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Raw Desires Part 1: Bischoff's Reward For Evolution
by Dice and Kristi

In the locker room area, the members of Evolution: Ric Flair, Batista, Randy
Orton and Triple H are celebrating their 4 on 3 assault of Chris Benoit,
William Regal and especially Eugene. "Ha ha, I knew you wouldn't let us down
Hunter," says Ric Flair.

"Yeah, he really thought you were his friend," adds Orton, "and that he was
going to join us."

Hunter has a smug look on his face, then frowns. "If he didn't screw up last
night, it would've been better." Hunter is referring to his match with Benoit
the previous night at the PPV.

"Hey don't worry man, you'll get a rematch at Summerslam," says Flair, who
then looks at his watch. "I'll see you guys later, I got a show to do to
promote my book." Flair leaves the room strutting and wooing.

Moments later there is a knock on Evolution's door, Triple H opens the door
to find the General Manager of Raw, Eric Bischoff. Bischoff has a sly smirk
on his face and extends his hand shaking Triple H's hand. "Triple H, my are you doing?"

Triple H turns all business. "I'm doing great, when's my next title shot."

Orton gets in Bischoff's face. "What about my rematch with Edge, he stole my
title." Batista is the calmest of the three and pulls Orton back.

Bischoff chuckles a bit "Gentlemen, I'm not here cause any trouble, I'm
here to actually thank you for getting my nephew, Eugene, out of my hair."
Bischoff then smirks again "And what you did to Eugene tonight! I think from
now he many finally realize WWE isn't the place for him. But let me cut to
the chase, you see, I'm going to give the three of you a very satisfying

"So I get my match with Benoit?" Triple H question is more of a demand.
Batista shuts Orton up before he can open his mouth. Triple H continues,
"That was the deal Bischoff, I destroy Eugene and I get another title

"And you will get that, Hunter, you are Raw's biggest star, that's a
different night. I'm talking about tonight's reward..." Bischoff laughs
once again and opens the locker room door. He motions for someone
outside the door to come in. Then, in walks the very stunning, Stacy
Keibler. Stacy is wearing a white t-shirt and a black skirt. "Gentlemen
Stacy is your reward."

"What do you mean Stacy is our reward?" asks Orton.

Batista shakes his head, amazed that Orton doesn't get it. Triple H smirks
as well. "Randy, sometimes your too dense for your own good." Triple H turns
back to Bischoff. "So she'll do whatever we want?"

Bischoff nods with a sly smirk "Anything you want, my friend..." Bischoff
turns to leave but then stops "Now, Hunter, I want you and the rest of
Evolution to have one hell of a time..." Bischoff opens the locker room
door and exist leaving Stacy alone with the three Evolution members.

The three members of Evolution sit on some chairs that don the locker room.
"So Stacy, are you prepared to do whatever we ask?" asks Hunter.

Stacy quietly walks over to Batista, Triple H, and Randy Orton innocently
nodding her head.

"Boys, let's show her what she has to deal with." With that the three men
remove their pants, revealing perfect examples of evolution. Triple H's cock
is a solid 10", Orton is at 9" while Batista has a 16" monster.

"You think you can hang with Evolution Stacy?" asks Orton.

Stacy replies with a smile as she licks her lips, keeps her eyes still on
each of their cocks "Absolutely!"

"Show us what you got," says Batista, who finally speaks at the trio starts
to stroke their cocks.

Stacy responds by getting down on her knees in the center of the three
Evolution members. Stacy is closet to Randy Orton, so she keeps her focus
on him first. Stacy takes Orton's cock into her soft hands and starts to
stroke his cock. She runs her hands up and down his shaft, then down to
his ball sack, gently rubbing them.

Orton puts his hands behind his head. "That's it baby, suck that cock."

Batista and Triple H move their chairs closer to them. They set their chairs
on opposite sides of Stacy surrounding her.

Stacy does as Orton wants and takes his cock into her wet and warm mouth.
Stacy starts to slowly bob her head on Orton's cock, gradually picking up
speed with her head bob. Triple H and Batista inch their chairs even closer
to Stacy, she sees this out of the corner of her eyes and then wraps both
of her hands around Batista's and Triple H's cock, gently stroking them as
she sucks away on Orton's cock.

Hunter and Batista grab the collar of her shirt and rip it off her body as
well as her bra. Orton places a hand on her head and forces her down fast on
each of her bobs. "Hey Orton, easy, she's gotta last all night," says Hunter.
Orton nods and moves his hand away.

