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Rena's Vacation
by Josh (

Rena Mero, the former WWF bombshell and Playboy playmate, was having
serious troubles with her husband Marc. You see, Marc had been wanting to
get back into the wrestling business but Rena was completely against it. The
main problem was that if Marc wanted to go back, he'd only get taken back if
he could convince Rena to come with him.

Tensions built between the two until it all finally exploded. Rena didn't
want to upset her 16 year old daughter Mariah so instead of moving out she
planned a spur of the moment vacation to Maui. Rena was going to take her
daughter to Maui so she could have some time apart from Marc. Rena told
Mariah of the trip and told her that she should bring the older boy at school
who she's been going after. Mariah called up the 18 year old Mike and
invited him to come, he accepted.

Monday morning, Rena and Mariah picked up Mike on their way to the airport
in a limo. Mike didn't know who Rena was mostly because Mariah doesn't talk
about her mother being in the WWF and Playboy. This was the first time Mike
had met Rena and knew right away that the stunning blond who was taking him
and her daughter in a limo and then on a sudden trip to Maui must have
something going on.

"Mrs. Mero, thanks for letting me come on this trip." Mike said.

"Call me Rena and you're welcome." Rena replied.

The plane trip was long and they finally arrived in Maui some 13 hours
later. They checked into a deluxe suite at the Hyatt. The suite had a
master bedroom, a smaller bedroom, and a living room. Rena took her luggage
into the master bedroom, Mariah took the smaller one and Mike would sleep on
the pull out couch.

Over the next couple days, they did various activities together including
driving up a volcano, riding horses and biking. Rena dressed down the whole
time but Mike could tell she had a great body. When they went swimming, Rena
wore a one piece suit as Mike guessed to not draw attention to herself. Mike
tried to stare but was getting really turned on by Rena during the whole

Rena's status as one of the biggest MILF's on the planet was cemented on
the third night of the trip. Mike was restless and laying still with his
eyes open. He heard a door open and footsteps. A light went on in the
little kitchen area. Mike rolled his head over and looked to see Rena in a
white lacy bra with red trim and white and red lacy bottoms. Mike laid still
and watched Rena get a glass of water then walk back to her room.

At dinner the next night, Rena informed Mike and Mariah that she'd rented
a boat for the whole next day and they'd have to leave early in the morning.
The next morning, Mariah woke up with a terribly sick and couldn't go. Mike
and Rena agreed that they'd stay and take care of her but Mariah insisted
that the two of them go and enjoy the boating trip. Mike insisted on staying
but Mariah told him to go have fun. Rena said that she'd make sure Mike had
a good time.

Mike and Rena both packed light bags then headed out to the pier. The
boat was a nice size with a cabin, a pretty big bathroom and a kitchen. Rena
got the boat started and drove for about twenty minutes until they were on
their way. Mike asked where they were going and Rena told him they were just
going out to the middle of nowhere basicly to relax, get some sun, do some
swimming and snorkling, nothing really special.

Soon the sun was out and hot. Rena asked Mike, "Can you take the wheel
for a few minutes? I want to go change into my swimsuit."

"Sure thing," Mike replied. Mike took a hold of the wheel for a few

"Ok, I'm back, you can sit down now, I'll drive." Rena said.

Mike turned around to see Rena in a tiny black thong bikini, her hair tied
back, a bandanna on her head and black sunglasses. Mike tried to do stare at
her heaving breasts and handed over the wheel to Rena and took his seat. His
seat was behind Rena so his eyes were fixated on her behind. Rena stood
there in the sun, two hands on the wheel in a tiny bikini with the black
thong between her gorgeous ass.

Mike felt his cock growing inside his pants and knew he had to take care
of it before he got a full blown erection. He excused himself then walked
down into the bathroom and quickly closed the door. Mike quickly lifted up
the toilet seat and undid his shorts, closed his eyes and began to
masturbate. He had to release his sexual tension in order not to embarass
himself infront of his girlfriend's total piece of ass mother. I mean, who
has a mom like that? A mom with a toned body, a perfectly round toushy and
perfectly sized breasts? Mike fantasized about Rena's body as he spanked off.

Meanwhile, Rena had put the boat on auto-drive and looked herself over.
She was very vain and wondered if she had put on any weight on the trip. She
went into her bag and got out her measuring tape but then remembered she had
promised to make sure Mike would have fun so she figured she'd let him write
down the measurements for her. 'Where was he? He'd been in the bathroom an
awful long time,' she thought.

Rena walked down the steps and to the bathroom door which was shut. Rena
turned the knob and it opened, Mike had left it unlocked in his hurry.

