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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, wrestlers, events, promotions etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Rebel (TNA), Robbie E (TNA) Jessie(TNA), DJ Z (TNA).

Rebellious Boom
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the taping of the edition of TNA Impact Wrestling set to air on June 5th, 2014, the trio of tanned, hunky, but overly cocky studs known as The BroMans are attempting to regroup after their in-ring attempted ego-stroking session was interrupted by the unique to say the least group The Menagerie. Both Jessie and Robbie E are clad in their matching white with "Boom!" graphic ring gear that perfectly shows off their muscular frames, while DJ Z has on flashy white ring pants and an official BroMans merch T-shirt that still nicely shows off his athletic, desirable frame.

"BRO! We've got to do something about that pack of freaks!" Robbie E yells as he's still freaked out even within their own locker room which has a signature Zima DJ booth set up in a corner, with DJ Z already behind the decks. "It's bad enough I'm scared of clowns! Now that one, and the whole bunch of them are out to get me!"

"Relax Bro! Those guys are nothing compared to us!" Jessie says, trying to calm his former tag championship partner down. "As soon as we get them in the ring, in a match we'll serve them and teach them a lesson."

"Jessie's right my man!" DJ Z states. "Dude! Just chill out, and let me get the party started with some of my killer beats!" He adds, before hammering the sound effect button on his laptop a few times to make the sound of an air-horn play out repeatedly.

Just then, the sudden sound of a knock on the door makes Robbie jump as he grabs the nearest folding chair like he's ready to swing it. "You better think twice clown! I mean it!!" He yells as a warning, even if his wide-eyed look shows he's already afraid.

However, a far more pleasant surprise enters the room in the form of the female valet of The Menagerie - the gorgeous, flexable, and curvaceous beauty known as Rebel. She's clad in her signature, carnival-style attire of a tight fitting sleeveless black top that shows off her large breasts, tight red booty shorts that cling to her stunning, thick backside, all topped off with a black belt with a pouch and knee high boots.

"Clown? Sorry, but I like to think I look a lot better that Crazy Steve does..." Rebel playfully teases with a smile as she invites herself in and closes the door behind her.

"Yoooooo... A whole lot better looking than the rest of those freaks..." DJ Z states.

"Bro! This has got to be a trap! The clown is hiding in the ceiling or something!" Robbie claims, still clutching onto the chair.

"First of all, my guys in The Menagerie are not freaks..." She states firmly, pointing up at Zima. "We're like a family, but that's not why I'm here. I'm here because you guys have got the wrong idea about us, all because Robbie here has some fear of clowns!" She says, turning her gaze towards him. "I'm here to set things straight. We're all about having fun, and I'm sure you boys are as well, so there's no real reason why we all can't get along around here."

"Fun huh?" Jessie asks, starting to smirk a little as he uses a hand to make Robbie lower the chair. "Let's hear her out Bro... Because it sounds to me like this babe wants us to bring the Boom to her." He states, checking her out with an approving look over.

"Bring the "Boom"? And what makes you think I'm that kind of woman?" Rebel asks, raising an eyebrow slightly.

"A babe with a banging body dressed like that? Girl, we see your type all the time when we hit the VIP in the clubs!" Zima claims with a cocky grin.

"Oh please... I don't you've seen any girl quite like me before, let alone been with..." She states with a clear flirty tone as she turns to move towards Robbie, smirking as she takes the chair a little too easily from the still apprehensive hunk. "I think I need to show you boys, and especially this guy here, that there's nothing wrong with being a little Rebellious once in a while... And when you see that I'm nothing to be worried about, then you'll not have to worry about The Menagerie, or any other clowns again."

"Oh yeah? And how exactly, are you..." Robbie starts to ask, before his and the eyes of the other two men in the room widen as she pulls her top up and over her head, letting her gorgeously large tits bounce free as she drops the clothing to the floor. "Yoooooo... Those... Those are a couple of real big Booms right there!" He admits as he starts to smile, especially when she lowers herself down to her knees in front of him.

"See? I'm not so bad after all..." She playfully teases again, reaching up to pull down his bottoms and the sight of his impressively lengthy and thick to match cock makes her lick her lips as takes a hold of him and starts to firmly pump his rod up and down to get him hard.

