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Ready To...SUCK IT!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Shortly after setting off fireworks inside of the limo of Vince McMahon and
wishing the Chairman of the WWE a Happy Fourth of July on the July 3rd, 2006
edition of Monday Night Raw, the duo that makes up D-Generation X, Triple H
and Shawn Michaels walk into the arena. Both men are dressed in blue jeans
and the classic black DX t-shirts as they stroll past the EMTs that rushing
out to check on Vince. Shawn looks at Triple H, "You think Vince enjoyed the

Triple H nods his head, "Oh yeah, he had an up close look of them, you know
how much I wanted to see fireworks like that as kid?" Triple H replies with
a laugh.

"Well looks like Vince beat ya too it..." Shawn laughs.

Triple H smacks Shawn’s back, "You know... speaking of fireworks... I think
we should go set some off with a few of those oh so lovely diva..."

Shawn shakes his head, "Ohhhh no... I know what you got in mind... ain't no
way..." Triple H stops Shawn from finishing what he was going to say by
grabbing his head and making him look at the lovely Candice Michelle who's
not to far from where they are. "Now she looks nice..." Shawn says.

Triple H laughs, "Damn straight he does..." Triple H raises his hand up, "Yo,

The GoDaddy Girl and newest WWE Playboy Playmate, Candice Michelle,
presses her lips together as she locks her lustful eyes on the two members
of D-Generation X members, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Candice places her
hands on her rounded, yet slender hips "Hey Hunter...Hey Shawn..." Candice
says as she dressed in a short black skirt and a black vest-like top "I much fun at your little cook-out outside, earlier." Candice
replies in a slight moan as she refers to when both her and Triple H received
oral sex from underneath a table but two attractive women.

"Oh really? Darn, I must've missed that game of Twister..." Shawn say with a
bit of a laugh as he slides a hand through his brown hair.

Triple H smirks and licks his lips, "Oh there was a game of Twister.... some
below the belt tongue twister.... right Candice?" Triple H says with a grin
as he also refers to the oral sex he and Candice recovered earlier in the

Candice licks her lips as she narrows her eyes lustfully and nods her head
"Yeah... ohhhh... it was so mind blowing!" Candice says with a slight shriek
and a moan, tilting her silky black-haired head back.

Triple H chuckles a bit, "Yeah it was..." He then looks at Shawn and grins,
"And speaking of mind blowing... old Shawn here missed out on all the fun..."

Shawn shrugs, "Well.... it's all right, I was having some fun messing with
Vince's billion dollar equipment..."

Candice slowly lowers her eyes to the crotch of the Heart Break Kid, Shawn
Michaels, and she licks her lips " know, Triple H...Shawn...I
wouldn't mind performing a little mind-blowing activity." Candice says with
a mischievous, irresistible smirk.

Shawn shifts his feet a bit, "Well I don't know..." Shawn says as he
acts like he keeps up his persona of being the shy member of the reformed
D-Generation X.

Triple H puts his arm around Shawn and laughs, "Of course he knows.... Shawn
here will love nothing more to be BLOWN away..." Triple H chuckles a bit, as
Shawn gives him a look.

Candice licks her lips as she slides her left hand through her soft, silky
black hair "Mmmmm....well then...I guess there's just two words for me
then..." Candice says as she shifts her eyes back and forth between Triple H
and Shawn Michaels.

Shawn nods his head as if agreeing with her, "Hold on..." Shawn says, giving
Candice Michelle two words. He looks at Triple H, "Can I talk to you for a
minute..." Shawn says as he pulls on Triple H's ear and pulls him back from
Candice so they could talk privately.

Triple H smirks, "What's up Shawn?"

"Hunter, you know I don't go all buck wild anymore, right, so what's up with
you setting this all up?" Shawn asks as he looks at The Game.

Triple H puts his hands up, "Hey... she just wants too blow you're mind...
you don't have to get wild... and I think she wants two other words instead
of 'hold on'" Triple H replies with a smirk.

Shawn thinks about it and grins, "Yeah good point..." The two future Hall of
Fame wrestlers step back to Candice, where Shawn then says, "Sorry about more
words for you..."

Candice bites down on her bites as she looks her soft, seducing eyes on Shawn
"Oh you do?" Candice asks with a slight laugh.

Shawn nods his head, "Yeah... and they are...." Before Shawn can finish what
he's about to say, Triple H stops him.

