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Red Hot Lesbian Poker
by Purpleblue

Lita walked into the room, followed by Trish, Sara, Stacy and Torrie.

"Here," Lita said as she sat in the middle of the room on the floor, followed
by the other girls. Torrie closed the door and locked it.

Stacy got her camcorder and placed it on the table by the wall, setting it to

"I have the cards," Trish said as she pulled the packet out of her coat

"No coats, and take off your shoes and socks, jewellery doesn't count," Stacy
said, taking off her own jacket.

The group started to take off their shoes and socks, as well as their

Trish started to deal, giving five cards to each woman. They each picked up
their cards and looked at them.

Sara, who was next to Trish, looked at her cards then threw them down again.
"I fold," she stated as she took off her blue shirt and throwing it behind
her, revealing her matching blue bra.

"Cute," Trish said, staring at the bra.

Sara took Trish's hand and placed in over one of her breasts. "Play later,"
Sara said taking the hand away, smiling.

"I fold too", Stacy said, standing up. Once up, she hooked her thumbs into
her shorts and slid them down her long legs. The group stared at her as she
seductively pulled the cloth down, rubbing her legs as she did. Once off she
stood here in only a tiny white thong, the back stuffed between her two butt
cheeks, the front only barely covering her slit. "I don't wear a bra," Stacy
laughed as she sat down.

"Neither do I," Torrie stated as she took her top off, "I also fold." As she
pulled off her tight red tank top two enormous breasts were exposed. The
other girls stared at the large boobs, their nipples erect.

Stacy looked down at her own thong, a visible line of wetness present; making
her pink pussy slightly visible.

Torrie looked at Stacy's thong and smiled at her, licking her lips.

"Well, I call," Lita said, laying down two jacks and two threes,

Trish laid down her cards, two queens.

"I win," Lita said.

"No fair," Trish stated, implying the fact she was wearing a dress.

"You knew the rules," Lita said as she tugged at Trish's dress.

Trish allowed Lita to take off her dress, exposing her red lace teddy. All
the women looked at the teddy. Trish's breasts were pushed up, her nipples
poking over the top of the lace. The teddy continued down to her stomach,
then further to her pubic region. The red lace covered her pussy, but was
still visible.

Sara started to pick up the cards, leaning over to reach Trish's cards,
giving her nipple a quick nip.

Trish groaned as Sara removed her mouth and started to deal.

Stacy picked up her cards and smiled to herself, placing $5 into the centre
of the group.

Torrie also smiled and picked up $5, but instead of placing it into the
circle she picked up Stacy's $5 and inserted into the front of Stacy's

Lita placed her cards down and removed her tank top. She was wearing a
purple bikini top underneath, holding her breasts in place, but clearly
showing her erect nipples.

Trish looked from Lita's breasts to her own cards, "uh-oh" she said.

Sara poked her head round to see Trish's cards. She smiled as she grabbed
the zip on the back of Trish's teddy and opened it. She slowly pulled it
down. "Stand up," she said, pulling Trish up with her as she stood. Sara
then put her hand down the front of the teddy's crotch, feeling Trish's wet
heat before pulling the garment completely off. Sara licked her finger as
she sat down.

Trish also sat down, crossing her legs and exposing her pussy. She was now
completely naked, and getting the full attention of the group.

Sara looked at her cards and got $5 from her jeans. She placed it into the
front of Stacy's thong.

"I bet $5, and raise you your underwear," Stacy said to Sara and Torrie,
"and lose those jeans," she added as she realised the two still had their
bottom halves fully clothed.

"I call," Torrie said as she laid down her cards, revealing 2 Aces.

Sara placed down 2 Kings.

And Stacy put down another 2 Aces, and 3 Fours. "Now strip," she said to the
two women.

Torrie and Sara stood up, and opened their zippers, pulling down their

As Torrie pulled down her jeans she turned her back to the group, revealing
a naked ass. Once her jeans were fully off she turned around, showing a very
hairy pussy.

Stacy raised her hand and ran it through her hair, "I love hairy cunts."

Torrie mingled her own hand within her hair and Stacy's fingers.

Sara, now only wearing a pair of blue briefs and a matching bra, stared at
the two. "This is so hot," she said as she removed both her bra and briefs,
leaving her fully naked. She moved over to Torrie and rubbed her naked shaven
pubic region against Torrie's bush.

"Hey you two," Lita called out. "Me and Stacy still have to..." she was
stopped as Stacy removed her shirt.

"We're gonna skip straight to truth or dare," Stacy said, removing the money
out of her thong then taking it off completely.

Sara and Torrie sat down, completely naked.

Lita took off her clothes too.

The entire five-some were naked, sitting around in a circle.

