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Raw's Number One Announcer Part 2: A Bit Of Vitamin C
by Big Chief (

It had been a week since Terri got to go one on one with the WWE's local
superhero, The Hurricane. Despite the fact that she had an amazing orgasm,
she intended it to be a one-time thing and decided to stick to that decision.
Anyways, she had a new man in her cross hairs and that man was the self
proclaimed "King of the World" Chris Jericho. Over the past few weeks she had
interviewed him for RAW and each time she would get a big excited. The only
problem was she was only able to find him when it was time for the
interviews. She knew that the only way to get a hold of him would be to find
out a placed he'd be at and get there before him. After thinking a bit she
got an idea on how to catch Y2J. She would find out when his final segment
for the night was and get to the hotel before it ended.

Since the RAW dark matches had just begun and she knew it'd be a while till
Jericho left, Terri decided to go back to the locker room. As she entered the
room she heard the shower running and with a giggle, thought it was a good
idea she didn't need finger herself like she did last week. As she went to
her bag to get a magazine, she could have sworn she heard a whimper. Thinking
she was just hearing things, she grabbed the muscle magazine and sat down to
look through it. As she began to read she was interrupted with a loud, "OH
YEAH!" coming from the showers. A smile then came across her face when she
realized that one of her fellow divas must be masturbating in the showers.
With the curious nature she had, Terri put the magazine down and started
moving toward the entrance to the showers.

As her head slowly peered around the corner she was surprised at what she
saw inside. Standing against the far wall was a nude Lita, but the thing that
surprised Terri was that Victoria was on her knees, eating the redhead out.
She had known that Lita was into girls from personal experience, but she had
no idea about Victoria. Noticing that Lita had her eyes closed as she moaned,
Terri decided to entertain herself to this site. Taking her right hand, she
slid it down the front of her black spandex pants and into her panties,
feeling that she was already wet. She then started quickly darting her
fingers in and out of her tight hole while watching the two women.

As she slowly worked her was to an orgasm, she let out soft moans, trying not
to make them too loud. Just then as she continued her actions, Lita's eyes
opened and she looked straight at Terri. Being to into what she was doing,
Terri couldn't stop, but she was relieved when the moaning Lita just winked
at her with a lustful look. Seconds later Terri felt her pussy squeeze down
on her fingers and knew her orgasm was on the way. With her fingers still
inside, Terri carefully moved back into the locker room. Getting to a chair
she sat down and grabbed a towel, putting it over her mouth as her moans
started to gain volume.

Biting onto the white cloth, Terri moaned into the towel as her body shook
and her other hand became wet in her juices. The euphoric feeling washed over
her body for what seemed like hours before she finally began regaining her
senses. As her quivering body began to calm she pulled her hand from her
pants, brining it to her lips. Taking her index and middle fingers into her
mouth, she savored the taste of her own pussy. Just as she finished licking
her fingers clean she heard Lita's moans start to come form the showers.
Knowing that the redhead was cumming, she grabbed the towel again and wiped
the saliva from her fingers. She then got up, as she didn't want to be there
when the two women finally came out.

Stepping out into the hallway, Terri had a wicked smile on her face as she
thought how she had to talk with Lita later about what she just witnessed.
That would wait though as she had one goal for the night and that was getting
a bit of Vitamin C. After double-checking that she was done for the night,
she caught a cab back to the hotel to prepare for Y2J's arrival.

* * *

Terri walked through the lobby of the luxurious hotel and made her way to the
main desk where a young man of about 25 was. With a big smile she leaned over
the desk to show off a large amount of cleavage.

"Um hello miss, can I help you with something?"

"Oh yes, I wanted to know if I could get an extra key for Chris Jericho's

"Are you staying with Mr. Jericho miss?"

"No, but I was planning something special for him and I wanted to make it a

"I'm sorry miss, but I don't think I'm aloud to give you his room key unless
you're staying with him."

"Oh pretty please. I would really appreciate it if you could do this for
me. I promise I won't do anything bad," she said as she leaned in farther,
pushing her chest farther out. She then gave him an innocent girl look,
which finally did it. He looked around and after looking up Jericho's room
number grabbed the extra key.

"Here you go. Just make sure you don't let anyone know I gave it to you," he
said as he handed over the key card. Terri then leaned all the way over the
counter and gave the clerk a peck on the cheek.

