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Raw Desires Part 10: The Highlight of Lilian's Night
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the heart of August in 2004, Chris Jericho, dressed in black jeans, a
Fozzy t-shirt, gray jacket and orange tinted sunglasses, is walking towards
the exit of the arena while lugging his travel bag over shoulder. "What a
night..." Jericho says to himself as he holds his jaw that took a blow from
the big foot of Tyson Tomko. He steps out of the arena into the hot muggy
air, "Damn it's hot out here..." He says to himself as just steps out of the
way as the heavy door leading back into the arena opens.

Jericho carries his travel bag as he approaches his nice, shiny black 2004
Ford Taurus rental car that's in the parking lot. Jericho fishes into his
jean pockets searching for the key as he happens to glance over at the
parking lot entrance to see a large number of fans getting autographs signed
by WWE Diva and Ring Announcer, Lilian Garcia. Lilian, who is dressed in a
black skirt and red tank top, smiles as she quickly posses for a picture with
a fan.

Jericho sees how large the crowd is and realizes that Lilian could be stuck
there most of the night unless someone steps in to divert some of the fans
attention. Jericho opens the back passenger door to his car and tosses his
bag in the back seat, then he closes the door. Jericho then makes his way to
Lilian and the growing number of fans that is around Lilian. "Hey... the
Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla gets no love from the Lilian-maniacs..." Jericho
laughs as he gets the fans and Lilian's attention.

Lilian turns her head with a smile "Hey Chris..." Lilian says with a laugh as
she looks down signing an autograph for a fan.

"Having fun?" Jericho asks with a smile as he poses for a few pictures for a
few fans that have circled around him.

Lilian nods with another smile "Always..." Lilian says before taking a deep
breath "Ok...guys...I'm sorry, but I got to get going, sorry!"

The fans all start to protest and frown, but then Jericho gets an idea.
"Hey... let's give them one more picture... with you and me together."
Jericho smiles as he steps over to Lilian and puts an arm around her.
Those fans that have cameras start taking pictures instantly.

Lilian smiles a bit as she puts her arm around the lower back of Jericho.
Lilian then sighs and waves at the fans "Have a good night..." Lilian says
before she turns and starts to walk away.

The fans all wave good-bye to Lilian and Jericho before they leave. Jericho
then laughs a bit, "Ah, the price of being loved by so many people... it's
great ain't it?" He asks as he starts to walk behind Lilian in the direction
of where his rental car is parked.

Lilian smiles and nods "Oh gotta love it." Lilian stops walking
and sighs with a frown as she looks at the near empty parking lot "God damn
it..." Lilian says.

"Something wrong Lil?" Jericho asks as he takes his car keys out of his
jacket pocket.

Lilian shakes her head "I forgot Trish wasn't feeling well and left early..."
Lilian sighs as she looks down "I'm such an idiot, I can't believe I forgot
to ask someone for a ride back to the hotel."

Jericho laughs as he leans against his car, "I guess I'm not someone since
I'm still here... come on... get in." Jericho says as he opens the driver's
side door to get into his rental car. He reaches over and unlocks the
passenger side door.

Lilian opens up the passenger side door and looks into Jericho's rental car
"Are you sure, Chris?"

"Yeah I'm sure..." Jericho smiles as he puts the key into the ignition,
"We're both heading to the same hotel anyway." When the car comes to life,
Jericho immediately turns on the headlights.

Lilian smiles and climbs into the car, she closes the door after she buckles
her seat belt. Lilian to turns to Jericho "Thanks so much, Chris."

"It's no problem Lil," Jericho smiles as he takes a moment to buckle his seat
belt before he starts to drive the rental car towards the exit of the parking

Lilian sits back in her seat and looks out the car window as Jericho turns
onto the street. Lilian takes a deep breath "So...are you getting over Trish,

"Ehhh... I'm still getting over her... little by little every day..." Jericho
says as he drives down the street. He takes one hand off the steering wheel
to turn on the car's air conditioner. "Pretty hard to forget about her just
when it looked like she and I might have had something."

Lilian frowns a bit "Yeah...I'm sorry about what happened with her."