Stacy placed an empty bottle in the middle of the room, whilst Torrie opened
her bag and placed some sex toys near the bottle.

Sara picked up the bottle and spun it. It landed on Trish. "Truth or dare?"

"With all these toys, I'm gonna have to say dare," Trish replied as she
looked at the items.

"I dare you to..." Sara picked up a pair of nipple clamps.

Trish took the clamps and attached them to her very hard nipples. "There,"
she said as the clamps were attached, a small gold chain stretching across
between them.

"Tighter," Sara demanded, placing her fingers onto them and tightening them

Trish winced in pain.

"All done," Sara said.

Trish's nipples were tightly squished between the two pieces of metal,
flattening them, turning them a darker red than they had ever been before.
The other women being naked didn't help her at all, turning her on more.
Trish leaned forward and picked up the bottle, she spun it.

It landed on Stacy.

"I dare you to," Trish said, "masturbate in front of us. No toys."

Stacy moved to the centre of the circle, spreading her legs wide. "Everyone
got a good view?" she asked as she brought her hand down to her clit. Slowly
she rubbed the little bud, breathing in deeply, causing her breasts to heave.

Trish started to laugh as Stacy used all her energy to move her fingers over
her clit, and looked at Sara.

Sara was mimicking Stacy's actions, using her fingers to massage her sex.

Sara and Stacy locked eyes, their breathing and rubbing in sync.

Stacy started to shake as her orgasm came, her breathing increasing, she
screamed out Sara's name as she came, wetting her fingers in her juice.

Sara repaid the favour by screaming Stacy's name as the rubbing on her clit

The two stopped rubbing themselves as their orgasm passed.

The three women were now very wet from seeing the two woman masturbate.

Stacy sat back in her spot, her legs stretched open wide to cool her clit,
giving the other women a good view. She picked up the bottle and spun it.

"Me?" Lita said as it pointed to her.

"I dare you to cover my breasts in whipped cream and lick it off," Stacy
said as she picked up a can of cream and passed it to Lita.

Lita crawled over on all fours to Stacy. Her breasts hanging down. She took
the can of spray and laid Stacy down, where she then crawled over her body
so her face was just inches away from Stacy's breasts. She squirted the cream
all over her breasts.

Stacy relaxed as Lita laid on top of her, cream being squirted onto her
breasts. Suddenly the squirting stopped and she felt a warm tongue licking
over the cold cream.

Lita swirled her tongue around Stacy's nipples, licking up all the cream. She
gave them a quick bite and continued licking up the cream.

"So good," Stacy said as she pushed Lita's face into creamed breasts.

Lita's face was now covered in cream, but continued to lick the breasts

Stacy moaned as Lita's hair fell onto her chest, tickling her nearly clean
breasts. "Oh... keep going," she demanded, feeling the tongue attacking her

Lita gave her nipple one final lick, but all the cream had gone. Except for
the mess on her face and in her hair. Lita sat up and back into her spot in
the circle.

Stacy also sat up, "that was fantastic," she thanked.

Lita took the bottle and this time it landed on Trish. "I dare you to take
this," she said holding up a 12inch long 3 inch thick dildo, "all the way

Trish's eyes opened as she looked at the enormous dildo. "I'll never get that
up me," she said.

"Sure you will, with enough loosening," Torrie said as she moved to Trish,
helping her lay down.

Sara put a pillow beneath her hips, lifting her vagina into the air.

Stacy pulled one leg apart, whilst Torrie pulled the other. Lita sat in
between them, facing Trish's pussy.

"Are you ready?" Lita asked as she inserted a finger into Trish's pussy.

Trish groaned a yes as Lita's finger penetrated her vagina.

Lita inserted another finger, using the two to finger fuck Trish. Lita's
fingers slid in and out easy, getting extremely wet from cum. She then
inserted a third.

Trish's body shook as Lita worked on her slit. Her groans turning on the
other women as they watched Lita's fingers appear then disappear into
Trish's hole.

Lita then slid in finger number 4, finding it easy Lita pushed harder, her
whole fist being engulfed into Trish's cunt.

Stacy watched with interest as Trish was fist fucked, something she had only
read about.

Lita removed her fist, which was now dripping in Trish's juices and picked
up the dildo. She ran her hand down it, coating it in cum. Lita aligned it
up with Trish's hole and slowly slid it in.

"Ooohh," Trish cried out as the pole was rammed into her.

Lita had about 7 inches inserted into Trish, and started to fuck her with
it: pushing the dildo in further each time.

"Going to cum," Trish breathed as orgasm shook her body, her legs moved
against Stacy and Torrie as they tried to hold her in place.

Lita gave the dildo one more push, ramming the pole 11 inches in.

