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Raw Desires, Part 8: Lita's Dose Of Mattitude
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the summer of 2004, Matt Hardy and Lita were getting their relationship
back on track after a rather up and down year. When Matt arrived on Raw
several months ago, he dumped Lita live in front of a world wide audience,
but since then the two of them have been slowly getting back together. At
a Holiday Inn in Tennessee, Matt and Lita arrive in the parking lot in
their rental car. Matt smiles at Lita, "It's great riding with you again
Lita... almost like old times." Matt kills the engine and removes the keys
from the ignition before he opens the driver's side door.

Lita smiles as she opens the passenger side door "Yeah...only if Jeff was
here too..." Lita says as she gets out of the rental car.

"And only if he was clean too..." Matt laughs a bit, taking a bit of a stab
at his brother's personal habits, "But it's perfect as it is right now."
Matt closes the driver's side door and he goes to the trunk to open it so
he and Lita can get their bags out. Matt looks at her and smiles again, "So
which room did you get this time?"

Lita laughs a little as she removes her bags from the trunk of the rental
car "I'm in...133...all by myself this time too."

Matt heaves out his bags and then closes the trunk, "133? Really... cause
I'm in 135...." Matt laughs, "And I'm stuck with the king of snoring Edge as
a room mate this time..." Matt picks up his bags and follows behind Lita as
they walk to the entrance of the hotel.

Lita makes a face and sticks out her tongue slightly "You have to room with

"Yeah I do... because Christian refuses to room with him anymore... he'll
drive with him, but he absolutely refuses to share a room with him... and I
can't blame him," Matt laughs.

Lita laughs a little "Well...if you want.." Lita looks down a bit "I knew
we're just getting back together...we could share though."

Matt smiles as they step into the lobby of the hotel, "Well... I don't want
to seem eager... but I'll take that invitation... at least I know you don't
snore." Matt laughs a bit. Lita smiles as she stands close next to Matt and
gently takes a hold of Matt's hand as they walk through the lobby of the
hotel. Matt looks down at Lita's hand and then into her eyes as they make
it to the elevators. Matt hits the up button and they wait for the doors to
open. "So... you want to order something... or head out for a bite to eat?"

Lita smiles as turns to Matt, still holding his hand "I think we should stay
in..." Lita flips her red hair back. The elevator door closes and Lita pushes
the button for the floor they need. Lita leans up and kisses Matt on the
lips, slightly her soft tongue into Matt's mouth. Matt kisses Lita back by
sliding his tongue against her tongue. He puts a hand on Lita's waist while
trying to hit the button marked "1" on the elevator panel. Lita wraps her
tongue around Matt's tongue and begins to gently suck on Matt's tongue as
they kiss. Lita wraps her tongue around Matt's tongue and begins to gently
suck on Matt's tongue as they kiss. Matt finally hits the "1" button and the
elevator doors close and it starts to rise up to then next floor. With a
ding, the doors open, and Matt breaks the kiss slowly, keeping his tongue in
Lita's mouth for a few moments. "Mmmm... I love it when you do that..." Matt
smiles as they get their bags to step out of their elevator.

Lita smiles as she moves her hands up against Matt's strong arms "Well...
Matt...why don't you we get to the hotel room. I'm sure you'll like what I
have mind, if you liked that kiss..."

"Ohhhhh baby... when you start using your mind like that... I can't wait..."
Matt licks his lips as they walk down the right side of the hall, passing
only two doors before arriving at Lita's room. "You got the key Lita..." Matt
says as he stands behind her and squeezes her ass.

Lita smiles and nods her head "You bet I do..." Lita says as she reaches into
her pocket and slides her key card against the key panel. Lita smiles as the
door unlocks. "Ready Mr. Hardy?" Lita says as she licks her teeth with her
pierced tongue.

"You bet your fine ass I am..." Matt grins as he pushes the door open and
tosses in his own and Lita's bags before either of them enter. He then
presses Lita up against the hotel room door and kisses her passionately.
Matt slides his tongue into her mouth as he slides his hands underneath
her top. Lita wraps her arms around Matt's neck as she twirls her tongue
around inside Matt's mouth. Matt and Lita step away from the door slightly
and Lita kicks the door shut. Matt pushes Lita's top up to her neck, but
not wanting break the hot lip lock he has with her, Matt lowers her top
back down. Matt then grabs Lita's top by the neckline and pulls it apart,
tearing it down the middle so he can pull it off of Lita's body.

