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Redheads Have More Fun
by Wtarr2010

It was a rainy night, 11:30 PM at the Hampton Inn hotel in Raleigh, North
Carolina. Some of the WWE superstars were booked to spend the night there
before the big Wrestlemania 21 pay-per-view show.

Most of the wrestlers that were at the hotel were in the bar section of the
hotel hanging out and playing pool, while Christy Hemme, one of the divas and
the challenger for Trish Stratus's Women's Championship at Wrestlemania, was
sitting on the stool sipping on her drink with apparently not much attention
being directed towards her.

She was dressed in a sleeveless red top with two slim straps on her shoulders
that cut off near her stomach, tight fitting black jeans and your average
pair of open toed female's shoes. As she finished drinking her second glass
of some wine one of her co-workers recommended, the bartender comes up to

"Why aren't you over there having fun?" he asked the redhead. She sighs and
yawns a bit.

"Well, normally I'd be partying like there was no tomorrow," she started,
"But I need to stay focused if I want to take home the Women's Championship.
No parties and nothing that will take my mind off of-"

Christy was cut off by the current WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus,
coming up behind her as the blonde Canadian bombshell places a hand on her

The bartender walks away as he sees that Christy's attention will obviously
be directed towards the other woman as she glares at her rival and opponent.

"Aw, doesn't anyone want to hang out with poor Christy Hemme?" Trish says
with a faked melancholy tone. She grins once she see's Christy's expression.

"What the hell do you want, Trish?" Christy asks as he shoves the Canadian
diva's hand off of her bare shoulder.

Trish sticks out her bottom lip, imitating a puppy dog face as she sits her
purse down. "Why so hostile?"

Christy raises an eyebrow. "Why so hostile?" she questions, not believing
Trish had the audacity to ask her that. "You've been a bitch to me ever since
I've gotten into this damn place," she exclaims.

Trish is the one to raise an eyebrow this time as she moves a strand of her
blond hair behind her ear.

"Oh, yoo-hoo, Mr. Bartender," she starts, ignoring Christy for the moment as
she takes a seat next to her. "Could I get a shot of tequila?"

The bartender nods his head as he hands Trish her glass, filling it with the
worm-filled alcoholic beverage.

Christy sighs as she nudges Trish after she takes a drink. "Hello, I was
talking to you."

"Oh, yeah, right hun," Trish replies after taking another sip. "You think I
was being mean? Oh heavens no, I was just being my natural...dominate self,"
she states, grinning wide.

Christy glares at her as she notices a large amount of pride in Trish's
emotion once she heard that. "The only dominate thing you do is in bed with
that bitch of a boyfriend of yours," Christy says with her own smile
beginning to grow.

Trish's eyes open a bit in surprise. "You mean Christian? Honey, he's so last

"Is that right? So you switch love toys every year? And you call me the
slut...," Christy retorts, her eyes rolling afterwards.

Trish glares at the redhead as she watches her call for the bartender.

"Could you fill me up again?" she casually asks him. He smiles and within a
few moments, Christy is taking a drink of her filled glass.

"You make that slut retort about me, yet you literally ask a guy to fill you
up...," Trish says with a small chuckle.

Christy scoffs at her, finding her behavior getting more and more on her
nerves. "I asked for him to refill my glass, you idiot."

Trish squints her eyes as she also takes a drink from her glass. "You can
call me an idiot all you want, but there is no way in hell that you're
winning my Women's Championship," she exclaims, smirking a bit with pride.

Christy also squints her eyes as she cocks her head, getting more and more
pissed off. She goes to say something back to her, but she is stopped by a
hiccup. 'Crap, I guess I shouldn't have gotten that much for
being focused,' she thinks.

She grins at the humorous situation she was in.

"Hello, are you listening to me?" Trish asked her.

"I think you're just jealous of me," she tells her before swallowing the last
bit of the glass that she had. 'Wow, that was bold,' she thinks to herself
once more, feeling a tad happy that she said that.

"Excuse me, that's far from the truth. I'm a three time babe of the yea-"
this time Trish was getting cut off by Christy.

"Wasn't babe a talking pig?" she says, smiling widely from ear to ear. Trish
was starting to get furious now.

"Yeah, steal lines from that lousy good-for-nothing Jericho," Trish replied,
rolling her eyes while looking down at the floor with her eyes squinted. That
comment hit a nerve.

This time it was Christy who equipped the puppy dog face, mimicking what
Trish was doing earlier. "Aw, is poor Trishers' sensitive when it comes to
Jeri?" she teases.