Triple H looks at both Candice and Shawn, "You know... we should go some
place private... and comfortable...." Triple H says as he smirks a bit, "And
since Vince is no longer in the arena... his office is free..."

Candice raises her eyebrow a bit "Won't Mr. McMahon be mad if he found out?"
Candice asks as she looks a bit concerned, despite liking the idea of using
Vince McMahon's personal office.

Triple H laughs, "Candice... Vince is gone... and what he doesn't know... he
won't get mad about..." Triple H says with a bit grin.

Shawn Michaels thinks about what Triple H said and nods his head, "Can't
argue with that logic..." Shawn says.

Candice licks her lips "Well then...all I have say is, I'm ready to give both
of you a...minding...blowing...time..." Candice says in a soft, seductive
voice as she flashes her alluring eyelashes at the two DX rebels. Candice
flips her silky black hair back as she turns around and begins to walk in the
direction of Vince McMahon's office at the arena, almost leading the way for
Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Triple H walks right behind Candice, and the Ten-Time former World Champion
watches her perfect backside move with every step she takes. "Left, right,
left, right, left, right..." Triple H chuckles a bit as he says out loud the
direction Candice's ass sways as she walks.

Shawn shakes his head, "Oh will you stop..." Shawn says as he smacks Triple
H's arm.

Triple H looks at him and laughs a bit, "Hey, I like the way she moves..."

Candice looks over her shoulder and presses her lips together "I hope you
boys are ready for a mind blowing time...because I know I am..."

"We are Candice... I know I am..." Triple H says with a laugh as he, Shawn
and Candice close in on their destination of Vince McMahon's office.

"I ain't going to back out..." Shawn adds as he does a bit of his trademark
Heartbreak Kid shuffle as he walks behind Triple H.

Candice places her hands firmly on the door of Vince McMahon's office and
slowly pushes the door open "Good...because I'm ready..." Candice says as
she walks into Vince's darkened office and casually flips on the light
switch before she begins to unbutton her black vest-like top.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels walk into Vince McMahon's office behind Candice,
and since Shawn entered last, he closes the door and he locks it. "I bet you
are... now... I think I got two words for you now... that I hope I can say
without being interrupted...." Shawn says as he looks at Triple H.

Triple H nods and smirks as before he pulls his own t-shirt up and off of his
body, to reveal his muscular upper body. Triple H licks his lips, "Yeah you
can say it..." Triple H says. "All right then..."

Shawn looks at Candice as he unbuckles his belt, "Candice, I got two words
for you.... SUCK IT!" Shawn says and as he finishes unbuckling his belt he
does his variation on the DX chop.

Candice licks her lips as she tosses her silky black hair back "Mmmm...I
intend too..." Candice says as she slyly drops down to her knees onto the
office floor as she kneels down in front of Triple H and Shawn Michaels.
Candice reaches up and begins to unbutton and unzip Triple H's jeans.

Triple H smirks, "Good... cause we got a couple of things to suck on..."
Triple H says as he watches Candice begin to tug down his jeans.

Shawn unbuttons and unzips his own jeans and pushes them down, along with
his red boxer briefs, freeing his semi-erect nine inch cock. "Yeah... now
I'm just going to get my mind blown... and that's it..." Shawn says,
directing his comments to Triple H.

Triple H smirks, "Yeah ok Shawn...." Triple H replies as he pushes his black
briefs down when Candice yanks his jeans down. A few moments later, Triple
H's thick ten inch shaft is revealed to the Candilious diva.

Candice licks her lips as she looks up at both Triple H and Shawn Michaels
"Mmmm... I'm ohhh... so ready to suck it..." Candice says with a soft moan
as she reaches up at gently takes Shawn's cock into her left hand, while
taking Triple H's cock into her right hand. The Playboy Playmate begins to
gently guide her hands up and down their shafts as she begins to stroke
their cocks to hardness.

"Ohhh yeah... get us warmed up...." Triple H says as he pushes his cock
forward so that it slides against Candice's smooth hands.

Shawn bites his tongue as Candice gives the head of his dick a bit of a
squeeze whenever her hand reaches the top. "Ok.... going to get a HAND on
this too..." Shawn says as he licks his lips. Candice winks up at both
Triple H and Shaw Michaels as she looks up at the two D-Generates. Candice
casually removes her hands from both of their cocks for a moment before
she finishes unbuttoning her black vest-like top and removes it from her
body, revealing a black laced bra. Candice licks her lips as she leans up
on her knees and takes hold of both cocks once again. Candice leans her
head down and flicks her tongue against the head of Triple H's cock, before
doing the same to the head of Shawn's cock.

