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RAW Sex Part 1: Slut! Slut! Slut!
by Revolution

After a recent RAW episode where Trish Stratus had directed Christian and
their 'Problem Solver' Tyson Tomko to beatdown Chris Jericho, the three
returned backstage to pack up.

"You know what, Christian? I think Tyson has proven himself," Trish said.

"I agree," Christian nodded.

"Thank you, and I wish I could beat up every fan out there that calls you
a ..." Tyson said.

"A SLUT," Trish interrupted.

"Yeah, a slut, that's so disrespectful," Tyson stated.

Trish looked over to Christian and smiled. "You've got a lot to learn Tyson.
And your reward for proving yourself is a lesson you won't soon forget," she

Tyson grabbed Trish and Christian's bags and they headed out to their
waiting limo. As the limo took them back to their hotel, Christian and
Trish playfully made out. Trish kept looking out of the corner of her
eye and catching Tyson watching. She winked at him and went back to
tonguing Christian.

In the hotel room, Tyson sets down the bags while Trish closes the door
behind the trio. Trish is looking so fine in a low cut, black belly shirt
which shows off both her big tits and her flat stomach. She's also wearing
a pair of low cut tight dark green pants that hug her shapely hips, ass and

"Tyson, T-Man, Ty, why do you think the fans chant slut at Trish?" Christian

"Because they're rude?" Tyson replied.

"No," Christian said as he yanked on Trish's blond hair, pulling her head
back, "They chant it because she's a huge fucking slut!"

"Your reward and your lesson tonight, Ty, is to learn how much of a slut I
am!" Trish said. She walked over to the big man and rubbed her hands all over
his big muscular body.

"We didn't just pick you to beat people up, I picked you because of your
size," Trish said softly. She moved down, rubbing her big chest against Ty's
crotch. She then turned around and rubbed her big ass into his crotch. "Now
let's see how big you really are," she said, unzipping Ty's fly and pulling
down his pants.

"Oh my," Trish giggled as she laid eyes on his cock. She asked Christian to
get her a ruler and he did. Trish rubbed Ty's cock a little, making sure it
was fully erect.

"12 inches," Trish announced her measurement of Ty's monster cock. Trish
dropped the ruler and went towards putting her mouth around it when Christian
yanked her forcefully away by the hair.

"Bad slut! Bad fucking slut! You don't get to suck cock that easy," Christian
scolded her.

"Take my fucking pants off," he demanded and Trish disrobed him. "You're
gonna get plenty of cock, you slut, but first crawl around and bark like a
dog for us! Bark like a dog, you slut!" Christian demanded.

Trish got down on all fours and starting barking, "Woof! Woof! Woof!"

Christian sat down on the edge of the bed and stroked his cock. "Crawl
around, keep barking," he ordered.

Trish crawled away from him, moving her sexy ass and still barking.

"Yeeah look at that fat butt!" Christian groaned as he watched his slut crawl
around and bark for him.

Trish crawled back to him and looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. "Can I
please have some cock now?" Trish asked.

Christian grabbed her face with both hands and licked her tongue. "Go on, go
suck his big dick," Christian said.

She crawled over to Tyson and got on her knees. She grabbed his massive tool
with both hands. She wrapped her lips around it, taking a few inches into her
mouth. Her soft lips dragged to the tip as she tongued his head.

"Mmmm I love to suck cock," Trish moaned. She pushed Ty's cock up and licked
every inch of it. She kissed and licked that big dick, and sucked on its

Christian then came over and grabbed Trish by the hair, "What the fuck is
this?" he asked. "Suck his huge cock like a slut! And you, you big freak,
treat her like a slut!" He demanded then went back to his seat. Trish
wrapped her lips around the big dick and started slurping away, using all
her saliva to make it a wet blowjob.

"Yeah Trish suck it good," Ty groaned.