Stacy begins to lap her tongue around Orton's shaft as she sucks his cock.
Stacy is sucking even faster on Orton's cock, giving him the time of his
life. Sooner then later, Stacy opens her mouth as wide as she can and takes
Orton's entire cock into her mouth, amazingly sucking at a fast rate, while
deep throating.

"That's enough of Orton, Stacy, my turn," Hunter orders and pulls her away
from Orton's cock and forces his down her throat. Orton is about to complain
but stands and pushes his chair away from the group. He sits on the floor and
starts to unbutton her shorts while sucking on her tits.

Stacy instantly starts bobbing her head quickly on Triple H's cock taking as
much of his cock in her mouth that she can. Stacy starts rubbing Triple H's
balls intensely with her hand as sucks.

Batista enjoys the show, knowing that Stacy will have to deal with him last.
Hunter stands and starts to throat fuck her, not giving Stacy a chance to
keep a pace. Orton pushes a hand into her shorts, moving them towards her
pussy and starts to finger fuck her with two fingers.

Stacy moans softly around Triple H's cock, that remains in her mouth, Stacy
tightens the grip of her mouth around Hunter's cock. Stacy begins adding some
force as she sucks harder with Triple H mouth fucking her.

Hunter pulls Stacy up while keeping his cock in her mouth. This allows Orton
to lower her shorts, revealing her thong which he rips off her with a snap.
Orton stands behind her and thrusts his cock into her pussy hard.

Stacy lets out a loud moan that is muffled by Triple H's cock. Stacy then
pulls Triple H's cock out of her mouth and holds his hard, erected cock up
with her hand, she starts to run her tongue up and down Triple H's shaft.

Orton grabs Stacy's thighs and Hunter grabs her arms. They lift her off
the ground and hold her there as they thrust their cocks into her from both
ends. Stacy reaches out and grabs Triple H's legs just in case they drop her.
Batista chuckles at the sight in front of him.

Stacy picks her head up once again from Triple H's cock as she gets an idea
"Hey Hunter, Randy stop for sec."

They stop, but they hold Stacy in her current position. "Why?" ask Hunter.

Stacy replies innocently "I have an idea.."

Orton looks at Hunter and nods. Orton pulls out slowly and the two men stand
her on her feet. Batista watches Stacy's moves, like an animal stalking it's
prey, no one notices that he hasn't joined in yet.

Stacy places her hands on her hips "Alright one of you lay down...."

Hunter lies on the ground. Orton looks at Stacy. "Now what?"

Stacy smiles "You'll see sexy..." Stacy then gets down on the floor with
Triple H, however, mounting herself on top of his cock. Stacy takes Triple
H's cock as deep as she can. She sits up a bit leaving her ass, wide open
for Orton. Stacy looks back to see if Orton gets the idea.

Orton smirks and spreads her ass cheeks to give his cock some extra room.
He pushes forward slowly at first, then rams his cock fully into her ass.

"Ohhhhhhh" Stacy moans as she helps Orton out a bit by guiding her ass back,
making his cock go deep into her ass. Stacy tries the best she can to bounce
on Triple H's cock, but is having somewhat of a hard time with Orton's cock
in her ass.

Both men see what Stacy wants and the place their hands on different parts
of her body. Hunter and Orton start thrusting into her and they also start
lifting her up and down on Hunter's cock. "Damn her ass is real fucking
tight," says Orton.

"Her pussy ain't bad either," adds Hunter.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah...mmmm fuck ass Randy!" Stacy moans as she starts to grind
her pussy against Triple H's cock.

Orton looks at Hunter. "Want to trade?"


Orton pulls out of her ass and lifts Stacy off of Hunter's cock. "Ride his
cock with your ass Stacy, but face me," orders Orton.

Stacy does as she's told and gently sits down on Triple H's cock, taking
his cock into her ass. Stacy starts to slowly bounce her ass up and down on
Triple H's cock, getting used to his cock in her ass. Stacy begins to ride
Triple H's cock with her ass faster as she gets more use to his cock.

Orton pushes Stacy backward, giving him clear access to her pussy. Orton
climbs onto of them and pushes his cock into her pussy hard. He starts
thrusting slow and hard as Hunter lays there. Orton's thrusts causes
Stacy to ride Hunter's cock, and the faster Orton goes, the faster she

Stacy lets out a moan, but it's quickly muffled by Batista's cock as he
decides it's time for him to join in. Stacy begins moving her head back
and forth sucking Batista's cock with great pace and ease.

The trio of men start thrusting hard and fast into her, Batista is partially
savage, fucking her face like it was her ass. Orton and Hunter increase their
assault on her ass and pussy, pushing her and themselves further to the edge.