"Mike, I..." Rena said as she entered then paused seeing him standing over
the toilet masturbating. "...I wanted you to help me take my measurements."
she continued.

Mike was really embarassed as he quickly pulled up his pants.

Rena looked down at his hard cock and said, "Well there's one muscle I'd
like to measure." Rena licked her lips. "You look like you'd gotten pretty
excited. Ohh yeah." Rena said then bit her lower lip.

"Well, I ... uhh ... yeah, I guess so," Mike said tripping over his words.

"Uhmmm ... I think you better take those pants off," Rena said. "That's
one muscle I need to measure."

Mike followed what Rena said and pulled down his pants.

"Yeah, there ya go. Ohhh yeah, yeah, pull it out baby." Rena was down on
her knees about a foot or so away from Mike.

"Mmm yeah, its hard already isn't it?" Rena asked rhetorically. "Am I
turning you on in my little bikini here? Let me measure that muscle." Rena

Rena then took the measuring tape and measured the length of Mike's cock.

"Oh my god," she said. "Eight and one quarter inch in length?" Rena said
surprised. "Oh my god, oh I've got to measure the girth, too." she said.

Rena began to wrap the measuring tape around Mike's cock.

"Let me wrap this around your cock ... I mean muscle," she said taking the
measurement. "Good god, Mike, that's five and three quarters inches around!"
Rena said again shocked at the size of this 18 year old's member.

Rena took a few steps back from John, and sat down with her legs spread
apart. "Ohh Mike I think we need to work that muscle don't we," Rena said
seductively. She began rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms. "Oooh
yeah," she moaned as she pulled off her bikini top.

"Let me give you some incentive," she said, "You like my big tits? As
long as we've been on vacation I've been seeing you looking at my big tits."
Rena said. Rena swung them back and forth, "You like that? Is that making
that muscle grow even harder? Mmmmm." Rena said. Rena pulled her left breast
up and sucked on her own nipple. Rena laid down on her back and pulled down
her bikini bottoms. "Oh my god, do you know how wet I am for you?" Rena
asked now nude.

"Yeah ... you think my body's tight? Look inside my tight little pussy,"
Rena said pulling apart her pussy lips. "You like that tight little hole?
You wanna put your cock in that tight little hole?" she asked. "Huh? I know
you do but no. Start stroking it, baby." Rena said while she rubbed her
clit. "Ahhh yeah, let me watch you sroke that cock baby, yeah, stroke that
big cock ... stroke it for me." she said. "Yeah, we're both gonna have fun
today aren't we? This is gonna be the most fun we've had." Rena said while
rubbing with two hands now.

"Yeah keep stroking that cock ... keep stroking that thick meaty cock."
Rena moaned as she fingered herself watching Mike masturbate. "Yeah, you
look at my tight body and you look at my tight little hole and you stroke
that cock. Ohh, you're close to cumming aren't you baby?" asked Rena.

Mike nodded.

"Yeah you are ... I'm close to cumming, too." Rena moaned. "Yeah ...
Yeah ... YEAH ... YEAH ... Ohhhh! Ahhhh! Oooooh!" Rena moaned as she blasted
herself with two fingers. Rena came on her fingers then licked them off.

Mike also shot his cum on the floor.

"Mmmm ... That was so good for you baby, I know how long you've been
fantasizing about my tight body. I just didn't know you had such a big cock,
baby." Rena said. Rena grabbed a towel and threw it to Mike.

Mike wiped up the mess off the floor and himself.

Rena slid her thong back up and put back on her bikini top. "Let's go
back outside," Rena said like nothing had just happened.

Mike got his swimming trunks on and headed outside. He was really in
shock at what had just happened and didn't really know what to do so he
figured if Rena wanted to take it any further she'd initiate it. After all,
she's a married woman. Rena had stopped the boat and it was out in the
middle of the beautiful pacific ocean with no one around for miles.

"I'm gonna go take a swim," Rena said.

Mike sat down on a chair and watched Rena swim in the ocean. He loved
watching Rena's gorgeous ass as she dove swam in the water and it floated
just above. Soon Rena climbed up the ladder and back into the boat. She
laid out a towel on the front of the boat and and laid down on her stomach
and put her head down. After a few minutes...

"Mmmm, I'm so comfortable, I'm going to get a great tan..." Rena muttered.

"You don't mind having tan lines?" Mike asked.

"You're right, I didn't even think about that." Rena said. She reached
her arm around her back but couldn't get her top undone. "Mike, honey, I
really don't want to move from this position, could you come help?" Rena

"Sure thing." Mike responded. Mike got up from his seat, walked over and
unclasped Rena's bikini top. He then pulled it from under her and placed it
down next to her then went back and sat down.