She got some air then tried to take the 12 inch dick deep down her throat
but she gagged and pulled away! Trish tried again and gagged again. "It's
too big!" She said as she wiped away the drool from her chin.

"Yeah but you're a slut," Ty said. He grabbed Trish by the hair and forced
his massive cock deep down her throat! Trish gagged but he held it deep down
her throat, trying to force more! Finally he let go and the saliva and precum
dripped from Trish's sexy lips.

"Mmmm damnit do it again!" She said as she gasped for air.

Ty grabbed her hair and forced his huge cock back down her throat! "Ahhh god
yes you fucking whore! Fucking slut!" He grunted as she deep throated him. He
let go and Trish's eyes were watering! Tears starting to run down her face,
cum and saliva all over her face and chest.

"Take off your shirt, you little slut, don't get it dirty," Christian told

"Ah man look at those perfect tits," Tyson said as Trish took off her top.
He grabbed her and palmed her big tits, groping them then sucked and bit on
her nipples, getting them hard.

"OW! Ow yes! YES!" Trish enjoyed him being rough with her sensitive nipples.

"You love these big fake tits of yours, don't you? Yeah, only a slut would
have such nice fake tits," Ty said between sucks.

"Yeah you love that I'm a slut don't you? You love my big slutty tits, don't
you?" Trish fired back. Tyson quickly grabbed her by the hair and pushed her
down to her knees, then slammed his cock deep into her throat.

"YEAH I LOVE IT YOU SLUT!" He yelled at her as she gagged on his massive
cock. He throat fucked her longer then the last time then let her go and told
her to lay down on the bed so he could fuck her titties. Trish laid down on
the bed and Christian pulled her to the edge so her head was leaning over the
side. The massive Tyson straddled her chest and laid his big dick between her
big tits.

"Oh fuck yeah," he grunted as he started fucking Trish's tits.

"Mmm you big stud, fuck my titties!" Trish screamed.

"Lean your head back, slut," Christian said.

Trish leaned her head back and opened her mouth. Christian braced himself on
the bed and started throat fucking Trish! Trish could handle his seven incher
a little better then Tyson's twelve inch dick down her throat. Christian
pumped in and out of her mouth.

"Yeah you like that whore! My cock all in your throat, Trish! Yeah look at
you fucking slut, your mouth and your tits being fucked!" Christian degraded
her. He pulled out and let her catch her breath a little.

"Gimme more! Fuck my throat! Fuck it Christian! Stick that cock back down my
thr..." Trish was cut off by Christian gagging her with his dick again. His
balls slapped into Trish's nose with each thrust. He started fucking deeper
and faster into her throat, treating her just how she wanted.

"What a slutty whore," Tyson commented, still fucking her tits.

"Oh you think this is slutty? You ain't seen nothing yet," Christian said and
the two got off of Trish.

"Show Tyson what you get for being such aslut," Christian said. Trish took
off her pants revealing a tiny white g-string. Trish pointed down at her

"I've got a big thick sloppy pussy! When I take pictures, I always have to
keep my legs in a certain way so people can't see it. I try to hide it but I
can't! When I wear tight pants, I've got major camel toe all the time! When
I don't wear underwear on TV, you can see my pussy big time!" Trish gushed.

"You're right, I can totally see it!" Tyson remarked.

"But I figure since I'm such a slut and I can't hide my fatlips so why not
embrace them?" Trish said, looking down at her meaty pussy. The g-string rode
up as her swollen pussy lips flopped down the sides.

"You fucking whore!" Tyson shouted as he stared at her pussy.

"Yeah look at that shit! Only a hot slut like Trish was a pussy like that!
Now sit back and enjoy the show, Ty," Christian said as he bent down, stuck
out his tongue and licked Trish's sloppy pussy lips. A shiver went up Trish's
spine while Christian savoured the taste. Christian picked up Trish and sat
her on the bed.

"Spread those thighs, you fucking slut," he demanded.