"Mmm... that was nice..." Shawn says as he enjoyed feeling Candice tongue
flick against the tip of his shaft.

Triple H licks his lips and he flicks his thumb against his chin, "Hey
Candice... how about... you give me... some head first... since Shawn just
wants a blowjob... I'm going to be doing... some other things with you..."
Triple H says with a mischievous grin on his ruggedly handsome face.

Candice smiles up at Triple H "Ok Hunter.." Candice says as she turns to face
Triple H's cock a bit more while on her knees, after removing her left hand
from Shawn's cock, Candice leans her head down and presses her wet tongue
against the head of Triple H's cock and begins to circulate her wet tongue.

"Guess I'll go have a seat..." Shawn laughs as he does his Heartbreak Kid
shuffle as he heads over to the long leather couch that sits against one
wall. When he sits down, Shawn takes off his t-shirt and lays it on one of
the armrests.

Triple H places his left hand on top of Candice's head and flips her soft
black hair back so that it doesn't hang over her face. "Mmmm.... yeah...."
Triple H moans as he closes his eyes. Candice closes her eyes as she taps
her tongue against the head of Triple H's cock before she opens her warm
mouth and lowers her head. Candice takes Triple H's cock into her mouth,
wrapping her lips tightly around his shaft and starts to swiftly bob her
head on his thick, hard and throbbing cock.

Triple H starts moving his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and out
between Candice's lips at a slower pace than the one Candice is using to bob
her head on his thick dick. "Ahhhh... ohhh yeah.... any time you wanna be
under my table Candice... feel free..." Candice slowly opens her eyes as she
gazes up at Triple H as she has her wet, warm mouth stuffed with his large
cock. Candice begins to bob her head quicker a long his shaft as she takes
him deeper into the wet oral pleasure of her mouth. Candice slides her
tongue against the under belly of his cock as she gently cups his ballsack
with her left hand and begins to massage his balls.

Triple H groans as Candice works over his cock with her well practiced oral
skills, "Uhhh... shit... ok.... I think... that's enough head for me...
cause I want to bang the shit out of you..." Triple H groans, even though
he doesn't pull his cock out of Candice's hot, moist mouth.

Shawn licks his lips, "She can come over here and blow me..." Shawn says as
he puts his hands behind his head. Candice presses her lips tighter around
his shaft as she slowly lifts her head up, sliding her tongue against his
shaft as she lifts her head up with a pop. Candice presses her lips together
as she takes a moment to watch her warm saliva trickle down Triple H's long
shaft. She tosses her silky black hair back before she turns her attention
to Shawn Michaels's semi-hard cock hanging between his legs as he sits on
the couch. Candice licks her lips as she bends over onto her hands and begins
to crawl towards the Heart Break Kid.

Shawn spreads his legs apart so that Candice can crawl and position herself
right between them. Triple H tilts his head and looks at Candice's ass as
she crawls towards Shawn Michaels. "Mmmm... I'm going to enjoy playing that
game... Triple H says as he walks behind Candice and kneels behind her when
she reaches Shawn. The Game places his hand on her waist and pulls down her
short black skirt from her hips, "And I'm so damn happy you don't wear
panties...." Triple H adds as he takes a moment to smack her backside.

Candice licks her lips as she sits up on her knees in front of Shawn Michaels
and positions herself between his legs. Candice Michelle smirks at Shawn as
she gently grips his cock with both of her soft, delicate hands and begins to
stroke his cock to full hardness once again as Triple H removes her short
black skirt completely.

Shawn Michaels puts his hands behind his hands behind his head and licks
his lips, "Okay... let's... see what you got..." Shawn says as he watches
Candice's hands move up and down on his shaft.

Behind Candice, Triple H presses the huge head of his cock against Candice's
tight shaved pussy and shoves all of it into her with one movement, "Ahhh...
all hail, the king of kings..." Triple H grunts as he feels how tight
Candice's pussy is around his shaft.

Candice grits her teeth together as she feels Triple H's cock suddenly ram
into her tight, wet pussy "Ohhhhh.." Candice moans before lowering her head
on Shawn's cock taking his cock into her mouth and begins to happily bob her
head on his cock as she starts off sucking at a slow, gentle pace.