"Thank you so much you sweetheart." She then made her way to the elevators
to prepare for the King of the World's arrival. After funning the credit
card sized key through the electronic lock, she opened the door and walked
in. Looking around she noticed that it was about 11:00, which meant Jericho
would be close to leaving the arena. She then kicked her shoes off and
pulled down the tight black pant along with her panties to expose her
freshly shaven pussy. Earlier that day she shaved it bald just for this
occasion. Next she pulled off her tight belly shirt to expose her braless
chest with the nipples already rock hard. Leaving the clothes where she
dropped them, she walked towards the bathroom to start taking a shower.
Once she got the water to the right temperature she hopped in and let the
water cover her tight little body.

* * *

Chris Jericho made his way down the hallway towards his hotel room. He had
just come from the arena following his main event match against Kevin Nash.
During the match Chris received a jackknife power bomb and was now feeling
soreness in his back. After the match he went to the back and changed from
his wrestling gear and into a pair of his trademark flashy pants and t-shirt
before leaving the arena. Not a fan of the massive arena showers, Jericho
awaited the privacy his room's bathroom provided. Coming to his door, Jericho
swiped his key card through the lock and walked into the room. As he stepped
into the room he could hear the shower running in the background and noticed
the pile of clothes on the floor.

"HELLO! HELLO!" he yelled, wanting to know who in the hell came into his room
and decided to use the shower. Not getting a response he made his way to the
bathroom with a mixed feeling of anger and curiosity. Slowly opening the
door, he got a face full of steam that was created by the hot shower. As he
looked in he could see the obvious outline of a female figure through the
shower's sliding glass door. Opening the door all the way and stepping into
the steam filled room, Jericho finally sought to find out who was the mystery

"Hey who's in there?!" The glass door then slid open a bit and the wet head
of Terri popped out of the small space.

"Oh hey Chris. I'm glad to see that you finally showed up."

"Terri? How the hell did you get into my room and why are you in my shower?"

"Well I just sweet talked the desk clerk into giving me a spare key card for
the room. As for the reason I'm here it's simple. I'm here for you."

"What do you mean you're here for me?"

"What I mean is that I've been around so much recently with all of the
interviews that I've acquired a taste for some Vitamin C. In simple terms,
I want you Chris."

"Oh I get it this is some big joke, right? Really funny Terri, but you know
that I'm married."

"Chris I don't joke at all when it comes to sex. Now you might be married,
but looking around here I don't see Mrs. Y2J anywhere. Plus," she now slid
the glass door all the way open to expose her tight wet body, "I know you
want this body."

Jericho's eyes widened a bit, surprised at the boldness in Terri's actions.
He had no idea how close her old "horny little she-devil" gimmick was to her
actual personality. With all of his self-control he once again gave her his

"No! I don't want you Terri. Like I said I am married!"

"Well Chris you might be telling me no, but I think your body is telling me
yes," she said with a grin while looking down at his crotch. His pink shiny
pants now had a tent formed in them, giving away how truly excited she was
making him.

"Come on Chris, you know you want it. It's just you and me and if you won't
tell anyone then I won't either." Jericho then really started to think about
what she was saying, which caused her smile to grow. After close to a minute
he started shaking his head as he answered her again,

"No Terri, I just can't do it. I love Jessica." And with that he turned
around and left the room. She could not believe that he turned her down. She
then closed the shower door, angry that he had just denied her from getting
what she really wanted. Taking a bottle of shampoo, she lathered up her hair,
and covered her face with the suds. Before she could rinse her head off she
heard the shower door slide open yet again,

"Well I guess what Jessica won't find out, won't be able to hurt me." Hearing
that she quickly rinsed the soap from her eyes and was greeted with the sight
of Jericho, standing outside the shower, completely nude.

"I knew you couldn't resist me," Just as Terri finished her sentence, Jericho
leaned in, wrapping his arms around her neck and locking into a passionate
kiss. As his tongue slithered into her mouth, Terri moved her hands to his
butt and began to squeeze both buns. After a few seconds Terri broke the kiss
and backed herself against the shower wall.

"Why don't you come and join me here in this nice warm shower. I'd really
love the company," she said with a wicked grin. Returning the smile, Jericho
moved forward and joined her in the warm wetness of the shower.

