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Raw's Number One Announcer Part 3: Team Xtreme
by Big Chief (

Terri walked out of the main doors of the hotel with a big smile on her face.
The smile was a result of two main factors. The first was the beauty of the
morning, sun shining without a cloud in the sky. The second, and main, reason
for the smile, was the mind blowing sex she had with Chris Jericho the night
before in his shower.

Walking to the roadside she flagged down a cab. As the car came to a stop,
she opened the door, tossed her bag into the far end of the seat and climbed
in. After telling the driver to head for the airport, the car took off. Each
time the car hit a bump she was reminded of the night, due to the slight
soreness in her butt. Despite the tiny bit of pain, she still smiled, as it
had been too long since she had someone as big as him in her backdoor. Close
to ten minutes later, the cab came to a stop in front of the terminal of the

Grabbing her single bag, Terri paid the driver for the fare and headed into
the large building. She checked in at the ticket counter to pick up her
reserved ticket before heading to the loading area for her plane. Thanks to
the money she had made over the years, she was able to get a ticket in first
class. After getting onto the plane and into her seat, Terri saw her fellow
diva Victoria enter into the first class area. Seeing the blonde, Victoria
gave her a friendly wave and sat down in her seat, 3 rows ahead of Terri's A
few minutes later Lita appeared in the plane and like Victoria, waved to
Terri, but added a sly wink. With a smile Terri returned both the wave and
wink, knowing exactly what it was all about. Lita then took her seat right
next to Victoria, which caused a bit of a grin to form on Terri's face.

She then started to think back to last night when she went into the women's
locker room and caught Lita and Victoria having some fun in the showers.
She also remembered that Lita caught her spying and simply gave her a wink,
similar to what she gave her moments ago. As the plane's engines began to
start up, Terri wondered if Lita had possibly told Victoria that she was
spying on them. Taking a second to think, she pushed the idea aside in her
head. If Victoria had known she would have done a lot more then just give
her a friendly wave.

As the plane took off, Terri was satisfied that Lita had kept the secret to
herself and had nothing to worry about.

* * *

It was 3 o'clock when the doors of the plane swung open and passengers
started exiting. As she walked up the isle to the exit, Terri noticed both
Lita and Victoria had already exited the plane. Walking past bundles of
people, she came to baggage claim where she found Lita, standing alone. She
then walked up to her friend to start a small conversation.

"Hey Amy."

"Oh hey Terri, how's it going?"

"I'm doing great. I didn't know you were going to be on the plane too."

"Yeah, I decided to just get the trip over with."

"Oh and I saw that you had your seat right next to Victoria," she said,
giving the redhead a wink.

"Oh that's right, you caught us having fun in the showers. So how did you
enjoy the 'show'?"

"Well let's just say I had some busy fingers watching it."

"Well I'm glad I could help," Lita replied with a giggle.

"Now I was wondering how did that whole thing with Victoria come about?"
Before Lita could answer, her bag came past on the conveyer belt. She quickly
reached forward and grabbed it. She then turned her attention back to her

"Well we were talking in the back at Sunday's show. We got to talking about
sex and she asked me if I ever thought about other women. I told her about
how I had been with women before and the whole deal. The next night at RAW
she told me she had been thinking about me and one thing led to another and
well you know the rest."

"Wow, well from what I saw she had a real natural talent."

"Oh you wouldn't believe how good she is," Just then Terri's bag passed by
and she grabbed it. "Hey Terri, you want to go get something to eat before
going to the hotel?"

"You know what, I am pretty hungry. We can do some more chatting then." The
two women then left the airport and caught a cab. They decided to go to an
Italian restaurant that the driver recommended.

* * *

The waitress set down the salads in front of the two women before heading
back towards the kitchen. Once she was gone Terri began to talk again.

"Now Amy, there has been something I've been wanting to ask you. Did you
happen to tell Victoria about, you know, you and me or how I caught the two
of you last night?"

"Oh don't worry Terri, I didn't tell her anything about you. But you know
she did tell me you were one of the women she had thought about."

"Really? I have to admit ever since Vince brought her up from OVW, I've
thought about her every now and then too. Do you think I should tell her?"

"Well knowing you the way I do I kinda guessed you had thought about her, so
I got a bit of an idea. Tomorrow morning Vic is going to be 'visiting' me in
my room, so I thought maybe you would like to make a surprise appearance."

