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Rated X Superstars
by Revolution

It had been several months since Lita and Adam Copeland, better known as
Edge, started their wild affair that carried over from real life onto
television. People knew they were sleeping together but no one had any
idea just how wild they really got until a very secret sex tape somehow
found it's way into the wrong hands. This is the story of what was on
that tape...

* * *

"Scene 1"

The tape begins with a fairly high quality handheld camera focused in on two
big breasts in a low cut black top and they are unmistakably Lita's.

"Adam, have you figured out how to work that thing yet?" Lita asked.

"Oh yes I have," he responded. Lita lifted the camera up so it was directed
at her face. "I take it you like this top, babe," she said and the camera
nodded up and down.

"I'm gonna go out there tonight with my tits hanging out and all those people
are going to call me a slut ... and I can't wait!" she said.

"And then all those same people are going to go home, go into their little
rooms, and jack off to you!"

"I'm getting wet just thinking' about it, babe."

"Not to mention all those thousands and thousands watching live on RAW."

"Oohh I like that," Lita started rubbing her breasts through her top.

"Jesus Lita, I can't concentrate on what I have to say out there. You have to
help me out here," Adam said, pointing the camera down at the bulge in his

"But I've already done my hair and my make-up, I can't get it done again."

"Gimme something, anything, I can't go out there with a loaded gun and you
looking like this!"

"You know I can't say no to you," Lita said, licking her lips and moving down
to her knees. Adam pointed the camera down at Lita, getting a nice down-shirt
shot of her massive cleavage. Lita unzipped his fly and pulled out 7 1/2,
maybe 8 inches of cock. She ran her tongue ring all over his cock, teasing
him a little bit. She moved down to his balls, licking and sucking on them
for a few moments. She gave his cock a few hard tugs and looked up into the

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"Do it," he said. Lita moved her left hand around his waist and used her
right hand to rub his balls between her fingers. She then took almost all of
his cock deep into the back of her throat. She closed her lips and whatever
she was doing to it inside of her mouth, the camera started to shake a little

"Oohh ohh fuck Lita ohh you've got it ohhh fuck I love you! Ohhh fuuuck
yesss!" He groaned loudly. About thirty seconds later, Lita pulled her mouth
off his cock and titled her head back. She opened her mouth and there was a
nice load of cum in there. Lita closed her mouth, swallowed and opened it
back up wide for the camera to see.

"I still can't believe you can do that," Adam commented as he fixed his

"It's my little slutty secret," Lita smirked. She turned around and went to
fix her lipstick in the mirror. The camera focused in on Lita's ass in a pair
of tight blue jeans and went to black.

"Scene 2"

When the camera comes back on, Lita and Adam are standing outside of a
restaurant and it looks to be late at night because almost all the lights
are out inside.

"I see someone inside, go knock on the door, I'm starving," Adam says. It
appears to be the same night as the RAW show as Lita is wearing the same
tight blue jeans but now has a black sweatshirt on. Lita knocks on the
glass door a few times until a young man, who looks to be about 17 or 18
comes up with a broom in hand. He tells them that the restaurant is closed.

"Can you please just open up for a few minutes? We really need to get
something to eat that's not fast food," Lita asks in her sweetest voice.

"I can't, everyone is gone but me, I have to finish cleaning up now," the
teenager says.

"Is there any cold food that we could buy? Like salads or sandwiches or
anything?" She asks again.

"Why are filming me? Please stop it!" He said. Lita turns around and tells
Adam that she'll handle this and for him to turn off the camera and go wait
at the car.

"Sorry kid, I'm just messing around with my new camera," Adam says and walks
back towards the car but he leaves the camera on. Lita goes back up to the
glass window and is again talking to the teenage kid. Moments later, she
lifts up her shirt and flashes him! The does the trick and the door opens.
She looks back and gives the "OK" sign with her fingers before going inside
the restaurant. Adam sneaks around to another window and crouches down,
holding the camera in the bottom corner. Inside, Lita lets her flowing dark
red hair down and pulls off her sweat shirt. She lets the kid take off her
black top. She sits him down on the edge of a table with his back facing the
window. She takes a few steps back and takes off her bra so that she's naked
from the waist up. Lita steps forward and lets the boy start feeling up her
magnificent tits. While he's feeling up her boobs, Lita reaches down and
pulls off the kid's pants. She steps slightly to the left of him but still
close enough that he can keep groping her big breasts. With her right hand,
she reaches down and is jerking the kid off! It doesn't take long before the
kid tenses up and he cums onto the floor! Adam sees the kid starting to turn
around and he ducks down underneath the window. He turns the camera around
onto his own face.

