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Real Deal "Lay"-down
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown Television taping, Bobby Lashley, wearing his black
wrestling shorts, is walking back to his locker room after a long tag team
match with Batista against King Booker and Finlay. Lashley rubs the back of
his neck, "Damn... Finlay hits harder every time I'm in a match with him..."
Lashley says to himself as stops walking near the locker room area, and
continues to rub the back of his powerful next.

Just as SmackDown's hard hitting-soft spoken Real Deal Superstar, Bobby
Lashley, is passing by the locker room belonging to the WWE SmackDown Divas
the door is opened by the 2006 WWE Diva Search Winner, Layla El who is
dressed in a pair of white shorts and a light blue tank top. Layla smiles as
she almost runs into Lashley "Hey big it there, baby..." Layla
says in her adorable British accent.

"Oh hey Layla..." Lashley says in his soft spoken voice, "Good thing you
didn't totally run into me... you'd might bounce back a few feet..." Lashley
says with a soft smile as he continues to rub the back of his neck.

Layla smiles and presses her soft, pouty lips together as she places her
hands on her waist and she raises an eyebrow as she looks at Bobby Lashley
"So baby...what's this I hear about you leaving SmackDown for ECW, big guy?"
Layla asks with a cute smile.

Lashley stops rubbing his neck and nods his head as he puts his hands on his
waist, "Yeah... that's right... I'm heading over to the land of extreme...
saw a pretty big opportunity over there..." Lashley quietly explains as he
looks at the beautiful 2006 WWE Diva Search Winner.

Layla smiles and nods her head "You know that's pretty groovy baby! I'm sure
you'll be bringing the HEAT and Lay-Lay-Laying down the law over on ECW"
Layla says cutely as she looks down slightly "It's a shame though you're
leaving, baby..."

"Yeah... well... you know... it's time for me to move on... I accomplished a
lot of what I wanted to do here on SmackDown..." Lashley says as removes his
hands from his waist, "But who knows I may end up back here on SmackDown
again... to... as you say, bring the heat..."

Layla nods her head and laughs "Yeah bring it alright." Layla says
with a soft smile before she casually checks out the impressive, extremely
muscular body of the once SmackDown Superstar and now ECW Extremist. "You
know baby... maybe I could give you a little send off...before you head to

Lashley raises his left eyebrow slightly, "A little send off?" Lashley smiles
abit as the adorable former Miami Heat dancer has him curious, "Do you have
something in mind?" Lashley asks as his smile gets a little bigger when he
sees that Layla's beautiful eyes are checking out his large, muscular body.

Layla cutely bites down on her bottom lip "Well...maybe I could
Lay-Lay-Laydown the law on you baby!" Layla says with an energetic, adorable

"Lay-lay-laydown the law on me?" Lashley replies as he thinks about what
Layla just said. "Well... you got me curious... so...umm... Laydown the law
on me Layla..." Lashley replies in his soft spoken voice as he smiles at the
beautiful diva.

Layla cutely licks her lips and nods her head "Ok...ok big guy..." Layla
laughs and motions towards the locker room that belongs to the SmackDown
Divas before she turns around and gently pushes the locker room door open,
as she proceeds to enter into the locker room.

Lashley takes a quick breath, "Whew boy..." Lashley says quietly before he
follows the naturally beautiful Layla El into the SmackDown Divas locker
room. The powerful black Superstar closes the locker room door, "Ok...
Layla... I'm here..." Lashley says as he looks at the adorable diva with a
soft smile on his face.

Layla presses her lips together as she stands in front of the hard hitting,
soft spoken Bobby Lashley "Great baby! Great! Now...why don't you bring down
the HEAT and get comfortable, big guy..." Layla says before she places her
hands against her light blue tank top and casually removes the tank top from
her hot body to expose her firmly rounded, nice and perky tits.

Lashley pauses as he gets a very good look at Layla's firm, round, beautiful
perky tits and he takes another breath, "Damn..." Lashley says as he seems
stunned for a moment. Silently, the soft-spoken, hard-hitting Superstar
starts to lower his black wrestling shorts from his waist to expose his
large, thick fifteen inch long black cock.

Layla's eyes widen as she glances down and locks her soft, adorable eyes on
the sight of Bobby Lashley's large and thick fifteen cock "Ohhh damn baby! I
beat you Lay-Lay-Laydown the law a lot with that, big guy!" Layla says cutely
as the former Miami Heat Dancer takes a step towards Bobby Lashley and kneels
down on the floor in front of him.

