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Raw Desires Part 11: Problem Solved
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On the August 30, 2004 edition of Monday Night Raw, Christian made his long
awaited return from the injured list to attack rival Chris Jericho to reveal
that he'll be facing him at Unforgiven for the Intercontinental title in a
ladder match. After guaranteeing himself a big match, Christian makes his
way to the back to watch the rest of Raw. On a monitor he sees his lustful
associate Trish Stratus in a tag team match with The Problem Solver Tyson
Tomko by her side. Christian smirks as he watches Trish and Tomko leave
Trish's partner Gail Kim in the ring to be pinned by Victoria after a mystery
man dressed in drag came down to the ring to distract them. Christian starts
walking to the entrance ramp to meet up with them, when he gets there he over
hears Tomko and Trish talking.

Tomko shakes his head, "That's the fifth time that freak has gotten in your
business..." He says to Trish reminding her of her latest ongoing problem.

Trish looks at Tomko with a slight glare as she holds onto the WWE Women's
Championship. "I know...what's the deal with that!" Trish yells as she
throws down her hands a bit, Trish shakes her head as she and Tomko enter
the backstage area from the entrance ramp. Trish turns to Tomko as she's
dressed in a pair of tight leather pants and a black top, she smirks as she
pats Tomko on the chest "You know, Tyson...I think that freak who ever the
hell it is and Victoria are both problems that need to be solved! And what's
with those fans out there calling me a slut! I am not a slut!" Trish yells
in a frustrated tone.

Tomko cracks his knuckles, as he's dressed in a pair of black jeans and a
tank top, "I know that... they are just a bunch of morons... I'll take care
of that problem... the freak... and Victoria... soon all your problems will
be solved.... I guarantee it." Tomko replies as they walk through the curtain
to the backstage area.

As soon as they step into the back, Christian puts a hand around Trish's
waist, "Hey Trish..." Christian says with a smirk as he pulls her towards
him quickly.

Trish laughs a little " are you feeling baby?" Trish
asks as before she kisses Christian on the lips and pushes her tongue into
Christian's mouth.

Christian kisses Trish back by sliding his tongue against her own before he
breaks the kiss. "Oh I'm doing great... I kicked the shit out of Jericho,
and I got to see you up close for the first time in months." Christian

Tomko folds his massive arms across his chest, "Good to see you back boss."

Christian nods, "Thanks... good job looking out for Trish."

"It was no problem," Tomko replies in a cool tone.

Christian looks back at Trish and smirks, "So what's the deal with that guy
in the dress?"

Trish sighs and rolls her eyes "I have no clue...all I know..." Trish smirks
as she pats Tomko on the back "Tyson has it taken care of..." Trish then
looks at Christian and licks her lips "Oh baby...I missed you so much!"

Christian gives a cocky grin, "I bet you missed more than just me being
around..." Christian lowers his hand a bit and slaps Trish's ass followed by
groping her backside through the material of her leather pants.

Trish laughs as she licks her teeth, she turns around and places her hands on
Christian's chest "You know baby...we should catch up..."

"That'll be a bit of a problem... we got a few months to make up for..."
Christian smirks as he slides his hands back and forth across the sides of
Trish's hips.

Tomko actually cracks a bit of a small smile as if Christian's comment was a
signal of some kind, "That should be no problem."

Christian looks at Tomko and chuckles slightly, "Damn Trish... what have you
been teaching him?"

Trish laughs a little as she presses her hand gently against Christian's
crotch "Well baby...while you were away...I just couldn't help but play..."
Trish replies as she looks over her shoulder at Tomko and winks "Right

Tomko nods his head, "That's right... Trish had some problems that needed
solving beyond the ring." Christian tries hard not to laugh at Tomko's
comment as he presses his crotch against Trish's soft hand.

Christian licks his lips as he turns his attention back to Trish, "Mmmmm now
it looks to me that I need to catch up with you guys."

Trish licks her lips seductively as she stares into Christian's eyes "I think
you do..." Trish removes her hand from Christian's crotch and smirks "And...I
think right now would be perfect."