"That's my Lita," he says quietly into the camera. He turns his head and
peaks back up over the window. It must have been all clear because he quickly
runs over to the car and gets in the driver seat. Not long after that, Lita
comes walking towards the car carrying a big grocery bag. She gets in the
passenger seat and holds the bag on her lap.

"I told you I'd handle it," she laughed. "Lucky kid," Adam said.

"Lucky? Any girl he happens to get from now on will never be good enough for
him," Lita explained.

"True. What's in the bag?" He asked.

"We got some tossed salads, some turkey sandwiches, a couple bottles of wine,
and a few other little things," she said.

"You did good, my sexy little slut," he said. Lita leaned over and kissed him
and the camera went to black.

"Scene 3"

This time it looks to be a different night as the two are standing inside of
a bumping night club. Lita is wearing these skin tight black stretch pants
and a dark grey tube top with a silver star right in the middle. Adam pans
the camera around and guys look down or away like they weren't oogling at
Lita. Some of them don't even see the camera and it catches them staring at
Lita's ripped abs and big tits.

"This isn't my kind of place, let's go somewhere else," Lita says.

"Sure, let me finish my drink and we'll get out of here," Adam responds.

The camera goes off and when it comes back on, the two are sitting inside of
a high class strip club. There're girls’ pole dancing on a couple stages and
other strippers walking around, giving lap dances. The people look to be big
spenders and the girls are pretty top notch for strippers. An attractive
waitress brings over a beer for Adam, a vodka & cranberry for Lita, and 4
shots of tequila. They quickly slam back two shots each and chase it with
their drinks.

"Now this is more like it," Lita comments.

"Yes it is," Adam says. A rather tall blonde stripper with a decent body and
fake tits comes over and sits next to Lita.

"What a good looking couple you two are," she says.

"Hey babe, do you want a lap dance?" Lita asks.

"If it's ok with you, bring it on," he says.

"This is one amazing girl you've got here. Most girls wouldn't dare let me
lapdance their man," the stripper says.

"I don't mind, I used to be a stripper too a long time ago. All that
matters to me is that he's going home with me at the end of the night," Lita
explains. Lita takes the camera and films Adam getting a really good lapdance
as the stripper really grinds into him. Lita can be heard encouraging the
stripper to do more of that and make sure her man has a real good time. As
the song is winding down, a burly and a little bit sleazy looking man walks
over and interrupts.

"Destiny, I need you to work the main stage," he says.

"But I make so much more money doing this and isn't it amateur night?" she

"It is but no one's shown up to participate," he replies.

"If you get me two more tequila shots, I'll get up there," Lita interjects.

"Really? You'd do that?" the guy asks.

"Wait a minute, are you sure about this?" Adam asks.

"Guys stare at my tits all day anyways, I may as well make some money off it
tonight. It's one last time for old time's sake," Lita says.

"Go for it then," Adam approves. Lita is escorted to the back by the stripper
while Adam takes a seat in front of the main stage, which is surrounded by a
bunch of young lawyer types and older executives. He focuses his camera on
the stage as through the curtain comes Lita in a black robe. The guys start
going crazy as she teases taking off her robe. The money starts to be tossed
onto the stage as Lita takes a slow twirl around the pole. She lets the robe
fall off her shoulders a little bit and then lifts it up to show off some
leg. The men are practically begging her to take it off and she does,
dropping the robe and revealing her red lace bra and thong. Lita strutted
around the stage, seductively moving her body and giving each guy great views
of her breathtaking breasts and her tight ass. Lita danced on stage for three
songs before she collected the money and put her robe back on. The men were
disappointed that the "Lita Show" was over but extremely happy that they had
seen her show off her gorgeous body on stage.

Off stage, Lita and Adam put the money in a bag and laughed. A man who looked
to be in his early 40's approached them and wanted a private lap dance from

"It's going to cost ya buddy," Adam said.

"Name your price," he said.

"$1,000 for one song," Lita said.

