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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Taeler Hendrix(indies, AIW, SHINE), John Cena(WWE), Chris Jericho(WWE).

Raw Gets Gingerlicious
An indies/WWE crossover erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Moments after the December 15th 2014 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw has gone off the air, the man who guest hosted the show Chris Jericho is giving the long time face of the WWE John Cena a pat on the back as the two head along a corridor backstage.

"You and me both deserve a raise after tonight for putting over the "Champ" like we did." Jericho, dressed in jeans and a Fozzy T-shirt, jokes in reference to how he received an in-ring beating from Brock Lesnar, similar to the once Cena just took as part of the end to Raw.

"I'll be glad when he goes back home and stays there, leaving the title to the real Superstars around here..." Cena responds with a smirk, still dressed in his trademark shorts ring attire from the main event Steel Cage Match he was in.

"Oh, so you got a problem with people only showing up around here once in a while?" Jericho questions in another jokey tone.

"You at least take shifts of a few months on, a few months off..." Cena responds.

Just as the two are heading along, they end up bumping into a gorgeous young lady with long flaming red hair coming out of a side corridor, who's carrying a bag that has what appears to be a festive Christmas elf dress in it. She happens to be independent scene wrestler and a former winner of TNA
Wrestling's Cut Check challenge - Taeler Hendrix. She's dressed in a short skirt that nicely shows off her thick ass, and a short no-sleeve top that strains slightly against her large breasts, and her pouty lips are covered with sexy bright red lipstick to match her hair colour.

"Oh my gosh! John Cena! Chris Jericho!" Taeler exclaims with a smile. "I'm sorry! I was just leaving, and..."

"Hey hey hey! Baby, leaving without us? What's the rush?" Jericho laughs as he shows he wasn't bothered by the slight collision.

"Oh no rush at all! I was just leaving since the show is done... I was surprised they let me and some of the other guys who played Rosebuds tonight stay for as long as we got to." She explains, referring to her role earlier in the night as part of the Rosebud party posse to WWE Superstar Adam Rose.

"Well looking like that, I'm not surprised you were allowed to stick around for a while." Cena says with a smirk of his own, not exactly being subtle with his approving look over the gorgeous and curvy beauty.

"So you like what you see John?" She flirts back as she places a hand on her hip. "Would your girlfriend approve of you eyeing up another woman?"

"If she knew of half the stuff I get up to with just the Divas around here, I don't think we'd still be together, TV show or otherwise..." John says with a slight shrug of the shoulders.

"And what about you Chris?" Taeler asks as she turns her attention towards the other WWE hunk. "You interesting in some Gingerlicious action?"

"Gingerlicious? If that means getting a piece of you baby, then I'm all in!" Jericho states with a smile. "The question is if you can handle us?"

"Damn right I can!" She smirks. "I'm not just some random pretty face you know... I'm a wrestler, a former OVW Women's Champion, and most of all I'm Gingerlicious... Which means I can take anything you boys want to give me... And I do mean anything..." She adds, giving her bright red lips a long lick.

"I'd better give Nikki a call and an excuse to why I'm gonna be late back to the hotel then..." Cena says with a chuckle. "Because something tells me we're all going to be busy for a long while..."

* * *

Moments later in the personal green room set aside for Chris Jericho, both he and John Cena have stripped off their clothing, and the sight of their long and thick to match cocks have put a huge smile on the pretty face of Taeler Hendrix as she pulls her top up and off over her head, letting her
magnificently rounded and large breasts bounce free.

"Haven't seen a rack like that... Well, since this morning when Nikki decided to wake me up..." John smirks, watching as she lowers her skirt to show off her neatly trimmed snatch.

"If you like them so much, why don't you come and have some fun with them then?" Taeler says with a wink as tosses the clothing aside and moves down to lie on the floor of the locker room.

"I'll help myself to see how good this "Gingerlicious" stuff is..." Chris states, his smirk already showing what he's thinking as the two approach her.

"Yeah, come and fuck these nice, big titties John..." Hendrix invitingly offers, licking her lips as she squeezes her massive mounds in her hands, watching the hung stud move down to mount her chest, and all too eagerly she traps his member between her breasts, using her hands to squeeze his meat in
between her boobs.

At the same time, Jericho is moving down in between her legs, spreading them apart so he can push his similarly lengthy cock into her snatch making himself and the beauty being invaded moan as he slides his inches in and feels how nicely tight and tellingly already a little wet she is down there.

"Mmmm... Feels like someone's excited about this..." The former WWE Undisputed Champion chuckles as he starts to thrust into the busty redhead, working his shaft in and out of her pussy with a brisk pace, allowing them both to adjust to the feeling of his vast size going deep into her tightness.