Trish narrows her eyebrows as she glares at her, obviously really pissed off.
'This little bitch is asking for it...'

After a short moment of silence, Christy takes a moment to think. "Listen, we
might as well change the topic, fighting right here most likely wont do us
any favors," she suggests to her rival, the alcohol making her a bit
friendlier than what she

would normally be. The arguing was making her a bit nervous and it was
causing her to breath a bit heavily, after all.

Trish takes a glance at her as she raises an eyebrow and makes a face as if
she doesn't take Christy seriously. "Oh, and what topic would that be?"

Christy smiles a bit as she looks up at the ceiling for a moment. "I don't
know...something fun?"

Trish pauses for a moment before laughing softly. "Fun? Well, at least you're
asking the right girl," she says, "it's pretty obvious that blondes know how
to have more fun, anyway," she boasts as she flicks her hair about.

Christy raises an eyebrow as a smirk came across her face. Both women were
getting affected by their alcohol that they endorsed moments prior, their
hate for one another being subsided in a minor way. "Are you out of your
mind, Trish?"

"What do you mean? Like I've said, it's pretty damn obvious," the blonde
Canadian retorts.

"Oh please, that's just a myth created by a bunch of perverts who like to
look up nude blondes over the internet. Redheads are the real partiers."

"Yeah, right. Is" Trish asks, her speech being interrupted by a
small hiccup.

Both ladies blink right around the same time which causes Christy to giggle.
"Well..." she starts, looking around to make sure no one was paying
attention. In fact, almost everyone had left the bar while her and Trish were
bickering. The bar tender didn't seem to be paying any attention to them. "I
could show you."

Trish's eyebrow cocks up high as she bites her lower lip. "And how do you
plan on showing me?"

Christy takes a moment to think. Her alcohol invaded mind wasn't thinking
straight, obviously. She doesn't take another moment to continue thinking as
she quickly presses her lips against the blonde woman sitting next to her.
The bartender obviously saw, but she didn't give a damn.

Trish's eyes went wide in a bit of a shock, but she didn't break away. She
was also not feeling right in the mind from the tequila she had earlier.
Instead of pulling away like she normally would have, she closed her eyes as
she welcomed the redhead's lips against hers, opening her mouth some to allow
better access.

Christy then darts her tongue into Trish's mouth, lapping it against her own
tongue. Both women were moaning as Trish stuck out her tongue next to
Christy's, moving it across the Number One contender's pearly whites.

Pretty soon the Bartender became too aware of what the two women were doing.
The bar was empty as it was now midnight. He hated to interrupt the two, uh,
ladies, but rules are rules.

"Um, girls," he starts to say. The two women break their kiss immediately as
they look at him a bit nervous. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you two
to leave, it's getting late and I need to be closing up."

Trish starts to think for a moment before a sly grin appears. "
about you come up to my room, since we have this little 'minor
inconvenience' can really show me why it is that redheads really know
how to," she says with a grin, hiccupping a bit with her speech
slurring here and there.

Christy raises an eyebrow before laughing softly, slightly placing herself
against the Canadian champion. "Mm...sounds like a plan, blondie," Christy
agreed, kissing Trish's neck, causing her to giggle a bit.

Soon enough before the bartender had to get onto the drunken females again,
the women retreated from their seats as they journeyed upstairs to Trish's
hotel room, fondling and groping whatever they could get their hands on as
they walked.

Eventually after walking down the hallway with giggles and moans, they
finally reached Trish's room. "Room 302, this is the one..." she exclaims as
she pulls out the key from her pocket book, unlocking the door as the two
women go inside.

After Trish slams the door shut and re-locks it, both Christy and Trish
discard their slightly uncomfortable heels, now both barefoot as the red
haired woman presses her lips against the Canadian beauty's once more, this
time using enough force behind it to cause the women to fall on top of the

The drunken haze that they were in and the hate the two women had for each
other was only increasing the intense amount of lust growing between the
women as they groped and fondled each other's bodies.

Christy, being mounted on Trish, moved her hand to the diva's large chest,
grabbing her right clothed breast, giving it a tight squeeze causing her to
yelp in their kiss. Their tongues flicker against the other as saliva begins
to be mixed, their eyes closed tight as Christy moves her hands to Trish's
top, pulling it up.

Trish raises her arms above her head as Christy pulls her lips apart from
hers just long enough to get the Women's Champion's shirt off, revealing her
navy blue bra. The redhead wasted no time in unclipping it in lighting speed,
throwing it around some place in the room.