"Well, I can be when I want to be..." She adds, glancing over towards Jessie and giving him an inviting wink before she turns to face Robbie again, stroking his hardening tool as she reaches into the front pouch of her belt. She pulls out a bottle of lube, releasing her grip on him so she can pop the top off and start to pour some of the liquid out onto her large tits, using her hands to rub the lubricant all over them to make them glisten and look even hotter.

"Oh yeah, this babe wants the Boom, and she wants it bad..." Jessie states as he approaches the two, watching as she now pours a little lube out onto Robbie's rock hard length to get him nice and ready as well, before she places the bottle down and uses her hands to grip her boobs, pressing them against the sides of his cock to sandwich it between her lovely, full breasts.

"Bro! This is hashtag-sick!" Robbie grins, his worries now long gone as the gorgeous former model starts to slide her large tits back and forth along his cock, perfectly pressing her mounds against his sizable length as she playfully licks her lips, groaning a little herself as she glances down as the big tool that's sliding between her breasts before back up at the moaning hunk with quite a lustful gaze.

"Mmmmm! Who'd have thought... Ahhhhh! A carny chick would know how to get into the VIP..." He groans, feeling those big, soft tits working up and down along his length, the motion smooth and steady both from the amount of lube she's used over her tits and from her being clearly experienced in dishing out this sexual act, knowing just how to move her boobs along his meaty rod to make him moan.

Just as she's starting to glare from the insult, her attention is caught by Jessie moving up behind her, pulling down her tight shorts to fully expose her fantastically thick booty and a neatly trimmed snatch, and as she gazes back she can't help but smile at the sight of another long, fat cock as he's also ditched his wrestling gear.

"Mmmm... I suppose I can't leave out the other BroMan..." Rebel says, invitingly pushing her ass out towards the hunk as he moves down behind her, seeing his smirk as he pushes his dick into her snatch to make them both moan as he starts to firmly thrust into her folds.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmm... Oh, I like that... Ahhhhh..." She moans with approval as she feels that thickness sliding in and out of her tight snatch, turning her attention back to the cock she's pleasuring between her ripe titties, making sure to keep them moving along his tool, smiling again at the moans he's letting out as she fucks his cock with her breasts.

"Mmmmm shit! Babe's got a hot twat..." Jessie moans as he grips her tanned waist, allowing him to pump his cock in and out of her snug pussy as the former reality TV star steadily thrusts his member deeply into her snatch, feeling her inner walls all around his manhood as he works himself in further into the stunning Knockout's hole.

"Ahhhh... Fuck man... This ass of hers is off the charts... Mmmmm..." He adds, watching her thick ass cheeks jiggling slightly as even while handling one cock with her big boobs, she's managing to rock herself back on her knees just enough to push back against the incoming thrusts into her pussy, and all the while with a dazzling smile on her face to show she can give it out just as much as she can take it.

"Mmmmm!! Yeah, I know you party boys are... Mmmmm... Loving getting rebellious..." She groans, squeezing her rounded tits as she keeps them pressed against the sides of one half of the former TNA World Tag Team Champions as she wanks him off with those luscious breasts, while the other former champ behind her bangs her pussy with a series of nicely paced and deepening thrusts that make them both groan out in pleasure.

"Ahhhhh... I bet none of your stuck up... Mmmm!! City chicks could handle some of this action..." She states teasingly, rocking her curvaceous body between both muscular studs as she takes a fucking into her tight and hot snatch while expertly using her sexy chest to pleasure the length she's holding in her cleavage, even spitting down onto the head of that shaft when she slides her boobs downward for that added sensation to make him moan out.

"Yoooooooo! This is how you party, BroMans style!!" The handsome but often irritating DJ Z calls out, hitting the key on his laptop to make the loud air-horn sound effect sound out as he watches his team mates sandwich the gorgeous Knockout between them as Jessie steadily and firmly fucks her snatch from behind while Robbie has his cock sliding up into her more than ample tits.

