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Raw Desires Part 6: Playing With The Boys
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

A week after being drafted to Raw, Nidia is being escorted around the arena
by Eric Bischoff's assistant, Johnny Nitro. Nitro is dressed is black slacks,
and a black button shirt. He has he suit jacket folded over his left arm as
he shows her down one hallway, "Down here Nidia, is where we'll always have
the catering area... Mr. Bischoff likes things to be set up the same way each
time so there's no chaos."

Nidia raises her eyebrow a bit and nods " it's the same boring
thing, each time?" Nidia says as she looks down the hallway in the direction
that Johnny Nitro was pointing. Nidia sighs a bit, while dressed in a pair of
cut-off jeans shorts and a light pink top that's tied into front, concealing
her large chest.

Nitro laughs a bit, "Yeah pretty much... but considering the guys we have
around, it prevents a lot of problems." The two of them continue to walk
along and pass by Rhyno and Val Venis, both dressed in their wrestling
attire. Val tilts his head as he looks at Nidia's ass move as she walks.

"Mmmmm mmmm... The Big Valbowski likes what he sees..." Val chuckles a bit
and flicks thumb against his tongue.

Rhyno smirks, "You're not the only one... I've been wanting a piece of her
since I came back last year."

Down the hall, Nitro and Nidia are standing at an intersection, Nitro points
down one hall, "Down there is were all the backstage sets are..."

Nidia sighs and folds her arms after popping a piece of chewing gum into her
mouth. Nidia begins to chew on the gum "This is great and all...but I'd
rather be meeting the people here on Raw...then walking around here and doing
nothing" Nidia replies as she chews on her gum.

Nitro smirks, "Oh... well... Eric said just to show you around to get you
familiar with everything, but... okay..." Nitro looks around, turning in all
directions to see if he spots anyone for Nidia to meet. He sees Val and Rhyno
behind him and then waves for them to come, "Hey... you two...come here." Val
and Rhyno look at each other and smirk before they start to walk towards
Nitro and Nidia.

"Whatcha want Nitro?" Rhyno asks in the gruff voice.

"I got someone for you two to meet... guys... this is Nidia... she's new to
Raw... Nidia... this is Val Venis and Rhyno," Nitro smiles as he moves his
hands to introduce them. Rhyno raises an eyebrow.

"Hey numbskull... she and I were on the same show for a year."

Nidia laughs and nods her head "That's right Johnny...Rhyno and I know each
other already." Nidia smiles a bit and she looks at Val "Although...we
haven't met" Nidia says as she begins to twirl her chewing gum with her index

Val licks his lips as he steps closer to Nidia, "Allow me... to properly
introduce myself... Val Venis... The Big Valbowski... who's just like a Rubix
Cube... the more you play with me... the harder I get..."

Rhyno laughs a bit, "That's an old one Val..."

Val looks at him, "But it's not false advertising."

Nitro looks at Val as if he's insane, "Venis... you idiot... you know you
can't go around here making sexual comments like that. Mr. Bischoff..."

Val cuts him off my slapping his back, "Relax kid... I don't think Nidia here
mind what I said..." Val looks at her and smiles, "Did you?"

Nidia puts her chewing gum back in her mouth and shrugs "I don't mind...I'm
used to guys hitting on me all the time" Nidia laughs slightly "I mean...I
was on SmackDown, the land of limited Divas." Nidia replies as her fellow
Tough Enough winner, Maven walks by. Nidia smiles widely upon seeing her
close friend from the first season of Tough Enough "Oh my god!" Nidia says
as she turns and tightly hugs Maven, catching him somewhat by surprise "Mav!
How are you?" Nidia says as she breaks the hug.

Maven smiles, "I've been great Nidia... you're sure a sight for sore eyes...
How've you been?"

Nitro scoffs a bit and folds his arms, "Oh you're kidding me... Nidia, is
there anyone here on Raw besides Val that you don't know?"

Rhyno looks at Val while pointing at Nitro, "This kid is a bit uppity ain't

Val laughs slightly, "He probably wanted to take her to some empty room

Nitro cuts them off, "Stop that! I'm Eric Bischoff's assistant, I don't need
to make any plans like that!"

Maven looks at Nitro with a raised eyebrow and then looks at Nidia, "What's
his problem?"

