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Raw Desires Part 12: All Stevie...All Night, Nothing But Heat!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the early fall of 2004, Raw's resident nut case, and self proclaimed
General Manager of Sunday Night Heat, Steven Richards, is making his way
through the backstage area after a win over Tyson Tomko. Dressed in black
wrestling trunks with 'Stevie Night Heat' printed on the back of the,
Steven goes around a corner where he sees his associate and close personal
friend Victoria waiting outside of his locker room. Steven rubs his hands
together and smiles as he approaches her, "I did it Victoria, I knocked
off Tomko, he won't be a problem for you when you face Trish tomorrow
night," Steven says with a proud smile on his face.

Victoria grits her teeth as her body tenses slightly. Victoria balls her
fists as her head shakes "Oh Stevie...that little tramp-princess Trish
Stratus...if going to have hell to pay for!" Victoria yells "You hear
that...hell!" Victoria says as she dressed in her black leather wrestling
tights and her red, black-widow cleavage shaped top. Victoria smiles
widely "That little bitch Trish...has nothing one me.." Victoria laughs

Steven smirks, "That is so obvious... you are twice the woman she is... and
ten times the wrestler... you'll be the Women's Champion again with out any
problem at all." Steven rubs his hands together and licks his teeth before
he steps towards the locker room door to push it open.

Victoria smirks as she head twitches slightly as she pulls at the ends of
her silky black hair "I'm gonna...kiss her ass Stevie! And...I'm gonna kick
her ass on Heat! On Stevie...Night...Heat!" Victoria says as she enters the
locker room of the self-proclaimed General Manager of Heat.

Steven laughs as he enters the locker room behind the beautiful vicious
vixen and he closes the door behind him, "I know you will.... and the
championship will be back where it belongs... around your waist..."
Steven gets a wide grin on face as the plans he and Victoria have appear
to becoming together. "Everything will be back to the way it was... before
that tramp robbed you."

Victoria starts breathing heavily "I know Stevie! Ohhh it's gonna be back
with me! My title!" Victoria says excitedly as she grits her
teeth "Then...Stevie...we'll put all the heat into Stevie Night Heat!"

Steven laughs a bit hysterically as he gets excited, "And then... after
that... we'll make Raw... extremely Raw... Heh Heh Heh Heh... this going
to be great... no one will be able to stop us... no woman will be able to
beat you..." Steven locks eyes with Victoria while continuing to rub his
hands together and cracking his knuckles in the process.

Victoria smiles "And...then Stevie...we'll make our way up Raw'll
become Raw General Manager..." Victoria says with a psychotic smiles "Ohhh
Stevie! Nothing is better then your heat!"

Steven licks his lips as he gets closer to Victoria. He grabs her left hand
and squeezes it between his hands, "Victoria... nothing is better than my
heat... except the heat... we get together..." Steven laughs.

Victoria tilts her head back and laughs psychotically "Ohhhh Stevie!
Stevie...let's get the heat on!" Victoria says as she twitches a bit with
a slight glare.

"You want some heat Victoria?" Steven laughs as he gets a crazed gleam in
his eyes as he lowers one of his hands and presses it against the crotch
area of Victoria's black leather tights. He starts to rub that area fairly
hard while at the same time gently sliding the fingers of his right hand
against Victoria's neck.

Victoria bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Steven's hand touch her
pussy through her leather tights "Ohhh Stevie...I want the heat!" Victoria
yells as she reaches over Steven's shoulder and grabs him by his long brown
hair. Victoria turns Steven around and aggressively pushes him up against
the wall. Victoria presses her body up against Steven's body, her warm
breath hitting his neck as she talks "Ohhh Stevie! I want your heat! You
got that Stevie!?" Victoria yells as she begins to breath heavy again.
Victoria leans her head down and flicks her tongue against the left side
of Steven's neck before she begins to trace her tongue up Steven's neck.
Victoria slides her tongue over to Steven's chin and then up to his lips
before she gently bites down on Steven's bottom lip.