"Thanks Lilian..." Jericho smiles slightly before he sighs. "I know I messed
up big time with the whole bet thing... but... she and I could've started
over and taken things slow."

Lilian smiles and turns her head to look at Jericho "Well think of it like can find someone ten times better then her."

Jericho stops the car when they come to a red light. He turns his head to
look at Lilian and smiles, "Yeah... that's defiantly a positive way to look
at it... and I'm not some creepy little bastard like Christian... and not
every woman is a backstabbing... bottom feeding... wretched... disgusting..."
Before Jericho could continue his long-winded opinion of Trish the light
turns green and he resumes driving.

Lilian laughs a bit "Hey now...she's a friend of mine..."

Jericho laughs, "Sorry... I must've confused her for Stephanie McMahon for a
moment there."

Lilian laughs a little as she looks down "That was a good one..." Lilian
replies as she glances back at Jericho "You know Chris, you're a very cute

Jericho's face actually turns a bit red, "Thanks Lil..." Jericho smiles a
bit. "You're a pretty fine looking lady." Jericho makes a right turn as they
approach the hotel's parking garage.

Lilian smiles "Aww you really think so?"

Jericho nods, "Oh yea... you've got to be one of the hottest looking women
I've seen... and way cuter than Trish, too."

Lilian laughs a bit "Ohhh...its sounds you're hitting on me there, buddy

"Just a little..." Jericho admits with a bit of a laugh as he drives the car
into the parking garage and up to the first parking space sees.

Lilian smiles and turns to face Chris "Well...I might like that..."

Jericho turns off the car's engine as after parking the car. He turns and
smiles at Lilian, "Do you... want to come up to my hotel room... for a late

Lilian laughs a little as she places a soft hand on top of Jericho's arm "We
could just have...that little"

Jericho looks at Lilian's hand and then up into her eyes, "Yeah... we
could..." Jericho unbuckles his seat belt so can lean over a bit to kiss her.
Lilian smiles before she kisses Jericho back on the lips, gently pushing her
tongue into Jericho's mouth. Jericho opens his mouth slightly to allow
Lilian's tongue to slip into his mouth more easily He then starts to flick
his tongue against her tongue as he reaches over to unbuckle Lilian's
seatbelt. Lilian breaks the kiss and gives Jericho a gorgeous smile before
she starts to climb into the back seat of Jericho's rental car. Being a bit
to tall to climb to back seat while in the car, Jericho gets out of the car
and goes into the back seat by entering through the back passenger seat door.
He closes the door and quickly moves his travel back up to the front seat so
he and Lilian can have all the room they need. Lilian leans into Jericho and
kisses his lips once again as she places her hands onto Jericho's knees. She
slowly moves her delicate hands up Jericho's black jeans, until she reaches
his belt and begins to unbuckle his belt. Jericho leans towards Lilian to
slide his tongue into her mouth as he starts to slide a hand underneath her
top. Jericho breaks the kiss he's sharing with Lilian so he can pull her top
off her body completely. Lilian scoots a bit away from Jericho in the back
seat as she begins to pull down his black jeans to his kneels. Lilian smiles
up at Jericho as she places her hand against the noticeable bulge forming in
Jericho's boxer-briefs.

Jericho looks at Lilian's bra covered chest and exposed upper-body. "Damn
Lilian... you're extremely sexy..." Jericho licks his lips as he kicks off
his sneakers followed by his jeans.

Lilian smiles and blushes "Thank you Chris..." Lilian replies as she slides
her hand underneath Jericho's boxer-briefs and gently grabs a hold of his
shaft, while his cock still remains in his boxer-briefs. Lilian begins to
slowly move her delicate hand up and down his shaft.

