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Raw Desires Part 7: Mackin' The Bitch
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a Raw Live Event in the early fall of 2004, Rodney Mack and Jazz are
making their way back to the locker room area after picking up a mixed tag
team win over Maven and Stacy Keibler. Rodney, dressed in a red skullcap
and black wrestling trunks with a skull and cross bones printed on the
front, puts a muscular arm around Jazz's shoulder. "Aw Shit, Jazz we really
took it too them..."

Jazz nods her head with a smile as she replies in raspy voice "Yeah baby.
That's right, I should that little skank Stacy what its like to be with a
real bitch!" Jazz says as she dressed in a black-leathered pants and a
black leather vest-like top. Jazz's dark hair is braided behind her head.

"Don't forget that punk Maven... you had him crying for his momma..." Mack
laughs as they make their way to their locker room. "I tell ya, sooner or
later, that honky Eric Bischoff is going to start giving us opportunities,
or else we'll mess up all those pretty white folk up to make him give us
those opportunities."

Jazz laughs "That's right baby! No one can stop know because you're
the man and I'm the bitch!"

Mack pushes the locker room door open, "Yeah, and we totally mack it up
non-stop..." Mack smirks before they both step into the rather small locker
room. His mood changes instantly, "And we'll get out of these little cramp
ass dressing rooms and get those big ass ones."

Jazz places her hands on her hips "That's right baby...we're gonna be big
around here!" Jazz then smiles a bit "We'll be layin' the mack around where
ever we go!"

"That's right... and right now... I want to lay the mack down right here,"
Mack doesn't have to move much to put his hands on Jazz shoulders and rubs
as he looks down at her.

Jazz gives a raspy laugh "Oh damn baby! You're the man!" Jazz says gritting
her teeth as she places her hands against Rodney Mack's chest. She pushes her
husband up against the sidewall in the locker room and kisses his lips.

Mack kisses Jazz back as he moves his hands to unzip the zipper of Jazz's
leather vest to and he pushes it up so it's hanging on her arms. Mack breaks
the kiss and licks his top lip, "God damn girl... you really want to get
macked up don't ya?"

Jazz nods her head "This bitch wants to be macked real bad!" Jazz replies in
her raspy voice as she removes her leather vest from her arms.

"Aw yea, I know what you want..." Mack pushes his trunks down a bit and
reaches into them to fish out his semi-hard dick. "You want the this

Jazz licks her lips and nods her head "Oh fuck yeah baby! This bitch wants
it all!" Jazz says as she bends over while standing and wraps her hand around
Mack's cock. Jazz begins to quickly move her aggressive hand against her
husband's shaft as she pumps his cock to life.

Mack grabs a handful of his wife's braided hair and pulls on it a bit,
"That's it baby... show the mack daddy how bad you want it..." Mack grunts
as spreads his legs apart slightly.

Jazz grits her teeth as she moves her quicker along Mack's shaft "
this bitch wants it bad!" Jazz says in her raspy voice before she opens her
mouth, lowering her head onto her husband's cock. Jazz wraps her powerful
lips tightly around Mack's shaft, clamping her lips like a vice as she starts
to bobs her head surprisingly smooth and slow on his cock.

Mack groans in pleasure as he feels Jazz's thick lips drag against the skin
against his dicks. "Ahhhh shit, suck that black dick Jazzy..." Mack wraps
Jazz's braided hair around his right hand to pull her head up each time she
takes a good amount of his shaft into her mouth. Jazz opens her warm mouth
wider as she starts bobbing her head quickly on Mack's cock. Jazz laps her
tongue around her husband's cock as she takes inch after inch of his cock
into her mouth. Eventually Jazz begins to deep throat her husband's thick
cock as she gently rakes her white teeth against the shaft of Mack. "Ohhhh
fuck yeah, work it good, eat that dick," Mack thrusts his hips forward to
push his cock deep into her mouth when she's deep throating it. Jazz lifts
her head up from Mack's cock and spits on his cock as she begins to rub her
warm saliva over her husband's cock with her left hand as she fondles his
ballsack with her right hand.

Mack licks his lips as he watches his wife work her black magic on his balls
and shaft. "You ready to get macked up?" Mack asks as he leans forward a bit
so he can slaps Jazz's ass.

Jazz nods her head while she smiles "Yeah mack this bitch up!"

"You got it bitch..." Mack smirks as he stands Jazz up. He pulls down her
tight black leather pants and then pushes her so she's bent over a small
table. Mack grabs her waist with his right hand and rams his cock full
speed into her waiting pussy.

Jazz grits her teeth as she tilts her head back with a raspy moan "Awww baby!
That's it mack it baby! Give it all to the bitch!"

"Shit baby... your fucking cunt is getting the mackin' of a lifetime..."
Mack grunts as he thrusts his dick in and out of Jazz's pussy with hard sharp

"Awww baby fuck yeah!" Jazz yells as she starts to violently push back
against Mack's cock inside her warm cunt. Jazz grits her teeth as she pushes
back even harder and faster, taking all of her husband's cock into her cunt.

"You like that Jazzy? You like the Mack Daddy getting it on in your tight
cunt?" Mack slams himself forward into her pussy, making Jazz and the table
she's bent over move with every thrust. Mack wraps his arms around her and
flips Jazz over so she's face up on the table and he continues to pound her
pussy with strong movements. Jazz reaches up with her hands and tightly
grips Mack's strong arms with her hands as he thrusts his stiff cock into
her wet cunt. Sweat begins to trickle down Jazz's forehead as pushes back
against each time after Mack thrusts his cock into his wife's pussy. Sweat
drips down Mack's muscular body as he slams his dick into her pussy. He
grunts and moans as he keeps up an intense pace that results in the table
that his wife is on to creak and squeak as if it's going to break from all
the weight that's on it.

Jazz wraps her strong legs around Mack's waist as she roughly grinds her
pussy against her husbands cock "Awww...Ahhhh baby! Who's the bitch!?" Jazz
yells in her raspy voice as slams herself against her husband's cock.

"You're definitely the bitch!" Mack grunts as drills her with a sharp hard
thrust. Mack grabs her thick muscular thighs and pulls her towards him so
his thick dick is buried completely inside of her pussy.

Jazz grits her teeth "Ohhhhh Mack Daddy!" Jazz yells as she begins to cum.

Mack thrusts one more time into his wife's tight pussy before he starts to
cum inside of her pussy, "Ahhhhh baby... feel it flow Jazz!"

Jazz's eyes roll to the back of her head as she lets out a raspy groan
"Awww...who's the bitch, baby?"

Mack lays on top of her slightly as he catches his breath, "You're... the
bitch... you're my bitch... and you got macked real good didn't ya..."

Jazz nods her head "Yeah baby...Soon baby, everyone will be backin' the

"And they'll be hearing all that Jazz right along with that."


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