"Done!" The guy agreed. They went to the VIP room where the man sat down and
waited for the next song to start. Adam sat down with the camera so he could
get a steady shot of the dance. When the next song began, Lita dropped her
robe and walked towards the man. She put her hands on his knees and whipped
her hair around in his face. She brushed it back with her hand and turned
around, grinding her ass into his knee then bending forward and pushing it
right up close to his face. Lita spun around and pushed her big tits together
in her red bra. She looked down and admired them then bent forward, shaking
them in the man's face. Lita came in closer, grinding her knee into his
crotch. She could feel that he was hard underneath his dress pants. Lita kept
on grinding against him and playing with her big tits right close to his
face. As the song came near its completion, Lita saw the man close his eyes
and groan. She felt something wet against her knee and smiled. The man had
cum in his pants because of Lita's sexy lapdance. When the song was over, he
reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet and gave Lita ten crisp $100
dollar bills. Lita kissed him on the cheek, grabbed her robe and walked out
as this portion of the tape ended.

"Scene 4"

Lita is lying in a hotel room bed with the covers pulled up tight.

"I really just want to go to sleep," she says.

"In a minute, I just wanted to count up all this money you made tonight. You
were unbelievable," Adam said.

"Thanks babe, I can't believe that guy came in his pants!" She laughed.

"I can!" Adam dumped out the bag of money on the bed and started counting it
and the total was $3,550!

"Holy shit!" Lita exclaimed, sitting up.

"You know what we should do with this money. We've got some time off coming
up with the holidays. Why don't we take a vacation to some nice resort on a
beach? Just me and you, the sun, the sand, and whatever this money can buy
us!" He suggested.

"I'm there, babe, you arrange it and I'm coming with you," Lita agreed.

"I'll work on it in the morning, now how about we celebrate?" He asked.

"Its 5:30AM, we have to be at the arena at 1PM, go to sleep!" Lita said as
she reached over and turned off the bed lamp and the camera went dark.

"Scene 5"

When the tape resumes, we're looking out on the beautiful blue ocean and a
white sandy beach filled with a fair amount of people.

"Isn't it beautiful?" Lita asks. Adam walks into the frame and takes the
camera from Lita.

"Not as beautiful as you," he says as he gives her a kiss. She hugs him as
the look down at the beach.

"What happens when you go to the beach? I mean, does everyone just stare?"
He asks.

"I don't know, I never go because I never want to be bothered," she answers.

"Why don't you put on one of your hot bikinis and go down to the beach and
work on your tan? I'll stay back and see how people react," he suggests.

"Interesting. I'll do it, babe, I'll signal you if anyone gets too frisky
with me."

"I hope I don't have to kick somebody's ass on my vacation!"

"I bet most guys won't even be able to stand up when I go down there and none
of their jealous girlfriends better try shit with me!" Lita walked back into
the room and went through one of her suitcases. She grabbed a bikini and went
into the bathroom. When she came out, she was wearing a bright yellow thong
bikini, which her tits were just pouring out of.

"Good choice," Adam said.

"I thought so!" Lita agreed. We shifted down to the beach. Adam stayed up
at the resort/hotel part while Lita walked down a few stairs to the actual
beach. Adam pulled up a chair like he was just sitting and filming the
ocean but in reality, he was following Lita with the camera. Heads were
turning and people were trying not to stare but he caught many guys checking
out Lita's hot body. Lita walked up and down the beach like she was looking
for a spot to lie down. Adam caught some other women on the camera looking
like they were appalled at Lita's skimpy yellow bikini but they were really
probably jealous of her incredible physique. Lita finally found a nice open
spot to lie down and work on her tan. The camera flicked on and off and it
looked like the same shot but the time stamp was 30 minutes later. Adam
turned the camera on himself and whispered that he was going to go wake Lita
up. He walked down to the beach and stood over her. She must have dozed off
because she didn't even notice him standing over her. He unzipped the fly of
his shorts and pulled his dick out and started PISSING on Lita's tight ass!
This woke Lita up as she turned around quickly and saw her man. He didn't
stop pissing and pissed all over Lita's body!

"HEY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!" a loud voice yelled. Adam quickly put
his dick away and the fumbled around with the camera. When he got it focused,
there was a very large man walking towards him. He was probably 6'5" and 290
pounds of pretty solid muscle like a big strongman/powerlifter type.