Lita slowly breaks the kisses and laughs "Hey...I just bought that..." Lita
says with a smile.

Matt laughs a little, "Sorry Lita... I'll replace it... I just want you so
bad..." He reaches behind her to release the clasp on the back of Lita's bra.
Lita smile seductively with a slight wink as she pushes Matt onto the bed.
Matt falls on the bed on his back and Lita mounts herself on top of Matt.
Lita slides her hands underneath Matt's black tank top and starts to push his
tank top up. Matt raises his arms up so Lita can pull his top off completely.
He looks up at her and licks his teeth a bit, "Looks like you got me right
where you want me..."

Lita nods her head as she licks her lips while slowly slides herself down
Matt's body until her head is at the his waist. Lita leans her head up and
gently kisses Matt's stomach as she starts to unbuckle his belt. Matt sits
up a bit, placing his elbows behind him so he's propped up. "Mmmm I wonder
what you're up to down there..." Matt smirks a bit.

Lita smiles up at Matt as she starts to unbutton Matt's black colored jeans.
Lita presses her tongue above Matt's belly button and begins to slowly circle
her tongue around Matt's belly button as she pushes down his black jeans.
"Whoa.... that's... different...." Matt says with a smile after he lets out
a brief moan.

Lita gently pats her tongue against Matt's belly button before she lowers her
head down Matt's stomach. Lita's reaches Matt's boxers and gently kisses the
crotch area of his boxers. Matt's cock that is contained within his boxers
jumps a bit as it starts to rise up and form an impressive sized bulge. Matt
lays back down completely, but he places his hands behind his head so he can
keep watching her.

Lita licks her lips as she slowly pulls down Matt's boxers from his waist.
Once she pulls down his boxers, Matt's cock stands straight up in the air,
solid hard. Lita smiles "Mmmm damn baby..." Lita says as grabs a hold of
Matt's shaft with her left hand and flips her fiery red hair back as she
lowers her head to his cock and gently flicks her pierced tongue against
the head of his cock.

"Ohhhh damn I've missed that..." Matt moans as he feels the metal stud
imbedded in Lita's tongue gently bang against the tip of his throbbing cock.
"I love that hot pierced tongue of yours Lita..." Matt licks his lips. Lita
circles her tongue around on the large head of Matt's cock before she parts
her lips and slowly lowers her head down on Matt's cock. Lita wraps her lips
tightly around Matt's cock and starts to bob her on his shaft as she sucks
on his cock insider her hot mouth.

"Mmmmmm baby... suck it... like that..." Matt groans in pleasure as he closes
his eyes, becoming completely engulfed in the feeling of pure erotic bliss
he's experiencing. He slightly raises his hips off the mattress to push his
cock upward, but ends up letting Lita continue to use her oral skills. Lita
tightens her lips around his shaft as she starts to bob her head quicker
along Matt's thick and long shaft. Lita starts lashing Matt's shaft with her
tongue ring as she continues suck his cock. "Uhhhhhh Lita... you suck..."
Matt pauses to let out a gasp of pleasure, "You suck great dick... mmmm...
that's it..." Matt moves a hand from behind his head and places it on top of
Lita's head so he can pull lightly on her fiery red hair.

Lita gradually slows down her head bobs on Matt's cock as she slowly lifts
her head up from Matt's cock, that is soaked in her warm saliva. Lita sits up
on her knees as she starts to unbutton her jeans " you know what I
missed most?"

"I can think of a few things..." Matt says as he sits up on the bed on the
bed, "Because I know I missed a lot of things about you..."

Lita smiles "I missed how we used to fuck...for hours and hours..." Lita says
as she pulls off her jeans.

Matt licks his lips as he gets an eyeful of Lita's hot pink thong once her
jeans are gone. "Oh yeah... we would go nonstop... we better start making
up for lost time..." Matt grabs Lita by her arms and tosses her to the side
so she's laying flat on her back. He quickly pulls down her thong and gets
on top of her. "I'll eat you out later... cause there's something we want
more..." Matt kisses her lips deeply as he shoves his cock into Lita's hot
tight pussy.