"Awwww yeah... Out in the club, or backstage here with the Knockouts... We always bring the Boom!" He yells out again into his set microphone, his bottoms lowered as he lightly strokes his own equally impressively length cock, watching as the almost naked beauty continues to rock herself slightly against the incoming pumps into her snatch, still able to keep her breasts pumping back and forth along the other stud's dick to ensure both they, and herself, are moaning out in rather shameless joy.

Hearing that comment, she glances across and even hiding by the DJ booth she knows he's getting off on watching her go to work on his buddies. "You're not "bringing" anything... Ahhhh... Standing their playing by yourself..." Rebel teases with a smirk, moaning as she takes a couple more pumps from behind.

"Hey! I make it happen anytime, anyplace! Not just when I hit the decks!" DJ Zema claims as he heads over towards the group as Jessie pulls out of her snatch with a groan.

"Mmmm... Now I've had a piece of those hashtag-great-tits, I want some of that hashtag-fine-snatch my hashtag-ripped bro just got!" Robbie E says as he steps back to remove his dick from between her big boobs, now moving to lay down on the floor.

Raising an eyebrow with a smirk, she gets to her feet in order to stand over him, carefully moving down and making the eyes of the three hunks watching widen as she impressively performs the splits to drop down.

"What's the matter boys? Never seen a little trick like this before?" Rebel teases as she reaches down, lining up Robbie's cock with her snatch so she can slip it in as she finishes lowering herself down.

"Awwww shit! Dat splits thou'!" The former X Division Champion moans as he watches the stunning valet rocking on his cock for a moment as she leans forward, placing her hands on his muscular chest as she starts to move herself on his rod, lightly bouncing on his meat so she can remain performing the splits but take his shaft in and out of her tight and already wet snatch.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... Shit! Time to get... Mmmm... In the mix..." He moans, able to reach forward and place his hands on her thighs as he starts to thrust his dick up into her snatch, causing them both to call out in pleasure as his rod moves in deeper up into her love tunnel, her juicy butt cheeks jiggling from the motion as she works herself back to meet the thrusts, a sure sign she's used this splits position before during naughty encounters before.

The attention of the gorgeous beauty of The Menagerie is soon caught by the other members of The BroMans group as DJ Z stands at her left side when Jessie stands on the right, and even as she's riding one big cock already, the sight of two more fat dicks makes her lick her lips with a dazzling smile.

"Mmmmm!! Decisions, decisions..." She playfully says, bringing her hands up to grip both rods and give them some firm pumps before she turns to the left and takes the shaft of DJ into her soothing mouth, already making him moan before she wraps her lips around him, but soon enough her long brunette haired head is bobbing along his length.

"Mmmmmph!! Mmmmm..." She groans out, keeping her other hand stroking along the other hunk's tool while she blows this one with a steady, hungry pace that's already taking him quite deep past her full lips, and all the while sensually gazing up at the moaning stud she's blowing.

"Mmmmm shit! Bet this babe is loving... Ahhhh! Finally getting to hang out with some... Mmmmm!! Real dudes for once..." The arrogant but handsome Zima says between moans, his eyes glued onto the pretty face that's smoothly moving back and forth over his inches, already applying some saliva onto his inches as she sucks him off, gobbling up his man meat while using her other hand to jerk off the other cock being offered to her.

"Mmmm!! Look at her go! Awwwww yeah... She loves a real BroMans style party..." He adds with a groan as those pouty lips continue to glide up and down on his manhood as she takes him impressively deep into that nicely damp feeling mouth, and at the same time still bouncing up and down on the equally cocky stud underneath her as she stays in her splits position to take his fat dick sharply into her snatch.

"Ahhhh... What babe doesn't love being with us..." Jessie claims, now getting his turn to moan out when she lifts her head off of Zima's dick with an audible pop, quickly turning the other way to now take his shaft straight into her mouth, having no issues with sucking on the cock that's just some from deep in her own snatch as she quickly starts rocking her head along his meaty pole.

"Mmmmm!! Fuck!! She's being wasted stuck with that pack of freaks..." He says, making the Knockout currently blowing him with a steady pace glare up slightly at him, but her own pleasure she's getting from having her snatch being stuffed is making her keep on moving her mouth back and forth along his dick, slightly lashing her tongue up on his underside while stroking off the other grappler involved in this steamy action.

