments her.

Melina smirks as she stands up. "You have a way with words, don't you?" She
jokes, turning and walking over to a bench in to room.

Licking his lips as he watches her juicy ass sway from side to side as she
walks, he follows her over. "I'm the Rated R Superstar babe..." He states. "I
can be as blunt as damn well want to."

"Well, I want you to stuff that Rated R fuck stick straight into my ass..."
She says with a grin as she lays stomach down onto the bench, her big tits
pressing against it as her legs hang off the sides, allowing her stick her
incredible backside up into the air. "That blunt enough for you?"

"I'm going to fucking ruin that ass of yours..." He answers with a wide,
lustful grin as he gets right behind her.

The Toronto, Ontario native leans over the stunning female, placing his hands
on her shoulders to keep her down as he slides his cock in between her thick
ass cheeks, sandwiching it between them for a few moments to make her groan
at the teasing, in reflex lifting her backside up against his long dick.
Moving a hand back to give her butt a spank, he grips his tool, lining it up
and with one big push forward inserts himself straight into her back passage,
and both of them moan loudly at the penetration as he stuffs a good size of
his man meat into her ass, only using her saliva that coats his cock as a
form of lubrication. Putting his hands on her ass, he starts to work himself
in and out of her even tighter hole, adjusting to the vice-like grip that's
around his member as he gives it to her, the perverted grin plastered to his
face as his fulfills many a red-blooded male's fantasy as he's getting to
fuck one of the best asses in Diva history.

Holding onto the side with one hand, she moans with her head turned so she
can rest her cheek against the bench she's laying on, clearly enjoying the
feeling of a thick, long cock pumping her ass and going deeper and deeper
still into her each time he goes forward into her tight hole. With her toes
just touching the floor, she's able to raise her ass up not just to give him
easier access with which to pound her back passage, but to allow her to move
a hand back between her legs, slapping her wet pussy with it for a few
moments before rubbing it back and forth, moaning again as she takes care of
the other lower hole while the other is getting filled up by a massive dick
that's sliding in and out of her stunning ass.

Clearly not a novice when it comes to fucking an ass, even though he's never
had one quite as juicy and tight as this one, he knows exactly what kind of
pace and force to use to make sure her back passage has adjusted enough to
his massive size, and happy enough with how it's gone so far he licks his
lips, giving her ass a spank before he picks up the pace. His whole cock is
now deep inside her butt, his waist smacking into her thick cheeks every time
he pushes forward into her, moaning both at the tight feeling all around his
member and the sight of her globes jiggling each time their bodies connect as
he takes her backside from behind. Thrusting in and out of her ass, he leans
over a little more, reaching his hands down and making her lift her body up
slightly from the bench, still pounding her as he gropes her huge tits,
squeezing them both and grinning at the feeling of her more than ample tit

The sexy, perfectly curved Diva moans with lust, her head tilting back as she
feels his hands toying with her titties like they are the property of the
Ultimate Opportunist who continues to fuck her ass hard and fast with pumps
that have all of his twelve inches inside her ass when he sends himself in,
and pulls back to only take out a couple of inches. She's fingering her own
pussy during all of this, her digits already slick with juices as she
smoothly works them in and out of her tight hole, getting off on getting
taking in her incredible, thick booty while having her breasts roughly
groped. She knows it's a degrading moment, making her a sweating, moaning
mess as she acts like a cheap, anal-loving slut to the notorious skirt-
chasing Superstar, but she's getting driven wild by the lust and pleasure
she's feeling which makes her call out for more, practically begging for it
harder and faster as she wants as much of his magnificently thick and long
cock as she can handle.

Having no intention of refusing such a request, the Rated R Superstar starts
ramming his dick hard and fast into her back passage, grunting as he sweats
as well from the effort he's using to slam the ass of the beautiful WWE
Women's Champion. Letting go of her big tits, he puts a hand onto the bench
for support as he stays leaning over her, using the other hand to grab a
handful of her long hair to roughly pull her head back, perversely licking
the side of her face which makes her groan with lust as she closes her eyes.
Turning her head towards him, she opens her mouth and soon the two are lewdly
making out, their tongues wrapping around one another's as he pounds her
juicy ass with stiff, quick thrusts as they exchange moans and spit.

The proudly dominate Diva seems to revel in this submissive position, letting
him have his wicked way with her and thrusting into her ass so much that it
would have rendered a normal woman unable to walk for over a week, perhaps
longer but she's willing and very much wants to take it again and again from
him, loving the way his thick shaft is ploughing deep into her back passage.
She captures his tongue in her hot mouth, sucking on it to make him groan as
she continues to quickly finger fuck her soaking snatch, driving herself on
to a sexual high as she takes it up the ass from behind, her stunning ass
cheeks bouncing off his waist every time he goes balls deep into her and her
tanned body looking better than every as she's coated with sweat, the effects
of the intense fucking clear to see.

Leaning back up, he keeps a handful of her hair as he spanks her ass hard
again, grunting in between moans as he ravishes her perfect butt with deep,
unrelenting thrusts that have his balls slapping against her skin and his
waist smacking into her butt cheeks, no pain registering at all as he's
focused only on the pleasure he's getting from pumping his dick into her
still very tight back passage. His hard rod is starting to throb inside her
butt, pressure building inside him as he too sweats hard, panting as he
watches his cock sliding back and forth into her juicy backside, knowing that
the end is fast approaching but not intending to slow down for a moment as he
surges ahead to savor every last moment of pounding the one of a kind booty
of the A-List Diva.

Grunting hard, and not bothering to pull out of her sexy ass, Edge doesn't
give a single warning as he starts to cum inside of Melina's ass, shooting
his load deep into her back passage and continuing to pump her as he does
soon, using her tight hole to milk his cock dry as thick, streams of his jizz
fires out of his shaft. The Rated R Superstar tilts his head back, sighing
contentedly as he fills her booty up with his creamy load, gradually slowing
down his motion as the last drops trickle out of his cock. Licking his lips,
he pulls his dick out of her well fucked hole, smirking at the cream pie he's
given her as a trickle of cum seeps out before rubbing his softening cock
across her ass cheeks to clean off the last bit of spunk left on him.

As he fired his load deep into her ass, the feeling of her tight back passage
getting filled up was more than enough to send her over the limit, and so
Melina also came hard thanks to the ass fucking she'd taken from Edge. Her
juices flooded over her fingers as she worked them in and out of her snatch,
her eyes rolling into the back of her head as the intensity of her orgasm
almost rendered her unable to think straight, her mouth open and deep moans
pouring out as she rode out the waves of pleasure. As she came back to
reality, the WWE Women's Champion could only groan as she pulled her fingers
out of her pussy and felt the sensation of her back passage full to the brim
with spunk, and finally just collapsed down onto the bench, spent from
behind well and truly fucked by the Rated R Superstar, and then some.

"Shit... No wonder that dumb ape Batista bragged about you..." Edge says,
running his hands through his sweat soaked hair as he looks over her sweat
covered frame.

"And I can see how you managed to steal Lita away from Matt..." Melina
replies, slowing turning herself over, her chest heaving as she takes in deep

"You know, I call myself Rated R but after this, I think I might want to go
A-List for a while..." He licks his lips with a perverted grin. "I'm thinking
for tonight, tomorrow morning, then tomorrow afternoon..."

Raising an eyebrow as she sits up slightly, she smirks back. "You better give
me your hotel number then, because I want to get Rated R in about an hour..."

* * *

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