"Mike, I have to be honest with you. This vacation is because I'm having
a lot of trouble with my husband," Rena explained.

"That's too bad," Mike responded.

"Look, I know you came hoping to get some of my daughter but she's just a
girl..." Rena said.

"I wouldn't do anything inappropriate, she's still a girl and.." Mike
said but Rena interupted him, "...and I'm a woman. I'm a woman with needs.
My husband's all about himself, just fucks me until he cums then goes to
sleep, most of the time I don't even get off."

"That's not nice," Mike said. "He should worship you like..."

"Like what?" Rena asked.

"Like I would..." Mike finished.

"Look I let you have a little fun earlier but seriously I'm twice your
age, Mike," Rena said.

"You're also the hottest woman I've ever been around," Mike said.

"Thanks but what about Mariah? I'm a mother."

"Mother? I've never seen a mother that looks like you. Your pouty lips,
your toned arms, your big full breasts, your muscular thighs, your round ass
... Mother-fucking shit you're unbelievable," Mike exclaimed.

"So you'd like to do me right here?" Rena asked.

"Ohh yeah," Mike responded.

"I've seen you have a big cock but have you ever even had sex before?"
Rena asked.

"Yeah, like three or four," answered Mike.

"And you think you can please me?" asked Rena.

"Teach me, Rena. Teach me how to fuck you right. Show me how to make you
cum." Mike said encouraging her.

"Well then what're you waiting for? Get over here and eat my pussy, big
boy." Rena said rolling over onto her back and spreading out her legs.

Mike walked over to Rena, knelt down, pulled her thong to the side and
began sucking on her pussy.

"That's good," Rena said, "But lick it right here ... my clit." Rena
showed Mike with her finger the exact spot and he began penetrating it with
his tongue. "Oooooh yeah, baby, that's the spot." Rena moaned. "Mmm ... now
stick a finger in my pussy as you do it," she directed and Mike did. "Ooooh
yeah ... stick it in there like that ... mmmm ... keep licking my clit ...
ahhhh!" Rena moaned. Mike continued his work as Rena moaned louder when he
hit the right spots.

Rena then got up and pulled down Mike's shorts and began nibbling on the
head of his cock. Rena licked around the head with her tongue then deep
throated Mike's long cock. She pulled it out and said, "You like it when it
hits the back of my throat, don't you?" she smiled and kept licking his cock.

Mike had some sexual encounters in the past but watching Rena suck on his
cock was like watching a porno. Rena continued to lick and suck his cock
making slurping noises as she pulled it out. She rubbed his balls with one
hand as she sucked on his cock. Rena then lifted up his cock and licked the
underside and down to his balls. Rena sucked each nuts then tickled his
alls with her tongue. She went back to sucking his cock and then pulled it
out and a trail of precm stuck to her lips. Rena slurped it in the kept
sucking his cock.

"Hold my hair back," she told Mike as she began pounding his cock deep
into her throat harder and harder, she felt his balls tighten with one hand
but she didn't stop as Mike exploded with cum deep into her throat. With one
gulp, it was all gone.

"Sit down," Rena directed and Mike took a seat. Rena then bent down and
rubbed his cock some more bringing it back to erection. "Rub my pussy while
I suck your cock," she said.

Mike reached over and rubbed Rena's tight pussy as she sucked on his cock
some more.

"Now just sit back and I'm going to ride your cock," Rena directed. Rena
pulled her black thong to the side as she lowered herself onto Mike's
awaiting cock with her ass facing him. "That's what I want ... yeah." she
moaned grabbing John's hands and placing them on her flat stomach. Rena
bounced up and down harder on Mike's cock. "Now fuck me, pound up..." she
told him.

Mike thrusted up as hard as he could into Rena.

"Unnnnhhhh ... yeeah ... that's the way ... fuck me, Mike, fuck me!" she
moaned. "Ohhh yeah, rub my clit while we fuck," she told him.

Mike reached down with one hand and rubbed her pussy while she rode him.
Rena grabbed one of her breasts and began licking it as she bounced up and

"Mmmm now let me grind against your cock, back and forth..." she said as
she sat down and grinded back and forth on his cock. "Fuuuuck that feels
good, baby" she moaned.

Mike loved the look of her black thong still on as he fucked her, it
flossed up her firm buns. Mike reached around and began massaging Rena's big

"Yeah, you like my tits?" Rena asked.

Mike moaned in approval.