"Any time is the right time with you Trish..." Christian smirks, "But we need
a bit of privacy..."

Tomko nods his head, "Trish has her own private dressing room boss..."

Christian gets a wide smile on his face, "She's the champ... of course she
gets her own dressing room..." Christian then looks at Trish, "Lead the way

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she turns away from Christian as she
begins to lead the duo of Christian and Tyson Tomko down the hallway towards
her private dressing room. Trish looks over her shoulder back at Christian
as she walks in front of him, she licks her lips " I can't wait to
be with you again..."

Christian quickens his pace so he's walking almost next to her, "Neither can
I..." Christian places a hand back on her ass once again. "Mmmmm I think your
ass has gotten more perfect since I've been away..."

Trish laughs "Ohhh...I've been making sure its just perfect for you..." Trish
licks her lips as she slides her hand into the back pocket of Christian's
pants as she, Christian and Tomko approach her private dressing room. Before
being told to do so, Tomko steps around Trish and Christian to push the door
to the dressing room open. He holds it open for Christian and Trish to enter,
and a moment after they door, Christian spins Trish around to face him and he
kisses her lips lustfully, sliding his tongue into her mouth while quickly
lifting up her top. Trish wraps her tongue around Christian's tongue and
begins to gently suck on Christian's tongue as she kisses him back. Trish
moans softly into Christian's mouth as she presses her hand once again
against Christian's crotch and begins to feel his cock inside of his pants

Christian breaks the kiss, and licks his lips, "Fuck you're hot..." He says
as he lifts her top up over her head. Christian flings her shirt across the
room as Tomko starts to remove his own tank top. Christian then grabs the
snaps of Trish's leather pants and quickly unbuttons them.

Trish grits her teeth in a smile as she looks at Christian with a rage of
lust. Trish licks her lips as she lifts Christian's shift off of his body.
Trish presses her soft hands against his muscular chest and moans softly
" missed you."

"Not as much as I missed you..." Christian says as he bends down and roughly
tugs down her leather pants down to her ankles. Tomko walks behind Trish,
wraps his powerful arms around her and lifts her up off the ground so
Christian can pull off her pants and her wrestling boots. Christian looks up
at Trish and smiles, "It's nice to have a big guy like Tyson around ain't

Trish nods her head with a smiles as she licks her lips "Ohhhh...Christian...
I couldn't tell you how nice it is.." Trish says with a laugh as Tyson's
powerful arms wrapped around her cause her arms to be pinned against her

Christian slowly stands back up while unbuttoning his slacks. He pushes them
down to his ankles, followed by his red boxer-briefs. "Tyson set her down..."
Christian orders as he wraps his left hard around his ten-inch cock. Tomko
lowers Trish down to the ground and lets her go when Christian places a hand
on her shoulder to encourage but also push Trish down to her knees, "Oh I
think you can tell me... by getting those hot pouty lips of yours around my
cock," Christian licks his lips. Trish lowers herself down to her knees and
looks up at Christian with a smirk as she flips her blonde hair back. Trish
takes a hold of Christian's cock into her soft, smooth hands. Trish begins to
guide her hands up and down Christian's hardened shaft before she lowers her
head and begins to flick her skilled tongue against Christian's cock.

"Mmmmm.... yeah Trish...." Christian moans slightly as he wraps his hand
around Trish's hair to firmly grip her lovely blonde locks. Christian looks
over at Tomko who his standing a bit stoically. "What's the matter with
you... get that monster out..." Christian orders. Tomko smirks and quickly
goes to work to remove his black jeans and heavy boots. Christian makes
Trish look at Tomko while he thrusts his cock against her lips. "Look at
Tyson's cock Trish... bet you used that bad boy a lot..." Christian says as
Tomko removes his black boxers to reveal his thick fourteen-inch cock hanging
between his muscular legs. Trish's eyes lock on Tomko's monster of a cock as
she wraps her lips around Christian's cock, taking it into her warm mouth.
She begins to steadily bob her head on Christian's cock at a decent starting