"Really? God Amy, that's why I love you, you just know me so well. Wait, how
will I be able to get into your room with out Vic knowing?"

"Don't worry about that. When I check into the hotel I'll ask the clerk if he
can give you a keycard to my room. Remember I make sure to take care of every
angle." Terri just replied to her friend's statement with a smile as the
waitress delivered their food.

* * *

Terri walked to the hotel elevator after having just checked in at the front
desk. After telling the clerk who she was, not only did he giver her two key
cards, but a note Lita left for her. As the elevator brought her up to her
floor, she opened up the note:

Hey Terri,
Vic and I will be starting around nine o'clock tomorrow
morning. You can stop by a few minutes later. See you then.
I'm in room 509.

Terri smiled as the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened up. Picking
up her bag, she walked out of the elevator, putting the note in her jeans
pocket. As she walked towards her room she couldn't help but think about the
possibilities for tomorrow morning. It had been so long since she had been
with Lita, plus she would have her first opportunity at being with Victoria.
Realizing that she still had to wait until morning, she decided no to dwell
on it, so she didn't get herself too excited.

Stepping into her room, Terri tossed her bag onto the floor, closed the
door and threw the keycards on a nearby table. She then stepped through the
doorway of the bedroom and dropped her body onto the large bed. Grabbing the
nearby remote she turned the TV on and began flipping through channels. She
always hated Tuesday night TV, as there was nothing on. She finally came
across one of the movie channels that was playing Die Hard. Deciding on this,
she put the remote back on the night stand and got off the bed. She then
kicked off her sneakers and pulled off her tight shirt to expose her bare
chest. She then pulled off her pants and panties, tossing them with her shirt
and sneakers on the floor. The petite blond dropped to the bed once again,
covering her nude body with the blankets. After watching the movie for a half
an hour, Terri drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Sunlight started to pour into the hotel room through the windows, signaling
the start of the day. Not long after Terri's eyes began to open and she awoke
from her deep sleep. Sitting up, the blanket feel down, exposing her bare
chest. Looking over to the clock, she saw it was 8 A.M., only an hour before
Amy said she would start the fun with Victoria.

"Oh shit, I better start getting cleaned up," she said to herself as she
got up and out of the bed. Taking a second to stretch out, Terri made her
way to the bathroom. She then turned on the shower and after getting the
water right, climbed in. Unlike most times that she took showers, Terri
did not play with her self, cause one she did not have the time and two,
Victoria and Amy would help take care of her.

About ten minutes later the water turned off and she stepped out of the
shower and grabbed a towel. Drying off, she wrapped the towel around her
body and walked out to get to her bag. Knowing she'd have to shower again
later to wash off all the sweat, Terri decided to not put her makeup on
yet and to just grab some clothes. Taking off the towel she tossed it next
to her bag and put on a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt.

Taking her hair dryer from the bag, she tried to dry her hair as best she
could. Once it was dry enough, she grabbed a hair tie and pulled her blond
locks into a ponytail. Looking back at the clock she was it was about 8:50,
so she decided it was time to start heading up to Lita's room. Grabbing the
keycard for her room a long with that for Lita's, she left, making sure her
door was locked. As she walked to the elevator she put her keycard in the
pocket of her pajamas, so she wouldn't loose it.

As the big metal doors slid open, Terri walked into the elevator and pressed
the button for the 5th floor. As the tiny box began to rise, her heart
started beating like crazy in anticipation for what was to come. Despite the
trip lasting only a few seconds, it felt like forever for the tiny blond.
With a ding of the bell, the elevator came to a stop and the doors came back
open. Stepping out, Terri walked past five doors before she came to room 509.
With a swipe of the credit card sized key, the electronic light switched
from red to green and Terri quietly opened the door. As she closed the door,
she could already hear the moans coming from the bedroom.

Making sure to keep quiet, so as not to disturb the action in the other
room, Terri began to take her clothes off and put them onto a nearby table.
Once her petite body was yet again exposed, she walked towards the partially
opened door. Slowly pushing the door open, she was greeted with the site of
Lita, nude, sitting on the bed as an equally nude Victoria knelt on the floor
with her head in between the redhead's thighs. Lita had her arms behind her
to hold her body up as her head was tilted back and moans escaped her lips.
Terri continued to walk in and as she got with in about a foot of Victoria.
She then got onto her knees, and since Victoria still failed to notice her
presence, Terri took the time to admire her naked butt.