"Mmmmmph!! Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." The former Purrfect Angelz dance troupe member groans around the dick she's sucking as she works her tanned and sexily curved body between the three muscular hunks around her, two of her holes being filled up with man meat as she blows well over half the length of one and rides another that's being pumped up into her tight snatch.

"Mmmm... Mmmmph!! Mmmmmph..." As she strokes off the third cock with swift pumps back and forth, she's keeping her head bobbing away and again showing she's far from inexperienced in the art of oral sex, even with handling two other equally hung men at the same time, but as she stays down performing the splits and staying mounted on the dick being pumped up deeply into her twat it seems that she's more than capable of taking a whole lot more from them all.

"Ahhhh... Come on Robbie my man... Let Dat Young Go Hard get a crack at this chick..." DJ Z says, groaning as her hand gives him another couple of pumps.

"Mmmmm!! It's all good Bro! We can give her... Ahhhhh...The classic BroMans Spit Roast special..." Robbie says, giving her another deep thrust up before he settles back to pull his cock out of her snatch. "Just like we used to give to that other chick back in the day..."

"Dude! Ahhhh... Can we not talk about that chick who went to run a pizza place..." Jessie says, stepping away from her with a groan as his cock pops out of her mouth. "You know how many times I had to switch my cell number to avoid her??"

"I knew you guys were no good..." Rebel smirks as she moves herself out from the splits position and right into a classic doggy style one on the floor, still wearing just her knee high boots and her black carnival-style belt bag. "Lucky for you, I'm not exactly a good girl myself..." She adds with a smile, looking back and watching as Zima moves into position behind her.

"Babe, don't try and front against a hat trick of players like us..." DJ Z says as he pushes his cock into her snatch, groaning at the wonderful, tight feeling around his cock as he slides in deeply before gripping her toned and tanned waist, starting to thrust in and out of her snatch and if that didn't feel good enough alone, it soon gets better as she starts to firmly push herself back to meet his motion.

"Mmmmm!! Yeah... Only think I handle better than the decks... Ahhhh... Are the hotties..." He boasts between moans as he's already built into a steady and forceful enough pace, soon feeling her thick and sexy ass smacking back into his muscular body when she rocks back to meet his incoming pumps, ensure he goes in balls deep already into her snatch to fill her up and make them both groan out in shameless pleasure.

"Ahhhhh! Mmmmm... Mmmmph!!" Meanwhile, Robbie E has moved around to go in front of the busty beauty, pushing his dick into her open, moaning mouth but before he can start to fuck that gorgeous face she already starts to bob her head along his meat, making her long hair sway as she energetically sucks him off and wraps her lips around his tool.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmm... Mmmmph!!" She groans out, closing her eyes as she tastes her own snatch from off of his dick, but that just seems to be encouraging her as she moves her body between the two former X Division Champions, getting filled up at both ends as she takes one fat piece of man meat into her snug and damp snatch, while deeply blowing another that's right in front of her.

"Mmmmm!! So sick Bro! Ahhhhhh... This is what I call... Mmmmm! Bringing the Boom!" The Jersey Shore hunk moans out, watching as she smoothly and swiftly sucks his cock, leaving a layer of saliva all over his thickness, her lips still tightly pressing around his tool but the repeated blowing motion has left some spit seeping out to trickle down her chin as the Owasso, Oklahoma born beauty continues to push herself back and forth between him and the stud behind her who's banging her snatch.

"Ahhhhh! And she isn't whining about gagging... Mmmmm!! Like that loudmouth bimbo I used to let tag along with me years back..." He adds with a groan, loving the feeling of being taken so deep into her warm, damp, and soothing oral hole as she runs her full lips over his inches at a perfect, savouring pace while at the same time still working herself sharply backwards against those deep and firm pumps she's taking into her snatch as her thick ass slaps back into the stud nailing her doggy style.

Approaching the group now, Jessie has the bottle of lube that Rebel herself introduces into this, giving his cock a couple more pumps to rub the fluid all over his dick in preparation, smirking cockily as he watches the other two BroMans fill her up at both ends as she takes a dick deep into her snatch while blowing another at the same time.