"Yeah... looking at that big cock got's you all excited don't it..."
Christian moans as he thrusts his hips forward, pushing almost all of his
ten inch shaft into her mouth. Christian looks over at Tomko and motions
him over, "Get over here..." Tomko walks over to and stands close to Trish,
with his hard shaft just inches away from Trish's right cheek. Christian
pulls his cock out of Trish's hot mouth and taps it against the left side
of her face, "You want Tyson's big dick don't ya Trish?" Trish looks at
Christian licking her lips as she turns on her knees to face Tomko's cock.
Trish places her right hand around Tomko's cock and guides his cock into
her warm mouth. Trish lips wrap tightly around his member as she starts to
slowly bob her head up and down on the long, thick shaft of Tomko.

Tomko grunts slightly as he lays a palm on Trish's head after Christian
releases the hold he has on her hair. Christian smirks and rubs his hands
together as he watches Trish work over Tomko's large dick. "That's it
Trish... suck that big fucking cock..." Christian encourages as he slowly
starts to walk around them to watch Trish work from different angles.
Trish gently taps her tongue against the underside of Tomko's large cock
as she opens her mouth wider, taking more of Tomko's cock into her warm
mouth. Trish starts bob her head quicker on his cock as she begins to lap
her warm saliva all over his cock.

Christian nods his head approvingly as Tomko silently moans as a result of
Trish's oral magic. "That's Trish... boy... it's great to have you suck my
dick... but to watch you do it is so hot..." Christian says as he stands
next to Trish and Tomko. He squats down a bit and puts his hand under
Tomko's cock to catch Trish's saliva that's dripping off it each time she
pulls her head back. Christian then moves behind Trish and rips down her
black thong so he can slide his hand between Trish's ass cheeks to smear
her saliva up and down her ass-crack. Trish lets out a soft moan that
vibrates against Tomko's cock as she begins to deep throat his massive
cock. Trish works her skilled tongue around his cock as she twist her head
on his cock, while tightening her vice-like grip.

"Ohhhh shit... boss.... Trish... is... really... in to it..." Tomko moans.

"I know... you think I'm blind?" Christian laughs before he slaps Trish's
ass with his right hand while gripping his shaft. Christian guides his hard
throbbing cock to the entrance of Trish's tight perfectly cleanly shaven
pussy. With a strong thrust forward, Christian rams his dick into Trish as
if it was a harpoon.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Trish moans around Tomko's cock as the sudden thrust forces
her forward and causes her to take all of Tomko's fourteen inches into her
hot mouth.

Tomko rakes his big fingers through Trish's hair roughly while Christian
wastes no time in building up the pace he's using to drill Trish's tight cunt
and is fucking her at a hard quick pace. "Yeah... you like that... fucking
cock don't you!" Christian yells and groans as he moves one hand underneath
Trish to rub the edges of her pussy with his fingers.

Trish lifts her head up from Tomko's cock as his cock drips with her warm
saliva. Trish glances over her shoulder at Christian as he ravages her tight
cunt "!" Trish moans as her body rocks forward after
each thrust and then rocks back as Christian's grips her waist and pulls her
back against his cock.

"I bet... you want... fucking more... don't you..." Christian grunts as he
sharply pushes his ten-inch slab of man meat deep into her pussy. Tomko takes
a step back to let his two employers have their moment even though Christian
is pushing Trish a bit towards him after every stiff shove.

Trish grits her teeth as she begins to sweat "Ohhhh fuck! I do want more! I
am a dirty slut!" Trish moans as she slams back against Christian's cock.

Christian smirks, and licks his lips, "Good..." He says to reply to Trish's
comment awhile continuing to drill her cunt. Christian looks at Tomko and
points down at the floor. "Lay the fuck down..." Tomko nods his head as he
gets down to the floor and lays on his back. Christian then pulls out of
Trish's pussy and shoves the reigning Women's Champion towards Tomko and
yells, "Get on his giant cock Trish... and ride it like the dirty slut you

Trish smirks and crawls the short distance to Tomko on her hand and knees as
she shakes her perfectly round ass from side to side. Trish licks her lips as
she reaches Tomko. She flips her hair back as she mounts herself on top of
Tomko's large cock. Trish grits her teeth as she slowly comes down on Tomko's
large cock into her tight cunt. "Awww fuck..." Trish locks her eyes on
Tomko's eyes as she starts to bounce up and down quickly on his cock as she
rocks back and then forward after every bounce.