"It's none of your business what I was doing," Adam said.

"You're filming yourself pissing on this woman ... I really should kick your
fucking ass!" The man said.

"Listen you overgrown monkey, this is none of your business, now get the fuck
out of my face!"

"Do you really want to fight me? Think about it for a second." The man stood
toe-to-toe with Adam and dwarfed him.

"I'm sorry man, just forget about it," Adam back pedalled.

"Let's go babe," Lita said, grabbing at Adam's hand.

"You're with this guy? A guy that you let piss on you? Now I really want to
kick his ass!"

"No don't, please don't, is there anything I could maybe do to fix this
problem?" Lita asked, rubbing her finger on the man's chest.

"What did you have in mind to save your scumbag boyfriend's face from being

"Why don't you come back up to my room and.." Lita started. She whispered the
rest into the man's room.

"Lita, I'm Jay," he smiled. The three walked back up to the resort and up the
stairs to Lita and Adam's room. Once they were inside, Jay turned to Adam and
Adam moved backwards.

"I think you better take your stupid camera and get out of here," Jay said.

"I'm not leaving you alone with," Adam said but he was interrupted by Lita.

"I'll be fine, just put the camera down and go have some lunch," Lita told
him. She gave him a little wink and Adam put the camera down on the dresser
but he didn't turn it off so it was still filming most of the room. He left
and Lita locked the deadbolt behind him and walked towards Jay, who was just
in a pair of loose gym pants.

"You're such a big strong man," Lita said, rubbing his arms and shoulders,
"I think I'm going to have fun making you cum and making things all better."

"That's the deal, you make me cum and I don't kick your boyfriend’s ass," Jay
restated. Lita ran her fingers down his chest as she went down to her knees.
She tugged down on his gym pants and let them fall to his ankles. He had on
a pair of white briefs underneath. Lita rubbed Jay's flaccid penis through
his briefs with her chin while rubbing her hands on his tree trunk like legs.
Lita didn't waste much more time before she took off his briefs and got him
totally naked. She was a little surprised that he hadn't gotten hard just
from her teasing. She was used to men getting hard for her when she was in
her clothes but now she was on her knees in her tiny bikini, ready to suck
this man's cock, and he wasn't hard yet. Lita grabbed Jay's cock between her
fingers and started stroking it. Every so often she would look up at him with
her devious eyes but mainly she stayed focused on his dick. She was rubbing
away at his cock but wasn't getting results.

"Relax," Lita said, sensing the strange man was probably just nervous. Lita
reached over and grabbed her bottle of tanning oil and squirted some into the
palm of her hand. She grabbed onto Jay's cock with her oil covered hand and
started jerking it again. Now it was all slick with oil and Lita could really
work it good. The problem was that Lita still wasn't getting results with
just her hand so she ran her tongue down his soft cock to his balls. Lita
really worked Jay's balls in her mouth, while still stroking with her oil
slick hand. She kept going further underneath his body until she was rubbing
the tip of her tongue against his sweaty asshole. She felt Jay's cock twitch
in her hand. Lita kept on rimming him and his cock grew and grew between her
fingers. When it was fully erect, about six inches, Lita pulled her head back
out and had a sly grin on her face.

"I know what you need, big boy," she said. Lita crawled over to her suitcase
and went inside, reaching around until she found what she was looking for -
a five inch plastic dildo.

"I am going to make you cum so hard," Lita said, crawling back over to Jay.
She moved around behind him this time and covered the dildo with oil.

"Lean forward a little bit," she instructed him. He did, grabbing onto the
bed post for support. Lita held the dildo with her right hand and started
working it into Jay's ass. With her left hand, she reached around and started
jerking him off.

"Oooh how'd you know I'd like this? Ohh fuck I don't even care. Fuuuuuck!"
Jay grunted. Lita was gently penetrating him with the dildo while giving him
a damn good handjob at the same time.

"Ahh fuck you were right! I'm gonna cum so fucking hard! Ohh god!" Jay
moaned. At that moment, Lita shoved the dildo DEEP into Jay's ass, all five
inches right up there. She swung her head around the front of him just in
time to catch his load right in her mouth and gulped it right down like it
was nothing.

"Damn I just fucking came so hard, oh babe that was great," Jay said. "We
made a deal and now get going and you can keep that dildo!" Lita smiled
right into the camera.