"Mmmmm!! Oh fuck yeah I am..." Taeler grins, rubbing her breasts up and down along Cena's dick to wank him off with her vast and sexy chest, already showing skill in this sex act from the way he's moaning from the touch of her soft tits gliding back and forth over his member as she sandwiches it
between her boobs.

"Two hot studs, with two big cocks to match? How can... Mmmmm... I not love it?" The former multi-time OVW Women's Champion grins with a lusty groan as takes the firm and deep pumping into her snatch, but her gaze is locked onto the meaty pole she's sliding up and down between her deep cleavage as she can't help but lick her lips and even spit down onto the head of that big dick.

"I could say the same thing... Mmmm... For what I'm getting right now..." John says with a moan of his own as he lets her rub those magnificent tits over his cock for a couple more motions. It's not too long though before he starts pumping himself between her rounded, soft orbs to her grinning delight, and the moans of pleasure he releases shows he's enjoying it just as much as the babe being titfucked is.

Speaking of fucked, she's getting that as well as the guest GM for the night and veteran sports entertainer drives his cock back and forth into her tight twat, keeping her tanned legs spread apart so he can firmly nail the former TNA Knockout while she's getting her breasts pumped at the same time.

"Ahhhh... Definitely beats having to put over that meat head managed by the chump who still... Ahhhh... Owes me money from back in the day..." The handsome grappler known was Y2J groans as he sends his shaft in deeper into the long time indy scene starlet, his thrusts making her curvy body slightly jolt,
and if it wasn't for the other WWE stud who's keeping her pinned down to the locker room floor as he fucks her tits she'd no doubt be sliding in time with the smooth pumps Jericho is firing into that wet snatch.

"Mmmm!! I hope you boys... Ahhhhh... Make me feel real good..." She grins again, squeezing the thrusting dick that's moving between her boobs with another push of her hands to grind her lovely, big tits against the dick of the multi-time former WWE Champion while getting her snatch more than just
nicely filled up by the shaft of another Superstar who's had many reigns as a World Champion.

"Oooooh fuck!! Mmmm... Yeah, you like that?? You like getting Gingerlicious?" Hendrix moans again, not clearly directing the question at either man but the answer is pretty obvious from the way both men are groaning in delight as one thrusts away into snug pussy while the other enjoys the sensations of
pumping in between her big, pushed together and made to be fucked tits.

"I don't think... Ahhhh... I need to spell out the answer to that one..." Jericho smirks as he delivers a couple more deep strokes of his tool all the way into that nicely damp and tight pussy, pulling out with a groan that's matched by her, even as she keeps on moving her breasts against the dick
being thrust between those massive tits.

"Mmmm... I can never say no to a great tit fuck..." Cena says tellingly with a chuckle, moaning as he pumps up into her breasts again before he moves and pulls his dick out from her. "But I want a piece of what Chris was just getting..." He states, giving his cock a pump with his hand for good measure.

"Well what are you waiting for?" Taeler grins sexily as she quickly moves to get onto her hands and knees on the floor, sticking her fantastic, juicy ass out towards him. "Shove that big fucking cock in and take me!"

"You'd better not be leaving me out of this..." Chris says with a smile, getting her attention as he kneels down in front of her with his cock pointing right at her.

Giving a non-verbal but very pleasant response, she turns her flaming red haired head towards him and takes his Canadian dick into her soothing American mouth, wrapping her bright red lipstick covered lips around his man meat to instantly make him moan. More is to come however as she gets right
down to business by going down on him, slipping the inches that had just been right into her snatch now into her oral hole, and it seems tasting herself from off of his cock is just encouraging her to suck him off if the muffled groans she's letting out are any indication.

As this is happening, Cena has moved down behind the beauty who had a role as a Rosebud on the show, guiding his shaft into her slick snatch and pushing in, moaning with a smile as he feels her rocking back towards him even before he's started banging her but once he starts doing just that, the smack of skin hitting skin starts to ring out when her ass cheeks connect with his ripped and muscular stomach.

"Ahhhh... The chicks down in OVW were never this hot... Ahhhhh... When I was down there..." The former OVW Heavyweight Champion says between moans as he fucks the former three-time OVW Women's Champion from behind, going balls deep with his stiff thrusts into the gorgeous beauty as she sucks off the former
WCW and ECW Television Champion.

"Then again... Ahhhhh... I've never seen a redhead around the WWE who didn't love... Mmmm!! To fuck in a heartbeat..." He adds with a groan, watch the thick ass cheeks of the starlet who's worked for ROH and SHINE Wrestling shake each time she pushes back sharply against his deep and strong thrusts into
her wet snatch, her own cries of pleasure muffled by the dick she's similarly deeply taking in and out between her bright red lips.