Lashley shrugs his powerful shoulders, "I laid down the law a few times..."
Lashley replies with a soft smile as he steps out of his black wrestling
shorts and he puts his hands on his hips as Layla wraps her soft, delicate
hands around his large, powerful cock.

Layla licks her lips "Damn sure a big!" Layla replies in her
adorable British accent as she begins to smoothly guide her soft, delicate
hands against the hard, thick shaft of Bobby Lashley as Layla strokes his
shaft. The 2006 WWE Diva Search Winner guides her hands at a slightly quicker
pace against his shaft before she leans her head down and gently presses her
soft tongue against the head of Lashley's black cock.

Lashley moans a bit as Layla circles her soft tongue around the large head
of his impressively large black dick, "Mmmm... well... they say I'm a big
deal... in the ring... guess I'm a big deal... in other places too..."
Lashley says casually as he feels Layla coat the head of his cock with her
warm saliva.

Layla closes her eyes as she gently taps her tongue against the head of
Lashley's large black cock before she opens her warm, saliva-dripping mouth
and lowers her head on his cock. Layla gently presses her lips around his
thick black shaft before she starts to bob her head, up and down, on his cock
as she begins to suck the cock of the new ECW Extremist "Mmmm...mmm..." Layla
moans softly against his cock.

"Ahhh...mmm..." Lashley moans softly as he gently places his right hand on
Layla's head and slides his fingers through Layla's soft frizzy hair as the
beautiful SmackDown diva gently sucks on his thick fifteen-inch long black
cock. Lashley slightly licks his lips as Layla takes a good amount of his
cock past her lips every time she moves her head downward on his shaft. As
Layla begins to bob her head quicker on Lashley's cock she laps her soft,
gentle tongue around Lashley's hard, thick black shaft as she lowers her
head further down on his black cock, taking Lashley's rigid black cock deeper
into her soothing mouth. Lashley slightly grits his teeth as Layla bobs her
head quicker on his rock hard black, and he can feel the head of his large
cock hit the back of Layla's mouth. "Mmm... ohh... man Layla... you can...
Lay-Laydown the law...." Lashley moans.

Layla slowly lifts her head off of Lashley's large, thick black cock as his
cock now drips of her warm, wet saliva. "Mmmm damn baby...I bet you can bring
the HEAT too!" Layla says energetically as she licks her lips and begins to
push down her white shorts to revealing her white panties underneath.

Lashley nods his head and smiles, "Oh I can bring the heat... and I'll show
you too..." Lashley says as he watches Layla remove her white shorts from her
smooth sexy legs and he licks his lips slightly as he then watches Layla
lower her white panties.

Layla bites down on her bottom lip cutely as she locks her eyes with Lashley
as she removes her white panties down her smooth, stunning legs to reveal her
hot, shaven pussy. Layla presses her lips together as she slides her hands
through her soft, frizzy black hair before she turns around on her knees and
bends over onto her hands with her hot backside facing Lashley. Layla glances
over her shoulder and smirks "Hey baby... bring the HEAT!" Layla says cutely
before she gently smacks her round, hot ass.

Lashley smiles, "I'll bring the heat..." Lashley says as he gets down onto
his knees behind the naturally beautiful SmackDown diva. The powerful new
ECW Extremist puts his right hand on Layla's waist as he starts to push his
large, thick fifteen inch long cock into Layla's warm, tight pussy. "Ahh...
mmmm..." Lashley groans a bit as he pushes in a good amount of his cock
before he starts to thrust his thick black cock in and out of her pussy.

Layla gently grits her teeth as she feels Lashley's hard, thick fifteen-inch
black cock enter her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh shit baby..." Layla moans
softly as she gently pushes her hot, Diva Search winning body back against
Lashley's cock as he begins to pick up his speed by smoothing thrusting his
cock in and out of her sweet pussy.

"Ahhh... mmmm... ohh man..." Lashley grunts slightly as he holds onto Layla's
slender waist as he continues to increase the pace of his thrusts, thrusting
his cock a bit harder into Layla's tight warm pussy. The powerful black stud
also helps Layla pull back against him, and the beautiful diva's smooth round
ass hits back against him with every thrust he makes.

