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Raw Desires Part 5: Shelton Defeats The Game...Again!
by Dice & Kristi

It was a typical morning for the WWE Director of Creative, Stephanie McMahon.
She was busy meeting the head writers for Raw, Michael Hayes, Ed Koskey, and
Brian Gerwitz. Gerwitz and Hayes were seated at a table, while Stephanie was
standing at the head of the table, discussing some new angles for Raw

"Alright gentlemen, I was thinking for the next Raw pay per view, having an
Iron-Man match for the Heavyweight title, the question is who should be the
contender?" Stephanie asks the opinions of her writing staff.

"Well what about Jericho?" commented Koskey.

"No, how about Edge" suggested Gerwitz.

"Well I think we should go with Shelton Benjamin, I mean he's young, hot
athlete" said Michael Hayes.

Stephanie smirked and nodded "Hmmm...I like that, good work Michael..."

The next day...Stephanie McMahon arrived at the WWE Trax Center in Greenwich,
Connecticut, where Shelton Benjamin was working out in the ring with Dean
Malenko, preparing for his return since his hand injury.

Shelton and Dean are working on basic maneuvers, trying to protect Shelton's
hand from further injury. Stephanie watches as the youngster and the ring
legend work a fast paced mock match, using a lot of mat wrestling techniques.
It's is very clear to see that theyhaven'tt seen Stephanie yet.

Stephanie folds her arms watching Shelton Benjamin's work, she nods
impressed. Stephanie notices that besides herself, Dean Malenko and Shelton
are the only other ones in the training facility. Stephanie finally speaks up
"Excuse me, Dean?"

The men stop after a sharp leg whip by Shelton. They finally realize
Stephanie is there, and they quickly compose themselves. "Good afternoon, Ms.
McMahon," says Dean. Shelton nods his head out of respect.

"Dean may I speak with you for a moment?" Stephanie asks politely

"Sure thing," Malenko turns to Shelton. "You want to wait here? We'll work on
you high spot maneuvers after I get back."

"Yeah, I want to be at the top of the game when I return to the ring,"
Shelton replies as he picks up a towel from his corner to dry off some sweat
from his forehead.

Dean gets out of the ring and heads over to Stephanie. "What can I do for

"Dean, the Raw writing staff is thinking about giving Shelton a number one
contenders shot at the next pay per view, in an Iron Man Match. Do you think
he could last an hour in the ring?"

Dean thinks for a moment. "Maybe, he does have a strong amateur background
that could help him last that long, but his overall stamina may be an issue."

Stephanie thinks for a second "Dean, you're excused for now..."

Dean nods, and gathers his things from around the ring. "Hey Shelton,
Stephanie has some great news for you, I'll be back later." Shelton smiles,
and waits in the ring.

Stephanie smiles and walks over to the ring set up. Stephanie walks onto the
steel steps and gets into the ring using the bottom rope "Shelton..."

"Yes, Ms. McMahon. Dean said you wanted to speak to me," Shelton tries to
show he's not thinking about the possibilities of what Stephanie has to say.

Stephanie smiles "How would you like a shot at the WWE World Championship at
the next Raw pay per view?"

"I would love it," says Shelton with a lot of excitement.

"There's a small question though...It's an Iron Man match. The question is
if you have the stamina to last a full 60 minutes"

Shelton shrugs. "I don't know... my longest college match was around 40
minuets, is there a way we can test how long I can go?"

Stephanie smirks "Well there is an old method I like to use..." Stephanie
says toying around with Shelton a bit.

"What is it? I'll do anything to get a title shot," Shelton's willingness to
try whatever it is Stephanie has in mind fills his face.

Stephanie laughs a little "Well you have to last at least 60 minutes with

Shelton has a confused look on his face now. "What do you mean? I have to
wrestle you for an hour?"

"No... you have to fuck me for an hour" Stephanie laughs.

Shelton has a dumbfounded look on his face. He doesn't want to kill his
chances for wrestling for the World Heavyweight title, but this was something
he'd never expect to do "You're kidding me, right?"

Stephanie shakes her head "No Shelton, You see all the number one contender
in an Iron Man match must pass what I like to call and 'Iron Lust' match."

"An Iron Lust match?" Shelton is intrigued now. "What are the rules?"

"Simple you have fuck me for a complete hour without cumming."

"That sounds like a challenge," Shelton says with a smirk.

"Do you accept?"

"Yeah, I like a challenge, where and when?"

"Right here, Right now" Stephanie shoves Shelton against one of the
turnbuckles and instantly gets down onto her knees. Stephanie pulls down
Shelton's wrestling tights revealing a very impressive, large 14 inch cock.
Stephanie sets a stop watch for 60 minutes and throws the watch down onto
the mat. Stephanie then takes Shelton's cock into her hands and starts to
gently stroke his cock.