"Awww.... fuck me...." Shawn groans as Candice teases the hell out of him
with the slow way she's sucking his cock. The first Grand Slam winner in WWE
history leans back on the couch, resting his head on the backrest and closes
his eyes. Shawn can feel the drips of Candice's warm saliva slide down the
sides of his cock.

Triple H lays his strong hand on Candice's hips and begins thrusting his
shaft in and out of her cunt, making Candice move forward when he pushes his
dick forward. "Ahhh yeah.... Start the Game..." Triple H moans as he fucks
the WWE's 2006 Playboy Covergirl. Candice gradually pushes her backside up
against Triple H's muscular waist as she forces his cock deeper inside of
her warm, tight pussy. Candice moans around Shawn's cock as she starts bob
her head quicker as she laps her tongue around his cock, gently lashing her
skilled tongue against his cock. The Playboy Playmate reaches up and places
her hands up on Shawn's slightly hairy chest as she skillfully bobs her head
while being fucked from behind by The Game, Triple H.

Triple H licks his lips as he starts giving Candice sharper thrusts at a
painfully slow pace, which makes the black-haired diva feel every single inch
of his thick dick penetrate her pussy. "Ahhh... fuck you're tight...." Triple
H grunts as he begins picking up the pace.

Shawn brings his right hand down and puts it on top of Candice's head and
pushes her soft black hair to the right, giving her a bit of a more sultry
appearance as she sucks his dicks. "Uhhh... shit you're good.... and this
is one way... to set off some fire works..." Shawn says as he tries to be
funny while getting blown away. Candice closes her eyes as she lowers her
head further down on Shawn's cock as she bats her tongue continually against
his shaft. The icon now has half of Shawn's hard cock inside of
her warm mouth as she bobs her head quicker, grinding her teeth gently
against his cock. Candice begins pushing herself back against Triple H's
cock quicker in response to his hard, powerful thrusts.

"Ohhhh shit... damn.... you really know how to suck it..." Shawn moans as he
shifts on the couch so he pushes his cock forward into Candice's mouth.

Triple H suddenly slows down his stops, "Candice... I like... women on
top..." Triple H says as he pulls his shaft out of her tight pussy and lays
down on the floor of Vince's office.

Candice slowly lifts her head up from Shawn's cock, causing a string of
her warm saliva drip down on the head of his cock. Candice presses her lips
together and cutely laughs "You coming with...Shawn?" Candice asks in a soft,
seductive voice as she casually scoots out from between Shawn's legs and
begins to crawl over to Triple H, who is laying down on the floor on his

"Well I'm not cumming... but I will be coming along..." Shawn replies with a
smirk. He stands up from the cock and walks over to Candice and Triple H. The
Heartbreak Kid stands off to the side to see which way Candice is going to
mouth The Game.

Candice tosses her silky black hair back as she mounts herself on top of
Triple H's cock. Slowly, Candice lowers herself down onto his cock and places
her hands firmly on his muscular, slightly sweaty chest "Ohhhhhhhhh..."
Candice shrieks before starts to bounce on his cock as she rocks steadily on
his cock.

Triple H puts his hands on Candice's sexy slender waist and assists the
beautiful sultry diva as she moves up and down and back and forth on his
large prick, "Ahhh... you like ahhh... being on top ahhhh...." Triple H
says as he moans.

Shawn Michaels steps around to the right side of Triple H and Candice and
holds his nine-inch shaft with his right hand, "Candice... you're not going
to forget... about doing those two words are you?"

Candice looks up at Shawn and licks her lips "Mmmm...Shawn what....ohhh...
where those words!!!" Candice moans as she grinds herself down on Triple H's
cock as she rides his cock quicker, while jerking her body back on his cock.

"Those two words are..." Shawn smirks as he does a bit of a DX chop with his
left hand, "SUCK IT!" Shawn says as he reminds Candice of the two words.

Triple H starts bucking his hips to thrust his large cock up into her tight
pussy, making the hot Candilious diva jump each time his dick hits her the
right way. "Ohhh yeah... fucking ride my dick..." Triple H says as he grits
his teeth.

