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Raw Desires Part 4: A Celebration Of A Lifetime
by Dice & Kristi

Sylvain Greiner and Robert Conway have again just successfully defended
their World Tag Team titles, this time defeating the team of Rhyno & Tajiri.
They have finished their post match celebration, by attempting to sing the
Canadian National Anthem in French, but were booed out of the ring by the
fans. Sylvain starts cursing to the crowd in French on the microphone as
they exit the ring and walk to the back, titles and the Quebec flag raises
proudly over their heads.

In the back, Sylvain and Robert roll up their flags and hand them to the
backstage attendants before heading to their locker room. "That was a good
win tonight, no?" asked Sylvain.

"Yeah, we really showed them good form" replied Robert, who for the record
is not from Quebec, but is a French sympathizer. The two men walk right past
Gail Kim with out realizing it.

Gail Kim's night also ended on good note as she defeated her long time rival
in the ring Victoria. Gail smirked at the two Frenchmen walked past her. She
licked her lips as an idea popped into her head, she decided to follow the
team of Sylvain and Robert back to their locker room.

The Tag Team Champions chat in French as they walk on their way, not
realizing Gail is behind them. They eventually reach their destination, go
in, and Robert closes the door behind them. Inside, they set their belts in
their respective bags and prepare to clean up.

The door slowly opens and Gail walks into the locker room of La Resistance
"Ohhh...I'm so sorry I must have the wrong locker room" Gail says acting like
it was a mistake that she walked in, playing up her seduction of the two

Both men quickly find ways to cover themselves, out of respect that there is
a lady in their locker room. "Madam Kim, the women's locker room is on the
other side of the building," says Sylvain, a bit upset she walked in. Robert
nods in agreement.

"Oh well...since it's way to far for me to you mind if I just
change in here?" Gail asks innocently to Sylvan and Robert

Both men look at each with curious glances. "I don't know, we could get in
trouble," says Robert. "Yes, Monsieur McMahon would not be pleased if he
finds out," adds Sylvain.

Gail walks closer to Sylvain "Are you sure, I couldn't just change here for
a minute" Gail says as she looks deep into his eyes.

Not one to turn down the request of a lady, Sylvain thinks about it. "Hmmm...
Robert, surely we may... accommodate her," says Sylvain.

Robert looks at him with an "Are you Nuts" look.

"It is a long walk to the women's locker area," Sylvain adds to convince his

Gail smirks and removes the top of her wrestling attire, to a reveal a thin
laced bra. Gail stands in front of Sylvain and Robert, the two men stand in
awe "You know, you two are very impressive."

Robert and Sylvain scramble a bit, to try and find a way to not give Gail the
thought that they are mesmerized by her body. "Umm... thank you, would you
like to use the shower first?" asks Robert.

Gail gives Sylvan and Robert a sly smirk "Only if you two join me..."

Robert smiles and is about to say "yes" as Sylvain pulls him to a corner.
"Robert, we can't do that, we could find ourselves on Heat for the rest of
the year if the GM finds out."

Robert puts a hand on top of Sylvan's shoulder and whispers to him "Come on,
this is a once in a life time opportunity...besides Rene told me about all
those beautiful American women you two fucked. And Sylvain, nothing beats a
hot Asian like Gail."

Sylvain looks at him, still a bit unsure. "Do you think she is willing?"

Sylvan she invited us into the shower with her! She's more then willing!"
Robert says trying to convince his friend and tag team part. Gail looks over
at the two huddle in the corner talking things out.

"Are you two coming or not?" Gail asks.

Robert looks over "Just a second..." Robert looks back at Sylvan as Gail
walks to the showering area. "Look man, I don't know about you, but I'm going
with her" Robert says as he turns as starts to follow Gail Kim.

Sylvain watches as Robert walks over to Gail. He makes up his mind and moves
over to them as well. "We have a large shower in here, so we could join you,"
says Sylvain, trying to hide his hesitations. Robert slaps him on the back.

"There ya good," he says as smiles at Gail. "Did you bring a towel?"

