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Knockouts: Christy Hemme and Taryn Terrell

Red-Blooded Passion
by Number One (

It was a typical day at the proverbial office for Christy Hemme. She was at
the Impact Zone fulfilling her duties as a ring announcer; a job she's done
for three years now. Although part of her wants to be competing in the ring
again, Christy was content with her current position. It was like she was a
fan again; watching all the action in and out of the ring taking place
between TNA's various superstars and Knockouts. Christy had really enjoyed
watching the Knockouts recently, and the main reason involved one young woman
in particular: recently acquired Knockouts referee Taryn Terrell.

Christy and Taryn had quite a bit in common. Both were part of WWE's Diva
Search, with Christy winning the 2004 contest while Taryn was part of the
2007 affair. Despite their past as Divas, Christy and Taryn never crossed
paths until the latter of the two joined TNA in August. Since then, Christy
has developed a vested interest in the Knockouts matches, as well as a
romantic affinity for Taryn. Every week was the same; Christy would introduce
the Knockouts and take her seat to watch -- all the while keeping a close eye
on Taryn. As soon as her time was over, Christy headed backstage to look for
Taryn, only to find her in the dressing room. She was out of her official's
attire and in her regular clothes.

"Hey, Christy," greeted Taryn.

"Hello, Taryn," said Christy. "Please forgive my lateness, but I never got to
welcome you to TNA. I'm sorry."

"That's OK," replied Taryn.

"No, it's not," said Christy. "I like to take it upon myself to get to know
the new faces of TNA." The red-haired vixen slowly walked closer to Taryn,
all while showing a look of amorousness on her face. "Especially one as cute
as yours."

"You know, Christy," said Taryn. "If I didn't know any better, I'd swear that
you're coming on to me."

"I was never good at keeping secrets, wasn't I?" Christy said in a coy

"Well, you've been gazing at me ever since I came to TNA," said Taryn.
"Honestly, I was wondering if you were ever going to make your move."

"Is that right?" asked Christy. "Well, how about you come over to my place,
and I'll make all the moves you want?" To give Taryn a bit of a preview of
what's to come, Christy kissed the blonde beauty right on her luscious lips.
Turned on by the embrace, Taryn moved in to kiss Christy again, but the
lovely redhead stopped her. "There's more where that came from, my sweet,"
Christy said right before she and Taryn left the dressing room -- hand in
hand. "You go on out to the parking lot. I have to freshen up a bit."

As Taryn continued on her way out, Christy went back to the dressing room and
walked towards a full-length mirror. She looked very sexy in an all black
outfit, which included a revealing top, tight pants to show off her cute ass,
and leather boots. However, one final touch was added to complete Christy's
look, and it came in the form of a pair of long, sharp fangs.

Christy gave a bit of an evil laugh as she admired herself in the mirror.
"Oh, Taryn," she said, "you truly have no idea what I have planned for you.
Before this night is over, you will be mine...for all eternity!" Christy's
words rang very true. Though Taryn figured out that Christy had an eye for
her, she was completely unaware that the red-haired Knockout is, in fact, a
wicked vampire vixen. The blonde beauty continued to sit at the passenger's
seat of Christy's car nonchanlantly as she saw her exit the arena. Once Taryn
let her in, both ladies looked at each other and smiled, but said nothing,
right before Christy started the car and they were on the road. At times
during the drive, Christy could not keep her eyes off of Taryn. She also
couldn't keep her hands to herself, either, as she continuously placed her
hand on Taryn's right leg, causing her to giggle in an expression of

The Knockouts finally arrived at Christy's house after a fifteen minute
drive, and Taryn was the first to exit the car. She led the way to the front
door while Christy followed her, grinning insidiously as she did so. Once
they entered, Christy quickly placed her arms around Taryn and started
kissing the back of her neck, resulting in the young blonde going into
another giggling fit. "Christy!" Taryn exclaimed. "Couldn't we just wait
until we're upstairs?"

"I'm sorry," said Christy, "I just find you so...delectable. But you're
right. Let's take this up to my room." Again, Taryn led on the way up while
Christy was right behind her. Both ladies entered Christy's master bedroom,
and Taryn couldn't help but notice the room's surroundings. Numerous lit
candles were displayed all over, and she actually saw a small number of
pictures of her on the nightstand and the dresser. "What do you think?" asked
Christy. "I wanted it to look just right for tonight."

"It's...interesting," replied Taryn, "Kind of a dark setting, isn't it?"

"That's not the only thing that's dark, sweetie," Christy said smugly.

"I don't understand," said Taryn. Christy snickered at the young blonde's
response. "Perhaps I'd better show you," the redheaded bombshell said. At
that moment, Christy turned right around and revealed her true nature to
Taryn; baring her fangs and hissing right at her. Taryn attempted to make a
run for it, but Christy used her supernatural powers to shut the bedroom

"You are not going anywhere, Taryn," Christy said as she walked closer to the
terrified Knockout. "What's wrong? Am I scaring you?"