Nidia shrugs "Fuck if I know...he probably wants a piece of ass.." Nidia
laughs as she continues to chew her gum "Anyway, remember that one
night back in the Tough Enough house when we got drunk...and

Maven laughs a bit, "Yeah I remember... how could I forget that night..."
That last bit of conversation got the full attention of Nitro, Rhyno and Val
who all have looks of extreme interest on their faces.

"I knew you Tough Enough kids got down and dirty at least once..." Val

Nidia laughs as she turns, standing next to Maven and places her left arm
around Maven "Ohhh...only Mav and I did. Taylor was too prude...Josh just
wasn't into it...and Chris...well he was a dork."

Rhyno laughs, "Sounds like you wanted a lot more than what you got that

Maven smiles as he puts his arm around Nidia's shoulders, "Oh she got enough
that time to satisfy her."

Val smirks, then he looks casually at Nitro, "So got any rookie sex

Nitro's mouth hangs open, "I have my fair share..."

Rhyno smirks a bit, "Sure you do..."

Nitro stamps his foot in frustration, "I do, unlike you I don't kiss and

"That means you don't... right Nidia?" Maven asks.

Nidia laughs and nods her head "Everyone has sex stories...they're dying to

"Well I don't..." Nitro starts to reply, but Maven cuts him off.

"Exactly, you don't have any." Maven, Rhyno and Val all laugh at Nitro's
expense. Nitro folds his arms and looks away, embarrassed by them making fun
of him. Val then gets himself, Rhyno, Maven and Nidia into a little huddle.

He points over his shoulder at Nitro, "Since the kid doesn't have any sex
stories... I think we should give him one."

Nidia smiles "You know...I like the sounds of that..." Nidia turns away from
the huddle as she twirls her chewing gum with her index finger once again
"Hey...Johnny.." Nidia smiles "What would you say...if we gave you a story to

Nitro looks at Nidia with a suspicious look on his face, "What are you
talking about?"

"She's going to fuck you numbskull..." Rhyno explains as he shakes his head,
"Jesus what an idiot.."

Val laughs, "Cut the kid a break... this could be his first time for all we

Nidia laughs a bit as she folds her arms "Well...Johnny, what do you say?"

Nitro makes a face, but when he see the looks on Rhyno, Maven and Val's
faces, "I'm not going to say no..."

Maven laughs, "That's the spirit man... I knew you weren't a lame ass..."

Nidia spits her gum out of her mouth and then licks her lips "Great...why
don't we hit one of these locker rooms...and get it hot?"

"I'm all for that..." Rhyno grabs one of his own wrists and rotates his hand
in eager anticipation.

"Let's go, I'll lead the way..." Nitro starts to walk down one of the
corridors, with Val and Rhyno right behind him. Maven and Nidia are the last
to follow.

"So, you still do that thing with your tongue?" Maven asks.

Nidia laughs as flicks her tongue into the free air, showing her tongue off
to Maven "Yeah..." Nidia laughs "Over on should have seen how
fast I got Billy Gunn to blow.."

"I bet it was under 30 seconds..." Maven laughs as he grabs her ass

Down the hallway, Rhyno, Val and Nitro have entered a locker room that has no
one's belongings in it. "This place is perfect..." Rhyno says, "No one's shit
is here, so we won't be interrupted by anyone."

Val smirks as he starts to remove his wrestling tights, "Yup, I hate getting
caught by people... unless it's a lady looking to see what time it is. And
I'm like a clock, once the babe puts her face and two hands on the ol'
Valbowski, she knows exactly what time it is."

Nitro smiles a bit as he tosses his suit jacket onto a bench. He pokes his
head out in the hall to see what's keeping Maven and Nidia, but smiles when
he sees they are almost to the locker room. "About time you two got here."

Nidia laughs "Oh hush Johnny..." Nidia says walks in and slides her hand
through her curly brown hair, she licks her lips as she looks around the
locker room, seeing Rhyno and Val Venis removing their own wrestling tights.

Rhyno tosses his tights over to the far side of the room. "Hey Nitro... hurry
up and get those dorky clothes off... Nidia ain't going to wait forever for

"I will... relax... I'm not in a rush like you guys..." Nitro replies as he
slowly starts to unbutton his shirt.

Maven shakes his head as he starts to get undress, "Nidia... can you get
Johnny to hurry up?"