Trish screamed as she came, her body shaking. After her orgasm she sat up on
her elbows, looking down at the dildo in her pussy. Only an inch stuck out of
her. "Who's gonna get this out then?" she laughed.

Torrie moved over Trish's body, straddling her mid section, facing her pussy.

All Trish could see was Torrie's ass.

Torrie moved back on Trish's body, her ass checks making contact with Trish's
breasts. Slowly she lowered her face down to Trish's pussy, raising her ass.

Trish's view improved as she could see Torrie's vagina. "You have a nice
vagina," Trish joked, as she brought her hand up to smack it.

"Owww," Torrie said.

Stacy helped by rubbing her backside and slit for a few seconds.

"Don't stop," Torrie pleaded.

"Uh-hu," she said taking her hand away, "not your dare."

Torrie grabbed the end of the dildo inside Trish and slowly slid it out.

"Ooohh.." Trish moaned as the pole left her.

Torrie started to suck on the dildo, covered in Trish's cum.

The group moved back to their positions, and Trish took the bottle. It landed
on Torrie.

"I dare you to eat out Stacy," Trish demanded.

"Sure," Torrie said happily, moving her face between Stacy's legs.

Torrie sank her face to Stacy's awaiting pussy. She placed both her hands on
Stacy's ass checks, holding her steady. She circled Stacy's pussy with her
tongue, then opened the lips. She found the clit and started to stroke it
with her tongue, digging her fingers harder into her ass.

Stacy shook, but pushed her hips further forward, "so good," she breathed,
using one hand to push to Torrie's head harder.

Torrie continued to suck and lick at the sensitive clit, bringing Stacy

As Torrie leant in closer on all fours, Lita came up from behind and started
to lick Torrie's pussy.

Torrie moaned as she felt Lita's tongue attack her clit, stimulating Stacy
with vibrations.

Stacy forced open her eyes at the sight of Torrie's mouth on her, Torrie's
pussy being eaten by Lita, who was massaging her own clit. She then looked
over to Trish and Sara who were 69ing.

Sara was on the bottom, her tongue shoved inside of Trish.

Trish was on top, grabbing onto Sara's leg as she sucked her pussy.

Stacy closed her eyes as she came, screaming out in pleasure, at the same
time Lita came; screaming into Torrie's pussy and making her cum. Trish and
Sara both came moments later.

The five-some remained quiet for a few moments, breathing heavily after their

Torrie, the first to move, picked up the bottle and spun it, landing on
Stacy, "truth or dare?"

"Truth," I'm too hot to do anything else.

"What's the weirdest thing you have ever had up your pussy?" Torrie asked.

"You?" Stacy joked. "Well, I had sex with the end of a vacuum cleaner,
letting it suck my insides."

The group looked at Stacy.

"I was home cleaning," she continued, "and I was just so turned on. So I
took the end of the vacuum cleaner and let it suck up my juices. It was a
fantastic feeling."

"Shame we don't have one here now," Trish joked.

Stacy took the bottle, and it landed between Lita and Trish.

"Who did it land on?" Lita asked.

"Both of you," Stacy said. "I have an idea for a dare." She picked up one of
the double ended dildos.

Trish instantly took the dildo and shoved it into her already stretched hole.

"Fuck me, Trish," Lita demanded, crawling into a doggy position. She pushed
her ass into the air, her pussy coming into view.

Trish moved over to Lita and climbed onto her back. She inserted the dildo
into Lita's pussy and started to fuck her.

"Ohh Trish," Lita cried as the blonde rammed into her, her muscles gripping
the plastic.

Trish reached round and used one hand of rub Lita's clit, and the other to
massage her breasts. Her hands moved in harmony with her thrusts.

Torrie watched as they fucked, and found another dildo. She inserted it into
herself and started to fuck herself.

Sara looked at Torrie and decided to climb on top of her and the dildo.

Stacy watched as Torrie and Sara, and Trish and Lita fucked. She then picked
up another dildo, and moved in behind Sara. She put her fingers into Sara's
vagina where the other dildo was inserted, and stretched her.

"Stacy," Sara cried as Stacy inserted her dildo into her pussy. She started
to move her hips, her pussy full with the 2 dildos.

Trish kept pulling out then pushing back into Lita to the full length. She
gave one final ram as she hit orgasm.

"I'm cumming," Lita cried as she felt Trish's juice hit her pussy, obviously
from cumming.

"Cum for us," Torrie said to Sara as she moved faster.

Sara pushed against the dildos harder as she came, her pussy sending out
juice down the objects.

Torrie and Stacy both came as Sara screamed and her pulses slowed.

The five lesbians relaxed, pulling dildos out their vaginas.

Stacy got up and stopped the camcorder. "I wonder how much this would go for
on Ebay," she joked.

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