Gail raises her eyebrow and looks at Robert as she turn the hot water on in
the shower "Why do I need a towel?" Gail then slides down the bottoms of her
wrestling attire and then unclips her bra, sliding it off of her chest. The
men remove their wrestling boots and prepare to take of their tights.
"Well... how do you propose to try off?" he asks coyly. Sylvain shakes his
head at the question.

Gail doesn't respond and just slides down her small g-string, that had been
covering her pussy. Gail now is completely naked, much to the delight of both
members of La Resistance. Gail walks into the shower, waiting for the two to
join her. Steam is already raising in the air due to the hot shower.

Robert and Sylvain exchange looks again, but this time with smirks on their
faces. They remove their tights are now also naked, but also sporting half

"Shall we?" asks Sylvain.

"Let's shall," replies Robert. They walk into the shower in stride and are
greeted by the wet body of Gail Kim.

Gail smirks as she looks at both Sylvan and Robert, she instantly drops down
her knees, surprising Sylvan and Robert. Gail looks up at the two with water
running down her chest from the shower

Robert looks down at her, as both men's dicks rise to their fullness.
Sylvain's is roughly 9", but extremely thick, while Robert's is close to 11".
Sylvain tries to lighten the mood, "Is it getting steamy in here all ready?"

Gail scoots closer to Robert and Sylvan as she remains on her knees, she
gently takes both of their cocks into her hands. She starts moving both of
her hands up and down against their shafts, stroking both cocks at a medium

Robert and Sylvain spread their legs a bit to get a firm base as Gail sizes
them up. They each place an arm around each other's shoulders to keep the
other from falling. "Guess it's true, Asian's have good hands," says Robert.

Gail moves her one hand down to Robert's ballsack and starts to gently rub
his balls, while Gail focuses on the head of Sylvan's cock. She rubs her
soft, but firm hand against the sides of the head.

"I must agree," moans Sylvain as Gail twists her hand a little much to his
surprise. Robert holds his cock up with his free hand, giving Gail easy
access to his balls.

Gail then comes to a stop on both of their cocks her hands and motions for
Conway to lay down on wet shower floor.

Both men are a bit disappointed, but Robert lays on the wet floor. The water
continues to come down and now are three are completely wet. Sylvain reaches
for the shower head and positions it in an angle to shoot the water up and
land on them, giving the illusion of rain.

Gail gently straddles herself on top of Conway's face, while she motions to
Sylvan to come in front of her, he does and she pulls him in closer. Gail
takes Sylvan's cock into her hands once again and guides his cock into her
mouth. Gail wraps her lips tightly around his cock and starts to slowly bob
her head, sucking his cock.

Robert places his hands on Gail's thighs as he starts to lick Gail's pussy.
He doesn't have a long tongue, so instead of trying to tongue fuck her, he
swirls it around her clit. Sylvain places a hand on Gail's shoulder as his
friend eats the Asian beauty out. The Quebec native braces his legs, as he
watches Gail work with the amount of his dick she can get in her mouth.

Gail starts bobbing her head quicker on Sylvan's cock as she takes more of
his cock into her mouth. Gail moans softly with the oral pleasure Robert is
giving her.

Sylvain's eyes go wide as he feels Gail's moan around his cock. "That was
exquisite," he says as he recovers from it. Down below, Robert flicks his
tongue along her pussy lips, and presses it into her every once in awhile.

Gail starts twirling her tongue against the head of Sylvan's cock, her speed
increases as she bobs her head on his tool, sucking faster. Gail is loving
the taste of Sylvan's sweet cock. Robert slows down and gently picks Gail up
from his face and slides her head up from underneath her as he gets an idea.

Robert stands up and lets Gail continue to suck Sylvain's cock. But much to
her surprise, Robert starts to pick her up from the ground. Sylvain sees what
his friend has in mind and places his hands on her shoulders so she can keep
her pace. Eventually, Robert has Gail standing up, while bent over at the
waist. Robert taps her legs with his cock and motions her to spread them.
Gail does, and Robert slowly pushes his cock into her. His slow pace begins
as soon as his cock fills her completely.

