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Raw Desires Part 9: Anything For The Belt
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff’s office, the Raw GM and his
sidekick, "The Coach" Jonathan Coachman, are discussing the rumors of a big
announcement that Vince McMahon is going to make in a couple of week. "I
don't like this at all Coach... if the rumors are true, all the power is
going to be in the hands of the idiots..."

The Coach nods as he takes off his sunglasses, "I know, it's totally
ridiculous, who ever heard of the fans deciding the matches for a whole

Bischoff shakes his head, "And to top it off I got to deal Eugene... Triple
H and his ego..." As Bischoff is about to get into a rant, the sound of
someone knocking on the door is heard. Bischoff motions his hand towards the
door in frustration "And now someone probably wants to whine and complain to
me about them not getting opportunities."

"You want me to get rid of them boss?" The Coach asks with a smirk.

"If you'll be so kind..." Bischoff answers sarcastically as he circles his
desk and sits down in his leather chair. He opens the top drawer and takes
out a large bottle of aspirin as The Coach heads to the door, which he opens.

"Mr. Bischoff doesn't want to see..." Before the Coach can finish he's pushed
out of the way by who was knocking on the door.

Former WWE Women's Champion, Molly Holly, pushes Coach to the side and he
happens to fall back on the couch in Bischoff's office. Molly storms right up
to Bischoff's desk and slams her hands "Mr. Bischoff!"

Bischoff opens the bottle of aspirin and looks at Molly with an annoyed look
on his face as The Coach shrugs behind her. "What is it Molly?" Bischoff asks
as he dumps two pills from the bottle into his hand.

Molly places her hands on her hips "What's the deal with this!? Nidia!? Nidia
gets a goddamn title shot! Eric you know I deserve it!" Molly says raising
her voice "I beaten all those other Divas...Victoria...Trish...Lita...Jazz...
you name it, I've beat them!"

"Molly... lower your voice when you speak to me!" Bischoff yells before he
pops the pills into his mouth and swallows them without any water. Bischoff
then folds his hands, "Molly it's simple... our current Women's Champion is
Trish Stratus... and quite frankly, I have to make use of Nidia since I was
so lucky enough to draft her earlier this year."

Molly glares at Bischoff "Eric, you know I've worked harder then that bitch

The Coach laughs a bit, "I wouldn't quite say that Molly..."

Bischoff glares at Coach, "Coach... you seem to be rather jolly about all
this... you handle this." Bischoff gets up from his chair and buttons his
suit jacket, "I have more important maters to deal with..." Bischoff starts
to walk around his desk, but Molly blocks his path.

Molly folds her arms "No... Mr. Bischoff you do something about this now...
or...or...I swear I'll go straight to Linda McMahon with a complaint about

"Molly... talk to the Coach... voice your ramblings to him and he'll tell
them to me later. You have my word that what you say will be taken into
consideration right along with every other complaint from every other top
title contender here on Raw. Now, before I ship your fat ass to Smackdown,
get out of my way!" Bischoff walks around Molly and right on out of his
office, slamming the door behind him as he leave.

The Coach chuckles like an idiot as he sits on the edge of Bischoff's desk,
"Boy did you pick a bad time to demand stuff..."

Molly looks back at Coach "Well...what are you going to do about it?"

"Well I'll listen to what you have to say and I'll evaluate your comments..."
Coach smirks, "And depending on what you say... I can either persuade Eric to
make you a top contender to the Women's title."

Molly looks Coach up and down, she laughs a little "You know I could kick
your ass...why don't you spare the trouble and just persuade him for me."
Molly says with a glare "We all know you're Bischoff's little butt-buddy."

The Coach laughs, "Oh Molly... that's not how it works... you see Eric is a
happily married man... while I'm pretty much single... so you can assume how
Nidia got into a position to be challenging for the title, while you just
watch from the sidelines."

Molly shakes her head disgustedly "I knew it! She's a slut...They're all
sluts!" Molly continues to shake her head as she talks "How can these Divas
subject themselves to these unmoral standards!?"

"They all want to be the Champion... and you know what they say, when in the
WWE, you have to do anything to get a title shot," The Coach smirks, "And I
guess you just don't want a title shot bad enough to do just about anything
to get it."

Molly looks directly at Coach "'ll do anything for that belt, that
I rightfully deserve!"

The Coach smirks right back at Molly, "I really doubt that... you should've
seen what Nidia did to get me to persuade Eric... mmmm... that was great..."
The Coach laughs.

Molly looks away "Not that...I need to know or want to know, but what did she

"Ohhh first... she blew me, just to get a head start... get a head start..."
The Coach laughs at his own joke, "And then she got the fucking of a life
time... and for a cheap slut that was Smackdown for the past few years, she
wasn't half bad."

Molly nods her head a bit as she looks back at Coach "So...that's what gets
title shots around here...huh?"

The Coach nods "And TV time as well... it's a win-win situation all the way

Molly takes a deep breath as she holds her head high with dignity "Fine
then..." Molly looks away before she pushes Coach up against Bischoff's desk
"If that's what it takes...I'll do it!"

The Coach is totally surprised at how easily Molly shoved him, but he keeps
his composure, "Yeah sure Molly... you won't be able to impress me, you'll
run out of here before you even start..."

Molly smirks a bit as she grabs a hold of Coach's belt "You really think so?"
Molly asks as she places her left hand against the collar of Coach's shirt
and rips his shirt down the middle as she slips off his belt.