"Scene 6"

Adam is sitting on the edge of the bed and holding the camera as Lita walks
towards him in a black silk robe. She slowly starts to strip, teasing her
man like she did at the strip club. Lita turned around and let the robe fall
off her shoulders to the floor. She was wearing a white lace bra and thong.

"I thought I'd wear something a little less slutty for once," she smiled. She
walked towards Adam and sat down on his lap, brushing her hands through his
hair and kissing him.

"Even in white, you're still my deviant sex goddess," he said.

"There's no hiding it, is there?"

"Not a chance and I wouldn't have you any other way." The camera work gets a
little shaky as they start to heavily make out on the bed. Adam tries to hold
it still but is clearly distracted. Finally he picks her up and lays her down
on the bed. He starts going up Lita's tight body with the camera, getting a
slow close-up look from her toes up to her face.

"Take it all off, I want to see all of you," he says. Lita complies and
unhooks her bra then slips out of her panties. She tosses them at Adam and
he catches them in his mouth.

"You're such a dirty girl," he says as he starts scanning her from the head

"You like my big tits so much don't you?" She asks when he leaves the camera
focused on her massive breasts for quite some time. He shifted down her
washboard abs to her dripping wet pussy. Lita was constantly playing with her
clit and getting her juices flowing for her man. He focused close up on her
cunt and it was clearly broken in. Once he got down to her toes, Lita moved
her feet to his cock and started rubbing it. She got him fully erect with her
feet and started jerking him off with them.

"That feels so good, you have such pretty feet," he groaned. Lita smiled and
kept stroking his cock between the soles of her feet.

"I can't take this teasing tonight, Lita, I need to fuck you hard," he

"Put that camera down somewhere and give it to me like only you can, babe,"
she approved. Adam set the camera down on the dresser so that it was directly
lined up with the bed. Lita had come up behind him and when he turned around
she wrapped her arms around his neck and started kissing him. They embraced
in a deep, long, wet and passionate liplock until Adam spun her around and
bent her over the side of the bed. He grabbed his dick with his right hand
and worked it into her pussy then yanked back on her dark red hair with his
left hand.

"Ohhh don't waste any time babe, fuck me hard! Yes! Ohhh give it to me babe!
Oh yes!" Lita moaned.

"Fuck you're so wet! Ohh fuck your pussy is so wet for me! Ohhh fuck I love
you Lita!" He groaned.

"I love your cock in my pussy baby, ohhh fuck me harder! Slap my ass!"
Adam reached back and slapped Lita's tight ass over and over again. He kept
yanking back on her hair then shoving her forward as he slammed into her
slippery wet pussy. He fucked Lita hard and deep for about five minutes
before pulling out and catching his breath. Lita turned around and held him
by the waist. She kissed him and then pushed him down onto the bed. Lita
climbed on top of him and straddled his cock with her warm cunt.

"Just lay back and let me ride your cock, babe," she said.

"Ohh you look so good! Ohh yeah look at your body Lita, look at those tits,
ohh yeah ride my dick!" He moaned. Lita put her hands in her hair, tossing
it up in the air as she bounced up and down on Adam's pole. She used the
spring in the bed to bounce almost all the way to the tip of his cock before
bringing her pussy back down. Adam just laid back and watched Lita's big
tits bounce around. He resisted the urge to grab them because he didn't want
to slow Lita down at all. When Lita did stop bouncing on his cock, it was
only so she could grind her hips around, torturing his cock and making him
approach an orgasm.

"I can feel it, you're gonna cum any second," Lita said.

"I wanna cum on your fuckin' tits!" Lita stopped fucking him and got off.
She moved back on the bed and then leaned forward, grabbing Adam's cock with
her big titties. She started jerking him off with her tits, bringing him
closer and closer to cumming.

"Ohh god Lita! Oh yes! Oh fuck! Oh fuck I'm gonna cum all over your fucking
tits! Ohhh I love you!" He grunted as the cum shot out of his cock and landed
on Lita's massive tits. He grabbed his dick and helped jerk out more and more
cum onto Lita's incredible rack. Lita sat up on her knees and checked out her
jizzed tits.

"I love you too babe," she smiled. She patted him on the leg, stood up and
walked towards the camera. She held her tits together, showing off all the
cum that was dripping down them before shutting it off.


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