Nidia folds her arms and shrugs "I don't know...I could start over with Val
and Rhyno...I mean they seem eager and ready" Nidia says as she licks her
lips, staring at both of their limp, decent sized cocks, hanging down between
their legs.

"Or you can start on your old buddy... me..." Maven licks his lips as he
steps out of his tights, revealing his own decent dick. Nitro is still
getting undressed, obviously not wanting to get his clothes wrinkled.

Val smirks at Nidia, "Come over her Nidia... I got something for you to warm
up on."

Nidia smiles and licks her lips as she walks over to Val and Rhyno. Nidia
looks at Val's cock and shrugs "Not bad..." Nidia flips her hair back as she
gets down onto her knees in front of both Rhyno and Val Venis. Nidia takes
Rhyno's cock into her left hand and Val's cock into her right hand, she then
begins to move her hands up against their two shafts.

"Mmmmm... I bet the Smackdown Roster is missing this..." Val moves a hand
through Nidia's hair for a moment.

Rhyno looks over at him, "You have no idea... she almost went through the
entire roster." Maven walks over to the left side of Nidia stroking his cock
as he watches Nidia raises to life Rhyno and Val's cock.

Nitro looks over at the other three men and grins, "Hmmm, I see I measure up
well..." He says to himself as he finally gets completely undressed. Nitro
walks over and stands to Nidia's right side, and like Maven, he strokes his
cock softly. Nidia looks over her shoulder with a smile as she sees Maven
and Nitro behind her. Nidia licks her lips as she turns about, while on her
knees. She lets go of Val's cock and wraps her hand around Nitro's cock. She
begins to stroke Nitro's cock at the same rate she's stroking Rhyno's cock
at. Nidia opens her mouth and takes Val's cock into her warm mouth. She wraps
her lips instantly around his cock and starts bobbing her head, sucking his
hardened cock.

Val moans, "Ohhh yeah..." Val rotates his hips as he moves both his hands
through his hair. Rhyno grunts like an animal as he feels Nidia tighten her
grip on his thick shaft, while Nitro tries desperately not to seem to excited
with Nidia's hand moving along his dick. Nidia opens her mouth wider as she
begins to bob her head quicker along Val's cock, as she gently lashes her
tongue against his shaft while she sucks. Nidia removes her hand from Rhyno's
cock and switches to Maven's cock as she now strokes Nitro and Maven's two

"Ohhh yea Nidia.... that's how I like it..." Maven moans softly as he steps
a bit to the side so she can get a better grip on his cock.

"Come on... suck my cock..." Rhyno grunts and moves his hips to push his cock
up against her cheek.

"Relax Rhyno I'm sure she has a big enough mouth for two," Val chuckles.

Nidia laughs as she lifts her head up from Val's cock "Alright
fighting." Nidia says as she turns to her head to Rhyno's cock "I hope you're
ready." Nidia says with a smile before she lowers her warm mouth onto Rhyno's
cock. Nidia begins to slowly bob her head on his thick, meaty cock as she
moves her hand down to Nitro's ballsack and begins to rub his ballsack with
her smooth hand. Nidia works her other hand up to the head of Maven's cock
and gently squeezes the head of his cock.

"That's right... mmmm work that cock..." Rhyno groans like a beast as he
ruffles up her hair with both of his powerful hands. Val steps back away from
Nidia to observe her style as if he's judging talent for one of his infamous

Nitro tilts his head backward, his long black hair brushing against the base
of his neck as he moans in pleasure, "Ohhh god what great hands..." Nidia
begins to twist her head on Rhyno's cock as she loosens her grip slightly,
allowing her take more of Rhyno's beast of a cock into her warm mouth. As
Nidia's head bobs become quicker on his cock she takes more of his cock, inch
by inch into her amazing mouth. Nidia slowly removes both of her hands from
Maven's and Nitro's cocks as she sits up on her knees more, pushing her
nicely round ass into the air as she now deep throats Rhyno's meaty cock.

Nitro realizes Nidia's ass is up in the air before Val or Maven does and he
licks his lips as he moves behind her. He kneels down behind her and reaches
around to unbutton her cut-off jeans shorts followed my lowering them down.
Nitro licks his lips as he looks at her ass, "Wow... shit... now that's an
ass..." Nitro rubs it softly before he guides his cock into her pussy. Nidia
groans around Rhyno's cock as she sucks his cock deep in moist mouth. Nidia
twirls her skilled tongue around his shaft as she gently pushes back against
Nitro's penetrating cock.