Stacy starts gagging a bit on Batista's cock, but quickly regains herself as
she starts to take more of Batista's monster sized cock into her mouth. Stacy
has already broke sweat with Triple H and Randy Orton being relentless on her
ass and pussy.

Hunter can't take her ass anymore. "I'm going to cum." Orton fills the
pressure building as well. "Me too." Batista backs away, his cock falling
out Stacy's mouth, knowing this will be his chance to ravage her. Hunter
and Orton continue to fuck Stacy, but cum quickly, filling her ass and
pussy with their juices.

Stacy moans feeling Orton's cum ease into her pussy and Triple H's cock drip
out of her ass. Orton gently gets off of Stacy and lays down on the floor
worn out. Stacy gently gets off of Triple H's cock as well. Stacy starts
gathering her things completely forgetting Batista has to have his way with
her or cum yet.

Batista grabs her arm. "Where do you think you're going?" Hunter and Orton
get dressed and quickly leave. They've seen how much of an animal Batista can
be. "Have fun Stacy," Hunter says before closing the door behind them.

Stacy looks at Batista terrified "I-I-I was just. just.."

Batista picks her up and sets her down on all fours easily. He holds her
still as he kneels behind her. He shoves all of his monster cock into her
pussy without mercy. His first pace is nothing more than savage thrusts,
his balls slapping against her each time he fills Stacy with his cock. He
grips her hips to pull her back, and he pulls her back harder than his

"Ohhhhhh owwww" Stacy moans in pain, but almost like she enjoys the rough
treatment from Batista.

Batista grunts with each of this thrusts. After awhile, he tires of her pussy
and pulls out. He pushes the head of his cock against her asshole, teasing
her. Batista tightens his grips on her, giving her no chance of escape. "You
want it don't you?"

"Give it to me!" Stacy says as she looks back at Batista, shocking him a bit.

Batista recovers from his shock with a smirk and thrusts all of his 16 inches
into her tight asshole, stretching and filling her more than either of his
friends. Her ass is extremely tight, but he uses his strength to savagely
fuck her ass like he did her pussy. Batista continues to pull her back on his
cock with each of his thrusts.

"Ohhhhh yeah Batista, fuck that ass!" Stacy moans in ecstasy.

Batista throws is weight into fucking her and Stacy's arms can no longer
withstand the force he's using. Only her ass is up in the air because Batista
is fucking it, other than that, Stacy's body is on the floor, moving only
with Batista's thrusts into her.

Batista smiles as he watches Stacy's body almost give into the ecstasy. He
pulls out of her ass and stands up. Batista then picks her up from the ground
and has Stacy face him. He holds her easily with one hand and lines his cock
up with her pussy with his free hand. Once ready he thrusts up into to pussy
and starts to bounce up and down on his cock.

Batista is practically having his way with Stacy as he pleases. Stacy's body
is just about limp from a the force of Batista's cock earlier. "Ohhhhhhh fuck
that cock is big!" Stacy moans, much to the delight of Batista.

Batista release his grip on her a bit and lets her upper body move in any
direction is falls in as he fucks her. "You're a good fuck Stacy."

Stacy lets out a loud moan as she cums onto Batista's cock "Ohhhh that feels

Batista has a big smile on his face as Stacy's body just goes limp. She's
bent backward as he continues to fuck her. After ten more minutes of this,
Batista finally feels his cock priming to release his load. He takes her
off his cock and sits her on her knees on the floor. Batista holds her
still with one hand. Batista then picks up one of Stacy's hands and wraps
it around his cock. He starts moving her hand, making her stroke his cock.

Stacy slowly moves her hand up and down against Batista's shaft, even
though she's worn out. Stacy takes the head of Batista's cock and places
it into her mouth and starts to tensely suck on the large head of Batista's
monster cock.

"I'm cumming," he says quietly. He pulls his cock out of her mouth a bit
and starts to fire his juice down her throat, and fills her mouth easily
with his load. Batista pulls out and strokes his cock some more getting a
few more shots out of it and these loads lands on Stacy's tits.

Stacy swallows the load of Batista's delicious cum in her mouth and smiles
up at Batista.

Batista animal behavior subsides and he goes to his bag. He opens it and
hands Stacy a towel, a pair of his sweat pants and a t-shirt. Batista starts
to gets dressed as well. Stacy uses the towel to wipe the sweat and cum off
her body as he leaves the room. Stacy gets dressed and wonders to herself,
"What if Hunter won the title?" She shrugs and leaves the room as well.

Next in the series..."Raw Desires Part 2: The Feud Has Only Begun"

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