"Mmmmphh!! Mmmm... MMMMPH!!" The Gingerlicious wrestler groans around that fat and long cock that's being lightly sent into her hungry and talented mouth as she energetically bobs her long red haired head onto that dick, sucking him off deeply while still pushing her stunning body back against
the thrusts she's taking from behind into her tight snatch.

"Mmmm!! MMMMMPHH!! GAHHHHHH!! Mmmmm..." The first female winner of TNA's brief Gut Check Challenge lets out a loud, erotic gag when she takes Jericho's dick in deep, further causing saliva to drip off that thick shaft but she continues to suck him off, her bright red lipstick smearing and staining his rod from the repeated blowing motion.

"Mmmm!! Oh shit! That's some good... Ahhhhh... Fucking skill right there..." The lead singer of the rock band Fozzy states as he watches the gorgeous indy scene wrestler continue to deeply suck him off with smooth and quick slurps, even as she gags when he's taken in deep between those pouty lips.

"Ahhhhh... I'm going to have to check out the kinds of Rosebuds... Mmmm!! That pop up around here now..." He's able to add before moaning again as she easily takes his length into her obviously experienced oral hole, her sexual skills clear to see from the way she's taking this spit roasting as she gets her pussy pounded with balls deep pumps, and continues to gag herself onto the just as thick and long dick being fed to her at her other end.

Mmmm!! From the stories I've heard... Ahhhh... That shouldn't be too hard to find a hook up with one of them..." The West Newbury, Massachusetts stud says with a smirk as he delivers another round of stiff, balls deep thrusts into the still nicely tight but more than just wet snatch of the proudly Boston
Strong beauty. As she sucks away on the cock in front of her, she's more than able to keep on pushing back with perfect timing to meet the driving shaft going into her twat from behind, her juicy butt cheeks shaking when they slap against his chiseled out of stone mid section.

"Ahhhh... Rose might be stuck with a lame ass gimmick... Mmmmm!! But he sure gets plenty of hotties to hang out with..." Cena adds before letting out a low moan as he stops his thrusting motion, watching her stunning backside move back and forth over his cock as Hendrix now fucks herself on his mighty
dick, happily working herself onto that rod to stuff herself full while making herself groan and gag over the now coated with spit cock of the other hung WWE stud she's sandwiched between.

Giving another couple of deep sucks, she lifts her head away with a groan and a long gasp of air, a sexy smile coming across her face as she looks back behind her. "You saying... Mmmm!! That I'm easy or something?" Despite narrowing her eyes, the smirk she has on shows she's far from fazed as she
rocks forward to make his dick slip out of her snatch.

"Hey, you're the one who wanted a piece of us, so you tell us." John teases the horny beauty, and with his dick standing at full attention it's clear he's up for more action just like she is.

"A piece of one guy who's married, and the other in a relationship that's all over a reality TV show..." She taunts right back, turning around so now she's still on her hands and knees, facing the hunk who'd just been fucking her. Just as she opens her mouth to take him in, she's made to groan as she feels the cool sensation of liquid being poured out onto her ass and glancing back she sees that Jericho has gotten a bottle of sex lube and is starting to ready her no doubt for some anal action as the fluid drips down her butt crack and over her asshole.

"Hey, what happens backstage stays backstage baby!" Chris says with a smirk, using a finger to push into her tight-feeling asshole in order to work the lube into her back passage, making her groan again but soon that cry is muffled as Cena takes full advantage of the open mouth to plunge his dick
right into her. With her attention otherwise distracted, one of the few sports entertainers to have competed in ECW, WCW, and WWE proceeds to finger-bang the juicy backside of the beauty nicknamed the One Girl Revolution, able to force his digit in deep to allow more lube to be poured down into her and impressively she's barely flinching at all at this finger pumping invasion.

"Mmmmmphh!! MMMMM... GAAAAAAHH!!" Letting out another sinful but rather shameless gagging sound, the stunner who became Miss OVW in 2012 is more than happy to allow her mouth to be used and almost abused already by the quick and deep thrusts being sent by the multi-time former World and WWE
Champion in front of her who moans and grunts himself as he drives in deep into that damp oral hole.

"GAHHHHH!! Mmmmmphh!! GAAAAAAAH!!! MMMMM!!" The feeling of a now lube-covered dick being eased into her juicy booty makes her groan deeply and jolt forward, resulting in more loud gagging as saliva drips off the shaft being delivering in and out of her mouth. Fighting to keep her lips around one meaty length, the Gingerlicious babe now has to handle the sensations of her stunning and thick ass getting fucked as the other hung and handsome hunk begins pumping his tool back and forth into her so once again she's right in the middle of some smoking hot spit roast action.