"You know Terri, I'm suddenly feeling really hungry." Getting what he meant,
Terri widened her stance and spread her lips open with her right index and
middle fingers.

"Well you're just in luck Chris, because the diner had just opened for
business." He then wasted no time, getting to his knees, burying his tongue
into her tight, hairless pussy. Not wasting anytime he began to quickly dart
his tongue in and out, sending shivers up her spine. Terri gripped onto the
railing on the wall, as the pleasure was so great she could already feel her
legs start to turn to rubber and didn't want to fall into the nearby glass

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! That feels so dam good Chris!!
Yeah, keep fucking me with that tongue baby!!! Yyyyyyeeeeeaaaahhhhh!!"

Both of his hands now began to make their way to her tight, round ass,
rubbing both cheeks. Terri now brought her free hand onto his head,
encouraging him even further. Getting the hint, he started to move his
tongue faster as his hands, both on her ass, started to part her cheeks.
With the buns now spread, the water trickled down a little easier onto
her tight asshole, which added a slight bit to the pleasure.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, keep going Chris!!!! Please make me cum baby!! I want to
cover you face with my girlie cummmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Ooooooooohhhhhhhh

Jericho then stopped and turned her around so she was staring at the shower
wall and he was staring at her tight ass. He then spread her cheeks again
and picked up where he left off. Now, however, her licked up her slit and
continued all the way up to her asshole. After a few licks he took his right
index finger from her butt cheek and pressed it against her asshole. Being
gentle, he slowly pushed it into her, loving the moan it got.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh yyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!! Stick your finger into my tight
asshole!! I love having my ass played with!! Mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!"

Working his finger in and out of her ass, Jericho gradually picked up speed
as she also began to rub her pussy lips with his right thumb. As he went to
work, Terri was slightly bent forward with a death grip on the handle and
her eyes squeezed tight from the pleasure. He could tell that she was on the
verge of cumming. Sticking his tongue back into her pussy, he felt it clamp
down, followed by her asshole gripping onto his finger.


Filling the shower with her moans, Terri started shaking as her pussy gladly
fed her "girlie cum" to Y2J's eager mouth. Like a dog lapping at a bowl of
water, Jericho licked up her juices as fast as he could. As her climax
started to fade, he continued to lick, making sure he could get every bit he
could. When she was finally getting her head cleared, Terri turned around and
looked down at him with a big smile.

"My god Chris you are amazing with your mouth and hands. I always thought you
knew how to work that tongue just by the way you use that skillful mouth on
TV. Now I think it would only be fair if I were to return the favor."

He then stood up and Terri's face lit up even more when she saw his hard dick
sticking straight out. Quickly kneeling onto the shower floor, she wrapped
her tiny hand around the base of his massive cock and engulfed about 3 inches
right off. She then began slowly taking him in and when her lips touched her
fingers, her removed her hand, allowing her to deep throat his entire 8 1/2
inches. She then began to slowly move her head back and forth as he rested
his hands on her wet blond head. Taking it as a sign of encouragement, she
quickly began to pick up her pace.

"Oh god Terri! You really know how to give some good fucking head! Uh yeah!"
grunted the former undisputed champion as he closed his eyes in pleasure. She
then brought her hands up and while still sucking, grabbed his balls, one in
each hand. All of a sudden he grabbed the top of the shower's sliding door as
his body tensed up.

"Oh shit Terri! I'm gonna fucking cum!" Hearing those words, Terri removed
her hands from his balls and after taking her mouth from "Little Y2J" and
began to jerk him off. Seconds later he shot a stream of cum right across
her face, which was quickly washed away by the falling water. The second
shot landed right in her open mouth, which she quickly swallowed down. He
then proceeded to shoot the rest of his "white gold" onto her chest, which
like the first shot, was quickly washed off her and into the drain. With
his final shot landing in between her massive globes, Jericho, like Terri
did before, looked down at her with a big smile.

"Man Terri, you are a blowjob artist. And to think I was going to pass this

"Well when you enjoy what you do, it always comes out good. Now as much as
I'd like to chat, we're wasting valuable time that we could use fucking."
Laughing at the comment, Chris gave her an agreeing blink as she got to her
feet, again turning her back to him. She then leaned forward a bit and used
her hands to spread her cheeks open again.

