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Raw Desires Part 2: The Feud Has Just Begun
by Dice & Kristi

It's a quiet night in the town of Greenwich, CT, and for Stephanie McMahon,
it's too quiet. Because of storyline purposes, she has to stay off camera,
and has to stay home away from her husband, Triple H. Stephanie decides to
go out for the night and heads for a local bar for a few drinks. Once she's
there she orders and downs some vodka with the orange twist. She quickly
orders another round.

A few hours later, Stephanie is on her tenth round when Shawn Michaels
arrives. He's in town to talk with Mr. McMahon about his feud possibilities
for when he returns. Shawn steps to the bar, orders a drink a looks for
around for a while. He spots Stephanie alone in the corner, her head bobbing
a bit, in short she's drunk. Shawn decides to swing over to say 'hi'. He
takes his drink and wanders over and sits in front of her at the same table.
Stephanie doesn't notice.

"Hey Stephanie, how've you been?" He asks.

Stephanie looks up a bit too drunk "Huh?....Oh hi Shawn...". Stephanie downs
what is left in her glass.

Shawn takes a sip from his drink. "So what's up? Everything ok?" Shawn is
a little concern, since she his his boss's daughter, yet she is also his
enemy's wife.

Stephanie sighs "Oh I'm perfectly fine...." Stephanie looking at Shawn
Michaels "I can tell you're very fine..."

"Is that a come on, Stephanie?" He grins a little. In his mind, Shawn is
thinking of a way to get some payback on Triple H through his wife.

Stephanie laughs in a drunken state "Ohh..Shawn you know me way too well"
Stephanie smacks his shoulder. Even though Stephanie is a bit drunk, she
still has some sense as to what is going on.

Shawn pretends to look around the bar, giving the impression he's there as
a friend. "So where's Hunter?"

"Ohhh he's in Florida for a show...."

Shawn's grin gets bigger as if this is to good to be true. He knows what he's
going to try and do. "You know, you shouldn't be here by yourself."

Stephanie gets up from her seat and grabs her car keys "Why?..I can take care
of myself" Stephanie starts walking towards the door, but Michaels quickly
stops her.

"Whoa now, you're in no condition to walk, let alone drive." Shawn takes her
keys away easily.

"Hey...give them back..." Stephanie says as she tries to grabs her keys back
for HBK's hands.

He holds the keys above his head so she can't reach them. "Stephanie, how
much did you drink?"

"Ohh..just's no big deal"

Shawn shakes his head. "Ten?" He takes a sip of Stephanie's drink that's
still on the table. "That's some strong stuff you had, there's no way I'm
letting you drive. So how about I give you a lift home?"

Stephanie sighs and shrugs "I suppose you could..."

Shawn shakes his head again helps the staggering Stephanie walk to her car.
"It's a good think I took a cab coming here, otherwise one car would be left
overnight here." Once there he opens the passenger side door and sits her
inside and buckles her in. Shawn gets in, starts to engine and pulls out of
the parking lot of the bar.

After a short drive, Shawn Michaels and Stephanie McMahon arrive at the home
of Stephanie and Triple H. Shawn parks the car in the driveway as Stephanie
unbuckles the seat. Shawn helps Stephanie into the house with a smirk,
knowing he has the perfect chance to get some payback on Triple H, by using

Shawn sets Stephanie on the sofa and then snoops around one of the closets
and finds a video camera and some blank tapes. He smirks as his plan is
coming together better than he hoped. He checks to see which room was the
master bedroom and sets up the camera. He comes back to the living room and
carries Stephanie to her room. Stephanie is so drunk at the moment, she
didn't notice any of Shawn's actions. "Which room is the bedroom Steph?" he
asks to keep her mind thinking he's just going to help her.

Stephanie points "Ohhhh it's the last room to the left..." Stephanie at
Michaels for a moment "You know, are so fucking hot."

"Are you sure that's not the alcohol talking Stephanie?" Shawn jokingly asks.
He carries her to the room and lays her on the bed. He turns on the camera
and sits on the bed with her.

"Ohhhh no Shawn you are so fucking sexy" Stephanie in her drunken
state leans closer to Michaels and kisses his lips. Shawn kisses back unable
to believe how perfect his plan is working out.

Shawn starts to run his hands over Stephanie's clothed body. He starts at her
thighs and starts rubbing his way to her panties. He presses his hand against
the panties and starts to rub the material against her pussy a little. After
a while he moves up to her breasts and squeezes them through her shirt. Shawn
moves one hand back down and continues to massage Stephanie's panties against
her pussy.

Stephanie stops Michaels for a second and smiles, to make things easier for
HBK, she removes her shirt and tosses it off of the bed. Stephanie then makes
her way down to her skirt and slides it down her legs to her ankles and then
kicks the skirt off.

