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Raw Desires Part 3: The Ivory Experience
by Dice & Kristi

The four time women's champion turned Sunday morning recap show host Ivory is
at roaming around WWE headquarters in Stanford. She, and her co-host, Todd
Grisham, are up there to discuss with Mr. McMahon the creative direction of
their program "The WWE Experience." So far today, Ivory was reviewing the
tapes of the programs they already filmed, and she has noticed something
strange. She has been looking for Todd all day to discuss it with him first.
Ivory runs into Shane McMahon and asks him if he's see Todd. Shane tells her
he saw him in the Employee lounge. Ivory thanks him and hurries off.

Ivory walks to the Employee lounge and spots her co-host, Todd Grisham, busy
eating his lunch. Ivory sneaks up behind Todd, she then shouts in his ear "Hi
Todd!" Todd Grisham jumps back in his chair and Ivory laughs "Scared ya,
didn't I Todd?"

"Ivory!" Todd has a shocked look on his face, but quickly regains his
composure. "How are you doing today?" He takes another bite of his lunch
while offering her a seat.

Ivory sits down at the table next to Todd in her hyper, caffeine driven,
state "I am doing great Todd! How about you?"

Todd gets real nervous all of a sudden. "I'm doing ok, I wonder what the
meeting is about." He has an idea of what it could be, but tries to play it

Ivory shrugs "I have no idea, we make a great team!" Ivory hugs Todd,
however Todd is amazed by the amount of energy Ivory has day after day "I
was watching the tapes of our previous shows and I've noticed something
about you Mr. Grisham."

Todd gulps and almost chokes on his lunch when Ivory hugs him. "Umm... what
did you notice?" Todd gets real timid, and wonders if she saw what he think
she saw.

Ivory laughs "Well Todd I've notice you like looking at my chest on the

Todd gets very quiet and nods like a kid getting caught stealing from the
cookie jar. His face turns red.

Ivory surprisingly is real cool about it and laughs it off "Well Todd do you
like what you see?"

"Ok you caught me, I do have a crush on you," says Todd with a sigh of
relief. He tries to look her in the face, but he's ashamed of his actions.

Ivory smacks his leg with her hand "Finally you admit it! But Todd, don't you
think since it's out in the open and all, I should give a little experience
of my own?"

"What do you mean?" Todd is very confused.

Ivory laughs "Well Todd, what if I let you take an 'Ivory Experience'?"

Todd eyes go wide, and smiles without confidence. "Do you mean..." He wants
her to say what she means.

Ivory nods and then looks around the Employee Lounge "How about right now,
right here!"

"Right now? Here?" Todd's face is real red now and he knows what she wants.
"What if we get caught?"

Ivory pats Todd on the back "Todd, Todd, the point of the 'Ivory Experience'
is being spontaneous."

Todd is very hesitant, but wants to impress her. "I can be spontaneous."

Then be it!" Ivory says in a hyper voice.

Todd gets up and kisses Ivory right there on the spot, driving his tongue
into her mouth. He caresses her arms and shoulders as he deepens the kiss.

Ivory sits up onto the table and pulls Todd on top of her as they continue
to kiss. Their tongues twirling against each other.

Todd runs his hands over her body, gently touching every part of her though
her outfit. He shifts his body and starts to kiss her neck softly, even
gliding his teeth a little across her skin.

"Mmmmm Todd..." Ivory moans as she starts unbuttoning his light blue shirt.

Todd kisses down to her cleavage that is showing in her shirt and puts his
hand underneath her shit and starts to lift it off her body, kissing chest
as he does.

Ivory quickly slides Todd's shirt off of his shoulders and tosses his shirt
to the floor. Ivory reaches down and starts unbuckling his belt around his

Once he has her shirt off, he goes to work on her bra. Todd kisses and sucks
on the top of her breasts as he reaches underneath her to unclasp it.

Ivory slides the belt off of Todd's pants and unzips them. Ivory pulls down
Todd's pants along with his boxers. She then starts to unbutton her own

Todd helps her as soon as he tosses her bra to the floor. As soon as the last
button on her pants is unbutton, he slides them off her legs, which he kisses

Ivory shakes her head "Todd, I don't want passion, I want it wild!"

Todd nods, and pushes her down on the table. He climbs on top of her and
straddles her chest and places his cock between her breasts. Todd pushes it
forward to her lips and presses her tits in enclose it.

Ivory runs her tongue along the head of Todd's cock as he pushes his cock in
between her tits.

Todd starts to thrust his cock between her tits and into her mouth, giving
her a good amount of time, to work her magic on the head of his cock.

With each thrust up, Ivory wraps her lips around the head of his cock tightly
and sucks for a few seconds, before Todd pulls his cock out of her mouth as
he lines up for another thrust.

Todd climbs off of Ivory and pulls her towards him on the table. "Turn over,
Ivory," He says with a smirk on his face. "I want really experience you." He
runs his fingers over her pussy to give her an idea at what he means. Ivory
smirks and instantly turns over on the table.

Todd watches as Ivory stands before him, bent over the table, waiting for
him. He strokes his cock as he slaps Ivory's ass to feel it. He kneels a
little to line his cock up with Ivory's pussy and slowly pushes into her
until all of him is in her. Todd starts to drive his cock with slow hard
thrusts in and out of her.

Ivory looks back at Todd and smirks at him as he drives his cock slowly into
her pussy. "Ohhhh Todd" Ivory moans.

Todd places both hand on her ass cheeks and even slaps her rear every few
thrusts. He starts going a little faster, rocking the table with each of
his thrusts. A thought pops in his head. "You know... I thought the Ivory
Experience would be a little wilder," he says, for the most part to see
what kind of response he'll get.