Gail lets a muffled moan as Robert enters her pussy, she regains herself and
once again starts to bob her head at a quick pace, sucking away on Sylvan's
cock. Sylvan can't believe how good Gail is at sucking cock. Gail eventually
starts to just focus on the head of Sylvan's cock as she pulls all of his
cock out of her mouth except the head. Gail wraps her lips tightly around the
head of his cock and starts to slowly bob her head, sucking with great ease.

Sylvain starts to mutter praises to Gail in French, as Robert increases his
force. He doesn't go any faster, but he thrusts a little harder. "I told you
so," says Robert as he looks at Sylvain's face that goes through different
expressions of pleasure. "Yes... you were right," says Sylvain.

Gail picks her head up from Sylvan's cock and takes her tongue and slowly
moves her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock. Gail licks slow but
intensely, leaving a small moist trail.

Sylvain reluctantly pulls his cock out of her mouth, and Gail gives him a
disappointed look. "Robert, my friend, what say we show her how it's done it
Quebec?" Robert smirks as he pulls out of her and turns off the shower. They
lead her back to the main part of the locker room, all three soaked in water.
Sylvain lays on the ground, as Gail climbs onto him. She leans forward far
enough for Robert to push his cock into her ass.

"Just relax, we'll do the work," says Sylvain. The men start to thrust into
her slowly.

Gail smiles and starts moaning "Ohhhhh yesss!"

Sylvain and Robert start to alternate thrusts. When pushes forward, the other
pulls back, giving Gail the impression she's on a piston. They place their
hands on her shoulders and waist to keep her steady.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah I love this!" Gail moans out, she can't believe all the work
Sylvan and Robert are putting in to pleasing her.

All off a sudden, Robert pulls out of Gail's ass and they lift her off of
Sylvain. Sylvain says something to her in French. Gail doesn't understand and
looks at Robert to translate. "He said for you to choose how you want to be
fucked. I think."

Gail thinks for a second and then smiles "What if both of you fucked me while

They nod, and each grab one of Gail's arm to help her up. Sylvain, being
the the stronger, lifts Gail up as Robert lines his cock up with her pussy.
Sylvain stands behind her and slowly pushes his cock into her ass. They
again start with the slow pace.

"Awwww ohhh yeah" Gail moans as she wraps her arms around Robert's neck. Gail
comes down harder and harder each time "Ohhhh yesss!"

Despite her moans, both men refuse to go faster or harder. They work like an
well oiled machine, their tempo in perfect harmony.

"Ohhhh fuck I'm gonna cum" Gail yells out caught completely by surprise.
After her warning Gail release her juices on Robert's cock.

"Robert, pull away, I want her to feel my cum," says Sylvain. Robert quickly
pulls out and Sylvain starts to fuck her ass hard and fast. Sylvain's muscles
tense tightly as he drops his hot load of cum in her ass.

Gail looks back at Sylvain with a lust full smile, feeling his hot cum run
down her ass cheeks.

Sylvain slaps her ass softly as he pulls out and sits on a bench, worn out.
"Hey Gail, I got a cock full of cum for you, why don't you suck it out," says
Robert with a grin.

Gail smiles, licking her lips, she gets down on her knees once again. Gail
right away opens her mouth, taking Robert's cock into her mouth, she right
away starts bobbing her head, sucking intensely on his cock.

Robert strokes her hair softly as she sucks his cock. He pushes her head down
all the way on his cock. "Here it comes," he says as he shoots his load down
her throat, giving her no choice but to swallow.

Gail swallows all of Robert's delicious cum. She then picks her head from his
cock and smiles up at him.

"I guess we shouldn't ask you out to dinner," says Sylvain. "You look full."

Gail smirks and stands up, she starts getting dressed "Maybe the next time I
win the Women's Championship, we can have another little celebration..."

Next in the series.. "Raw Desires Part 5: Shelton Defeats The Game, Again!"

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