Shelton decides to pace himself and figures to let Stephanie control the
action at this point. He runs his hand through her hair as a sign to tell
her he's not going to go all out at this point. He places his arms over
the ropes after wards, "Give it your best shot, boss."

Stephanie then opens her mouth at takes his cock into her mouth. Stephanie
tightly wraps her lips around his long, black cock. She starts to slowly bob
her head at first, just to get used to his cock in her mouth. After a while,
Stephanie starts to suck his cock at a quicker pace.

Shelton smiles down at her enjoying the feel of the billion dollar princess
lips around his South Carolina snake. After a few minuets, it dawns on him,
she's trying to make him cum quickly. He gets bold and pushes Stephanie off
of him and pounces on her, remove her blazer, white blouse and skirt, leaving
her in her bra and panties.

Stephanie and gets up from the mat, she pushes Shelton back against the turn
buckle and starts to go to work again on his cock. She takes it back in her
mouth at starts sucking at a medium pace. Stephanie glances at the stop
watch, only ten minutes have passed.

Shelton hooks his hands underneath Stephanie's arms and lifts her up and sits
her on the second turnbuckle. He rips off her bra and starts to lick and suck
on her large breasts. He holds one in his right hand, squeezing, twisting and
occasionally pulling on the nipple. With the one in his mouth, he sucks on it
like a baby trying to get the milk out of it. He swaps his actions to give
her breasts equal treatment.

Stephanie bites her bottom lip "Ohhhh Shelton" She moans out in pleasure.

Shelton smirks around the breast in his mouth. He starts to rub her legs and
goes to pull off her panties. Once they are off, he kisses down to her pussy
and starts to lick it softly. Shelton also places Stephanie's legs on his
shoulders, so that every time he licks upwards, he also lifts her slightly
off the turnbuckle.

Stephanie then pushes Shelton down onto the mat. Shelton is laying down on
the mat as she mounts herself on top of Shelton's cock. Stephanie right away
takes his cock deep into her pussy. "Ohhhh Shelton" She moans out once his
cock comes in contact with her pussy. Stephanie begins to rock back and forth
on his cock quickly, riding away on his cock at a fast speed.

Shelton grabs her body and slows her down. He knows no man can last long with
that type of pace Stephanie wants to use. He uses all of his strength to keep
Stephanie going at a slow pace. He looks at the stop watch hanging around her
neck, and sees there's 40 minuets left.

Even though Shelton is holding her still, making her ride his cock at a fast
rate, however, she can still use great force. Stephanie starts to sharply
grind her pussy against his cock.

"Fuck..." Shelton starts to feel the pressure building already and pushes her
roughly off his cock. He quickly gets up and drags Stephanie to the center of
the ring. He lays down opposite next to her and spreads her legs and pushes 2
fingers into her pussy, thrusting them in and out at almost the same pace
Stephanie was using.

Stephanie takes the opportunity of his cock nearby and takes his cock into
her in mouth once again. She takes his cock as deep as she can in her mouth
and starts to quickly bob her head deep throating his cock. Stephanie isn't
holding back one bit, she's going all out.

Shelton realizes he left himself wide open for Stephanie's oral assault,
so he starts to lick her pussy again while continuing to finger fuck her.
Shelton parts her pussy lips for a quick second to drive his tongue into
her as well. After wards he resumes to his fingers actions.

Stephanie starts twirling her tongue around against to cock to add to the
pressure and pleasure of oral assault on his cock. Stephanie has already
started to sweat a bit, but that won't cause her stop.

Shelton gets a wicked idea and breaks all contact with Stephanie. He picks
her up off the mat and carries her to one of the corners. Shelton then sits
her on the middle turnbuckle and hooks her legs between the middle ropes,
spreading her out. He then pushes his cock into her pussy and starts to
thrust into her slow and softly.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah!" Stephanie moans. She glances down at her stop watch and
Shelton is half way through, now at 30 minutes "Hey good job kid" Stephanie
says a bit worn and heavily sweating.

Shelton doesn't reply, and continues his slow pace, not once trying to go all
out. He thinks there's no way Stephanie can get out of the corner and it's
only a matter of time before she gives in.

Although Shelton was right, and Stephanie is barely stuck in the corner,
there is something Stephanie can do. With each thrust Shelton gives to
Stephanie, she replies with grinding her pussy hard against his cock.

Shelton looks at her face. They are both dripping with sweat. "Now now, we
still got over twenty minutes to go Stephie, and I want that title shot." He
changes his pace to wear her pushes all the way in and then pulls all the way

"Ohhhh fuck yeah Shelton!"

Shelton enjoys the looks on Stephanie's face, and figures she's so close to
cumming, he might fuck hers silly on him. He takes her out of the corner and
turns her around and pushes his cock into her ass hard.