"Ohhh Matt..." Lita softly moan as he enters her tight, warm cunt. Lita
gently wraps her legs around Matt's waist as he begins to thrust into her
tight pussy.

Matt thrusts his cock in and out of her pussy slowly but extremely hard.
"Ahhhh fuck Lita..." Matt grabs one of her wrists and pins her left arm down
on the bed before he interlocks his fingers with hers.

Lita grits her teeth as she starts to push up against Matt's cock "Mmmm... know how to fuck my cunt!" Lita moans as she starts to grind her
pussy against his cock as well.

"Fuck yeah I do..." Matt grunts as he fucks her pussy with jackhammer like
thrusts, ramming his cock deep into her tight cunt with all the force he can

Lita's body moves back and forth on the bed after each quick and hard thrust
Matt delivers to her tight cunt " remember...that Jeff got...drunk?" Lita asks as she breaths heavily.

"How... can I forget... Jeff... and I... fucked your... ass.... till you
couldn't sit down..." Matt smirks as sweat drips off his face onto Lita's
lovely face.

Lita smiles " was!" Lita groans as she manages to
roll herself, so she's on top of Matt. She places her hands steadily on his
chest as she starts to quickly bounce on Matt's cock "Ohhhh...awwww...Matt!"
Lita moans loudly.

Matt raises his arms and places them on Lita's ample chest as he thrusts
up into her pussy, matching the pace she is using to bounce on his shaft.
"Ohhhh.... shit.... fuck Lita.... don't stop...." Matt groans loudly as he
digs his fingers a bit into the skin of her chest.

Lita tilts her head back as she rocks back and forth on Matt's hard cock.
Lita grinds her pussy harder against Matt's cock each time she comes down
on his cock "Ohhhh love my pussy don't you!?"

"You bet I do baby... you got a hot tight fucking cunt... it feels right
great on my big dick..." Matt grunts his reply as he sits up slightly to
put a hand behind Lita's head to pull her down so he can kiss her lips.
Lita kisses Matt back and moans into his mouth as she starts to cum on
his cock.

Matt breaks the kiss as he feels the warm juices of Lita's climax over
his dick. "I'm going to fuck your ass Lita... just like old times..." Matt
pushes her off his cock and rolls her onto her stomach. He gets behind her
and shoves his cock into her round asshole. Matt quickly resumes fucking
her at a hard rate, that is mostly for his own pleasure.

Lita closes her eyes and tilts her head back moaning as she lays flat on her
stomach, while on the bed "Ohhhh Matt...I love my getting my ass fucked!"

Matt slows down his thrusts so he can let Lita feel his cock move in and
out of her asshole. "And....ahhhh... love... fucking that nice... big ass of
yours..." Matt drills her butt with several more long slow thrusts before he
pulls out so he can dump his hot load of cum on both of Lita's ass cheeks.

Lita licks her lips as she feels Matt's warm cum splash against her ass
cheeks "Ohhhh...fuck baby!"

Matt smirks and he scoops up some of his cum off of Lita's ass. He then puts
his fingers near Lita's lips, "Wanna taste?" Matt asks as he slides his cum
covered fingers near her mouth. Lita pushes her tongue out of her mouth and
gently licks Matt's warm cum off of his fingers. Matt smiles a pats her
backside as he moves to lay next to her as she licks his fingers clean. "How
did it taste? Just as good as before?"

Lita smiles and nods her head "Mmmmm...better" Lita leans over and kisses
Matt's lips "You"

"Yeah Lita?" Matt asks as he kisses her lips before he rests his arm on the

Lita smiles "Are you worn out yet?"

"Let me check..." Matt looks down at his cock and grips it with his hand. He
strokes it a bit to get it hard again. "Nope... I'm not worn out... are you?"

Lita shakes her head and licks her lips "Nope...too bad Jeff isn't here..."

"Yeah I know..." Matt smirks, "But I think... if we go again... it'll make up
for it...."

Lita licks her lips "Well...your original roommate might be lonely..."

Matt laughs a bit, "You want to go... give him a visit?"

Lita shrugs "Maybe..."

Matt smiles, "It seems like a hot idea to me... what's the worst that could

Lita laughs jokingly "I could fall for him..."

Matt laughs a bit, "Oh yeah... like that would happen... you and Edge
together..." Matt laughs some more.

Lita shakes her head "I know...that's completely ridiculous!"


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