"Yo DJ, time to switch out for a different set, if you catch my drift..." He says as Zima smirks, giving him a fist-bump with a yell of "Boom!" to "tag out", but not before delivering another could of pumps into that tight snatch before pulling out, moving back so Jessie can take his spot as he uses a hand to spread those full and thick ass cheeks, allowing him to pour some lube down onto her asshole to make her groan as she glances back.

"No way we can't tap a fine ass like this..." He states, letting some lube travel down her ass crack as he uses a finger to push into her asshole, using some quick pumps to work the lubricant deep into her and making her groan again as she rocks backward against the finger banging, not letting up on sucking off Robbie in front of her either as her ass gets readied with several firm plunges of that lube-covered digit.

"Mmmmm... That's rebellious... I like it!" Rebel groans out seductively, lifting her head away from the dick she'd been sucking for a moment to smirk back at the stud behind her before she goes straight back to deeply blowing him, feeling the finger being pulled out of her ass and tensing for a moment when she feels the head of his tool pressing into her asshole.

"MMMM!! Mmmmph!! Mmmmmph..." A loud, muffled groan escapes her as Jessie's cock slides into her stunning ass, even with all the prior lubing up making for a tight fit but already she's pushing that thick rump back against his steady but firm thrusts as he looks to work his length in and out of her booty. With her large tits swaying underneath her from the motion she's making her tanned body do, she groans out again as she takes this spit roasting with now her ass getting fucked from behind while she almost deepthroats the shaft in front of her, leaving it coated in her saliva from her repeated bobbing motion.

"Mmmmm!! Ahhhhh... Dat ass thou'... Mmmmm..." The man nicknamed Mr. Pec-Tacular groans in delight at the vice-like feeling around his cock as he steadily pumps his shaft in and out of that super snug asshole of the gorgeous stunner on her hands and knees in front of him, knowing just how to give a fine, thick ass like hers the treatment it deserves as he works his member gradually deeper into her.

"Ahhhh!! Mmmmm... Gotta love a babe who can work it... Mmmm!! And not just show it off..." He adds between groans, his hands keeping her thick butt cheeks spread apart so he can pump himself in and out of the backside of the former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, watching her perfectly rounded ass shake as she pushes herself back to meet this thrusts, all the while still bobbing her head along the cock of the other moaning, muscular stud that's in front of her.

"Bros, Bros! What's the deal! Don't leave your number one DJ hanging like this!"DJ Z slightly whines, watching on as she takes this spit roasting for a couple more steamy moments.

"Ahhhh... Relax Bro! There's plenty of this babe... Ahhhh!! To go around!" Robbie moans as she lifts her head up and off from his dick.

"Mmmmm!! Hanging huh? That gives me... Ahhhhh!! An idea..." Rebel says, biting on her bottom lip as she takes another few pumps into her ass before Jessie pulls out with a groan of his own. Impressively getting up to her feet quickly, she smirks as she approaches Zima before lifting her leg high up in a standing splits position, making him catch the raised limb as she leans forward into him. "Let's see if you can back up that running mouth of yours..." She challenges, reaching down to guide his cock into her pussy before wrapping her arms around his neck for further support.

"I'm not finished with bringing the Boom to that ass either..." Jessie states as he approaches the two from behind, gripping those full ass cheeks to spread them before he pushes his length back up into her with a low groan.

"Ooooooh FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Oh yeah!!" The stunner formerly known as Tanea Brooks moans out, glancing over her shoulder and licking her lips as she feels the fat cock being pumped up into her thick, sexy ass from behind while she also takes already deep thrusts up into her snatch at the same time, all the while staying up on one leg to do almost vertical splits.

"Ahhhhh! MMMM... Fuck!! Mmmmm... Give it to me!! Like that!!" She encourages shamelessly, loving having both of her lower holes filled up with fat dick like this as she gets her damp snatch filled up with Filipino American dick and takes a pumping from behind into her thick ass courtesy of the multi-time U.S. Big Brother reality show star, her curvaceous frame made to rock between the two wrestlers as she focuses on staying up in this position, more than happy to let them both do all the work and stuff her ass and pussy full with their cocks.