"Mmmm dine on my fat pussy," Trish said as she spread her legs for him.

Christian started licking the outside of Trish's thick and juicy pussy lips
first with broad, flat strokes. Trish started to breathe deeply and close her
eyes as her extra sensitive lips were being licked. Christian started darting
his tongue in and out of Trish's cunt, getting a good taste.

"Ooohh oooh baby, eat my pussy, ohhh god," Trish sighed as she started
rubbing her hands through her blond hair.

Christian kissed down the insides of Trish's thighs, feeling how warm they
were. He then kissed up her stomach and to her big breasts. He sucked and
lightly bit Trish's nipples, getting them nice and hard. At the same time,
he started fingering her pussy, getting it real wet. Trish's breaths became
shorter and she pushed at Christian's head to go back down to her pussy. He
moved back down and went right to Trish's clit. He toyed with it, licking
around it in circles, licking over the top and around the bottom, teasing

"Yeeah you like that you fucking whore," he said.

"Ohh fuck yes, just make me cum, eat my sloppy pussy," Trish begged.

Christian buried his head in Trish's crotch, dining on her fat snatch. He
started sucking her clit in his mouth and licking it fast with the tip of
his tongue. Trish squirmed and moaned in pleasure.

"Ahhh ohhh fuck yes right there! RIGHT THERE! God yesss! Don't stop!" Trish

Christian didn't stop as he kept sucking on Trish's clit then licking it hard
and fast, trying to make her cum. Trish was rubbing her hard nipples, adding
to the sensation.

CUUUUMMMINNG!" Trish exclaimed! Her soft thighs pressed at both sides of
Christian's head as she began squirting hot juices into his face! He didn't
stop at that clit, almost torturing Trish. Trish was squirming and screaming,
grabbing at Christian's hair until he stopped. She breathed deeply and tried
to relax.

"Ohh god, ohh shit, ohhh god," she muttered under her breath.

Christian rubbed Trish's juices onto his hard cock and started stroking
it but Trish quickly grabbed it from him.

"Allow me," Trish said.

"Jerk me off onto your loose fucking cunt," he demanded.

Trish inched towards the edge of the counter with her pussy and started
jerking Christian's cock.

"Yeeeah bitch, stroke my fat dick," he moaned.

"You liked eating my fat juicy pussy, didn't you?" Trish asked as she stroked
his big dick.

"Mmmm damn Trish, it tasted so good, so much pussy to eat," he answered.

"Then cum for me, you big stud, cum all over my cunt," she requested with a
coy grin.

"Oh fuck Trish I will, I'm so close, keep stroking my cock, yeeah," he

Trish rubbed Christian's cock head against her fat pussy lips as she stroked
it nice and fast. He started getting weak in the knees as his eyes were
locked on Trish's sloppy pussy.

"Aww yeah fucking dirty slut, I'm gonna cuuummmm!" He grunted.

Trish jerked his cock, and the cum starting flying out onto her pussy.

"Yeeah all over your dirty over fucked slutty sloppy pussy!" He shouted at
her as he bucked his hips.

Trish squeezed out the last drop of cum onto her snatch then licked some
drops of jizz off her fingers.

"Holy fuck that was hot," Tyson said.

"Yeah man, go loosen that slut's pussy some more with your big dick. She's
all warmed up now," Christian said as he took a seat and relaxed.

"Are you ready for this?" Tyson asked Trish.

"Fuck yeah! I want that big cock in me! I wanna be fucked like the slut that
I am!" Trish demanded.

Tyson got down on the bed as Trish spread her legs for him. He pushed a few
inches of his big cock inside of her. "Oh damn is that wet," he said.

"Gimme it all! Shove all of that cock in me!" Trish insisted.

Tyson slowly inched his cock deep inside of Trish as she moaned in approval,
"Oh yeah! Oh oh yeah! Deeper! Oh! Deeper! Ow yeah! Deep! DEEP! ALL THE WAY

"Yeeeah fuck yes! You like that you fucking skank?!" Tyson asked her.