Candice grits her teeth as she starts bounce quicker on Triple H's cock due
to his own thrusts to her tight pussy. Candice smirks as she looks up at
Shawn "Oh...yeah, how could I forget.." Candice says with a sly smirk as she
opens her mouth and Shawn inserts his cock back into her warm, lovely mouth.
Candice begins to once again swiftly suck on the cock of Shawn Michaels as
sweat drips down her stunning, tanned body.

"Mmmmm baby...." Shawn groans as Candice sucks on his shaft with such
eagerness that he has to hold on Candice's hair to slow her down a bit.
"Ahhh fuck take that cock..." Shawn says as he starts fucking her mouth
by thrusting his pelvic forward, causing his balls to smack against her

Triple H groans as he moves his hands up to Candice's tits which are bouncing
wildly as she rides him. "Ohhhh fuck... you love this shit... don't ya..."
Triple H asks as he arches his back a bit to gain more leverage to plow his
shaft up into Candice's tight soaking wet pussy. Candice moans around Shawn's
cock as her moans vibrate against his shaft as she quickly bobs her head
along his shaft, practically deep throat his throbbing, hard cock. While
Candice has all her attention on sucking the cock of Shawn Michaels, she
bounces wildly on Triple H's cock, mainly due to him thrusting up to her wet
and tight pussy.

Shawn grinds his teeth together as beads of sweat roll down the sides of his
face, "Ohhh... ahhhh... fuck... me.... fuck me..." Shawn groans over and over
again as he starts to cum inside of Candice's warm, moist mouth. Shawn holds
Candice's head down on his erupting shaft, giving her a mouthful full of his
hot load before he starts to pull his cock out. Candice closes her eyes as
Shawn's warm cum sprays into her mouth. Candice softly moans against Shawn's
cock as she swallows up a majority of his tasty, warm and gooey cum. Candice
opens her eyes as she slowly lifts her head up from Shawn's cock and spits
some of his cum back onto the head of his cock. She licks her lips as she
tosses her hair back and begins to buck her hips, wildly riding Triple H's

Shawn step back and wipes some sweat from his forehead, "Son of a bitch that
blew me away...." Shawn says as he watches Candice ride Triple H as if he was
a mechanical bull.

"Ahhhh.... Gahhhh fuck yeah... keep fucking my fucking dick," Triple H groans
lustfully as he thrusts his dick up into soaking wet and super tight pussy as
he keeps his hands on her tits. "Ohhh yeah!" Triple H groans loudly and
begins to cum inside of Candice's pussy, flooding her cunt with his hot cum.

Candice grits her teeth tightly as she feels the sudden rush of Triple H's
warm cum flood her soaking wet pussy. The Playboy Playmate pulls of her silky
black hair as she then begins cum down against Triple H's cock "Ohhhhhhh
ahhhhhhh!" Candice shrieks with a moan as sweat drips off of her face and
tanned body.

Shawn covers his ears after hearing Candice's orgasmic shriek, "Shit you're
a loud one..." Shawn laughs as he sits on the couch once again.

Triple H rests his head on the floor as he recovers from his climax, and he
lays his hands flat down on Candice's smooth legs, "Shit... now that's... how
you set off... fireworks...."

Candice licks her lip as she smirks, looking down at Triple H "Mmmm ohhhh...
Triple H..." Candice moans "I think I sucked it...and fucked it pretty damn
good..." Candice says as she locks her soft, seductive eyes with The Game.

Triple H smirks a bit as he looks up at Candice, "Yeah.... it's safe to
say... you're are... that... damn... good...."

Candice bites down on her bottom lip "Not only am I damn good...but I'm a
damn good DX Girl, huh?" Candice says in a soft, lusty voice as she lifts
herself off of Triple H's cock with a sly smirk.

Shawn chuckles a bit, "Candice... you're not only a damn good DX Girl... you
can keep us up all night!"

Candice flicks her lips as she places her hands on her slightly sweaty
waist "Mmmm.... ohhhh I love the sound of keeping you two DX studs up all...
night... LONG...!" Candice replies with a sly smirk "And...Hunter...Shawn,
I have two words for you..."

Triple H stands up from the floor and he and Shawn exchange looks as they
smirk. "And what words... would those me?" Triple H asks.

"Yeah... what two words do you got for us?" Shawn asks as both he and Triple
H are equally curious.

Candice bites down on her bottom lip, locking her soft, seductive eyes with
Triple H and Shawn Michaels "Fuck...Me!"


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