Shawn is not surprised that Stephanie doesn't wear a bra. He continues his
tender seduction of her body this time sliding his hand in her pussy and
starts to work his magic. Shawn holds one of her breasts in his hand and
slowly sucks on the nipple, then switches to the other. The double actions
causes Stephanie to start breathing heavy and she starts to sweat a little.

Stephanie closes her eyes and moans "Ohhhh Shawn..." While Michaels is busy
working over Stephanie's chest with his mouth and her pussy with his hand,
she starts to unbuckle the belt on HBK's jeans.

"You want something Stephanie?" Shawn teases her and pushes her hands away.
He turns to the camera and smiles.

Stephanie licks lips with a smile and nods "Yeah...I want some of that big,
delicious, cock" Shawn smirks instantly upon hearing this and positions
Stephanie where the camera can get a good view of her. Stephanie then bends
down on her knees, while still on bed and unzips HBK's jeans, slowly tugging
them down.

Shawn's 9" cock pops up like a rocket as soon as his jeans and boxers are
lowered enough for it to be free. He holds his cock steady and teasingly lays
it on Stephanie's lips. She tries to take it in her mouth, but he pulls it
away. "Is this what you want?"

Stephanie nods with a wide smile "More then anything!"

Shawn smirks. "More than Hunter's?"

Stephanie nods "Yes, more then Hunter's!" Shawn smirks hearing Stephanie's

Shawn chuckles a little as well. "Ok Steph, you can have it, show me what you
can do." Shawn presses the head of his cock against her lips and lets her
take it from there.

Stephanie wraps her cold hands around Shawn's cock as she guides it into her
mouth. Stephanie starts off slowly bobbing her, going all the way down on his
cock. Shawn holds Stephanie's hair up from blocking her face.

Shawn bundles Stephanie's hair to one side and holds it there. "That's good
Steph, you really wanted that cock didn't you." Shawn looks back at the
camera and gives a thumbs up. He knows Hunter will be extremely pissed off
if he watches the tape this far. Shawn looks down at her and smiles. "Can
you deep throat Stephanie?"

Stephanie nods, but she is going to make Shawn wait a little for her to deep
throat his cock. Stephanie begins bobbing her head quicker with each head
bob, as she starts lapping her tongue around Shawn's shaft tenderly.

Shawn moans in pleasure. "Steph, you must suck a lot of cock, you're great."
Shawn relaxes completely, letting Steph work his cock with her mouth.

Stephanie moves HBK's cock around in mouth making sure, his cock touches
every part of her mouth as she bobs her head sucking with intense speed.
Stephanie eventually picks her head up from HBK's cock, which is now moist,
and starts to run her tongue along his thick shaft.

Shawn smirks. "Steph, I though you said you can deep throat?" Shawn smiles
at her. "If you can do that, I'll eat you out like no one else can."

Stephanie smirks as she gets a bit controlling "But I don't want to get ate
out, I just wanna fuck!"

Shawn laughs a little. "And how you do you want to fuck?"

"Rough and dirty!" Stephanie yells out. Stephanie gives Shawn a sly smirk
and returns focus to his cock as she starts to lick the head of his cock in
a circular motion.

Shawn wants to see if he can use Stephanie's own words for his plans even
more. "But Stephanie, only a slut likes it rough and dirty. You're not a slut
are you?"

Stephanie is so drunk she doesn't really what she's saying "Fuck yeah I'm a

"I don't think so Stephanie. You can't be a slut. A slut would be on all
fours begging to get fucked right now."

Stephanie smiles and quickly gets onto her hands and knees on the bed.
Stephanie faces the camera, Shawn smirks as Stephanie set herself up just
perfectly for the camera.

Shawn doesn't move just yet. "I don't hear any begging Stephanie."

Stephanie looks back at Shawn "Oh Shawn please fuck my slutty ass!"

Shawn presses the head of his cock against the entrance of her pussy just
enough to entice a moan from her. "Continue Stephanie, I want to beg for
what you want."

"Ohhh Shawn drive that big cock into my wet pussy"

Shawn places his hands on her waist to prevent her from pushing back on his
cock. He pushes his cock in a little, then stops. "What did you say you
wanted again?" Shawn continues to tease her, he has a huge grin on his face.

"I want you fuck the hell out me!"

"What are you?" He pushes in a little more, half his cock is in her now.
"Tell me everything that you are Stephanie."

Stephanie moans out "I'm a dirty slut!"

"What else? Who's slut are you?" Shawn pushes in further, he's one final push
away from filling her completely with his cock.

"I'm Shawn's slut!" Stephanie moans, about tempted to push back on Shawn's

"Are you sure you're my slut?" Shawn feels she's going nuts in her drunken
lustful state and he's loving every minute of it. He teases that's he's
finally going to fuck her.