Steven slides his tongue out of his mouth and flicks it against Victoria's
luscious lips before he places his hands on her waist and pulls her roughly
against him, causing the crotch area of her leather pants to be pressed
tightly against the crotch of his tights. Steven starts to breath a bit
heavily as his eyes continued to be glued to Victoria's. "I got... all the
heat... you'll... ever... need..."

Victoria licks her lips as her head twitches slightly "Good...because I
want...Stevie Heat...alll night long!" Victoria says as she grips Steven's
cock through his wrestling tights and then rips his tights off.

Steven's thick nine inch cock is already close to be fully hard when Victoria
tore off his tights. "Mmmm Victoria... I got so much heat for you...." Steven
grabs hold of Victoria's red black-widow top and pulls it open causing the
strings that are criss crossed across her cleavage to rip apart. Steven
pushes her top open so that it hangs off her shoulders, exposing her firm
chest to the cool air of the locker room.

Victoria grits her teeth into a smile as she takes Steven's cock into her
hands and begins to stroke his cock to full hardness "Ohhhh Stevie!" Victoria
says loudly as she watches his cock grow in her hands.

"Fuck Victoria.... you know how to really make heat..." Steven groans in
pleasure as Victoria powerful hands pump along the length of his shaft.
Steven grabs one of Victoria's large breasts and squeezes it rather hard,
pressing his fingers firms into her perfectly tanned skin. Victoria flips
her silky black hair as she gets a twisted smirk on her face before she
lowers her head down onto Steven's cock and takes it into her warm mouth.
Victoria tightly wraps her lips around Steven's cock as she powerfully
bobs her head on her nutcase associateís cock. Steven instantly grabs a
hold of Victoria's raven black hair and pulls on it as he thrusts his cock
forward into her mouth with a good amount of force. "Ahhhh shit... yeah...
Get it nice and hot..." Steven moans as he looks down at her with crazed
lust filled eyes.

Victoria bobs her head on Steven's cock quicker as she begins to violently
lash her tongue, like a whip, against Steven's shaft. Victoria lowers her
eyes, breaking her lust-crazed stare with Richards as she begins to twist
her head on Steven's cock. Steven licks his lips and pulls roughly on
Victoria's hair with one hand while ranking the fingers of his right hand
through her hair at the same time. "Suck that cock Victoria... yeah... do
it.... cause I'm... going to give you the heat... all night!"

Victoria then gently presses her peril white teeth against Steven's shaft
and begins to rake her teeth against Steven's shaft as she quickly bobs her
head on his cock. "Ahhhhhh shit!" Steven screams out in a bit of pain when
he feels Victoria's teeth press hard against his dick. "I love that... when
you... use those... beautiful teeth..." Steven grabs a second handful of
Victoria's hair and pulls her head off his cock, causing her teeth to grind
against the sensitive tip of his cock.

Victoria whips her head up from Steven's cock as she locks eyes with
Steven, giving him a slight glare. Victoria begins to breath heavy once
again "Stevie....give me the heat!"

Steven laughs hysterically as he looks down at her, "You want the fucking
heat?! Iíll give you the fucking heat!" Steven places hands onto her
shoulders and shoves her backward so that she's on her back. Steven grabs
hold of Victoria tights and pulls them down her legs to uncover her perfect
cleanly shaved pussy. Steven takes a moment to smell the crotch of her
tights before he tosses them away. Steven then grabs her legs, spreads them
open and then shoves his fat cock into her waiting cunt.

Victoria grits her teeth as she takes both of her large breasts into her
hands and squeezes her tits as Steven thrusts his cock into her warm cunt
"Ahhhhh yeah Stevie! Give me it baby! Give me the heat!" Victoria
psychotically yells.