Trish breathed heavily as she felt dominated by her red haired rival and
future opponent as her top was quickly discarded along with her upper set of
underwear. Now her bare breasts were out in the air for Christy's viewing.

Christy just stopped in her tracks for a moment as she stared down at Trish.
She liked that she was on bottom and in a defensive position. She smirked
devilishly as she raises up to pull off her own top off of her body, showing
no bra as her massive globes bounced out. They were just slightly smaller
than the ones her partner was sporting.

Trish's breathing pace began to grow more and more heavy as she witnessed
Christy remove her top, her breasts looking marvelous. 'Not as good as mine,
of course', she thought with a small chuckle.

Christy leaned back down as she pressed her lips against Trish's yet again,
both sets of breasts being mashed against the other. Both women were getting
more and more wet down in the southern region as they tongue wrestled each
other, with Christy eventually gaining the advantage.

The redhead moved her hands towards Trish's wrists, holding her arms still
causing her to yelp a bit. Christy broke their kiss to grin down at her,
before moving lower to where her face met Trish's chest.

Trish tried to look down at her to see what she was doing, but then she
suddenly felt Christy's lips latch onto her hardened rosebud. ""
she moaned out with her eyes shutting tight once more.

Christy's hair dropped from behind her head onto Trish's skin as she suckled
on her right nipple, coating it in her saliva wickedly whilst moving her free
hand down in between the two as it went inside her partner's jeans. She was
delighted to feel a little hair and pussy lips with no signs of panties.

"No panties?" she curiously asks Trish with her brow raised.

"I'll usually...wear something down there, but I forgot to put any on," Trish
says with a hysterical laugh, taking pauses in between words from being
basically out of it.

Christy laughs with her before asking, "How could you forget something like
that if you remembered to put a bra on?"

Trish pauses for a moment. "I was in a rush to get dressed...why does it

Christy lets out a hiccup as she bites her lower lip. "Guess it doesn't, I
was just curious," she explains while moving her hands out of the blonde
bombshell's jeans so that could unzip them, pushing them down to her knees.

Trish was able to take care of the rest, moving her jeans off with her knees
and then kicking them away.

As they fell off of her cold-getting feet, Christy's face lit up with vast
excitement, practically diving her head in between the blonde woman's legs.
Her fiery red hair fell down against Trish's stomach and hips as she moved
her hand between her thighs, not wasting any time.

"Ooh...fuck!" Trish yelped as she felt the redhead's cold digits enter her
warm, pink insides. She breathed heavily with her breasts heaving as she did,
softly moaning as Christy moved her fingers in a circular motion.

"Do you like that Trish? Do you like my 'slutty' fingers inside of you? Huh?"
Christy teased her, a wicked grin coming on her face as Trish quickly nodded
her head, her eyes shut tight once Christy stuck her tongue at the tip of her
pussy folds.

Within moments Christy had her own pair of pants off of her smooth, tanned
legs and laying about on the ground, along with her soaked undergarments. The
cool, crisp air felt good against her hot womanhood, as the same could be
said for Trish when she removed her pants before.

Christy's tongue started to journey down inside of the Canadian Bombshell's
treasure box, being flickered against her clit as Christy used her free hand
that wasn't being used to finger / hold Trish's pussy open to move down her
own valley of sinful sexiness, probing two fingers into her own wet cunt as
she went from flickering her tongue across Women's Champion's clitoris to
taking quick laps against her entire soaked pussy.

"Oh...yeah, that fucking pussy," Trish egged on, wrapping her
strong, powerful, slender, tanned legs around Christy's head, pushing her
face closer to her womanhood a bit.

Christy let out muffled sounds from getting her face mashed into her drunken
lover's pussy, but she didn't think nothing of it. In fact it had some what
turned her on from Trish dominating her in a way.

"Oh, fuck yeah, eat it, eat it you redhaired little skank!"

Christy raised an eyebrow at Trish's sudden name calling, which had actually
struck a tiny nerve, causing her to snarl a bit as she hungrily rammed her
mouth against the blonde's hot and wet cunt, making Trish yelp out loud.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuuuck!" Trish yelled out, feeling close to her
orgasmic climax.

Her body heaved against the red head, her hand moving down to run her fingers
through her hair as she sat up slightly to do so, her toes bent and legs
still crossed and wrapped around Christy's neck.

Her sweaty blonde hair was falling down into her face as she quickly pushed
it away before taking her own hands and tweaking her sensitive nipples as
Christy's rug-munching onslaught was becoming too much for her to handle.