"Mmmmm!! Shit... AHHHHH... Now this is what... Mmmm!! I'm talking about!" Zima states with a moan, keeping one hand on her leg that's held up on him while the other hand grips her toned waist, allowing him to drive his shaft right up into her snatch that's still nicely tight but now very wet as she groans from the pumps she's taking both from him and the other BroMan behind her currently banging her booty.

"MMMM!! I always have... AHHHH... The babes all over me..." He claims, groaning as he drives every inch of his fat rod up into her that he can fit, smirking as he can gaze down and have a good look at her large, bouncing tits as she's made to rock forward again and again from the pumps both hunks are delivering straight into her to make them all moan out.

"Damn straight... Ahhhhh!! It's always time... MMMM... For hashtag-booty tapping when... AHHHH FUCK!! The BroMans hit the scene..." Jessie groans out as he continues to thrust his dick up into that fantastically rounded rump of the valet of The Menagerie, making those thick cheeks jiggle from the impact of his muscular body colliding sharply with her as he drives his shaft right up into her asshole before smoothly pulling out a few inches in order to quickly repeat the motion.

"MMMMM... Shit... Robbie my man, you've got to... MMMMM!! Tap this fucking ass right here..." He invites, but before pulling out he makes sure to give her a couple more deep thrusts to stuff her back passage full with his rod, even giving her rump a firm spank for good measure that just makes her groan before the now sweating stud pulls out of her still very tight ass to allow the other former TNA World Tag Team Champion to move up behind her.

"This is gonna be so sick Bro!" Robbie states, tossing the bottle aside as he pushes his lube covered cock forward in past her asshole, and soon he's groaning as he starts to slide his dick in and out of her tightest of holes, and much like his team mate was moments before he can't help but stare down and watch that thick butt shake from the impact of his pumps going in between her cheeks.

"MMMM!! Awwwwww fuck!! AHHHHH... Hashtag... Tight as fuck, Bro!" He groans out, able to thrust his member in deeply and with force thanks to the prior anal pumping she's been taking, but the tight feeling is making him moan away as he also is sweating now, unsurprising as he looks to get as much pleasure as he can out of the stunning Knockout as he possibly can.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh!! Oooooooh FUCK!! MMMMM..." Beads of sweat are starting to trickle down the pretty facial features of the model and dancer-turned-sports entertainer as she feels the effects of both staying up in this flexible to say the least standing splits position and from having both of her lower holes getting fucked swiftly and stiffly over and over again by the groaning hunks sandwiching her.

"MMMM... Oh fuck!! AHHHHH!! Don't stop!! MMMMM..." She encourages with another gorgeous smile, unable to the deny the pleasure she's getting from having such fat dicks stuffing her tight ass and soaking wet pussy full like this as he body sharply rocks back and forth between the two as her ass cheeks shake when the stud behind her drives forward into her booty and her big breasts continue to bounce away.

"Awwwwwww SHIT!! Mmmm!! This babe loves getting the Boom..." DJ groans as he continues to thrust his nicely long and thick to match rod up into the dripping wet but still nicely snug hole of the moaning stunner as she's held up on one foot, the other leg still stretched impressively up in a splits as she's made to rock between his deep pumps and the ones going into her thick ass from behind.

"I bet she's... MMMM... The kind who wants the full... Ahhhhh!! Triple Boom Bromans special as well..." He adds with a groan and a smirk, able to use his hands to grope and squeeze her plentiful boobs as he moves his length into her with long but quick strokes to keep her moaning rather shamelessly out as both her lower holes continue to be stuffed full with big, fat cock.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm!! Oh yeah!! You fucking bet I... MMMMM FUCK!! I want all three of you... UHHH!! At the same time..." Rebel hisses out, casting a lustful glance at all three men but licking her lips with hunger as she sees Jessie laying down on the floor.

"Bro... I always knew you were BroMans material!" Robbie claims with a grin, stepping back to pull out of her ass with a groan, allowing DJ Z to also move so she can bring her leg back down.