Steven grinds his teeth together forming a demented smile as he rams his
cock in and out of her tight cunt. "Uhhhh yeah... you love that fucking heat
don't ya!" Steven yells as he pumps his cock in and out of her incredibly
tight cunt at a surprisingly quick rate as he holds her legs in an upward
angle where Victoria can wrap them around his neck which she does for a few

Victoria rolls to her left and then rolls herself so she's on top on Steven,
mounted on his cock. Victoria grits her teeth as her rolls to the back of her
head, quickly bouncing and slamming down hard on his cock. "Awww...Stevie...
you love my heat! Don't you Stevie! Stevie, don't you!?"

"Ahhhh yeah... I fucking do Victoria! I love it!" Steven groans in pleasure
as he places his hands on Victoria's powerful thighs. As Victoria comes down
sharply on his rigid pole, Steven rakes his fingernails back and forth across

Victoria slams her hands down onto Steven's chest and sharply digs her nails
into Steven's chest upon slamming down hard on his cock "Yeah! You like it
when I'm rough don't you!? Don't you, Stevie!" Victoria yells.

Steven nods his head as he licks his lips, "Ohhhh I love it! Use me how you
want me! Get the heat the way you want it!" Steven yells back as he thrusts
up sharply into her cunt, almost matching the way she comes crashing down
on his fat nine inch. Steven moves one hand up to Victoria's lovely face to
lightly dig his fingernails against her cheek.

Victoria begins to slowly drag her razor-like nails down Steven's chest as
she leaves visible scratch marks. Victoria grits her teeth as she rocks back
on Steven's cock and then slams forward "Awww Stevie!" Victoria moans as she
begins to sweat.

Steven grits his teeth together as he gets a wild look in his eyes,
"Victoria... let me... give... you my heat... in your... hot... ass!" Steven
moans as arches his back a bit and manages to push up as hard as he can up
into her.

Victoria slides her hands through her raven black hair and then pulls on her
hair as she grits her teeth "Ohhh Stevie...I love that!" Victoria groans as
she moves off of Steven's cock and gets down on her hands and knees on the
floor. Steven quickly gets up onto his knees and wobbles behind Victoria.
Gripping his fat cock by the base he guides it towards the tight entrance of
Victoria's asshole where he plows it inside without any reluctance what so
ever. As he begins to thrust in and out of her ass, he reaches forward and
pulls back on Victoria's hair every time he drives his cock into her asshole.

"Ohhhh awww Stevie!" Victoria moans as she rapidly pushes back against
Steven's cock as he thrusts into her tight asshole.

"Ahhhh Victoria... I love giving you the heat!" Steven moans as he moves
a hand underneath her and rubs the edges of her pussy with his fingers.
Steven's already hard thrusts get even harder as he throws all of his
weight and strength into him to give his psychotic lover all the pleasure
he can.

"Ohhhhh Stevie...I love the heat!" Victoria moans loudly as she begins to
cum of Steven's hand.

When Steven's feels Victoria's cum on his hand he instantly pulls it from
her pussy and brings it to his mouth where he licks all of her cum off of
his fingers. Steven slows down his thrusts noticeably as he comes close to
cumming. "Victoria... I'm gonna give you... all my heat!" Steven yells as
he yanks his cock out of her asshole and quickly gets in front of her.
Victoria licks her lips as the psychotic one sticks her tongue out of her
mouth eagerly awaiting Steven's warm cum. Steven wraps a hand around his
throbbing cock and strokes it rather violently and soon, he starts to cum.
"Ohhhhhh fuck!" Steven yells as spurt after spurt of his hot cum shoots
from his cock and onto Victoria's tongue and around her hot mouth,
completely covering her lips.

Victoria presses the fingers on her left hand against her cum coated lips
as she licks her upper lip clean of his cum "Ohhhhh Stevie!" Victoria moans.

Steven wipes some sweat from his forehead as he looks at Victoria with a
crazed look on his face, "How... was the heat?" He asks her as he leans
down to lick up a little bit of his own cum that landed on her cheek.

Victoria grits her teeth as she glares at Steven "Ohhhh Stevie...." Victoria
says as she breaths heavily "We're ready for Raw!"


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