Ivory being her usual, care-free self replies "Todd don't be a dork." Ivory
then slams her ass back against his waist, taking his cock deep into her

He goes a little faster and harder. "I'm not... you seem to be holding back."

"Holding back...oh baby you don't want to see me all out."

Todd pulls out of her. "Come on, I want to see how spontaneous you can be."

Ivory smirks and roughly shoves Todd onto the table, she climbs up onto the
table and mounts herself on top of Todd's cock. She instantly comes down hard
on his cock at first. Ivory balances herself before she starts riding his
cock at a medium pace, rocking back and forth on his cock, bouncing quickly.

Todd moans as Ivory starts to ride him and he places his hands on her breasts
to feel them rise and fall with her. "Is that all you got?" Todd asks with a
smirk, knowing full well Ivory can kick his ass.

Ivory starts grinding her pussy sharply against his cock after Todd's
comment. Ivory picks up speed as well, riding his cock at an intense speed,
each time she bounces she comes down harder and harder on his cock. Ivory
then looks down with a smirk "Is that all you got, Todd?"

Todd takes her up on the challenge and wraps his arms around her. He stands
up and carries her to the nearest wall and starts to ravage her pussy with
hard thrusts.

"Ohhhhh yeah Todd!" Ivory moans, a bit impressed with Todd's work, not
expecting him to be this spontaneous.

Todd slams his cock further into her as he presses her up against the wall.
"Damn Ivory... you're not as wild as you seem." He slows his pace down and
just slams his cock in hard.

Ivory smirks as she realizes she shouldn't be easy on Todd anymore. Ivory
wraps her legs around Todd's waist and uses all of her strength, she bucks
her hips, sending Todd down to the floor with her on top of his once again.
Ivory starts off right away riding cock with force and great speed. Almost
too much for Todd to take.

Todd lets some moans pass his lips, as he watches Ivory on top of him. He
places his hands on her waist as he plots his next move on her. "Oh yeah...
ride me Ivory..."

Ivory bounces quickly on Todd's cock as she rocks her hips back. Her speed
as slowed a bit, but she's still riding away on Todd's cock with great force
and ease.

Todd gets a wicked idea, and figures Ivory can't match what he's going to
do. He pushes her off his cock and gets behind her. Todd pulls her ass up
and spreads her ass cheeks and rams his cock all the way into her asshole.

Ivory smirks and tries matching with Todd's pace. Ivory rams her ass back
against his cock, taking his harder into her asshole. Ivory lets out a moan,
as does Todd.

Todd starts to go as fast as he can, rocking his cock as deep as it can go
into her ass. He grips her hips to get a little more force with his thrusts,
but is starting to loose his pace to Ivory's. Todd figures he might as well
let her win. "Hey... looks like I beat you Ivory... there's nothing left to
do but just enjoying the ride," he says, hoping she's got one more trick up
her sleeve.

Ivory smirks "Oh this is far from over..." Ivory manages to Todd out of her
ass and pushes Todd once again back on the floor. She lays down on top of him
in a 69 position. Ivory wraps her lips tightly around his cock and starts to
bob her head on his cock sucking hard and slow, but effective.

Todd grabs her ass cheeks and starts to lick her pussy madly. He tongues her
clit fast one moment, then slow the next, giving her two different sensation
in rapid succession.

Ivory takes Todd's cock deeper into her mouth as she starts to deep throat
his entire cock. Ivory picks up her speed as she starts bobbing her quicker.

Todd sticks two fingers into Ivory's ass as he slides his tongue deep into
her pussy. He starts to move his fingers and tongue in and out of Ivory as
fast as he can.

Ivory moves her tongue against Todd's cock as she sucks away on his cock at
an even faster rate then he's licking her pussy

Todd starts pumping his fingers faster in her ass as he slows down his tongue
action on her pussy. He starts to feel the build up to him cumming, but he
tries to get Ivory to cum first. He inserts a third finger to ass in a last
ditch effort to do this.

Ivory can taste Todd's pre-cum and knows it's only a matter of time before he
lets loose. Ivory bangs her tongue against Todd's shaft as she continue to
suck his cock at a now decent speed and force.

"Fuck..." Todd gives Ivory no warning and starts to shoot his load up into
Ivory's mouth. He loses his focus on eating Ivory's pussy and just relents to
enjoy the sensation. He moves a hand underneath Ivory and starts to rub her
pussy to keep her going. Ivory in the meantime swallows all of Todd's cum and
licks her lips like she just enjoyed a full meal.

Todd flips Ivory over so now she's on the bottom. He positions himself to
where he can get a better angle to eat her out. He starts to tongue her clit,
and also starts to finger fuck her as well with 2 fingers. He reaches up with
his free hand to play with one of Ivory's breasts. Todd is doing everything
he can think of to make Ivory cum.

Ivory moans "Ohhhh Todd here it comes..." Ivory then realize her delicious
cum onto Todd's face.

Todd laps his tongue along her pussy, licking up as much as her juices as he
can. After she's spent, the two of them lay in the employee lounge, breathing
heavily and their bodies covered in sweat.

Todd and Ivory practically both sit up at the same time after the take a few
minutes to cool down. Todd smiles "Oh my god, that was great..." Ivory shrugs
"Ehhh it was ok..." Todd looks down a bit sad. Ivory laughs and smacks his
shoulder hard "Todd! I'm kidding!"

Todd looks at Ivory. "Guess there's nothing like the Ivory Experience."

Next in the series..."Raw Desires Part 4: A Celebration Of A Lifetime"

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