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Rejection Isn't So Bad
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours after the December 6th 2006 edition of ECW on SCI-FI has gone off the
air, 'The Reject' Shannon Moore is hanging out at the indoor loading bay of
the arena. Dressed in an sleeveless spiked orange trenchcoat and red and
black pants, 'The Reject' rubs his hands together as he sits in silence when
he starts to here the sounds of crying coming in his direction from the far
end of the loading bay. Shannon raises an eyebrow on his face-paint covered
face and starts to walk towards the source of the sobbing sounds, "Who's
there?" Shannon calls out as he gets closer to the source of the crying and
he sees Kelly Kelly, ECW's beautifully, sweet, innocent nineteen-year-old
vixen who had her heart broken completely by her now ex-boyfriend Mike Knox.
Shannon puts his hands on his hips, "What's wrong with you?" 'The Reject'

The innocent, adorable Kelly Kelly glances up at the ECW "Reject" Shannon
Moore and bites down on her bottom lip innocently as soft tears roll down her
innocent cheek "It's...well..." Kelly takes a deep breath before she presses
her shoulder up "My...boyfriend...Mike...he...he dumped..." Kelly replies
with her soft eyes watery as she's dressed in a pair of short bright yellow
shorts and a bright yellow top.

Shannon folds his arms his arms over his chest, "You got rejected... big
deal..." Shannon says, in an almost cold voice before adding in a softer
voice, "It's not the end of everything..."

The adorable, innocent Exhibitionist raises her right hand up as she wipes a
tear off of her left cheek "But...I loved Mike..." Kelly Kelly says as she
lowers her head sadly.

The 'Extreme Reject' raises his left eyebrow upon hearing Kelly's reply,
"Anyone with a brain could see the jerk didn't love you... or even liked
you..." Shannon says, "Besides... rejection isn't so bad... once you see
the benefits of it..."

Kelly cutely scrunches her nose up and raises an eyebrow "Benefits of
rejection?" Kelly asks as she pushes her shoulders up with a shrug as the
soft tears almost come to a halt "How so?" Kelly Kelly cutely asks.

Shannon Moore almost smiles as he looks at the adorable nineteen-year-old
Extreme Vixen, "Well... you can have... a rejection fuck... for one... to get
over the dumb jerk... and then... hook up with some punk or whatever..." 'The
Reject' answers in a very blunt tone before asking in a soft tone, "You've
never been rejected have you?"

Kelly slowly shakes her head " I haven't..." The adorable
Exhibitionist replies as she scrunches her nose up "What's...a rejection
fuck?" Kelly cutely asks as she bites down on her bottom lip.

Shannon Moore smiles and slightly narrows his eyes, "A rejection fuck... is
when you fuck... the first available guy until he makes you want to reject
everything about your now ex-boyfriend..." Shannon licks his lips slightly,
"And you would want to forget about him... as soon as possible..."

Kelly slowly nods her head "Yeah...I guess so..." Kelly innocently replies
and then cutely smiles " help me out?" Kelly asks as she cutely
presses her shoulders up "You seem like an available guy..."

'The Reject' nods his head, "Well I am available... and I'm an expert in
rejection... so yes I'll help you out..." Shannon replies as he starts to
slip off sleeveless orange spiked trenchcoat, revealing his heavily tattooed,
muscular upper body.

Kelly smiles cutely as she slowly licks her lips, looking directly at the
heavily tattooed, smooth muscular upper body of Shannon Moore "I
want me to take of my clothes?" Kelly says with a cute laugh "That's good...
because I just love taking off my clothes..." Kelly begins to say as she
reaches over her shoulder and unclips her bright yellow top before she slides
the top off of hot, petite upper body as she exposes her cute, petite and
firmly rounded tits. Kelly lowers her hand blushes as she sees Shannon crack
a soft smile.

Shannon Moore smiles gently as his rejected eyes look at Kelly's petite, cute
firm round tits, "Who can ever reject you.... you are one to be desired..."
Shannon says as he then locks eyes with the cute nineteen-year-old young

Kelly laughs cutely "Awww thanks..." Kelly sweetly replies as she places her
hands against her short bright yellow shorts and begins to push them down off
of her smooth, rounded hips and guides the shorts down her smoothly shaven,
tanned and innocently desirable legs until she steps out of her shorts and
stands in front of Shannon Moore completely naked with her hot tits and hot,
innocently shaven pussy.

"Quite... wonderful..." Shannon Moore says as he starts to lower his red
and black wrestling pants down from his waist, revealing his large, thick,
thirteen inch cock which Kelly can see is more than twice the size of her
now ex-boyfriend Mike Knox.