"Well come on big boy. Prove to me that you really are the King of the
World." With that he grabbed his shaft and positioned the head against her
wet lips. Then with one quick movement he drilled his entire length into her
tiny body, causing her to let out a small yelp. He then grabbed her by her
slender waist and began to pump into her. As she did when he ate her out,
Terri grabbed onto the nearby railing and began to softly moan under her
breath. He gave a small smirk as her butt jiggled just a bit every time
their bodies slapped together.

"Oh yeah Christ, that's feels so gooooooddddd!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm!!!! I love
having your big cock slamming into my pussy!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!" Chris
then took his right hand from her waist and raised it into the air.
Dropping it back down, his whole palm came down onto her bouncing ass.


"Oh yeah! Spank my ass! I love being spanked with a nice hard cock in me!
Mmmmmmmm!!" Obeying her wishes he gave her butt three more quick smacks in
a roe.


He then took his left hand from her waist and gave her left cheek the same


Before putting his hands back onto her waist, he noticed the rosy glow to her
cheeks. He then decided to put his hands onto her shoulders instead and began
slamming into her even harder. Now the sounds of skin smacking skin filled
the showers, almost covering the sounds of the falling water.

Using all of his will power her stopped and asked her why she had him do
so. Looking over her shoulder at him she gave the reply,

"Well as good as that big cock feels going in and out of my pussy, I want
to feel it some where else. I want you to fuck my ass. Come on Chris, slide
that bad boy into my tight asshole." With a smile he pulled himself out of
her honey pot and moved it up an inch or so, so that the head was pressing
against her asshole. Like he did with his finger, Chris pushed in slowly,
being sure to be gentle, as not to hurt her. Unlike his finger though, that
slid right in, his cock was a bit more difficult, obviously because of the
size. He then inched himself into her until his pelvis rested against her
butt. He rested there for a moment before asking,

"Well you horny sexy little she-devil. Are you ready for it?"

"Oh yeah Chris, I'm ready for it. Slam that big cock into my asshole!" He
slowly began to pull himself out and once his head was left in, he began to
push back in. As he continued to do this, his pace would increase just a
little bit each time, causing moans to escape her lips again. About a minute
passed and he was still moving in and out at a slow pace, which caused her
to speak out,

"Mmmmmmm, come on Chris! I want you to slam that cock into my ass like you
did with my pussy!" Hearing this, an evil grin formed on his face and with
both hands, grabbed onto her still rosy cheeks. Without any warning, he
began to slam himself into her, having little problems in doing so this
time, as her ass was now accustomed to his size.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Yeah Christ that's what I fucking want! Slam my
ass baby! MMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" To increase her pleasure even more, Terri moved
her right hand in between her quivering legs. As Chris slammed into her ass,
she began to dart two fingers in and out of her soaking pussy. She just
loved the feeling of having a cock in her ass while she fingered her pussy.
As he worked at her like a man possessed, Chris could feel his orgasm start
to build. He knew in a mater of seconds he would loose his load for the
second time tonight.

"Oh God Terri, I'm gonna fucking cum!"

"MMMMMM cum in my ass! Fill me up with that hot jizz!" He then gave a few
more thrusts and shot his first stream deep into her ass. Stream after stream
followed, filling her up, as she continued to finger her pussy. As the final
stream shot into her, she was hit like a tidal wave with her own orgasm.


With her orgasm ripping through her body, Terri's holes suddenly clenched
down. The sudden squeeze her asshole gave to his cock cause Chris to start
cumming yet again. Screams and grunts now filled the shower as Christ and
Terri shared their orgasms together while still connected. Chris' orgasm
was the first to end and after shooting his final stream, pulled out and
leaned against the shower door. As her orgasm ran its course, she kept hold
of the rail to keep her balance. She then opened her eyes and after taking
a deep breath, turned around to face Chris. Without saying a word she
planted a passionate kiss, and was still able to taste a bit of her juices
on his lips. She then finally broke it and looked into his eyes, a smile
still on her face.

"That was just so amazing Chris. You were absolutely outstanding."

"Well you weren't bad yourself," he replied with a chuckle, "but remember
this is our little secret."

"Oh of course." She then gave him a peck on the cheek. After they washed
each other clean they turned the shower off and got out. Terri put on a
bathrobe and gave Chris a final kiss before gathering her close and leaving
to go back to her own room.


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