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RAW Sex Part 2: Gail Versus Stacy
by Revolution

During the May 10th edition of Monday Night RAW, Stacy Keibler was out in
the ring to promote the new Divas South Of The Border DVD when she was
interrupted by Gail Kim and Molly Holly. Gail complained that Stacy was
getting all the attention and that she was hotter then Stacy. Gail and
Molly attacked Stacy which led to Jazz, Nidia, and Victoria getting
involved as well. Later in the show, there was a six woman tag team match
where Gail ended up making Victoria submit. After the show, however, the
issue between Gail Kim and Stacy Keibler hadn't been resolved.

Stacy Keibler, in her black spandex and leather halter top and booty shorts,
approached Gail Kim, in her tight red halter top with the cleavage cut out
and black booty shorts.

"Just what is your problem with me, Gail, I never started anything with you,"
Stacy confronted Gail.

"It's all about you, Stacy. Stacy this, Stacy that, look at my legs, look
at my ass, you're always hogging the camera Stacy. You're always strutting
around here like you're the hottest Diva," Gail ranted.

"I do not. I can't help it if the fans think I'm hotter then you," Stacy

"That's just it, you get all the attention from the fans when I'm CLEARLY way
hotter then you," Gail proclaimed.

"Oh please," Stacy responded.

"Excuse me?"

"I tried to be nice to you, Gail, I tried to resolve this but honey, you are
not hotter then me!"

Gail grabbed Stacy by the hair and threatened to beat her up again but Johnny
Nitro quickly separated them. "Ladies, ladies, cool it, alright, this is not
how we settle things around here," Johnny said.

"You know what, Johnny? I think I have a solution. You find any, let's make
it, four guys, and we'll let them decide which one of us is hotter," Stacy

"Gail, is that ok with you?" Johnny asked.

"Yeah why not, I can't lose. Just make sure they're four ordinary guys, not
wrestlers, they're biased towards this bitch," Gail shot back.

"Please ladies, just try and keep it civil. I'll go get some guys to decide
this once and for all. Man, EB would be proud of me!" Johnny said as he
rushed off.

A few minutes later...

Johnny Nitro returned with four random guys that he found. Two fans, Dan and
Ryan, and two people from the arena crew, Sam and Matt. Johnny explained to
them that they were to judge who they thought was hotter - Gail Kim or Stacy

"Ladies why don't you make your case for why you should be picked?" Johnny

"Where do we begin? I have these long luscious 41 1/2 inch legs that lead up
to a great little ass. I'm tall, blond, and beautiful. I can be cute, I can
be sexy, I can be anything you want me to be," Stacy told them.

"I think it's obvious who's the hotter diva. I'm a tight young little Asian
package. Look at this body. Look at this tight ass. Look at these big breasts.
You know who's hotter, don't you?" Gail asked with confidence.

"Yes I do, let me place my vote for you Gail," Johnny said.

"Stacy!" said Dan.

"Stacy!" said Sam.

"Gail!" said Ryan.

And the final vote from Matt went to ... "You're smoking Gail but my vote
goes to Stacy!" he said.

"Well sorry Gail, but by a vote of 3 to 2, Stacy Keibler is hotter, I guess,"
Johnny said.

"Wait just a minute," said Gail, "Give me one chance to convince you that I'M

Gail walked over to Matt and grabbed his belt. She undid it then unzipped his
fly, letting his pants fall to his ankles. Gail yanked down his boxers and
dropped to her knees.

"Hey that's not fair!" Stacy exclaimed.

"If you think you can suck dick better then me, let's go, but if you can't
then shut your little mouth," Gail said.

"FINE!" Stacy huffed, "Take off your pants boys!"

The other four guys dropped trough in a hurry. Gail and Stacy were upping the
ante in this battle of egos. Gail grabbed Matt's flaccid cock and rubbed it
against her heaving breasts. As it started to chub up, she stroked the shaft
and rubbed it around her barely covered cleavage. His cock just kept growing
and growing until it was rock hard. "Mmmm that's a big one," Gail said.

"Nine inches," Matt replied.

Gail started licking and sucking that big nine inch dick. She was very wet,
slobbering all over Matt's cock with a sloppy blowjob. Meanwhile, Stacy was
going to work on Johnny's dick. She wrapped her lips around it and licked it
all over while she sucked it. She sucked it like it was a lollipop, long and
slow sucks and licks.

They only spent about two minutes on each guy's cock. Stacy used the same
technique for each guy, sensually devouring their cocks and looking up at
them with her innocent eyes. She was trying to get them off by the mere
thought of having Stacy Keibler suck their dick. Gail, on the other hand,
really whored it up. She took off her top and really used those big fake
tits, rubbing their cocks all over them and between them as she blew them.
Gail sucked and licked their balls, trying to give the best head she could

"Wow - it's time to uh, vote, mine is staying with Gail," Johnny said.