"Oh no, it's you boys who are almost perfect for me..." Rebel teases as she moves over and down to straddle Jessie, slipping his dick back into her snatch with a moan before she leans forward, placing her hands on his muscular chest and sticking her ass out as DJ moves around behind her.

"Almost? Babe, nobody else can bring the B-b-b-b-b-Booooom! Like we can!" Zima states as he pours and rubs some lube over his dick, dropping the bottle to the floor as he kneels down to push his equally lengthy tool into her asshole.

"MMMM FUCK!! Ahhhhh!! Oooooooh yeah, like that..." The gorgeous former model turned wrestle moans out, feeling her ass getting invaded with a meaty fuck-stick once again as she starts to rock her hips back and forth, grinding down on the cock in her snatch as it pumps up into her while pushing her thick and sexy ass back against the thrusts now entering her from behind.

"MMMMph!! You're almost perfect... You boys just talk too much... MMMMPH!!" Her own words get muffled now as the third BroMan stuffs his dick into her open mouth, and showing how horny she is she gets right to work sucking him off with eager up and down motions on his pole, not put off in the slightest by the taste of her own anal passage off of these inches as she slurps away and groans around his rod.

"Ahhhhhh!! MMMMM... Whatever chick, we talk the talk... AHHHHH... And we Boom the Boom!!" The former member of The Shore duo moans as he grips a handful of the long, brunette hair of the valet of The Menagerie stable, already feeling his dick throbbing as she skilfully works her pouty lips back and forth over his length, her saliva dripping off his cock and trickling both down her own chin and over his balls as well.

"MMMM... Awwwwww fuck!! You know... MMMM... You're loving every bit of this..." He adds, his gaze glued onto the pretty, sweat coated facial features of the beauty bobbing her head up and down on his member as she works her tanned, curvaceous body between the three hung studs known as The BroMans as she takes their dicks into every one of her fantastic feeling holes.

"MMMM... Awwwww man, this fucking rocks..." Jessie says, his hands gripping her waist as he watches her slightly bounce on his pistoning tool, his short and sharp series of strokes slamming his cock up into her snatch to keep them both moaning out as his manhood is nicely slick with her pussy juices as he fucks the stunning Knockout's soaking wet cunt with every inch of his fat cock.

"AHHHHH... SHIT!! Mmmm... What a hot fucking piece of tail..." He gasps out, feeling his dick pulsating within her still tight pussy that seems built to pounded over and over again, and certainly he's not planning on easing up now as he drives his length right up into that wet snatch, sweat coating his own desirable frame as she continues to rock back and forth on top of him and against the pumps coming into her other lower hole.

"Ahhhhh!! MMMMM... Never met a real babe yet... Ahhhhh... Who didn't love being in the mix..." DJ Z is able to arrogantly claim even as he sweats hard and groans with each in and out movement he makes with his dick into her luscious, thick backside as her back passage remains tight as ever, still making him work hard to force his inches deep into her even with all the prior ass fucking she's taken so far.

"MMMM... AHHHH!! I could bring the Boom to this booty... MMMMM... All damn night..." He adds even if how his dick is throbbing as he thrusts away into her ass tells another story, but he carries on giving it to her with perfect timing so he's able to pump forward into her rump when she pushes it back out towards him, sending those thick inches in as far as he can get, much to both of their sinfully moaning delight.

"MMMMMPH!! MMMMM!! Mmmmmph!! MMMMM!!" The beautiful TNA manager and rookie in-ring Knockout moans deeply around the cock she's taking deep between her full lips, strands of hair sticking to her face as she rocks her head back and forth on the dick she's blowing, and at the same time moves herself between the cocks of the two TNA wrestlers that are ramming into her ass and snatch.

"MMMMM!! Mmmmph... MMMM... MMMM!!" Her eyes start to roll slightly back into the back of her head, the building pleasure from getting filled up in all of her holes with massive, meaty members becoming too much to handle but still she grinds her pussy down on the cock slamming up into her, pushes her juicy butt back against the pumps firing deep into her ass, and carries on slobbering away on the thick pole she's taking in and out of her oral hole.