Maven steps away to stand next to Val to watch Nidia, "Damn... wish this
could've happened when she and I were on Tough Enough..."

Val chuckles, "I'm glad it didn't... she at least can get a good Raw style
fucking from us." Nitro places his hands on Nidia's waist to hold her still
as he starts slamming his cock recklessly in and out of Nidia's pussy.

"Christ... this is such a fucking tight pussy."

"She's not much for you is she?" Rhyno laughs as he pushes his cock all the
way into Nidia's mouth.

Nidia coughs and gags around Rhyno's cock for a moment, until she places her
hands on Rhyno's bottom shaft and repositions his cock in her mouth. Nidia
bobs her head a few more times on Rhyno's cock before she lifts her head up
from Rhyno's cock with a smile. Nidia glances over her shoulder at Nitro as
she begins pushing back against his cock quicker "Mmmm...ohhhh...yeah..."
Nidia groans.

"Fuck no... I can handle her pussy..." Nitro grunts to reply to Rhyno as he
starts sweating already.

"Kid... you need to take a breather..." Val laughs, "Let the Big Valbowski
show you how's it done."

"Fine..." Nitro pulls out of her pussy quicker than he seems to want to. Val
turns Nidia over onto her back and he quickly shoves his big cock into her

Nidia grits her teeth as she feels Val's cock enter her wet pussy "Mmmm...
ohhh're big" Nidia moans as Val presses his body against
her's, Nidia places her hands onto Val's strong arms as he begins to thrust
his cock in and out of her tight and warm pussy.

Val licks his lips, "That's... why... I'm called... the Big Valbowski..." Val
quickens his thrusts while he grabs her legs to pulls Nidia up against him.

Maven kneels down near Nidia's head and slides his cock against her lips,
"Come on Nidia... open up... show me that hot tongue..." Nidia laughs and
opens her warm mouth as she sticks out her skilled tongue, after Maven
places his cock into her mouth, she begins to bob her head along his stiff
shaft, while she grinds her pussy against Val's cock.

Rhyno gets an idea as he watches the action and moves towards them to join
in. With Val leaning upward as he fucks Nidia, Rhyno rolls her up a bit and
manages to push his thick meaty dick into her asshole.

"Wish you gave some warning!" Val laughs as he leans to his right a bit.

"Hey... I want to fuck her... screw giving warnings," Rhyno smirks as he
fucks her ass. Nidia's moans are muffled as she bobs her head quicker along
Maven's, twisting and twirling her tongue as she sucks. Nidia begins to push
her ass back against Rhyno's cock as she amazingly grinds her pussy against
Val's cock as she now begins to sweat.

"I want to be on the fun too..." Nitro complains as he kneels near Nidia's
head. Like Maven he slides his cock against her mouth, but he's doing it
from the opposite side. Maven smirks a bit as he pulls his cock out of
Nidia's mouth.

"Chill Johnny... she'll gobble up your dick..." Maven says as Val and Rhyno
both sharply drive their cocks deep into Nidia's pussy and ass respectively,
completely filling her up with their dicks.

Nidia lifts her head up from Maven cock and closes her eyes "Mmmmm...fuck!"
Nidia groans.

"Blow me Nidia..." Nitro grunts and he slips his cock into her mouth. Maven
head over to where Val is fucking her pussy and lifts one of Nidia's legs up
so he can get some room to push his own shaft into her already stuffed pussy.
Both he and Val, alternate their thrusts, making Nidia experience a non-stop
motion of their dicks moving in and out of her at the same time., Rhyno wraps
his arm around her to place a hand on her chest while savagely ramming his
monster dick into her asshole. Nitro's cock muffles Nidia's loud moans as she
starts to instantly bob her head against his shaft. Nidia pushes her ass back
quickly against Rhyno's cock while at the same time she grinds her pussy
against Maven and Val's cocks.

"Ohhh yeah... suck that dick..." Nitro moans as he moves his hips to push his
cock in and out of her mouth.

"Damn she has such a great fucking ass..." Rhyno groans before he pulls out
of her asshole to take a breather.

"Really? Than I better check it out..." Val and Maven both pull out of Nidia
so Val can roll her completely onto her stomach. The former Adult Film Star
slaps his large cock against both of her ass cheeks before he stuffs it into
her well-fucked asshole. Nidia gently rakes her teeth against Nitro's shaft
she bobs her head back and forth along his throbbing shaft.