"Gail!" Ryan said.

"Stacy!" Dan voted.

"Gail!" Sam voted.

"GAIL!" Matt voted.

"That's 4-1, I win, take that Stacy!" Gail gloated, wiping some precum from
her chin.

"Well it's obvious sucking dick is your specialty so that wasn't fair," Stacy

"Oh really? Everything is my specialty because I'm hotter then you! What do
you think you're better at, Stacy? As the old saying goes, bitch, I can do
anything you can do better!" Gail fired back.

Stacy slipped off her shoes then slowly peeled off her black spandex booty
shorts revealing nothing underneath. She slowly stood back up, showing off
her bare ass to the guys.

"Everybody loves my ass and I bet that fucking me in the ass is better then
fucking you in the ass!" Stacy proclaimed.

"Whatever you want bitch, I'll get fucked in the ass!" Gail responded.

Stacy leaned up against the wall, spreading her feet just past shoulder
width. "Come over here Matt and stick that big dick in my ass," Stacy said.

Matt walked over and got behind Stacy, he spread her cute little ass cheeks
and worked his cock into her ass. Stacy braced herself against the wall as
she felt Matt's dick inside her ass.

"Yeeeah baby, that's good isn't it? Your dick feels good in my ass, doesn't
it?" Stacy asked, looking back at him.

"Mmm damn that's a tight fucking ass, Stacy, ohhh fuck is that good," he
groaned as he pumped in and out of her.

"Whatever," Gail huffed as she dropped down to all fours.

"Come on Johnny, look at my ass, you know it's better, get your cock in
there," Gail said. Johnny got down behind Gail and shoved his dick in her
tight Asian ass.

"That's it! FUCK ME! Fuck my ass! Fuck it as hard as you want!" Gail
encouraged. Johnny grabbed onto her buns as he fucked Gail's little ass.

"I think you have a good idea of what it's like to fuck my ass, Sam you come
on next," Stacy said. Sam came over and told her to lay down on her back.
Stacy laid down as Sam entered her ass in the missionary position.

"ohhh yeeah I like that," she moaned. Stacy rested her long legs around Sam's
neck as he fucked her in the ass. He rubbed those breathtaking legs up and
down as he penetrated her. Ryan was next up for Gail. He kept her in the
doggystyle position as he got a feel for that ass. SMACK! He smacked Gail's

"Yeeeah smack my ass! Smack it hard and fuck it harder!" Gail demanded. Sam
pulled at Gail's hair with one hand as he kept smacking her ass with the
other. Each cheek he smacked as he fucked the little Asian hottie. Dan took
over on Stacy and he grabbed her ankles and sucked on Stacy's toes as he ass
fucked her.

"OOoohh yeeeah that feels nice, ohhh god, ohhh my ass is loving your dick,"
Stacy cooed.

"Fuck Stacy you're so beautiful, god I your ass is just too good," Dan
moaned. He let go of her ankles and braced himself on the ground so he could
really give Stacy's tight ass a hard pounding. Gail told Matt to get on the
ground so she could ride his cock. Gail climbed on top of him and lowered her
ass onto his thick rod. She grabbed her own hair as she bounced up and down
on his dick. He reached up and massaged her beautiful big breasts as they

"Look at my tits and grab my ass," she told him.

"Ohhh fuck look at you! Look at you!" Matt kept saying as he grabbed onto her
tight butt and stared at her. Stacy flipped over onto all fours for Ryan. She
wiggled her little butt, enticing him to fuck it.

"Go ahead, do what you've dreamed of," she said. Ryan worked his cock into
Stacy's ass and bucked his hips. He grabbed at the little meat on Stacy's
buns that he'd admired for so long. Gail hopped on Sam's cock next, giving
him a good ride. He gave her ass a few hard smacks!

"Ride my cock Gail! Ride it with your tight ass!" He told her.

"Unhhh huhhh your cock is good baby," she moaned in approval.

"Johnny, you're last," Stacy said. He got down behind her and worked himself
into her butt.

"So I want you to fuck my ass the hardest! Just pound my ass!" Stacy
demanded. He grabbed onto her waist and started pounding Stacy's ass harder
and harder! Gail laid down on her back and told Dan to give her a hard
pounding too!

"You can hold onto my big titties while you fuck my ass, something you
couldn't do with Stacy!" Gail said. Dan grabbed those big jugs and held on
as he started slamming Gail's ass.


"ohhh fuck yeah Stacy, you fucking take it so good, fuck your ass is so
good!" Johnny moaned.

"Just shut up and fuck me harder!" Stacy demanded.

"Come on Dan! Unhhh god is your cock good but fuck me harder then he's
fucking her!" Gail demanded.


