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Renee's Birthday Present
by ThatWrestlingFanWrites

September 19th is Renee Young's birthday. The only reason Charly Caruso knew this, was because of three hours of prying, puppy dog faces, and fingering Renee with the only way she was allowed to come was if she told Charly the date; Renee recalled, it was the only time she called out the date of her birthday during an orgasm.

It was a Monday, which meant RAW, but Charly convinced Kurt Angle she needed time off to nurse an injury. She mentioned that Renee also needed time off to help her around the house while Charly rested. Kurt agreed and both girls had Renee's birthday to themselves.

That morning, Renee fully expected to wake up duct taped to the bed. But, instead, she found herself free from any kind of duct tape restraints and realized her brunette girlfriend was nowhere in sight.

"Char?" Renee called out.

"Just a sec!" Came a voice from the hallway.

Then, shuffling into the master bedroom, came Charly with a tray of assorted foods on display and a nervous look on her face.

"Right, well, I'm trying to not drop anything," Charly said, carefully walking slowly towards Renee. "I don't know why I piled so much stuff on this little tray."

Renee giggled. "Babe, did you really make me breakfast?"

Charly nodded her head. "Yep. And you're required to eat it all, in bed, and let me shower you with kisses and all the reasons why I think you're the perfect girlfriend."

Renee blushed. What did she do to deserve someone like Charly? Someone who was so sweet and caring and ready to take care of any need she might have. The gorgeous backstage interviewer was a sarcastic, deviant, brat when she was backstage in front of all the wrestlers. But she was Renee's personal angel when it was just the two of them. An angel that she fell in love with the second she saw her true side. Truthfully, but she dreaded ever telling Charly herself, it all started as just a way to get herself off. Now, after weeks as a secret couple, Renee knew she was madly in love with Charly Caruso. The sex was great too, Renee reminded herself with a smirk.

"Ok," Charly said with a quick exhale of breath as she sat the tray of food on Renee's lap. She cleared her throat, smiled, and spoke in a very proper tone like a spokesperson on tv would. "What I have for you, my love, on this bright and sunny Monday morning is an assortment of your favorite breakfast foods. Two scrambled eggs, toast with both jelly and jam already spread out for you, about an entire pound of bacon, a stack of pancakes, orange juice, and my undying love and affection."

"Awww," Renee cooed with a giant grin. She patted the empty spot on the bed next to her, which Charly quickly reoccupied. "Come here." Renee said.

Charly, careful not to spill Renee's food, cuddled up close to her girlfriend and kissed her gently. "I love you, Renee. Happy Birthday." She said.

Renee kissed Charly back. "I love you too, Char. Thank you so much for breakfast. Everything looks delicious."

"Don't thank me yet," Charly said. "Because after you're done eating, I am sending you to the spa for a few hours."

Renee chuckled. "Why? Are you coming too?"

Charly shook her head. "Nope. It's your birthday. Besides, I have some last minute shopping to do."

"And you waited until the day of my birthday to do it?" Renee asked in a playful tone.

Charly lowered her head. "Today was the only day they had a... certain thing on sale."

Renee raised an eyebrow. "What thing?"

Charly giggled; Her face tinted red, almost matching the color of her favorite dress. "Can't tell you; It's a surprise. But hurry up and eat and we can fool around a bit before you have to make your appointment at the spa."

Renee nodded her head and dug into her breakfast. She fed Charly a few strips of bacon and some pancakes as a thank you for cooking all the food.

Charly pulled up outside Sunny Days Spa with a bright smile. She gave Renee a kiss goodbye, told her to have fun, then quickly took off. She pulled out her cellphone as she took the route to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

Renee felt completley rejuvenated. Two hours of massages, seaweed wraps, and a mani-pedi had made her feel like royalty. Charly showed up right on time. Renee greeted her girlfriend with a sloppy kiss when she got in the car. Renee promised Charly she was getting laid as soon as they got home. Charly giggled, but told Renee she had a surprise waiting for her at home. When Renee asked what it was, Charly shook her head and said once again it was a surprise.

Charly led Renee by the hand to her front door. "Ok, are you ready?" Charly asked excitedly.

Renee smirked. "For the last half hour, babe."

Charly giggled in anticipation. She opened the front door, lead the way to the living room, then stopped near the kitchen counter while Renee quizzically sauntered into the living area.

"Happy Birthday, Renee." Charly said with a big smile.