"Mmmm!! Oh fuck!! What... Ahhhh... What a fucking ass..." The Manhasset, New York-born Canadian moans as he shows off his own sexual ability, using perfected timing and force behind his pumps to piston his member into the luscious and rounded backside of the New Bedford, Massachusetts-born stunner.

"Ahhhh! Mmmmm... Hope you saved some of that... Awwwww fuck!! Lube for me to use on her..." The polerising to say the least WWE Superstar groans as he keeps a handful of the long flaming red hair of the fellow desirable grappler born in the state of Massachusetts, gazing down and watching her pretty face moving towards and away from his crotch as he feeds her every inch of his thick prick that's now totally coated with her saliva.

"MMMMPHH!! GAAAAAAAAH!! MMMMMPH.... MMMM..." The gorgeous female wrestler continues to let out muffled moans of pleasure along with deep gags from when the cock that's fucking her face connects with the back of her mouth, and even though she isn't even rubbing her snatch right now she's still getting off having her ass being fucked from behind steadily and gradually deeper and deeper.

"MMMMMPHHH... MMMM!! GAAAAAAAHHHH!! MMMMPHHH!!" Even as sweat starts to form over her curvaceous, tanned frame, the starlet who's worked for ROH and TNA Wrestling in the past is showing she's more than able to handle what two of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time can dish out as she takes a cock in each end, slobbering over the dick pumping in and out of her mouth while her ass takes a firm pumping at the same time.

"Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm shit!! There's something about red heads around the WWE... Ahhhhh!! And knowing how to fuck..." Cena is able to groan out, delivering a couple more thrusts into her oral hole before pulling back, allowing her to draw in breath while she still gets fucked up the ass from behind. Flashing
him another wide and sexy grin, she leans her head forward to swat her tongue over his bell end to keep him groaning, composed enough to allow herself to push sharply back against those deepening thrusts into her backside to in turn make the other stud involved in this three-way moan out
in pure delight.

"Mmmmm!! You've never been with a redhead... Ahhhhh!! Like this Gingerlicious woman before!" Taeler states with a smile, letting out a long groan when the cock that had been thrusting into her thick butt is pulled out.

"I wouldn't go that far... You're no Rated R Sexpot, but you're way above the current Total Diva we've got around here..." Cena says as he helps her off from the locker room floor.

Before she can respond, she's caught by surprise as she's spun around and lifted up off the ground completely, and out of instinct wraps her arms around the smirking Jericho as he lowers her down pussy first onto the cock that has just been fucking her up the ass. "Ahhhh!! You've done this
before..." He comments with approval as she's all too easily lowered down to the base to take all those thick inches inside her soaking wet snatch.

"Mmmmm!! Damn right I have... And the only thing I love... Uhhhhh!! More than a big dick in me..." Hendrix looks back over her shoulder, grinning lewdly as Cena approaches with the bottle of lubricant as he strokes the liquid over his still rock hard length. "Is two big fucking dicks at once!"

"You'd fit in around here, that's for sure..." The former Royal Rumble winner says as he steps up, spreading those thick butt cheeks as he lines himself up with her already nicely fucked hole, allowing for perhaps unsurprisingly easy entry as he pushes his lengthy rod up into her back passage, making them both groan out lustfully as he starts to fuck that magnificent ass.

"Mmmm!! Oh shit... You weren't fucking kidding... This is an ass and then some!" Cena further confirms the obvious with a groan as both he and the other WWE Superstar begin to thrust in and out of the respective hole they are deep in, already making the moaning, busty beauty between them bounce against their pumps as they deliver some hard double penetration action while she's suspended completely off the floor.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Ohhhhhhh fuck yes!! MMMM!! Oh fuck!!" The former TNA Gut Check winner moans out loudly as her lower holes are filled up and swiftly pumped, her big tits shaking as her tanned and sweaty frame rocks and slides against the muscular chests of the hunks she's captured between as they thrust
deeply up into her dripping wet pussy and her tight ass.

"UHHHH!! Like... Like that!! MMMMM!! Oh I fucking LOVE THIS!! AHHHHH!!" The stunning redhead shamelessly moans out as she glances between the two men, biting down on her smeared red lipstick covered lips as she holds onto Jericho with her legs and arms wrapped around the veteran's body, allowing him to sharply ram his dick into her nicely snug but soaking snatch. At the same time her juicy backside jiggles as she takes a deep and hard anal pounding from the current face of the WWE as he groans and grunts from the tight to say the very least feeling of her back passage all around his cock.