"Yes Shawn! I'm your fucking slut!" Stephanie moans.

Shawn pulls out slightly and finally slams his cock fully into Stephanie. His
starting pace is rough, hard and fast. Shawn pulls back on her waist to make
her even crazy for his cock. "You got a tight pussy my little slut."

Stephanie looks back more turned on then ever "Fuck that pussy." Stephanie
commands. Stephanie then starts adding some force to each of Shawn's thrusts
and starts moving her hips back, taking his deep into her pussy at a rough

Shawn increases his speed and his balls are slapping against Stephanie every
few seconds. He reaches forward and pulls her hair back tilting her head
backwards. This gives the camera a perfect view of her face as she enjoys
getting fucked by Shawn. "You like that slut? You like it rough and dirty?"
Shawn doesn't expect an answer, and continues on.

"Ohhhh fuck yess...rougher!" Stephanie commands, wanting more of Shawn.
Stephanie starts bucking her hips back taking his cock harder into her pussy.
"Ohhhh yesss Shawn!" Stephanie moans as she's now covered in sweat.

Shawn doesn't release Stephanie's hair and keeps pulling it back each time
he thrusts forward. "Oh you're a nasty little slut aren't you? I bet Hunter
never did you like this." Shawn looks into the camera when he says this.

"Ohhhh Hunter sucks!" Stephanie moans in pure pleasure and lust.

Shawn pulls out and lays on the bed in an angle so the camera and still pick
up Stephanie's face. "Ride me like a good slut," he commands.

Stephanie crawls over to HBK's body and mounts herself on top of his cock,
she comes down on his cock with full force, letting out a loud moan.
Stephanie places her hands onto HBK's sweaty chest and starts rocking her
hips back and forth on his cock, riding him at a decent fast speed. "Ohhhhh
Shawn, you're such a good fuck!"

Shawn smirks at the sight of seeing Stephanie riding him. He cups her breasts
which bounce in sequence with Stephanie's rocking. "You're starting to sound
like my entrance music." Stephanie's body it dripping sweat all over him.

Stephanie bounces quickly on Shawn's throbbing, hard cock. Stephanie drops
down harder each time on his cock, making her moan loudly "Ohhhhhhh Shawn!"

"Oh yeah that's right baby, scream my name." Shawn moves his hands to her
waist and helps her with her ride, but let's her control the pace.

Stephanie rides his cock with a the intense speed for a few minutes longer
before she cums onto his cock. "Ohhhhhhh that's it baby!"

Shawn's gets a big smile on his face as Stephanie's warm juices flow freely
onto his cock. He lets her bounce on him a few more times then he lifts her
off his cock. Shawn lays her on the bed and kneels next to her head and holds
his cock to her lips again. "Time to get your reward Stephanie."

Stephanie opens mouth and takes HBK's cock into her mouth once again.
Stephanie, like before, starts off slowly bobbing her head on Shawn's
cock. Stephanie soon tightens her grip sucking harder at a slow, but
nicely performed pace.

"That's good, but you have yet to show me what you said you can do." Shawn
starts to push his cock further and further into her mouth. He knows he's
going to cum soon.

Stephanie opens her mouth as wide as she can and shoves all of Shawn's 9
inches into mouth. Stephanie starts bobbing her head quicker as she now deep
throats his thick, throbbing cock.

"Guess you told the truth." Shawn let's her continue her deep throating
action on him up to the point where he's about to cum. He pulls out of her
mouth and straddles her body. He places his cock between her breasts and
uses them to stroke off his cock. Stephanie looks just in time as he starts
shooting his load. The first few shots land on her face and neck. The rest
ends up coating her chest.

Stephanie smiles looking up at Shawn in a lust full daze.

Shawn gets up from her and gets the camera. He shoots her entire body, making
sure to get her cum covered face. He gets in the shot as well, holding the
camera far enough to get a good shot of him asking Stephanie, "Who's slut are
you again?"

Stephanie smiles "Shawn's dirty slut!"

"And don't you forget it." Shawn kisses Stephanie and gets dressed. He leaves
the room with the camera and passes a double deck VCR. He decides to make a
copy for himself, and thinks he might use it to get another night with
Stephanie. Shawn then labels the original tape with a note that reads 'Hunter
watch this love Stephanie' and sets the tape on the coffee table.

A few days later, Triple H sees the tape laying on the table and smiles after
reading the note. He pops it in the VCR and presses play. He is greeted by
the sight of Shawn Michaels taking advantage of his wife. Hunter leaves the
room and comes back with a sledgehammer. He takes one last look at the TV
before taking a mighty swing, destroying it. "That mother fucker..."

Next in the series...Raw Desires Part 3: The Ivory Experience

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