"Ohhh...ohhhh yeah baby! Lay-Lay-Lay down the law baby!" Layla moans loudly
in her British accent as her hot, slightly sweating body begins to slam back
against Lashley's hard, thick cock with more force as the hard-hitting,
soft-spoken former SmackDown Superstar rams his cock deeply into her tight,
warm pussy.

Lashley grinds his teeth together as he drives his cock in and out of Layla's
tight, warm pussy and he slides his hands back and forth over Layla's slender
hips. Sweat drips from Lashley's forehead, "Ahh... mmmm... uhhh... you can
really bring the heat... yourself Layla..." Lashley grunts slightly as slows
the tempo of his thrusts in order to pull his cock out of the Layla's pussy.

Layla licks her lips as she slowly turns on her knees to face Lashley "Mmmm
baby! You brought the HEAT!" Layla says energetically in her British accent.

Lashley smiles, "I'm not done bringing you some heat..." Lashley says as he
stands up in front of Layla, then he hoists the natural beautiful diva up and
he lowers the diva's warm tight pussy onto his cock. Once Layla is settled,
Lashley begins to bounce the 2006 WWE Diva Search Winner on his cock as he
fucks her while standing up.

Layla grits her teeth tightly "Ohhhh fuck baby! Bring that HEAT!" Layla moans
as she wraps her legs around Lashley's waist and her arms around Lashley's
neck as she starts to bounce quickly on the large black cock of Bobby

Lashley grits his teeth as he keeps his hands right on Layla's waist as she
bounces up and down on his thick fifteen inch long cock. "Ahhh yeah... ohh...
damn Layla... you... can Lay-Lay-Lay the Smack Down..." Lashley grunts as
Layla slams herself down completely on his powerful black cock as he pistons
it in and out of her warm, tight pussy.

Layla tilts her head back as sweat drips off of her hot, stunning body as
she slams down harder on Lashley's cock "Ohhhh yeah big guy...bring the HEAT
baby!" Layla moans as she softly grinds her pussy against his shaft.

Lashley nods his head, "You want... that... heat? Okay..." Lashley nods his
head as he walks backward towards the leather couch that sits along one wall
in the SmackDown Diva's locker room. Once he sits down on it, Lashley unwraps
Layla's arms from his neck and spins her around on his large fifteen-inch
black so that she's facing away from him. Lashley then starts to bounce the
sexy WWE Diva quickly up and down on his dick so that she's slamming down
harder than she expected to on his cock.

Layla bites down on her bottom lips as the powerful Bobby Lashley slams his
cock up deeply into her tight, warm pussy causing the 2006 Diva Search winner
to bounce rapidly on his cock to only slam down harder each time on Lashley's
hard, thick black cock "Ohhhh yeah baby! Bring that HEAT!"

Lashley licks his teeth slightly as he holds onto Layla's slender sexy waist
as she lifts her up and down on his black shaft. Every time Lashley rams his
cock upward into her tight, warm pussy, Layla rocks so sharply and wildly on
his dick that Lashley has to firmly hold onto Layla's body to keep her from
falling off him. "Ahhhh yea... ohh yea Layla..." Lashley groans as Layla
bounces nonstop on his dick.

Layla licks her lips as she closes her eyes and rocks her body against
Lashley's cock before her hot, wet pussy suddenly erupts with her own cum as
she begins to cum against Lashley's cock "Ohhhhhh fuck baby!"

Lashley grinds his teeth together as he feels Layla's pussy tighten around
his powerful cock as she cums hard on his powerful black cock. "Ahhh... ohh
damn Layla... that's a lot... of heat" Lashley groans as he starts to shoot
a huge amount of his warm cum inside of Layla's warm tight wet cumming pussy.

"Ohhhh yeah baby...that's it!" Layla moans loudly as she gently rocks against
Lashley's hard, cumming cock "Mmmm bring that HEAT baby!"

Lashley groans softly as he finishes cumming inside of Layla's pussy, "Ohhh
man... whew... that's... one... hell... of a send off..." Lashley says as he
slides his hands on Layla's waist.

Layla glances over her shoulder and smirks at Lashley "Now big
better bring the HEAT in ECW! And you better Lay-Lay-Laydown the law!"

Lashley smiles, "Oh... I'm gonna Laydown the law... and show them all... that
I'm both Extreme and a Real Deal..."


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