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Raw's Number One Announcer 1: Eye Of The Hurricane
by Big Chief (

It was Monday night before RAW and Terri had just finished interview the
Hurricane for a segment of Sunday Night Heat. At the end of the interview
The Hurricane goes to push her away, but instead his hand just rested on
her right breast. The superhero then looked at her for a moment with a
slight look of embarrassment on his face. He then removed his hand and
left as Terri had a slight look of shock and intrigue on her face.

"Good job as always Terri. I'll see you later," said the cameraman as he
left the locker room. With everyone now gone from the room Terri sat down
on a steel chair that was next to the lockers. She then grabbed onto the
zipper of the Air Force pilot's jumpsuit she had on and pulled it open to
expose her bare breasts, revealing exactly what she had expected: her
nipples were rock hard. With a smile on her face she pinched both, sending
a zap of pleasure up her spine. All of a sudden she realized she better
stop what she was doing since anyone could walk in and catch her. She then
zipped the suit back up and left the locker room.

Walking down the halls, Terri just thought about how good it felt to have
the Hurricane's hand on her massive chest. The thoughts that were running
through her head didn't do much to help her, as it just made her get even
more excited. When she finally made it back to the women's locker room she
felt like she was going to explode. Unfortunately for her when she entered
the room she heard the showers begin to turn on. She stood in the room for
a moment before making up her mind.

"Ah fuck it," she said out loud as she quickly unzipped the jumpsuit and
laid down on the floor. Pulling the sides of the suit open, she quickly shot
her right hand in between her legs, while her left hand made its way to her
left nipple. She was not at all surprised when her right hand was met with
a familiar wetness, as she was already very excited. Her middle and index
fingers quickly darted in and out of her tight pussy, as she tried to cum
before the mystery woman finished her shower. As her right fingers worked
downstairs her left ones were busy pinching at her aching nipples.

As her busy hands worked their magic Terri bit down on her lower lip, trying
not to let out any loud moans that might alert the woman in the shower as to
what was going on. With every movement of her tiny hands, she got just a
little bit closer to getting the orgasm she so desired. After a few more
strokes Terri felt her pussy start to squeeze her fingers, the beginning
sign that her orgasm was very close. Just as she was about the revel in the
feeling of a climax she heard the sound she was dreading: the shower was
turned off.

The tiny blond yanked her fingers from her pussy and zipped her jumpsuit back
up. Getting up to her feet, she grabbed a nearby towel and cleaned her juices
from her hand. With the evidence now gone from her hand she tossed the towel
into her bag and started to look through it. Moments later Trish Stratus came
out from the shower with a towel wrapped around her wet, athletic body.

"Oh hey Terri. I didn't know you were here."

"Hey Trish, I just got in. I was thinking about taking a nice long shower."

"Oh so you're done for the night uh?"

"Yeah I just had to do an interview with Shane for Heat and that's it"

"Well I hope you enjoy the rest of the night," replied Trish as she removed
her towel, exposing her nude, tight body. Normally this wouldn't bother
Terri, but the condition she was in, it took all of her will power to not
tackle Trish and start groping her. As Trish began to get dressed, Terri
once again unzipped her jumpsuit and after grabbing a towel quickly moved
into the shower. Once she got the water temperature right she moved her
petite body under the warm flow. Despite the fact that the warm water
increased her arousal, Terri decided against finishing what she started in
the locker room. Now that she was in the shower it would be harder to hear
someone enter, thus increasing the chance of getting caught.

Once she cleaned her whole body, Terri turned the water off and grabbed her
towel, wrapping it around her tiny body. Upon re-entering the locker room
she noticed Trish was gone, which let her give a sigh of relief. Removing
the towel, she began to dry off further and again had to use all of her will
power to keep her hands from diving in between her legs. Once she was dried
she tossed the towel next to her bag and grabbed the jumpsuit and put it
back on. After putting on a pair of sneakers she put her hair in a ponytail
and left the locker room.

Walking through the building she stopped at a nearby monitor, where the Chris
Jericho and Hurricane match was being show, coming to an end. The Hurricane
climbed the top rope as the arrogant Jericho began to get to his feet. With
"The King of the World" on his feet the Hurricane dove off the ropes to
deliver a flying cross body block, but unfortunately for the superhero, Y2J
rolled through, applying the Walls of Jericho. After a few moments the
Hurricane had to give into the pain and started slamming his hand to the mat
in submission. As Jericho celebrated, Terri decided the best thing to do
would take care of her "problem" with the Hurricane tonight. As the Hurricane
made his way towards the back Terri decided to wait a bit in the women's
locker room, so he could rest up a bit.