"Mmmmm.... that's pretty erotic..." Jericho moans as he watches Lilian's hand
move under his boxer-briefs as she rubs his cock. He slips off his jacket and
quickly then pulls off his t-shirt. Lilian turns a bit more in the back seat
of the rental car, now completely facing Jericho as she pushes down his
boxer-briefs allowing Jericho's hard, thick hard to get some air. Lilian
licks her lips, before slowly bringing her head down to his cock. She opens
her lips and lets his cock pass through as she wraps her soft lips around
Jericho's cock. Jericho moans softly and slides a hand through Lilian's blond
hair as he leans backward so that now his back is pressing slightly against
the car-door. Lilian gently circles her tongue around Jericho's cock as she
begins to slowly bob her head up and down on Jericho's cock, taking more of
Jericho's cock into her warm mouth after each head bob.

Jericho closes his eyes and tilts his head backward, "Ohhhhh damn Lilian...
you... do that... ten times better... than... Trish..." Jericho places one
hand on the back of the driver's side seat. Lilian presses her lips together
around Jericho's shaft as she tightens her grip, going down deeper on
Jericho's cock. Lilian moans softly against Jericho's cock as she starts to
lap her warm saliva around his cock with her delicate tongue. Jericho starts
to breath a bit heavily as he moves his lower body to get more comfortable
on the backseat. He pushes Lilian's lovely hair back so it's not hanging over
her beautiful face. "Ahhhh yes Lil... that's it... ohhh just like that..."

Lilian bobs her head a few more times on Jericho's cock before she slowly
lifts her head up. Lilian smiles up at Jericho as she reaches underneath her
black skirt and begins to pull down her black panties from underneath her
skirt. Jericho licks his lips as he sits up completely. He leans places his
hand on Lilian's waists and turns her so she can lean backward so he can get
on top of her. Jericho pushes her skirt up and eases his hard saliva covered
shaft into her cleanly shaved pussy. Lilian grits her teeth gently as she
feels Jericho's stiff cock enter her warm pussy "Awww Chris..." Lilian moans
as she starts to gently push up against Jericho's cock as he slowly thrusts
his cock into her tight cunt.

"Mmmm baby..." Jericho places a hand on Lilian's left shoulder as he uses a
bit of force to push his cock into her vice like pussy. Jericho constantly
pulls his cock half out of her cunt each time, and when he thrusts back into
her, he does so with a bit more extra force and speed than he did previously.

Lilian closes her eyes as she tilts her head back slightly "Ohhhh... ahhh...
Chris... ohh...fuck" Lilian moans. Jericho kisses Lillian's lips to slightly
muffle her moans of pleasure. He pushes a hand through her hair and thrusts
sharply into her pussy. Lilian gently wraps her smooth legs around Jericho's
waist as she starts to roughly grind her pussy against Jericho's cock as she
moans into his mouth. Jericho manages to get his left arm underneath Lilian
when she arches her back. Using a good bit of effort, Jericho rolls over so
now he's underneath Lilian and she's on top of him.

Lilian smiles down at Jericho as she places her hands on Jericho's stomach
and begins to bounce gently on his cock, while rocking back and then forward.
"Ohhhh Chris" Lilian moans tilting her head back as she begins to sweat.

"Ohhhh Lilian... damn you're hot..." Jericho places his hands on Lilian's
waist to help her keep her movements steady so she won't bang her head on
the roof of the car. He licks his lips as sweat drips down the sides of
his handsome face.

Lilian closes her eyes as she comes down hard onto Jericho's cock "Mmmmm...
fuck!" Lilian moans biting down on her bottom lip as she starts to cum on
Jericho's cock.

Jericho clenches his teeth together as he pushes his cock upward into her
pussy sharply. "Ohhhhh damn it...." Jericho groans as he starts to cum inside
of her pussy. Jericho reaches up and pulls Lilian's head down as he sits up
so that he can kiss her passionately.

Lilian kisses Jericho back and then breaks the kiss "Ohhh...Chris you're so
amazing..." Lilian moans as she lays her sweaty body on top of his body.

"So are you..." Jericho replies as he tries to slow down his breathing. "And
here... I thought I knew you... it's obvious I didn't know you at all...
until now..." Jericho wraps a tired arm around her.

Lilian smiles and kisses his lips once again "Chris...why don't we make the
rest of tonight a highlight for both of us."

Jericho smiles at her, "Lilian... let's make more than just tonight a
highlight for the both of us..."


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