When she finished admiring, Terri brought her hand under Victoria and
started rubbing her wet crotch. To Terri's surprise, her only reaction was
to moan a bit into Lita's pussy. With her hand still moving, Terri realized
that Lita must have told Victoria about their plans. She then brought her
hand away from Vic's crotch and up to her lips, tasting the sweetness. Once
her hand was clean, Terri got down on her back and moved her head under
Victoria's crotch. When she felt she was right into position, Terri grabbed
her butt with both hands and jammed her tongue into her waiting pussy. This
time Victoria's moans lasted a lot longer as Terri tongued her.

Lita finally noticed Victoria moaning into her pussy and brought her head
up and looked down. She then saw the naked body sticking out from under
Victoria. Knowing it could only be one person, Lita gave a smile and let
her head fall back again.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Your mouth feels sssssoooooooo gggggooooooodddddddd
Vic!!! Eat my pussy baby!! Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!"

Hearing her friend's moans of passion, Terri decided to increase her efforts.
Moving her right hand from Victoria's butt, Terri brought it next to her
face. She then pulled her tongue out of Victoria's wet slit and began pushing
her middle finger in.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm!!! Mmmmmmmpppppphhhh!!!" came the muffled moans of Victoria.
This just got Terri even hotter and she the removed her left hand from
Victoria's butt and brought it to her own bald pussy. With no surprise,
Terri's hand was met with a familiar wetness as she plunged two fingers
inside. As she began to work her own pussy, Terri put her mouth back on
Victoria's and began sucking on her clit as her middle finger still went
to work. Terri's added attention finally caused Victoria to take her
mouth from Lita's love hole.

"Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh yyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! Suck on my pussy baby!
Sssssooooo ggggggoooooddddddd!!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh yyyyyeeeeeaaahhhhhh!!!!"

With her lip quivering in pleasure, Victoria brought her moaning mouth back
to Lita's pussy, returning where she left off. As Terri worked her wonders
on Victoria, she began t feel an all to familiar feeling at her crotch. The
feeling quickly spread throughout her body as a strong orgasm ripped through
her body. Despite getting her own climax, Terri did not stop on Victoria, as
her tongue sucked even harder on the brunette's clit.

"Uuuuhhhhhhh!!!!! Mmmmmmmmpppppphhhhhhh!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm!!!" moaned Terri
into Victoria's pussy as she brought her closer to her own orgasm. With her
body shivering and orgasm starting to subside, Terri returned her left hand
to Victoria's butt, but this time she pushed a finger into her tight asshole.
That was the factor that pushed Victoria over the edge. Bringing her mouth
from Lita's hole and replacing it with two fingers, Victoria felt the
euphoric sensations of an orgasm.

Just like Terri did during her own orgasm, Victoria moved her fingers faster
and faster in and out of Lita.

enjoyed the sensation, Terri kept lapping away, licking up all of her juices,
loving the sweet taste and sent. When Victoria felt her orgasm start to loose
its power she added a second finger inside Lita's pussy, as she desperately
wanted to make the redhead cum. It didn't take long for Victoria to get her
wish, as Lita's pussy clamped down on her fingers just as her orgasm faded.


Lita's body was shaking as Victoria brought her mouth to her spasming pussy
to capture the escaping juices. As she did this, Terri got out from under
her, having licked her pussy clean. After licking the small trace of girlie
cum from her hand, Terri looked over to the bed to watch the brunette lick
away at Lita's spasming pussy. She just stayed on her knees, watching as
Victoria licked up the juices, as if she would die if she didn't get it.
Lita then looked down at her lover, using her right hand to grab a handful
of her black and red hair.

"Oh yeah baby, lick my pussy clean. Lick every last bit of my girlie cum up.
Mmmmmmmmmmm yyyyyyeeeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!! Come on baby, give Terri a nice show!!
Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!" Victoria then gave Lita one last lick, before a final zap of
pleasure hit the redhead and she fell back onto the bed, covered in sweat.
Victoria then brought her mouth away from Lita's pussy and turned towards
Terri who was still kneeling down with a smile on her face. With a seductive
grin Victoria motioned with her hand for Terri to come to her. Gladly
obeying, Terri started moving on her knees and once she was in arms reach,
Victoria grabbed her and planted a passionate kiss on her lips.