The two egotistical divas got slammed in their little asses for a good minute
or two before the other guys called the round, not wanting those two to get
more time then them!

"Phew! That was a hard round," Stacy said.

"Well I know I just beat you at your own game, come on guys, you know my ass
was better!" Gail said.

"Every man that's ever seen me wants my ass, now guys do your voting," Stacy

"Stacy!" Johnny said.

"Stacy!" Matt said.

"Gail!" Dan said.

"Stacy!" Ryan said.

"Gail!" Sam said.

"SEE I WIN!" Stacy exclaimed. "That's twice I've beaten you! Give it up

"No way! Getting fucked in the ass is nothing. This is something, Ryan lay
down," Gail instructed. Ryan laid down on his back and Gail got ontop of him
in a reverse cowgirl, lodging his cock way up her ass.

"Now one of you get over here and stick your dick in my ass too!" Gail

"Wait a minute, you want two cocks in your ass? I'm not down with that,"
Johnny said.

"Well who is?" Gail asked and all the other guys put their hands up. Dan
came over and was willing to double fuck Gail's ass with Ryan. "Go ahead,
stick it in there too," she said. Dan had a tough time getting his cock

"Come on, just rub it around and find the spot, get it in there," Gail said.
Dan poked around until he got his way deep inside Gail's already filled ass.

"Yeeah yeeah there it is, that's it, doesn't that feel good? Both your cocks
in my ass? Don't you like that?" Gail asked.

"Ohhh god yes Gail! I didn't know how good it could feel," Dan moaned.

"Yeeah that's it now rub those cocks in and out of my ass!" Gail instructed.
Ryan and Dan both started pumping their cocks, sliding them in and out of
Gail's ass at the same time.

SO HOT!" Gail moaned.

He and Dan double teamed Gail's ass for a good minute or two as all three of
them were moaning and screaming in pleasure.

"Oh oh I'm gonna blow!" Dan said.

"Cum on my tits!" Gail said.

Dan whipped his cock out of her double stuffed ass and unloaded onto her big

"Shiiit," Ryan warned.

Gail got off his dick and bent over as he shot off onto her hot little ass!

"I've got two votes right there, Stacy. I do that again and I've won," Gail

"I do not lose," Stacy said and she told Sam to sit down. She got down on his
cock and told Matt to get inside her ass too! Stacy was going to match Gail
and take two cocks in her ass at once!

"Oh oh oh oh OHHHH HOLY MOTHERFUCKER!" Stacy yelled out as Matt got his cock
in her ass too!

"Damn," Gail commented, amazed that Stacy could take it.

"My cock! My cock!" Sam started saying in pain.

"That's so fucking tight, our dicks are squished, it hurts, Stacy," he said.

"Wanna stop?" she asked.

"God no!" he responded. Matt held onto Stacy's legs as he started to slowly
pump his cock in and out of Stacy's super tight double stuffed asshole.

"Unnhhhh fuuuck me! Ohhh god! So much cock in my ass! UNHHUHHHH!" Stacy
moaned and grimaced.

"Good god Stacy take our two cocks in your tight little ass! Ohhh fuuuck
yes!" Matt moaned. Sam started to move his hips so his cock was slowly
sliding back and forth. Both of their cocks were moving in and out of
Stacy's asshole at the same time. They could only double fuck her tight
little ass slowly because it was just so tight! All of a sudden, Matt
closed his eyes and stopped pumping.

"AHHHHHHH!" He shouted as he unloaded his cum deep into Stacy's asshole!

"OHHHH FUCK!" Sam groaned as he began cumming inside her ass too! Matt's cock
slipped out as Sam finished cumming inside of Stacy. Gail Kim rushed over and
grabbed both of their dicks. She held them together and wrapped her mouth
around them, sucking all the cum off their softening rods.

"Fuck it Stacy, you win," Gail said. She then buried her face in Stacy's ass
and licked the cum from it.

"Ooh ohhh my god, no you win you win, ohhhhh god!" Stacy moaned as she
grabbed at Gail's hair feeling Gail's tongue in her sensitive asshole.

"Ok Gail wins!" Johnny Nitro said. He then grabbed Gail by the hair and came
in her mouth!

"You fucking hot bitches, damn," he said as he shot off in Gail's mouth.
Stacy stopped Gail from swallowing then tongue kissed her, swapping some of
the cum into her mouth. They both swallowed their share of the load and
kissed again.

"I think we've solved this problem," Johnny said.

"Yes we did, I knew I was the hottest," Gail said, putting on her clothes and
walking out of the room.

"Why'd you let her win, Stacy?' Johnny asked.

"First, so she doesn't attack me again and second, I LET her win because we
all know that I'm the hottest diva," Stacy smirked.

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