"Hey... that was a $75 shirt!" The Coach yells as looks down at his shirt
and at his pants after Molly pulls his belt out from the loops completely. He
looks Molly right in the eye then he smirks, "All right Molly... if you want
to play the game... show me what you got."

Molly nods her head "I'll prove that belt deserves to be mine!" Molly says as
she unzips Coach's black dress pants as she too lowers herself down onto her
knees as Coach's pants rest at his ankles. Molly reaches up and places her
hand against the crotch of Coach's white boxer-briefs.

The Coach licks his lips as he feels Molly's strong hands press the cotton
of his briefs against his crotch. "And here I thought you were this self
righteous moral activist..." Coach laughs a bit as he cock comes to life
while within his briefs.

Molly looks up at Coach with a glare "It's for the title!" Molly wraps as she
pulls down Coach's boxer briefs. Molly takes his cock into her hands begins
to stroke her hands up and down Coach's shaft.

The Coach's cock rises to it's fullest size, and Molly can see that it
doesn't come close to equally the size of his ego. The Coach then assumes
that Molly has never seen a dick before and that she's doing what she's
doing out of rage. "How do you like that big black cock in your hands Molly,
feels good doesn't it?"

Molly looks up slightly and smirks a bit as she tightly grips Coach's cock
"I wouldn't's....big."

Coach grunts as he feels Molly's hand squeeze his dick, "Oh... you're
right... huge is a better way to describe it."

Molly rolls her eyes and shakes her head "And I thought Hunter had an ego"
She replies before leans her head towards his cock and presses her tongue
against Coach's shaft. Molly begins to slowly lick up Coach's shaft and
when she reaches the head of Coach's cock, she circles her tongue around
the cock head, while gently patting her tongue.

"Mmmmm... Damn Molly... you must practice on some frozen Popsicles... that's
quite a good tongue style you have..." Coach moans rather loudly as he places
his hands flat on the desk and steps out of his dress slacks. Molly glances
up as she shakes her head, before opening her mouth and taking Coach's cock
into her surprisingly inviting warm mouth. She wraps her lips loosely around
his cock and starts slowly lift her head on his cock.

"Oh sweet Jesus..." Coach grips the edge of the desk as if Molly is sucking
his cock the way a prostitute would. "Ahh fuck..." Molly circles her head
around on Coach's cock as she starts bobbing her head quicker on Coach's cock
as she takes another half inch of Coach's cock into her moist mouth. Coach
moans as he moves a hand to slide his fingers through Molly's short brown
hair. Molly rolls her eyes slightly as she continues to bob her head on
Coach's cock, gently lapping her tongue around his cock.

The Coach bites his lip as he starts to feel the urge he's going to cum.
"Ok... ok Molly... that's good... time... to see what... else you got..."

Molly slowly comes to stop on Coach's cock as she lifts her head up from his
saliva coated cock. Molly raises her eyebrow "Didn't I prove myself yet!?"

"No you haven't... I have to make sure you have to what it takes to be a top
contender to the women's title..." The Coach smirks.

Molly looks up at Coach, while still on her knees "And what would that be?"

"I got to fuck ya... if you can withstand my sexual ability, then you'll get
your title shot..."

Molly laughs as she stands up "Withstand you? Jonathan Coachman!?"

"Hey, The Coach is no push over, and I doubt you'll last two minutes with
me," The Coach gets a cocky look on his face.

Molly rolls her eyes "Whatever....just do want you have to do.."

Coach smirks, "Good to see you're being a team player... now get up...
lower though tights... and bend over on the desk..." Molly sighs as walks
and stands at Bischoff's desk, with her back facing Coach. Molly slowly
lowers her black wrestling tights before she bends over the desk.

Coach stands behind her and rubs her ass with his lift hand while holding his
cock with the other. "Now that's a big fat ass..." Coach gives her ass a slap
before he guides his not so large dick into her pussy. He begins thrusting
his cock in and out of her pussy at a quick pace, "Ohhhh damn... Molly...
what a tight pussy you have..."

Molly rolls her eyes and looks back at Coach. "You Coach...this would work
better if you just shut up..." Molly says rudely as she pushes back against
Coach's cock.

Molly rolls her eyes and looks back at Coach. "You know Coach...this would
work better if you just shut up..." Molly says rudely as she pushes back
against Coach's cock.

"Hey... I'm the voice of the people..." The Coach slams his cock forward
into her, "I say... what I want... when I want..." Coach licks his lips as he
sweats heavily despite the fact he started to fuck Molly just a few moments

Molly rolls her eyes "Let the first...and certainly not the last to
tell're obnoxious" Molly replies as she impressively slams herself
back harder against Coach's cock, as her pussy tightens around his cock like
a vice.

"I... am... not... I tell it like it is..." The Coach's voice sounds like a
whimper as he tries to keep up his pace, but with him trying to fuck Molly
hard, he starts to cum inside of her of her vice like pussy.

Molly looks at Coach disgustedly "That's all you got!?"

The Coach smirks, "Oh... you want more of The Coach?"

Molly shakes her head as Coach pulls out of her warm, tight vice-like pussy
"No...I was just expecting more with all the talk..." Molly folds her arms
after she pulls up her wrestling tights "I'm glad this wasn't my first

"Sure it wasn't..." The Coach smirks, "By the way... I'll put in a good word
with Eric about you getting a title shot."

Molly looks at Coach even more disgusted "With what I had to go


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