"Mmmm!! There's a saying... You can sleep with a blonde or a brunette... Ahhhh!! Mmmmm!" The stud who says he's the best in the world at what he does is certainly showing he's very capable when it comes to some intense, thrusting action as he continues to drive his dick almost completely up into the wet
twat of the gorgeous independent scene talent mounted on his long member.

"Awwwwww shit!! But you never get any fucking sleep with a redhead! Mmmm!!" He's able to groan out as he fires away quick pumps into that dripping wet but still nicely snug pussy, timing his motion just right with the other sports entertainer so that when one of them drives up into her the other pulls back before going straight up to stuff her full and then repeat the motion to keep all three desirable grapplers moaning out.

"Mmmmm!! I can believe that... Ahhhhhh!! An ass like this doesn't come along... Mmmmm... Every damn day..." The former Heavyweight Champion of OVW moans as sweat drips off his handsome face, the effects of keeping up this intense and hard hitting pace to give the former OVW Women's Champion the kind of
fucking that she and her fantastically rounded and juicy ass start to take their toll. It's not going to stop him from enjoying giving it to her however, his hands gripping and keeping her butt cheeks spread so he can keep on slamming his dick home as deep as he can into that tight back

"Just don't... Ahhhhhh! Tell Nikki I said that... Mmmmm... I don't want another beer thrown in my face..." Cena is able to add as he and the other just as hung former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion continue to drive up into her lower holes to leave her wet snatch and thick backside stuffed full of thick man meat, leaving her moaning out loudly and without any shame at all as she's getting banged more like a horny slut rather than a beautiful indy scene grappler.

"OH FUCK!! Mmmmm!! OH FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCK MMMMMMM!!" Tilting her long red haired head back and letting out a long and loud moan of lust, Taeler Hendrix starts cumming hard on the dick of Chris Jericho, unable to take any more of his deep pounding of her pussy along with the anal banging
she's getting at the same time courtesy of John Cena.

"Oooooooooooh FUUUUUUUCK!! Mmmmm... Ahhhhhh!! Mmmmm..." She gasps and groans, her curvy body still jolting against the two hunks as they continue to drive their lengths up into her even as her pussy and her back passage tighten around their members to make them groan and cause their dicks to throb.
Their final series of pumps aid the Gingerlicious beauty to ride completely an orgasm unlike anything she's felt before and will be tough to match again, but the wide and shameless smile on her sweat covered face shows she loved every moment of being fucked by the two WWE studs.

"Mmmm!! Shit!! Never blew inside of you..." Chris chuckles as he pulls his throbbing dick out of her dripping wet snatch, and similarly Cena behind her also eases his dick out of her backside.

"Ahhhhh... You boys... You boys got something for me?" Taeler gasps out as they answer her question by setting her down on the floor of the locker room, then moving in front of her as they grip their cocks and start to quickly stroke themselves off.

Brushing her long red hair back and opening her mouth wide, she soon finds out exactly what they have for her as Chris Jericho unleashes the first blast of jizz onto the side of her face, managing to aim the majority of his thick load into her mouth, and not too long after he starts letting loose
John Cena is right there with a mighty shot that splashes over her nose. Groaning at the sensation, Hendrix stays down in place as her mouth gets filled up to the point of beginning to spill over her already smudged ruby lips, and as Jericho focuses on feeding her hungry mouth his load Cena aims
his dick downward towards her large breasts, spraying the rest of his load onto those fantastic, large tits to give them a more than just decent dose of spunk each.

"Mmmmm..." Seeing the two spent studs finishing stroking off as they let go of their softening rods, she presses her lips together, swallowing down the vast amount of cum with a single, dirty gulp, and even licking her lips clean of jizz for good measure. "So... You enjoy getting Gingerlicious?"
Taeler asks with a smile as she gets up off the floor to her feet.

"Damn straight I did... Even if I'm probably going to have to give Nikki a night of make-up sex for ditching her... Again..." Cena chuckles with a smirk as he moves rather quickly to get dressed.

"Poor you... But that was damn hot one, that's for fucking sure!" Chris states with a smile. "Question is... Are you up for another round?"

"Hmmm... I could be... I do need a ride out of here since I had to ditch my friends to "hang out" with you two..." Hendrix playfully says but the way she's glancing down at his dick shows she's more than happy with that idea.

"In that case I've got a ride ready to get to the hotel... And I'm sure I can call up a couple of other guys to join us..."

"We'd better hurry out of here then... Because there's plenty of Gingerlicious to go around when there's some big cocks involved!" She says with another wide smile.

* * *

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