Tomko grinds his teeth together as he roughly grabs hold of Trish's thighs
with both of his large hands and starts pushing her back and forth on his
monster cock, making it so that Trish comes down on his shaft in different
angles. Christian gets to his feet and stands next to Trish. "You're such a
fucking slut..." Christian grabs a handful of hair, yanks her head back and
lowers his head down so he can push his tongue into her mouth.

Trish presses her tongue against Christian tongue inside of his mouth as she
moans into his mouth. Trish slams down hard on Tomko's cock as she starts
grind her warm pussy against his cock.

Christian breaks kiss with Trish and slides his tongue around Trish's mouth,
almost licking her lovely sweat covered face. He smirks at her and as he lets
go of her hair. "You need more dick in you..." Christian gets behind her and
pushes Trish forward so that her large lovely chest is hanging over Tomko's
head. Christian spreads Trish's ass cheeks apart and spits down between them.
As he saliva slides down her asscrack, Christian forces his cock into Trish's
asshole with one swift movement. Christian gives her no chance to get use to
it before he starts pumping and pounding her asshole with his cock.

Trish grits her teeth as she closes her eyes "Ahhhhh...Christian fuck baby!
I love it in my ass!" Trish moans as she continues to grind her pussy against
Tomko's cock.

"I know you fucking do Trish... you're an ass fucking loving whore... I
bet... you had Tyson here... fuck your hot ass... every day while I was out
injured!" Christian grunts and groans as sweat flies off his body every time
he slams himself harder and deeper into Trish's asshole. Tomko has his eyes
clenched shut as he starts to cum inside of Trish's hot pussy as if his cock
was a volcano.

Trish tilts her head back as she feels Tomko's cum enter her warm pussy
"Awww...I'm a cum loving whore!" Trish moans as sweat rolls down her tanned

After hearing Trish's comment about herself, Christian quickly realizes that
Tomko blew his load inside of her. Thinking quickly, Christian wraps his arms
around Trish's waist and stands up with his cock still buried in her asshole.
Once he gets to his feet, Christian places a hand on the back of Trish's neck
to hold her head down so she won't fully stand up. "You fucking whore... you
love all this shit... getting the type of fucking you can get... anywhere
else!" Christian yells as puts his other hand between Trish's legs to roughly
rub her wet pussy with his fingers.

Trish grits her teeth as she as begins to cum on Christian hands "Ohhh...
mother... fuck... er!"

Christian sweaty face contorts slightly as he feels himself reaching the
boiling point. He pulls his cock out of Trish's well-fucked asshole and then
spins the gorgeous blond bombshell around. "Get down... on your knees...
you... cum loving... bitch...." Christian orders as he licks his teeth. Trish
gets down on her knees and licks her lips as she looks up at Christian. Trish
holds her slutty mouth open, ready to accept Christian's warm, sticky cum.
Christian places a hand on Trish's forehead to push her hair back from
covering her face while he wraps his right hand around his cock. He strokes
his shaft quickly for close to minute before he starts to cum. Christian lets
some of his hot load land in Trish's wide open mouth but he also makes sure
to coat her face with his sticky dick juice as well. "Ahhhhhh fuck...."
Christian moans and breaths hard as he makes sure every drop of his cum lands
in Trish's mouth or somewhere on her face.

Trish swallows every drip that she can of Christian's warm cum " I
did miss you.." Trish says with a moan.

"You better have..." Christian smirks as he tries to catch his breath.
Christian pulls Trish up to her feet and kisses her cum covered lips.

Trish breaks the kisses and smiles "Baby...wait until you see what else Tyson
and I did while you were gone..."


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