Kelly glances down and her adorable eyes widen at the sight of Shannon
Moore's large, thick reject cock as she licks her soft, luscious lips
"'s pretty big! It's bigger then Mike's!" Kelly cutely
says before she bites down on her bottom lip and lowers herself down onto
her knees in the loading area in front of "The Reject" Shannon Moore.
Kelly Kelly wraps her smooth, innocent hands around Shannon's reject cock
and begins smoothly stroke her hands against his shaft.

Shannon Moore licks his lips and smiles, "See... here is one benefit from
the rejection you suffered... you found... someone... much better equipped...
for your needs..." Shannon says with a moan as he steps out of his pants
while Kelly strokes his hardening shaft with her small delicate hands.

Kelly smiles cutely and nods her head as she looks up at Shannon Moore while
she strokes his reject cock "Yeah! I did!" Kelly cutely replies excitedly as
she smoothly slides her soft, innocent hands against Shannon's rigid reject
cock before she leans her blond-haired head in towards his cock and gently
presses her warm, soft tongue against the head of Shannon's cock and gently
taps her tongue against the tip of his cock before she opens her mouth and
instantly lowers her head, taking Shannon's cock into her hot, innocent

"Mmmmmm... take as much time as you want too... you were rejected... and you
must... enjoy the benefits of it..." Shannon moans as Kelly presses her soft
pouty lips down against the skin of his long, thick hard cock. 'The Reject'
places his right hand on Kelly's head and surprisingly gently strokes her
hair as Kelly starts to bob her head up and down on his shaft.

Kelly locks her soft, innocent eyes with Shannon Moore as she smoothly bobs
her head up and down on Shannon's cock as she gently slides her tongue
around his shaft. "Mmm...mmmm..." Kelly softly moans as her warm saliva
drips against his cock while she starts to gradually bob her head innocent
blond-haired head at a quicker rate.

Shannon Moore closes his eyes and leans his head back as he enjoys the way
Kelly is sucking on his cock. "Ahhh... mmm... Knox... was a fool... to reject
you..." Shannon moans as he begins to move his hips forward in order to
gently thrust his cock in and out of Kelly's mouth. Shannon continues to
stroke Kelly's soft blond hair as the adorable young woman sucks on his cock
as a way to escape the reality that was her relationship with Mike Knox.

Kelly closes her eyes as she smoothly takes Shannon's reject cock deeper into
her warm, saliva-dripping mouth while she bobs her head at a quicken rate,
lifting and lowering head continually on his large, thick and hard cock.
Kelly presses her lips tighter around his shaft as she gently twists her head
against his cock before she slowly lifts her head off of his saliva-dripping
cock and licks her lips "Mmmm...that was great..." Kelly laughs as she
remains sitting on her knees.

'The Reject' opens his eyes and smiles down at Kelly, "Yes it was... now tell
me... what is your favorite way to be fucked? Is it from behind so you can
feel the force... of the thrusts given to you?" Shannon asks as he gets down
to his knees in front of Kelly and locks his rejected eyes with her.

Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and lowers her head as she cutely
blushes "Maybe..." Kelly innocently replies.

Shannon smiles softly, "Turn around Kelly..." Shannon says as he tilts his
head a bit to the side and he again smiles as he starts to see Kelly turn in
front of him, "You'll forget about the man who rejected you..."

Kelly blushes "I sure hope so..." Kelly Kelly cutely replies as she turns
completely around on her knees with her smooth, tanned back and her cutely
rounded, hot ass facing Shannon as she leans over onto her hands as well.
Kelly cutely glances over her shoulder and smiles back at Shannon as he
scoots closer to the young Exhibitionist from behind while sitting on his
knees as well.

Shannon Moore licks his lips slightly as he looks at Kelly Kelly's cute
round ass. 'The Reject' grips his cock with his right hand and places his
left hand on her lower back and then moves forward, pushing his thick large
thirteen-inch reject cock into Kelly's tight, warm, nineteen-year-old pussy.
"Mmmmm..." Shannon groans as he releases his shaft and places both of his
hands on Kelly's slender hips before he begins to slowly thrust his cock in
and out of her pussy, but then gradually he starts to increases the speed of
his thrusts.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she looks forward while her hot, petite
Exhibitionist body rocks back and forth in motion with Shannon Moore's quick,
but gentle thrusts her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh...ohhhh...yesss.." Kelly
Kelly softly moans as she gently pushes her cute rounded ass back against
Shannon's smooth waist, forcing his cock deeper into her hot pussy.

Shannon Moore leans forward, pressing his heavily tattooed upper body down
against Kelly's back as he begins to more rapidly fuck her warm, tight pussy,
"Mmmmm forget about your rejection..." Shannon groans as his balls slap
against Kelly's ass every time he dives his cock back into her hot cunt. 'The
Reject' also moves his hands from Kelly's hips and places them on her hot
perky, firmly round tits as he fucks her with reckless intentions.