"Mmmmhmmmm! Fuck me with that huge thick cock!" Trish replied.

Tyson grabbed Trish's lean waist, just above her hips and started pumping
his dick in and out of her wet hole. Trish rubbed her clit as he slammed his
giant cock inside of her.

"OH GOD YOU'RE SO BIG! OH MY GOD!" Trish screamed as she grimaced taking a
pounding from such a big cock. He leaned forward and grabbed Trish's throat
as he slammed HARDER into her making her scream even louder!

"You're such a fucking slut! Only a slut could handle this!" He told her.

COCKED FREAK!" Trish yelled back.

Tyson grabbed onto her big tits for leverage, squeezing them in his big hands
as he just jackhammered that pussy as hard as he could. He just destroyed her
thick pussy with his hard fucking.

"Hey Tyson! Lay down, let that little slut ride your dick," Christian

Tyson laid down, wiping the sweat from his brow. Trish was also glistening
with sweat from being pounded. Trish gagged on his dick, sucking her juices
off of it.

"Yeeah taste yourself, slut," he groaned. He held up his twelve inches as
Trish straddled it, lowering herself onto it.

"Ooooohhhh my fucking god!" Trish moaned as she took it all inside of her.
She started grinding her hips, moving that big cock around in her slutty
pussy. "Fuuuck yes, fuuuck that's so good," Trish sighed.

Tyson pulled Trish down towards him so he could squeeze those huge tits and
suck on Trish's tasty nipples.

"Mmmm yeeeah, now ride my cock! Ride it like the ho that you are!" He

Trish placed her hands on his chiseled chest and started bouncing up and down
on his cock. She ran her hands through her gorgeous blond hair and her eyes
rolled back as she rode that big pole. She had never had one so big inside of
her and she was loving it. Her screaming had stopped, she was almost too
orgasmic to get any words out.

"That's the way, ride it slut, ride my cock," he groaned just looking at this
beauty riding his dick. When she started to slow down, Tyson sat up, holding
Trish around the waist and then standing up. She wrapped her legs around him
and held onto his neck. He held Trish by her ample ass and started bouncing
her up and down on his cock.

"Oh my god! oh my god! ohhh fuck! ohhhhh yess! I LOVE YOUR BIG FUCKING COCK!"
She moaned.

"Yeeah fucking take it you slut, fucking take it you hot slut ohhh god!" He
grunted. His knees were starting to get weak and his balls tightening with
each bounce of this blond slut.

"Arhhh fuck I'm gonna cum! I wanna cum on your face!" He exclaimed as he let
Trish down. She dropped to her knees in front of him.

"Cum on my face! Shoot it all over my face!" She demanded as she opened her

"Dirty ... Filthy ... Slut! AGGHHH GOD! OH GOD! FUCK!" He grunted as he
pumped a massive load of cum from his equally massive dick all over Trish's
pretty face! It sprayed all over her eyes, her mouth, her hair, and dripped
down onto her chest. She grabbed him around the waist and forced his
softening dick down her throat and held it there.

"Oh stop! Oh god that's too much! You slutty whore! Fuck you Trish!" He
moaned as she tortured his ultra sensitive dick. She finally let go, once
she had sucked it clean and then wiped the cum from her eyes and smiled.

"Good slut," Christian said as he got up.

"Now go clean yourself up!" He told her. Trish just kept smiling as she went
off to the bathroom.

"God damn look at that ass. I gotta fuck that ass," Tyson said, admiring
Trish's perfect backside.

"You help me get some more wins, and then maybe you'll get a piece of that.
And let me tell you, if you thought her pussy was slutty, wait until you find
out what she can fit in that juicy ass!" Christian said.

"Damn, I can't wait. You sure know how to motivate!" Tyson said as thought of
what he would do to that ass not if - but when - he earns it!

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