"MMMMM!! Boom Boom Boom!! AHHHHH... We've got a babe blasting off here..." Jessie moans out with a grin, feeling Rebel starting to cum hard all over his already soaked with her juices cock, and the new sensations of her orgasm flowing over him only makes him groan out as well as she continues to take his deep thrusts up into her snatch. Similarly, the other two members of the BroMans don't let her get a break just yet as DJ continues to drive into her stunning arse while Robbie still has a grip of her hair so she can suck him off a few more times, feeling her groans vibrate off his rod as she's feels every moment of her sexual peak as the hunks pump away into her holes.

"MMMM... Awwwww FUCK!! About time... UHHHHH!! For me to give her a Boom blast... MMMM!! Of my own..." He says with a deep groan, having to shift his grip in order to lift her up and off from his now throbbing wildly cock and it appears his buddies are feeling the same way as both step back to pull out of their respective holes, allowing her a moment to groan and catch her breath as she's moved down to her knees on the floor.

"Mmmmm... Don't disappoint me now boys..." She says with a lusty grin as she grips her big tits, squeezing them and pushing them together as she tosses her long hair back, offering up a couple of clear targets to the trio of studs now surrounding her as they grip their pulsating lengths and furiously stroke, a sight that she can't help but lick her lips at before she opens her mouth.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhhh!! Mmmmm..." She groans with delight as DJ Z in front of her starts to shoot his load first, a thick shot of spunk splattering across her nose and forehead, forcing her to close her eyes as the next blast lands onto her cheek and over her left eye before the next few shots land over her lips, into her mouth, and land on her chin to drip down onto her pushed up titties.

"MMMM!! This is... AHHHHH... How we fucking Boom!!" Jessie grunts as he now starts to bust a nut, his left position to her allowing him to blast his initial load of spunk all over her cheek and up into her hair, coating that side of her pretty face while Zima finishes off stroking out the last of his load down onto her boobs.

"Mmmm!! AHHHHH... Ahhhhh shit..." He groans, his mighty dick still throbbing as he continues to jerk himself dry, sending more jizz landing onto her gorgeous facial features before he steps in closer once DJ has moved back, allowing him to push the head of his cock into her mouth and all too eagerly she wraps her thick lips around him to suck on the crown, earning another blast of spunk to make her moan.

"MMMMM FUCK!! Boom boom boom baby!! MMMM..." Robbie grins and moans as he finally reaches his limit, showing the right side of her face with a couple thick shots of cum just as she finishes blowing the now limp tool of Jessie, and her reward for turning to now face the final hunk remaining is getting her face further plastered with spunk as he milks himself dry of his similarly massive load.

"AHHHH... MMMM... Fuck it take it!! AHHHHH..." He groans, switching his aim to down at her tits as she keeps them pressed together and upwards, allowing him to pump out the final shots and then the last drops of his jizz onto those ripe, tanned and perfectly rounded breasts so by the time he finally lets go of his spent dick Rebel has been left a sweaty, completely fucked, and now cum covered mess down on her knees on the floor. The three hunks of The BroMans can't help but grin at the sight of her face being practically given the bukkake treatment with how much semen is now dripping off her and down onto her neck and tits, not forgetting the cum also staining her hair now as well as over her big titties as she rubs the jizz over and onto her boobs with her hands.

Closing her lips together, she tilts her head back a little and with a dirty gulp swallows up the spunk she's managed to catch in her mouth with a satisfied gulp. "Mmmmm... Hope you boys can see now... That this Rebel can handle any kind of Boom you can bring..." Rebel states with a smirk, using a finger to scoop away spunk from her eyes so she can open them and look up at the grinning studs who'd fucked all of her holes.

"Bro... We know exactly what kind of chick you are now..." Robbie starts to say with a cocky smirk.

"The kind that knows all about the Boom!" Jessie quickly interjects. "And that makes you all good in our book, even if we've got beef with your guys."

"Sure babe... And any time you want to get back in the mix?? That Young Go-Hard is your hook-up..." Zima states as he wipes sweat off from his forehead.

"Hmmmm... I'll think about it..." She teases, licking her lips and collecting a little cum in the process. "I'm all about getting Rebellious... But if you promise to bring the "Boom" like that again? I might just get down with the Boom one more time..."

* * *

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