Kelly grits her teeth as she closes her innocent eyes while her hot, petite
body slams back harder against Shannon's thick, hard reject cock "Ohhhh...
ohhh hell yes!" Kelly moans as she feels Shannon's large balls slamming
against her cute, round ass while he swiftly and roughly slams his cock into
her hot pussy as he fucks the young Exhibitionist at a quick, but somewhat
gentle rate.

'The Extreme Reject' grits his teeth as he leans himself back up as he bangs
the hot Extreme Vixen before he pulls his large, thick reject cock out of her
pussy much to her disappointment. Shannon Moore then lays down on the cold
ground next to her and licks his lips, "Get on top... ride until you feel
your rejection completely fade away..."

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip cutely and nods her head "Ok..." Kelly
says with a smile as she moves over towards Shannon next to her and mounts
her hot, petite Exhibitionist body on top of the hard, rigid cock of "The
Reject" Shannon Moore as she gently eases herself down on his cock "Ohhh...
ohhhh..." Kelly softly moans as she feels his cock enter her tight pussy
deeper as she places her soft, innocent hands against the heavily tattooed,
smooth muscular chest of Shannon Moore and Kelly Kelly starts to gently rock
back and forth of his thick reject cock.

"Ahhhh yes... mmmm..." Shannon moans as he watches Kelly to gain momentum as
she rocks back and forth on his large cock. When the adorable Exhibitionist
begins to bounce up and down on his shaft, Shannon places his hands on her
slender waist and helps her increase the tempo of her movements.

Kelly gently grits her teeth as she smoothly bounces and rocks back and
forth of Shannon Moore's rigid reject cock "Ohhhh mmmm...I love rejection
now..." Kelly moans as she starts to gently slam her petite, hot body down
on Shannon's cock at a rougher rate upon each extreme impact as the
Exhibitionist continues to lift and lower herself on top of Shannon's cock
as sweat begins to form on her forehead.

Shannon Moore smiles as he moves his hands away from Kelly's waist and places
them on her firm round tits again, "Mmmmm yess... let yourself go... lose
yourself... in the moment..." Shannon grunts as he sharply thrusts his cock
upwards into Kelly's tight hot young pussy as she slams herself downward.

Kelly closes her eyes and tilts her head back as she slams down harder on
Shannon's reject cock before she suddenly rocks back against his thick, rigid
cock "Ohhhh...mmm...ohhh yess..." Kelly softly moans as she grinds her pussy
down against Shannon's cock as she moves her soft hands to the smooth,
muscular tattoed stomach of "The Reject" as she starts to gently cum on his

Shannon Moore licks his lips as he feels Kelly Kelly cum on his large thick
throbbing cock, "Ahhhh... mmmm rejection is great... ain't it..." Shannon
asks as he feels Kelly's pussy squeeze his cock. Once the sweet, adorable
nineteen-year-old vixen comes to a stop on top of his cock, Shannon slides
his hands down to her waist and begins to lift her off of his shaft.

Kelly Kelly cutely scrunches her nose up as she presses her slender shoulders
up with a cute, satisfied look on her adorable face " isn't so bad..."
Kelly replies as sweat drips down her adorable face.

Shannon sits up and sits Kelly next to him as he stands up, "Glad to see you
have... enjoyed the benefits of rejection..." Shannon says as he moves to get
his pants in order to put them on. "Now... you don't have to think about your
ex-boyfriend ever again..." Shannon says as he pulls his pants up to his
waist, but leaves his throbbing shaft hanging out of them.

Kelly scrunches her nose up as she looks directly at Shannon's hard,
throbbing cock, hanging out from her pants " you want me to...
umm..." Kelly begins to cutely says with a soft smile.

"No..." Shannon shakes his head as he picks up his orange sleeveless spiked
trenchcoat, "Your rejection was just for you... I can deal with this...
myself..." Shannon replies.

"Ohh..." Kelly slowly nods her head "Are you sure?" Kelly cutely asks as the
adorable Exhibitionist begins to stand up.

Shannon nods his head and wraps his right hand around his throbbing cock and
begins to stroke it, "Yes... I'm sure... go... and enjoy your new life...
without the idiot that rejected you..."

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and smiles cutely "Ok...umm...thank
you..." Kelly says with an adorable laugh.

Shannon nods his head and slowly walks away from Kelly as he lightly strokes
his cock, leaving Kelly wondering why he wouldn't let her finish him off, but
then he looks back at her, "Remember... rejection... isn't so bad..."


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