"Of course you are!" Taryn exclaimed. "You're a vampire!" Christy clearly
showed her pleasure over Taryn's apprehension by cackling evilly at the
blonde beauty. "That's right, Taryn," she said, "I am a vampire. And I have
had my eye on you ever since you first arrived in TNA. Seeing you in that
cute little referee's outfit week in and week out...OHHH! drives me

In act of ecstatic pleasure, the evil Christy hissed at Taryn a second time
and pushed her on to her king-sized bed. The fiendish vampiress later pinned
her eventual lover and stared at her longingly and with pure lust and
adoration in her eyes, which were displaying a sinister red glow. Thinking
that Christy was going to bite her neck, Taryn closed her eyes and prepared
for the worst. Instead, the voluptuous vixen simply locked lips wirh her.
Taryn's neck remained unscathed, at least at the moment.

The kiss completely changed Taryn's mood; the fear she once felt was gone and
was replaced with lust for her vampire lover. With that, Taryn started taking
off her white dress while Christy watched and gazed in adoration. "Come on,
Christy," she said. "Take me." Christy started disrobing as well, and the
pair of Knockouts quickly engaged in a second make-out session with each
other. They tossed around during their romantic embrace, but Taryn stopped
the momentum by placing herself on top of Christy -- much to the red-haired
beauty's extreme dismay. Her mood changed when Taryn started pleasuring her
by licking and kissing her cute and luscious breasts.

"Ahhhh...ohhhhh!" Christy softly moaned in sheer ecstasy over Taryn's
hedonistic act. "Oh yeah! That's it, baby. That's what I want." The blonde
bombshell decided to kick it up a few notches by moving down south past her
lover's waist and to her beautiful, shaved pussy. Once there, Taryn wasted no
time placing her lips on Christy's vaginal set and beginning an act of oral

"OHHHH YEAAAAH!!!" Christy shrieked loudly and emphatically.

"AHHH!...AAAHHH!!!" Taryn was just as into it as much as Christy was; and the
wicked redhead knew it. She could literally feel the intensity of her blonde
lover swishing her tongue all over her delectable pussy. In, out, all around,
Taryn left no proverbial stone unturned in her sexual act. Other than that,
Christy could sense what Taryn was feeling inside of her, and it was the same
thing that she felt: pure unadulterated arousal.

"See, Taryn?" said Christy. "This is -- AAAHHH!!! -- exactly why I wanted
I -- OHHH!!! -- figured you to be a nasty little deviant, and you have lived
up to my expectations. You just can't get enough of my beautiful pussy." Nor
could Christy get enough of Taryn licking her sexy snatch. But what she loved
more than receiving sexual pleasure was being the one in control, and she
decided to put her supernatural powers to work by removing Taryn from her
person with one wave of her hand.

"So is this the part where you stick your fangs into my neck?" asked Taryn.

"We are eager, aren't we?" Christy coyly responded. "That part comes later.
As for right now, there's something else of yours that I want to taste." With
lust in her eyes and a wicked smile on her face, the villainous redhead
brought her willing blonde lover closer to her with one wag of her finger.
The two sexy Knockouts kissed each other in passionate and voracious fashion,
but during the embrace, Christy was slowly moving her hand down Taryn's
gorgeous body. Once she finally touched her lover's shaved pussy, Christy
immediately started finger-fucking the gorgeous blonde.

"OOOOHHHH!!! AAAAHHHH!!!" Taryn screamed erotically as her pussy was serving
as a plaything for horny vampiress Christy. "OH YES!! OHHH YES!!" However, as
much as Taryn was enjoying this act, her pleasure paled in comparision to
that of her evil red-haired lover. Christy loved being in full control of the
woman she lusted over for months, and she savored every second that she spent
toying with Taryn's snatch. "Come on, Taryn," the villainous Knockout said.
"Let me hear you."

"AHHHHH!!!" Taryn loudly moaned, much to Christy's elation. "OHHH GOD!!!"

"Yes, that's it!" Christy exclaimed. "That's exactly what I want to hear!
Your screams are pure music to my ears." A wicked, fang-filled smile flashed
across Christy's face as she continued playing with Taryn's luscious pussy,
all the while savoring every one of her lover's orgasmic screams.


After a long session of fingerbanging, Christy released her sexual
stranglehold and licked Taryn's vaginal fluids -- while the lovely blonde
watched in adoration. "Now, Taryn," said Christy, "it's time." With that
said, Taryn brought herself closer to her lover, and actually moved her long,
blonde locks back to show her neck to her.

"OK," said Taryn, "I'm ready." Christy kissed the back and the left side of
Taryn's neck, right before inserting her fangs right inside of the lovely
Knockout. Taryn's humanity was slowly and steadily being drained away, yet
the feeling that was going through her was nothing but pure euphoria. All the
while, her complexion was becoming quite pale, a red glow enveloped her
eyelids, and her fangs slowly slid out. Christy released herself from Taryn,
but the result saw the babyfaced blonde become an evil and sexy vampire
vixen. After finally composing herself, Taryn turned around and hissed at
Christy, while staring at her eye-to-eye.

"Now," said Taryn, "it's my turn." The young blonde put her newly acquired
fangs to work and inserted them inside Christy's throat. Just as Taryn did,
Christy was enjoying being the feeling of being fed off of, but not as much
as Taryn was at being in control. After she was done feasting, Taryn licked
her lips and let out an evil laugh over her wicked deed. "You taste so
delicious, Christy," she said.

"So do you, my love," replied Christy. "And you look so sexy as well."

"As do you," Taryn said before she locked lips with her fellow vampire
Knockout in romantic fashion. "And thank you so much for sharing your gift
with me. I feel so powerful!"

"You're welcome," replied Christy.

The End

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