* * *

It had been 30 minutes into the beginning of RAW when Terri finally
decided to pay the Hurricane a special visit. As she left the locker room
she couldn't help but think what she would do to him when she got him alone.
Walking through the halls she saw the majority of the locker room either
sitting around monitors or talking about upcoming matches. She then saw
that Arn Anderson, one of the road agents, had just finished talking with
Steven Richards and she decided to ask him if he'd seen the Hurricane.

"Hey Arn, have you see the Hurricane around anywhere?"

"Yeah, he went back to the showers. What are you looking for him for?"

"Oh I just forgot to ask him something after we finished taping the interview
for Heat. Thanks for the help Arn."

"No problem Terri."

As she headed towards the locker room her smile grew. By the looks of all
the people in the halls it was a very good chance that she would catch the
Hurricane alone in the locker room. When she came up to the locker room,
Terri knocked, but didn't get an answer. After another knock with out an
answer, she looked around the hall and then proceeded to enter the room.
Once inside Terri saw the emptied room with the fait sound of a shower
running in the background. Deciding this was her golden opportunity she
turned around and noticing the door had a lock, she flipped it close. After
waiting a few minutes she heard the shower turn off so she grabbed a near
by chair and took a seat. Moments later the Hurricane came from the shower
room with a towel around his waist and was startled by Terri's presence in
the room.

"Geez Terri, you scared the crap out of me. What the heck are you doing in

"Oh hi Shane. I just wanted to come down here and talk with you,"

"You wanted to talk to me now? What about?"

"Well just this and that. Maybe about the ending of the interview we did
earlier tonight."

"What about it? Did I grab you too hard on that last part? Look I'm sorry, I
was nervous and," but Terri cut him off and got to her feet.

"Hey Shane don't worry, I'm not at all bothered by it. As a matter of face
it's all I've been thinking about since. Having your strong hand on my chest
got me really excited."

"Um Terri I don't think this is a good time for this," said a nervous
Hurricane, "I mean I'm only in a towel and we're in the middle of the locker

"Oh on the contrary Shane, I think this is a perfect time and place. The room
is empty and the door is locked so no one will walk in," she then unzipped
the jumpsuit, exposing her bare chest and flat stomach.

"What's the matter Shane, don't you like my body?" As she said this she
brought her hands to her chest and tweaked her nipples. The Hurricane just
stood where he was, staring in shock at how bold Terri was being. "Come on
Shane don't you want to fuck me?" Again he just stood there, not able to
say a word. Terri then noticed part of his was in fact moving, more
specifically his dick, which had formed a slight tent in the towel around
his waist. With a smile on her face she moved closer towards him.

"Well I guess you really don't have to say a single word. It looks like your
mini Hurricane is doing all of the talking for you." She then started to rub
his "little hurricane" through the towel, with her tiny right hand. When he
was finally going to say something, Terri cut him off by locking into a
passionate kiss with him. As she continued to rub him, she probed his mouth
with her very skilled tongue. At first her tongue found nothing, but after a
few moments he finally started to use his own tongue to wrestle with hers. He
then put his hands on either side of her face, amazed at how passionate of a
kisser she really was. As his hands held onto her face, her right hand moved
up a bit and undid his towel, letting it fall to the floor, exposing his
semi-hard cock.

Finally breaking kiss so he could catch his breath, the Hurricane said
nothing as he smiled down at Terri's glowing face. Taking this as a go ahead,
Terri wrapped her left hand around his member and began to gently stroke it.
With in a matter of seconds he swelled to his full 8 inches, causing Terri's
smile to grow even bigger. Removing her hand, the little blonde lowered
herself onto her knees so that she was at eye level with his rigid shaft.
With the Hurricane looking down at her, Terri wrapped her hand around the
base of his cock and began licking up and down the underside of his shaft.
As she continued to lick him her other hand found its way to his balls and
began to gently squeeze them.

When she heard the superhero start to grunt, she decided it was time to
further her actions. In one skillfully slutty move she engulfed his entire
length, removing her hand so she could get the whole length. Wasting little
time, Terri began to slowly move her head, starting one of her expert
blowjobs. With hands free, Terri placed them on the Hurricane's bare butt
in order to get some better leverage.