"She's got an ass better than Sable's..." Val moans as he fucks her ass with
long hard thrusts.

Nitro grips Nidia's hair as he slams his cock deep into her mouth, "Ohhhh
shit..." He cries out as he starts to cum suddenly inside of her mouth.
Rhyno and Maven both laugh a bit at the premature orgasmic explosion that
as just occurred.

"Damn... that was quick..." Maven laughs. Nidia picks her head up from
Nitro's cock with a smile as she swallows his warm cum, Nidia licks her lips
clean as she starts to push herself back against Val using a great deal of

"Awww fuck... this wasn't supposed to happen..." Nitro says in frustration as
he pulls his softening cock out of her mouth.

"Tough luck rookie..." Rhyno smirks as Val starts to stand up with Nidia.
Maven moves in front of her and helps Val lift her up, mostly because he's
then able to get his cock back into her pussy. Val and Maven bounce Nidia
up and down on their cocks.

Nidia leans herself back against Val's chest as she widely bounces on Val's
and Maven's cock "Mmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Nidia moans as she slides her hand
through her sweaty hair. Nidia slams down hard on each cock and the impact
causes Nidia to squirm a bit.

Maven bucks his hips to push his cock sharply into her pussy as he lowers his
head to drag his tongue all over Nidia's sweating chest. Val pulls out of her
asshole half way before he slams himself back into her one last time,
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yes!" Val grunts as he unloads his cum inside of Nidia's

Nidia leans her head back "Ohhh...fuck....yesss!" Nidia moans as she leans
her down against Maven's chest as she sweats and breaths heavily.

Val pulls out of Nidia's ass with a satisfied grin on his ruggedly handsome
face. When he moves away, he wipes his forehead, "I'm not too old for
this..." He says with a smirk as he sits down on a bench. Maven lays Nidia
back down on the ground and pulls out of her. He looks at Rhyno as sweat
trips down his face.

"You want her next?"

"Fuck yeah I do... I'm going to give her the gore... gore... GORE!" Rhyno
grabs Nidia's arm and lifts her up then pushes her up against a wall. He
hikes her up and slams his cock into her pussy.

Nidia grits her teeth "Ohhhhh holy fuck!" Nidia yells as Rhyno ravages her

Rhyno slams his cock harder into her pussy as he grabs her arms to pin
them against the wall when Nidia wraps her legs around his sweaty body. The
Man-Beast's hair hangs down over his face, making him look like a caveman.
"Yeah... you fucking like that... take that cock! Take it!" He sneers.

Nidia slams down harder each time on his cock until it cause her to cum on
his slick cock "Mmmmm...ohhh mother...fuck!"

Rhyno gives Nidia's pussy several stiff thrusts before he unleashes his hot
spunk inside of her wet pussy. "Ohhhhh fuck yeah!" Rhyno pulls out of Nidia's
pussy so fast that she slips down to the floor before he's able to catch her.

Maven smirks at Nidia as he approaches her while stroking his stiff throbbing
cock, "You think you can handle one more?"

Nidia nods tiredly and sighs as she looks exhausted "Yeah...I...think so.."

Maven smiles, "I know you can... you're tough enough remember?" He pulls her
away from the wall so she's laying on the floor again. Maven spreads her legs
apart and pushes his cock into her pussy. He thrusts are slow but extremely
hard at first but he soon speeds up to drill her the way he knows she likes

Nidia licks her lips as she tiredly groans "Ohhh...Mav...." Nidia wraps her
smooth legs around Maven's waist.

Maven smiles, "Man... Nid... I'm so glad you're on Raw..." Maven moans as he
thrusts harder into her pussy. He clenches his eyes to focus on fucking her
as long as possible until he can't hold out no more. Maven pulls out of her
pussy and quickly strokes his cock until he cums on Nidia's beautiful sweat
covered stomach.

Nidia looks down at her stomach, she laughs "Damn...Mav..."

Maven smiles at her, "Sorry Nidia... I couldn't resist doing that..." He
helps her sit up when she unwraps her legs from his waist.

Val looks over at Rhyno, "How many more are like her over on Smackdown?"

Rhyno smirks, "You'd be surprised... but I can tell you this... no one can do
what she does."


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