Stephanie then gets her chance to payback Shelton as she starts slamming her
ass back against his cock with intense force and speed.

Shelton doesn't thrust forward at all, and let's Stephanie do all the work.
He starts to slap her ass each time she pushes back.

"Ohhhh yeah Shelton fuck that ass" Stephanie moans.

Shelton sees Stephanie is getting desperate and decides to change things up.
He pulls out and drags her to the middle of the ring and pins her to the mat
by slamming his cock back into her pussy. He glances at the stop watch and
sees there's 15 minuets left.

Stephanie wraps her legs tightly around his waist as Shelton starts to
quickly thrust his cock into her with hard, deep thrusts.

Shelton thrusts his 14" cock so hard into Stephanie that her breasts
boucbounceh time. He likes that effect and continues to do it. "Damn
Stephanie... you're bringing the best outta me..."

With 12 minutes remaining on the stop watch Stephanie feels she's on the urge
to cum "Ohhhh fuck I'm gonna cum!"

Shelton smirks and continues to fuck her. "I guess I win," he says, knowing
that Stephanie will think of a way to say she didn't lose. It then dawns on
him, that she say for him to fuck her for an hour without cumming, and he
hopes she doesn't realize that as well.

Stephanie smiles and lets out a loud moan as she realizes her juices onto his
cock. Stephanie then gets enough strength rolls herself over, so now she's
on top Shelton "Babe you still have ten minutes to go."

Shelton panics and they decides to suggest something. "How about you try them
tits on my cock?"

"I don't think so, you forget I'm the boss" Stephanie says, she then
instantly rams her pussy down on his cock with a hard downward motion.

"Is that all you got Stephie?" says Shelton, hoping to distract her from her

"You want more!" Stephanie then starts bucking her hips, rocking back and
forth on his cock. Stephanie starts bounce up and down on his cock quickly.
Shelton glances at the stop watch seeing he only has to hold out seven more

Shelton continues to taunt her. "Give it up girl, you got nothing left in the
tank." He sees the frustration on Stephanie's face and smiles up at her.

Stephanie starts making herself come down harder and harder on his cock. She
starts grinding her pussy against his cock as well to add to her efforts.

Shelton looks at the stop watch and gets an idea. He pushes Stephanie off his
cock and stands up. His cock is throbbing heavily, begging for release "Five
minuets left Boss, and I think I might stay away from you for that amount of

"I don't think so. Fuck me dodoggy styleor the last five minutes!" Stephanie

"Why?" Shelton is stalling for time, he wants to fuck her till the rising of
the sun, but wants to win even more.

"Because I said.." Stephanie seems like a women possessed "If you don't,
you're fired on the spot!"

Shelton looks at the watch, 3 minuets left. "But Vince wouldn't be to happy
if you did." He closes the distance between them slowly.

"Fine...if you don't fuck me dodoggy styleou can forget about your title

Shelton ponders it for a minuet. "OkOKoss, with only 90 seconds left, get
ready for the fucking of a lifetime," he says as he tackles her and sets her
on her hands and knees. Shelton gets behind her and slams his cock deep into
her pussy and finally goes all out.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah!" Stephanie moans, she looks back watching Shelton thrust
into her.

Shelton reaches forward and pulls her hair. He also slaps her ass with each
thrust. "Is this what you want boss?"

"Harder!" Stephanie commands.

Shelton doubles his efforts and just slams his cock savagely into her pussy.
The amount of force he's using causes Stephanie arms to buckle. If Shelton
wasn't holding onto her hair, her face would've hit the mat.

"Ohhhhhh fuck yeah!" Stephanie momoansShe glances down at her stop watch and
Shelton had made it, he has been fucking her now at 61 minutes.

"How much time Stephie?" asks Shelton, as he continues, with no sign of

Stephanie smiles, sweating and out of breath "!"

"I did? Yeah I did!" says Shelton in excitement, that causes him to thrust
extremely hard into her pussy.

"Ohhhh Shelton!" Stephanie gasps in pleasure "Cum in my pussy!"

"Make me," he replies. His confidence from lasting this long with Stephanie
has him on cloud 9.

Stephanie starts her ass back taking his cock into her pussy. She starts to
bang her ass against his waist harder.

"Damn... I'm done..." Shelton starts to shoot his cum deep into Stephanie's
pussy. With the fact he's been going at it for an hour, the load is larger
that they expected. He pulls out and taps his cock on her ass, as more cum
shoots out.

Stephanie looks back and smiles at Shelton. A thought then comes across her
mind and she says to herself "Hmmm..Edge and Jericho's name were also brought
up in the meeting...I just test them out too..."

Next in the series "Raw Desires Part 6: The Other Side Of Lilian"

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