As the two beauties kissed, they wrapped their arms around each other's
necks. During the kiss, not only did they share each other's tongues, but the
taste of both Lita and Victoria's pussies. They did not break the passionate
kiss until they heard Lita's voice in the background.

"See, I knew you two would make a hot, sexy couple." The two turned their
bodies to face the bed where Lita was once again sitting up. With smiles on
their faces, the two waited to hear what else she had to say.

"Now since I knew about our little party here, I decided to bring along a
little present for the two of you." She then got off the bed and walked over
to a nearby bag. After rummaging around for a few seconds, she pulled out a
black two-headed dildo. The center of the giant rubber tool had what looked
like a handle. Out of either end came matching dicks, each measuring around
seven inches. Terri and Victoria's eyes filled with lust when they saw Lita
pull out the large rubber phallus.

"Well girls, are you two just going to sit there, grinning or are you going
to assume the position?" The two quickly got on their backs and positioned
themselves so that their pussies were facing each other. Lita then knelt
down besides them and started to slowly push it into Terri's waiting pussy.
The tiny blond moaned as Lita slowly pushed the dildo in until she had
around four inches inside. She then motioned Victoria to move a little
closer before she too took four inches of the rubber toy herself.

"Okay girls, ready for the fun?" The only response she got was a pair of
low moans, but she knew they were both saying yes. Wrapping her hand around
the black handle, Lita began moving it back and forth, moving it out of
Victoria's pussy and into Terri's and then back. She gradually picked up
the speed as the girls increased their moans. As the giant dildo pistoned
in and out of her pussy, Victoria began to use her right hand to play with
her clit, while her lift hand pinched her nipples. Terri had handfuls of
her own hair as she bit down on her lower lip. Seeing that both girls were
enjoying themselves, Lita decided to do something for herself.

While still working the dildo, Lita moved herself and positioned her crotch
over Terri's moaning mouth. Lowering her puss to Terri's lips, Lita quickly
felt the she-devil's tongue push into her.

"Mmmmm god Terri, you still know how to work my pussy." With her body now in
position, Lita began working the toy faster as Terri darted her tongue in and
out of her pussy.

"Yeah Ter, fuck me with your tongue. Fuck me like your tongue is a tiny dick!
YEAH!" With her free hand, Lita reached forward and started helping Victoria
to play with her clit.

"Oh yeah Am! You love playing with my clit, don't you baby?! Mmmmm god, slam
me with that dildo and play with my clit!!!" The large bedroom was once again
filled with the moans of the three women as they all neared their orgasms
again. Lita was the first one to feel the blissful sensations as her body
began to shiver in pleasure.


Now Lita was moving the dildo like a mad woman, wanting her friends to
experience the same pleasures that she was going through. While still playing
with Victoria's clit, Lita raised her still quivering body from Terri's mouth
and once again knelt besides the two women. Terri began to lick her lips
clean of Lita's cum, while still moaning.

Lita now removed her hand from Victoria's throbbing clit and replaced it with
her pierced tongue. As she licked away, Terri propped herself up and watched
as the redhead licked away at Victoria. Then with no warning, Victoria was
hit with an amazing orgasm.

UUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHH GGGGGGGGGGODDDDDDDD!!!!" Her tight athletic body now shook
around in pleasure as she clutched her chest, pinching her nipples.


With Victoria's body thrashing around and her pussy clamping down on the
dildo, it caused Terri's end to move around inside her own pussy and finally
it pushed her over the edge.


As the two women's bodies shook, Lita continued to work the dildo while she
had a smile plastered across her face. The two climaxes lasted around two
minutes as their bodies gradually calmed down. Once their bodies went limp,
Lita removed the dildo from their pussies. As they laid on the floor, Lita
licked both ends of the dildo clean of their juices. She then got back up,
putting the dildo back into her back, wrapped up in a towel. When she got
back to the bed, Victoria and Terri had gotten up and were sitting on the
edge. Lita sat down in between the two women and the three fell back onto
the bed. Victoria then finally broke the silence.

"God Amy you were so right about the fun the two of you have. And Terri,
you're just amazing."

"Well I do what I can Vicky, and you're not to bad yourself. You have no idea
how long I've though about his. It's all thanks to you Am."

"Hey I just like being a sex match maker. An you know what, I think I've
found my new Team Xtreme."

The three then continued to lay on the bed as they rubbed each other's nude
bodies. As she laid there with her two lovers, Terri thought about who she
could add to her growing list.

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