"I'm...oh...I'm going to...fuck!", Trish hollered, her eyes shutting tightly
again as she roughly grabbed Christy's hair tightly, screaming and making a
facial expression that was equal to that of a woman giving birth.

"Oh shit! I'm going to cu-cu-cum!" she whimpered, her pussy juice spraying
Hemme's face, soaking her hair and the inside of her mouth some what if any.

Trish's grip around her head with her legs was leg go as they weakly fell
down on the bed, along with Trish falling back down on her bed with her messy
blonde hair all in her face.

After taking a few moments to breathe, Hemme wiped the juice that was on her
face and hair, swallowing what little managed to get inside of her mouth as
she stood up, staring down at the swimmingly defeated Trish Stratus.

"Don't tell me you're done already," she started, a smirk gracing her lips as
she crossed her arms across her nude chest.

Trish, still somewhat panting, took two moments to raise her head up slightly
so that she could talk to Chirsty. "What more do you want, bitch?" she
somewhat hatefully asked, letting her head fall back down against a pillow
with a forearm over her eyes.

Christy raised an eyebrow as she climbed back up on the bed, squatting above
Trish's face before she quit roughly grabbed her arm and pulled it out of the
way to where Trish could be greeted with Hemme's shaven, throbbing pink

"It's pretty fucking obvious what I want," Hemme cursed.

Trish squinted her eyes at her while placing her elbows firmly on the bed,
propping herself up somewhat. "You've already got me off, I couldn't care
less about your pathetic needs, hon."

Christy raised an eyebrow before pushing her off of her elbows and back onto
her back. "Eat it, you blonde skank!" she shouted at the blonde, as
dominating her in everyway possible was her main intention in retaliation for
her hateful remark.

Trish narrowed her eyebrows but decided it would be best to do what she was
told, sticking her tongue directly in the middle of her rival's pink
womanhood, flickering her tongue up and down a bit while placing her hands on
her waists, her finger nails some-what digging into the redheaded woman's
skin out of a fit of lust and strong desire.

Hemme let out a tiny moan once she felt Trish's tongue dart inside of her
cunt, and then again once more once she felt it flicker across her clit.

Hemme's eyes closed with her head cocked back, her hair falling down behind
her head and back with her voluptuous breasts high in the air.

Trish now started picking up her speed with her rug munching, nibbling on the
pussy lips a bit while suckling on the inside of her folds.

Eventually the Canadian champion decided to move her hands from Hemme's waist
and up to her beautiful chest, tweaking her nipples in between her index
fingers and her thumbs, making Christy whimper repeatedly.

Soon enough as Trish rapidly darted her tongue in and out against the
redhead's clit as well as her hands roaming her large, sensitive breasts,
Christy could feel close to her orgasm.

"I'm going to cum soon, keep it up bitch," she mouthed to Trish.

Trish, wanting to hurry up and get this whole thing finished with, did as she
was told, gently biting on Hemme's clit as well as sucking on her entire
private area as hard as she could.

"Mmm!" Christy moaned loudly, splattering Trish's face underneath her as she

Trish kept her eyes closed as she felt Hemme's love juice hit her face and
mouth, not bothering to lick it off. She even moved her hands off of
Christy's breasts to wipe off the pussy juice away from her face.

After a few pants of catching her breath, Christy fell on her back, laying
between Trish's legs as her feet propped against her face.

"Get your damn feet away from me, slut!" she shouted at her, shoving her legs
off of the bed.

Christy shot her a dirty look before getting off of the bed, heading towards
the shower that was inside of the room.

"Where the hell are you going?" Trish asked, sitting up with her arms
crossing her chest.

"The shower, I have to get cleaned up," Christy replied. Trish scrunched up
her nose before sighing.

"Go into your own room and do it, I need to shower!" the Women's champion
said as she rose to her feet.

"It's about, what, 2:00 in the morning? We're not even supposed to be out in
the hallways that late in this hotel. You're going to have to put up with me
for the night, sorry," Christy told her as she made her way into the

Trish snarled at her before giving in, even though it was obvious she didn't
have that much of a choice. "Just...let me know when you're done," she says
as she gets back on the bed, not even bothering to get dressed again seeing
as she was planning on taking a shower as well whenever Christy was finished.

It was around 2:50 AM, both Christy and Trish had showered and had clothes
on, with Trish being in her night ware and Christy being in a barefoot
version of what she wore when she came in the hotel due to Trish obviously
not being kind enough to share her clothes.

Both were in the bed with their backs facing each other, the lights just now
turned off before Christy speaks the final word.

"I told you that redheads have more fun."

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