"Oh god Terri, your mouth feels so great. Your really k-know how to s-suck,"
he mumbled as he put his hands onto her blond head. Getting the message, she
sped up her motions, sending her man into a new world of pleasure. With in a
matter of minutes Terri felt Shane's body tense and his hands grab onto her
ponytail. Being the sex expert that she was, Terri knew what was on the way
and sped up even more. With one loud grunt the Hurricane shot his first
load, painting the back of the she-devil's throat. Stream after stream
followed, hitting the back of her throat and then sliding down, feeding the
sex monster deep inside her. When she thought he had shot his last bit of
cum, Terri pulled her head back, but once his cock left her mouth it shot
its final stream right across her lips. With his mind now cleared he looked
down at Terri with his cum on her lips.

"Oh geez Terri, I'm sorry about that."

"Hey don't worry about it, not every shot can be a bulls eye," she replied
moving her tongue around her lips, causing the white liquid to disappear.

"Now Shane, usually I love having my pussy eaten, but in your case I just
want that nice hard cock inside my tight wet pussy." As she said this she
stood back up and started to slide her jumpsuit down to the floor. With
the suit now off, Shane could see her bald wet pussy and his softening
cock quickly sprang back to life.

"Ok superhero, lay down on the floor." Shane then obeyed her request and
laid down on the floor with his dick straight up like a little mini tower.
She then stood over the laid out Shane Helms and began to lower herself
into a squatting position. She then felt the tip of his dick start to push
into her pussy. In one daring move, she put her hands on his chest and
"kicking" both feet back, causing her to drop to her knees, filling her up
with his entire length.

"Oh god I love the feeling of being completely filled with a nice big cock!"
Not saying a word, Shane grabbed both checks of her ass and started thrusting
his hips upwards.

"Oh, a little impatient are we? Well I love that in a new fuck. Come on baby,
show me the power of the Hurricane!"

Still saying nothing he continued to move into her, watching how her big
round breasts jiggled just a bit with each thrust. Mesmerized by the gravity
defying globes, he moved his right hand from her butt to her right breast.
As he continued to thrust into her, he began to pinch her rock hard nipple
between his index and middle fingers before switching to her left one. The
pleasure Terri was feeling was something she had not felt in such a long
time. Loving the way Shane's fingers felt on her nipples, Terri decided to
return the favor, pinching both of his nipples at the same time.

"Oh god Terri you really are such a horny little she-devil!"

"Yeah Shane, you like when I pinch your nipples while you shove that big cock
inside me? God it feels so good! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH YYYYEEEAAAAHHH!!!"

Despite having him pumping into her, Terri was not getting fully penetrated
like she wanted. Getting back to a squatting position, she stood back up,
removing Shane's cock from her pussy and taking her hands from his nipples.
Looking up, Shane saw her walk over to a steel chair and bent over, leaning
on the backrest. With her tight round ass now sticking out, she looked over
her shoulder.

"Well big boy, are you just going to lay there or are you going to come over
here and finish what you started?" Shane quickly got to his feet and walked
over to the bending diva, her ass just begging for his cock. He then guided
his head back into her wet pussy and with one thrust, slammed back into her.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH YYYYEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!! I knew this position would be a lot
better! MMMMMMMM!!!!" she said with a smile on her face. Grabbing onto her
ass, Shane began pumping into her, even faster then before, thanks to the
position he was now in. As she was getting drilled, Terri realized she was
right in switching positions, as it somehow seemed that he was able to push
more of himself into her tiny body. With his cock slamming into her, Terri
gripped onto the top of the chair so hard she thought she snap the metal
back from the frame.


The moans that were coming from this horny little thing made Shane go even
wilder with lust, and he knew it would not be much longer before he spewed.
However before he could blow, Terri's pussy clamped down even tighter and
her body began to shake as her own orgasm took over her tiny body.

was being put on his dick was too much for Shane and he knew he was about to



Not in a position to argue, he pulled out of her pussy and after one stroke
with his hand, stream after stream started to shoot out, covering Terri's
tight ass. As he continued to paint her ass and lower back a protein white,
Terri started coming down from her own orgasm. Looking over her shoulder
again, she saw the last drop shoot from his dick and felt as it landed right
in between her shoulder blades. Exhausted, Shane fell back onto the floor,
landing on hi butt. With a smile Terri started to rub the white treasure
into her skin, giving her butt and lower back a shinny look. Standing
straight up, Terri felt the shot on her shoulder blades start to slide down
her back and trickle into her ass crack. Turning around she looked down at
Shane with a smile still on her face.

"Shane, that was absolutely amazing. You really are a superhero," she then
walked towards the shower and yet again looked back at Shane, "Why don't
you join me in the shower and help me clean up." She then continued towards
the shower. Shane then slowly got back to his feet and followed the horny
she-devil, as he realized he'd found his own form of kryptonite.


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