Rena got up and turned around sitting down on his cock sticking her tits
in his face. Mike sucked on Rena's tits while grabbing onto her firm ass
with his hands. "Mmmmm, spread my ass apart ... ooooh" she moaned.

Mike spread her firm tight buns apart while she rode him. Her ass smacked
against his thighs with each bounce as she fucked him.

"Ooooh ... Just jam your dick in me ... oooh yeah," Rena moaned as Mike
fucked upwards while still sucking on her tits. Rena leaned back a bit and
put her arms around Mike's neck. "Mmmm ... I like you panting ... ahhh ...
am I fucking you good? Do you like this?" Rena asked in between moans.

"I love it!" he exclaimed.

Rena bounced a few more times then got off. She gave Mike's cock a few
sucks while cupping his balls then laid down back first on the front of the

"Fuck me, pound my fucking pussy, Mike," Rena said spreading her legs.
Mike entered slowly, "Ooohhh yeah ... Ooohohhohhh" Rena moaned an giggled a
bit. Mike grabbed the sides of her thighs for leverage as he thrusted in
harder and harder. "Spit on it, spit on your cock," Rena directed. Mike
spat down on his cock and Rena rubbed it in as he cock slid in and out with
more ease. "There ya go .. THERE YA GO ... Ohhhh ... fuck me hard! Ohhh I
like that! Fuck me!" Rena talked dirty to him. Mike was sweating and
breathing heavy as he pounded her harder and harder. "Slow it down a bit ...
ohhh" Mike slowed down, easing it and out slowly. "Ohhh yeeah ... You're
fucking someone old enough to be your mom! oooohhh ... I'm your mommy ...
Fuck me harder ... talk dirty to me, Mike, call me mommy, call me your mommy!

Mike picked up speed and started talking dirty like Rena wanted, "I love
the way you wear that thong .. mommy!"

"Mmmm yeeah, that's right, tell me more.."

"I love your firm ass, mommy! Take it in your pussy, mommy!"


"You like it hard, mommy!"

"I love your young hard cock! I LOVE IT HARD! FUUUUCK MEEE HARDER!

Mike fucked Rena harder and harder until she came! "I'm gonna cum!" Mike
exclaimed soon after.

"Give mommy your cum!" Rena demanded.

Mike shot off into her mouth.

Rena licked the excess off her cheeks and Mike's cock. "Mmm ... who's
your mommy?" she asked.

"You're my mommy!"

"You fucked your mommy good, mmmh yeah." Rena moaned sucking down the last
of Mike's cum.

"You said you love my firm ass ... want to fuck it?" Rena asked.

"I've never..." Mike responded.

"Don't you want to make mommy happy by fucking my ass?"

"No, mommy I won't fuck your ass ... Rena, I'll FUCK YOUR ASS!" Mike

"Ohhh yeeah, let's do it."

Rena got down on all fours for Mike. "Pull my thong to the side and lick
my asshole. Tongue it, fuck it with your tongue." Rena directed.

Mike leaned in and pulled her thong to the side and began gently licking
Rena's tight asshole. Soon he began moving his tongue in and out as Rena

"Now take that suntan lotion and lube up my asshole with your fingers."
she said.

Mike squirted a lot onto his fingers and gently worked them into her hole.

"Now gently ease your cock in..." Mike gently eased it in. "All
the way..." He put it in all the way. "Mmmm ... now fuck it slow to start."

Mike slowly fucked Rena's tight ass. "Ohh yeah, Rena, that's so tight..."
he said.

"Ohh that feels so good, you're big cock in my little ass." she said.

Mike started going faster and faster into her asshole and Rena began
moaning louder and louder. She reached back and began fingering herself, her
pussy dripping.

Mike smacked against her round firm ass as he fucked her.

"Ohhh yeeeah, I like it ... FUCK MY MOTHERFUCKING ASS! FUCK IT HARD!

Mike fucked it harder and harder. "Mmm I love fucking your firm round
ass," Mike said pounding harder and harder. "Ohhh fuck Rena, I'm gonna cum,"
he moaned.

"Cum on my ass!" Rena told him.

Mike did just as she said, spraying his hot cum all over her tanned buns.
Rena reached back and took a gob on her fingers and sucked them dry. She
then picked up and towel and toweled off her ass, then adjusted her thong
back into place.

"Wow" is all that Mike had to say.

"Betcha never thought you'd ever go on a trip with your girlfriend and end
up fucking her mom?" Rena said with a smile.

They enjoyed the rest of the day on the boat in the sun and when they
returned to the hotel all they told Mariah was that they had a good time.

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