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Disclaimer this story is pure fiction i don't know what happens in the locker room but this is just my own story

Ravishing The Boss
by Scotishjoker1 (

Sasha Banks was walking backstage when she bumped into Lana they smiled and walked back to the dressing room talking. The purple haired Boss left Lana behind to go have a shower but the Blonde Bombshell followed her and began making out with her. Sasha was shocked at first but accepted it and began kissing back. Sasha then kisses down Lana's neck and chest, while grabbing and squeezing her large breasts. In another close-up, Sasha holds Lana's wet tits up to her mouth, and starts licking one nipple, making it hard, then sucking on it. Lana tilts her head back, moaning, as Sasha does the same with her other nipple.

We then see Lana grab Sasha's tits, and in yet another close-up, suck on her big, pointy nipples, even taking them between her teeth, and tugging on them. As she does this, Sasha moans, and runs her fingers through Lana's wet Blonde hair.

We now see Sasha leaning back against the shower wall, as Lana kisses down her soft, round belly, even, in a brief close-up, kissing and licking around her belly button. Lana lowers to her knees, and, in another close-up, slides her long, supple tongue inside Sasha's pink, wet Pussy. "Oooh, yes..." Sasha fondles her tits and bites her lip.

In the close-up, Lana holds open her pussy, and licks around her clit, while she fingers her hole. "Huh...Yes..." Sasha starts to grind her hips, as Lana flicks her tongue back and forth over Sasha's throbbing clitoris. Suddenly, Sasha lets out a high pitched gasp, digs her nails into one tit, and with her other hand slaps the shower wall.

Lana now stands with one foot up on the side of the tub holding the showerhead on her tits, rubbing between her crotch, and her thigh with the other hand,

In another close-up, Sasha eats out her pussy, tongue sliding up and down between her lips. "Oh, fuck...yes..." Lana's brow furrows, and she starts to let out a shrill whine.

Back in the close-up, Sasha now sucks on her clit while finger-banging her cunt.

"Huh! Hunh! Hm!" Lana then braces herself against the shower wall with her hand as she feels the orgasm coming. "Oh, yes! Oh, God! Mm!"

In spite of her hand holding her up, Lana almost falls over, as she climaxes.

Both of them now on the shower floor begin grinding their pussies back and forth moaning uncontrollably both of them came and then began making out with each other swapping their cum that they licked off each other's pussies.

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