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Real Asstate
by TommieCB

I was searching for home in the San Diego area. I had called this one real estate place and they gave me an address to a particular home where their representative would already be there to work with me.

So I pulled up to the driveway, ring the doorbell and the door opened and on the other side was WWE Diva Nikki Bella and stood there in shock thinking I just hit the jackpot and she just gave me this beautiful smile knowing I'd been starstruck.

She greeted me and I did the same, shook hands and got all the pleasantries out the way. She was on a break from WWE and decided to put in some real estate work for the timebeing. She showed me around the house which was very nice, 4 bedrooms 2 1/2 bathrooms and a very sizable living room for if I wanted to have large gatherings. The kitchen area was very nice as well. As we walked around I noticed her body was snug fit in a sexy, tight black business skirt with slit on the side along with black heels and a red button top with 2 buttons undid so when she turned back around and faced me I got a very nice view of her cleavage.

She took me upstairs and showed me the bedrooms and whatnot and again I laid my eyes on her firm ass in the skirt but she quickly turned around and I caught myself before she could even notice I was staring at her ass. However unbeknownst to me there was a huge mirror hung up on the other end of the upstairs hall and Nikki glanced up and saw me copping a peek of her ass and she told me to pay attention and I quickly apologized and we kept on going with the tour. She showed me each room, giving details and whatnot and we went into the master bedroom and we sat down on the edge of the bed and decided to take a break to talk WWE. I told her I was a fan of her and Brie since they first debuted on the roster and she was so appreciative of my support but she insisted we keep going because this was her last tour of the day before her shift ended and talked about how exhausting the day was having to repeat the same lines to me as she did other potential buyers and she decided to have a drink so we we back downstairs and she grabbed a wine glass and poured herself a drink and she felt instantly relieved. We both we back upstairs to the master bedroom and once again I was staring at her ass and sat back down on the bed and Nikki was feeling really good. She removed her heels showing her sexy feet and toes as she continued to drink more and was telling me about between this job and WWE how its been difficult for her to maintain a relationship let alone have sex saying she had nearly gone a year without having a boyfriend and had sex saying she rely on her trusty vibrator to get her off when she's on the road.

We shared a moment as she and I exchanged a passionate look as Nikki just blurts out how she needs a cock badly and didn't care where it came from. All of a sudden later she stood up, slowly unbuttoning the rest of her shirt exposing her amazing tits as she straddled me and we exchanged a kiss. I slowly worked from her lips, neck and to her tits placing one in my mouth while she fondled the other. My dick got hard in an instant as I laid back and Nikki took one of her knees and rubbed the dickprint in my jeans while I was sucking her tits. I could hear her softly moan my name while removing my shirt as she stood in awe of my physique. She kissed me from my chest while still rubbing my dickprint, she knew my cock was ready to bust out so she viciously undid my belt saying how I was gonna give her cock and I stood up to come out my jeans and my cock slapped her on the chin. It stood at full length 8.5 inches with a nice cockhead. Nikki said how she never been with a black guy and hearing that was music to my ears.

Nikki grabbed my hand and telling me to lay back on the dresser/drawer and was face to face with my cock. She gulped her last bit of wine to create some saliva and then went in taking all my cock in her mouth then let a long line of drool come out her mouth and onto the head where she put most of her attention slowly doing circles around it with her tongue, lifting my cock up and licking the under the shaft and then holding it up and teased my balls using the tip of her tongue then sucking them as I grabbed a handful of her hair slowly thrusting myself in and out her mouth. She then ordered me to slap my cock on her tongue and I happily obliged. She wrapped her hands behind her back and let me take control as I kept my grip on her hair, tilting her head sideways and slamming my cock on the side of her mouth and slapping it on her pouty yet juicy lips.

I grabbed Nikki up and we kissed some more while she was slowly fondling my cock which was oozing precum and she took her finger swirling up some of it and tasted it and said how good I tasted. I told her to lay down on the bed and she did willingly and I knelt before her and her sweet Bella pussy was there for the taking. So I began to tease Nikki with one finger then 2 only to go back to one using my middle finger and that seemed to hit her spot as I fingerfucked her at a slow and steady rhythm then picked up some tempo as she jerked her hips in delight. Then I took one sip of the wine from earlier and developed my own saliva and then dived right in using circular motions teasing her clit, spitting on her pussy lips letting it drip down to her ass only to catch it on my tongue and licked up and then down on Nikki who at this point her mind felt like Jell-o as she came on my tongue and she tasted amazing. I got up and I laid on the bed and Nikki lowered herself onto my face while she gripped the bedrail to maintain leverage and her position. I copped 2 handfuls of her sweet ass still licking and for some reason I thrusted my dick up and down as someone was on top of me and told Nikki how it would be even nicer if Brie was on top of me riding me and Nikki giggled. She arched back reaching for my cock and rubbing my balls and teasing my dick, I couldn't take it anymore I had to get inside her...

Nikki climbed off me and went into doggystyle position and her ass was amazing, didn't even mind her tat on that Bella bootycheek. I spat on my hand and rubbed it on my cockhead for lube and slid inside Nikki and her pussy and my cock was a perfect snug fit. I started at a slow pace and then went a bit more faster. Nikki arched herself forward grabbing the sheets, burying her face in the pillow to muffle her loud screams. Nikki couldn't believe how much of a big cock her tight pussy could take such as mine and seeing it was her first black cock she knew this was the right one. I fucked Nikki in doggy for a few more minutes and she took back control once again lowering herself on top of me but this time it was my cock in her ass and she made a cooing noise in delight because of how good I felt. She bounced her ass on my dick while I sucked her tits, smacking her ass to make her go faster and she wrapped her arms around me going at a faster pace holding on to me. I took quick control ramming myself in and out her ass and she came once again.

I laid Nikki on her back kissing her sexy feet and legs and went and grabbed her black heels and slowly put 'em back on her as I lived out a small fantasy of mine of wanting to fuck a girl while she was wearing black heels. I placed one of Nikki's legs over my shoulder and the other slightly wrapped around my thigh and just fucked Nikki into oblivion and I leaned into her and whispered I didn't want to pull out and she told me not to and cum inside her. With a few more strokes I let up a rope of cum filling her tight pussy with my cream as I pulled out and watched it drip down to her ass. She said that felt great but I missing one special place and I had enough energy and my cock was still semi-hard but Nikki took care of that with her hand and dirty talk. She licked the excess cum and spat on my dick and then stood up straight and I crept up behind her and jammed my dick into her ass and pounded her hard and good. She wrapped her arm behind my head speaking dirty in Spanish to me which motivated me to go faster. She spread her legs and with her other free hand rubbed her clit while I was pounding her ass and I felt myself ready to blow again and this time I held her tight and shot a 2nd load into her ass and now she was completely satisfied and spent. We must have fucked for a good 1 1/2 hour but we didn't keep track. We kissed again as we lay on the floor tired and exhausted and she slowly sucked me off for her dessert. So after that unusual sales pitch I told Nikki I would buy the house and she was happy to hear but we were in no frame of mind to do paperwork and whatnot so we jumped in the shower to clean ourselves up, Nikki put her clothes back on, tied her hair into a ponytail but gave me her panties which were black lace as a souvenir and she called her company to let them know that she had a buyer. After all that we both walked out the door trying to look as professional as possible. We exchanged phone numbers, said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

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