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Reggie Bennett And The LPWA's Fucking-Match Part 1
by Dandy Baxter

It's the "Saturday Main Event" and in the ring stands a white-haired
ring-announcer in a black suit. The tickets are all sold out in the Madison
Square Garden. The Ladies Professional Wrestling Association has

"Dear gentlemen! Tonight we all have some special for the evening. A
special "Fuckingmatch" for the guys in the public. If somebody want to do a
challenger to Miss Bennett, so be my guest. Coming on my left with a match
weight on 190 IBS, it's our strongest female wrestler Reeeeeeggie

"Holy shit!!!" a dirty old man screams from ringside when Reggie Bennett
coming out from the dressing room under the tones of "Born in the USA" by
Bruce Springsteen and the entire public will agree with his song. When Reggie
is in the building it's real good to live in USA. It's a special evening and
its only men public.

The big beautiful plump-girl goes into the squared circle on rolling hips
and jumping boobs of huge size dressed in yellow T-shirt and jeans-shorts.
Many cocks are moving in the pants of the arena only by that, and it will be
dirtier. She stands on the left side of the ring-announcer with a big smile
on her face. The man has some problem to speak the right words when her right
hand seek its own way down to the zipper in the pants. Reggie's hand pushes
gentle at his cock outside the pants, but she only likes to tease him a
little and remove the hand. The ring-announcer takes the microphone to his
mouth and continues, with a hard-on in his pants.

"This is one night only and if you had a good seat and a ticket here tonight
you're very lucky, because this event doesn't goes out in "Pay Pair View".
It's only here you can see the smutty action AND it's only TONIGHT you can
see it here!"

Reggie goes to one of the ring-corners and starts to climb up with two feet
at the ring rope. Almost like she's gonna sit down on the turnbuckle, but
not! She climbs up on the third rope and push out her big round jeans-ass to
the sharing crowd. She start to shake it, still with a big smile on her face,
the public goes almost crazy and many of the men unzip their pants and start
to stroke their dicks. One or two boys under the legal age had snuck into the
adult audience without being caught by the security guards.

"Don't masturbate already, gentlemen," the ring-announcer shouts.

"You haven't seen nothing yet. The goodies haven't started yet! Reggie now
challenges anyone of the gentlemen in the audience to RIP HER CLOTHES OFF!
The lucky one, who could manage that, is also the guy who starts the nasty
show we all waited to see. And fuck Reggie Bennett!"

An enormous sheers from the crowd and Reggie takes the microphone from the
announcer and says:

"Anyone of you bastards volunteer?"

She starts to touch her own big breast outside her yellow T-shirt, and again
she's teasing the horny public. 10,000 guys plus waves their hands in the air
and now we only notice the public with ringside. Many of them try to climb
over the security railing and a black 7 foot guard stops them at the halfway
and push them back to their seats. The ring-announcer looks out on the
ringside and picks a tall black guy with long dark hair and Hawaiian T-shirt.

"Tough man!"

The guy safely climb over the security railing without interference from
the big strong guards in the building. He stands in the left ring-corner and
Reggie stretches her legs in the right corner. A wrestling-referee enters the
squared circle but he looks very confused. This isn't an ordinary wrestling
match. But, what a hell! The timekeeper starts his clock and:


There goes the bell and the most exited match in women wrestling history is
about to take place. The tall Jamaican looks almost like Bob Marley and he
certainly loves Reggie (He, he!) They go round and round in the ring and
bought plans his/hers first move.

"Come on! Try to touch me," says Reggie.

The black guy doesn't know were he should attack the big wrestle-girl. He's
tall, but a skinny man. Reggie Bennett is a 190 IBS woman and not precisely
Sunday afternoon picnic.

"Come on, you fucking bastard," Reggie smiles. "Are you scared? You want
me to close my eyes and count to ten, or what? I think you want to rip my
clothes of and screw the shit out of me. Come on, give it a try!"

The challenger almost leaps from his standing spot and tries to grab her
T-shirt with his hands. Success! The crowd is screaming of the look, when
he grabs the shirt under the wrestling-girl's breast-crack and drops to
the ring-mat and pulls the T-shirt down over the big boobs of Reggie

"Oh my god!" gasps a middle-aged man on ringside.

"What a pair of hooters!" screams another and jerking of faster and faster.

But the T-shirt is very elastic and the challenger drop to the mat without
ripping the stuff apart. Reggie Bennett just picks him up, squeeze him to
the big chest of her and does a Belly to-belly-suplex on him. After she just
put her huge "milkers" back under her T-shirt. The horny black guy is out of
the contest and the bell rings like a signal to end the match. The first
challenger has to leave the squared circle and the referee lift the big girls
arm in the air.

"The winner of this match. Reeeeegggie Bennett!!"

Number Two is a muscular truck-driver with big red beard and gigantic hands.

"Alright! Little girlie," he shouts to Reggie. "Soon I will rip your
jeans-shorts of you naked skin and put you on my knee and give you big fat
ass an hell of a spank!"

He laugh with his tong dripping of excitement and the public really want
to see what. But when the challenger shall grab Reggie Bennett she slips
of his hand lifts him from the mat, up in the air. She sets him up for a
Backbreaker, but instead nail him to the ring-floor with a Sidewalk-slam.
She stands up and gives the beaten man "the finger".


The referee is about to stop the match, but Reggie Bennett isn't finished
yet. She sits down with her gigantic booty on the challenger back and sets
him up for a Boston-Crab. The jeans were stretched out to the breaking-limit
when she sits down. The huge round cheeks pushes to the pants and many guys
squirting sperm all over the arena-floor now. The truck-driver is not a
professional wrestler, so he gives up and the bell rings for the second time
this evening and so far nobody have even stripped Reggie Bennett from a
single clothes. Many thinks in the crowd: If that big guy with the beard not
can do the job correctly, maybe nobody can. Reggie is tough. The referee
holds her hand in the air again. And now she starts to tease him. She rubs
his chest, with her hand inside his black/white-striped shirt. Then, she's
goes down on her knees and starts to unzip his black pants. The referee look
likes he's gonna faint. Now Reggie Bennett pulls out his stone-hard cock to
freedom, and she begins to suck with her red thick lips. The fans is in
ecstasy and they scream like some sort of nutcase:




Up and down, up and down goes her head between the referee's two legs and
she also just lick the cock on its top with her wet tong. The man moans and
enjoys the great treatment. He's close to come and first now Reggie Bennett
shows her big tits for the crowd. She's pulling down the elastic T-shirt
over her big size package and strokes the man's cock at her naked flesh. At
last she put the hard prick between her boobs and starts to rubs them up
and down. Her skin between her tits is now slippery of the referee's wet
foreskin. Reggie Bennett rubbing, sucking and lick until the sperm squirts
out of the swollen cock-head and right into her mouth.

"Oh Jesus Christ," gasps the referee and fills the wrestling-girl's moth with
hot cum.

She swallows and swallows and sucks off even the last drop of sperm from the
referee's prick.


Reggie Bennett put her boobies back and shouts to the audiences:

"Who's next? Come on, who's fucking next?"

Now nobody shows theirs hands.




Reggie lick the cum off her hand and replies:


Ten seconds later she's got a big shock when she saw the new challenger. The
public stands on their feet, applauds, screaming and shouts. Reggie Bennett
staring her eyes outs and can't believe what she sees.

"Oh my god! How old are you, boy? Eleven? Twelve?"

Look out for the second part!

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