Renee, confused at first, nearly burst into tears when she noticed the older woman standing by the couch. "Mom?" Renee nearly yelled as she made a mad dash for her mother.

Charly giggled, eyes filling with tears, as she watched the normally big and bad Renee Young almost in tears as she embraced her mother.

"Oh my God, I've missed you so much," Renee said to her mom. "I can't stand being away for so long. I should've made you move out here with me."

Renee's mother chuckled. "Oh no, sweetie, it's alright. You just need to call more."

Charly laughed at that comment; She also reminded herself to call her own mother as well.

Renee wiped happy tears from her eyes as she broke away from her mom. She turned to Charly. "Was this your idea, babe?"

Charly nodded her head. "Happy Birthday, baby."

Renee snickered. "Oh, Jesus, where are my manners? Mom, as I'm sure you know now, this is my girlfriend, Charly Caruso," Charly entered the living room and stood beside Renee. Renee continued. "Charly, this is my mother, Jane Young."

"Nice to meet you again," Charly said with a chuckle, shaking hands with Jane. "Thank you so much for coming out here."

Jane smiled. "I wouldn't miss my daughter's birthday for anything. And when you called and offered to fly me over from Jersey, I knew I had to say yes."

Renee frowned. "Dad couldn't make it?"

Jane shook her head. "He... Couldn't get off of work today. I'm sorry, sweetie."

"No, I get it," Renee sighed. She turned to Charly. "Dad hasn't been very... Accepting of me. I haven't really talked to him since I told them I was gay. Which was my fifteenth birthday..."

"Baby..." Charly wrapped her arm around Renee's waist. "I'm so sorry. I didn't know."

Renee chuckled tearfully. "It's fine. My mom's here and she's been my number one fan for twenty-five years now."

"Of course... Don't tell your sisters though." Jane said, laughing along with her daughter and Charly.

As the night arrived, Renee and Charly cuddled in their bed after possibly the best birthday Renee ever had. They ate cake, Jane told stories about Renee that embarrassed her beyond belief, and even had a meal that was prepped solely by Jane. Charly did admit it was better than Renee's, but Renee agreed with her that her mom was always an amazing cook.

Renee, laying on her side to face her girlfriend, whispered sweet nothings to her every few moments. Charly giggled quietly, as not to disturb Renee's mother just down the hall, and pecked Renee softly on the lips after each time.

Renee smirked. "I love you, Charly Caruso. More than I've loved any girlfriend I've had before," She gently rand her fingers through Charly's hair. "You are just so perfect to me."

Charly giggled again. "Thank you, beautiful. I love you too," She reached behind the pillow she was resting on and revealed a gift bag with "Happy Birthday" patterned across it. Charly continued. "How about your presents now?"

Renee sat up. "How come you couldn't give them to me before?"

Charly let a devilish smile cross her face. "You'll see, babe."

Renee reached into the bag and pulled out the first item. She laughed, but quickly shushed herself before she woke up her mom. "Duct tape..." Renee said, holding the package in the dim moonlight. "Seven rolls, all a different color of the rainbow. The rolls are even in order."

Charly stifled a giggle. "Do you like it? I was going to buy a few regular rolls but I saw that and thought you'd like it."

Renee chuckled. "I love it baby. This package of tape is almost as gay as me." She leaned forward and kissed Charly. She reached into the bag and pulled out another item; This time, it felt like some kind of lacy clothing. "Ooh la la," Renee said. "Pink lace lingerie. Size small. Hmmm, I wonder who this is for?"

Charly shrugged. "Just in case Athena wants her fuck slave to look sexy once in awhile."

Renee smiled. "I'm sure she'd love that," Renee felt around in the bag again. She rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Oh, how convenient, black lingerie, size medium. I wonder what goddess put this in there?"

Charly shrugged. "Don't know. Maybe you should ask her when you see her again."

Renee removed the final item from the bag; It was a box, so she left it for last on purpose to save the excitement. She pulled it out, set it at her feet, and moved the bag and other gifts off to the side. Renee raised an eyebrow. "Her Sinsations: Vibrating Sex Toy, Two Speeds, Seven Inches of Hard Plastic. Batteries included." Renee read from the box.

Charly smirked. "I wonder how that got in there?"

Renee opened the box and removed the sex toy. "Wow," Renee nodded her head nonchalantly. "That's a pretty big vibrator," She clicked it on. It rumbled slowly. She clicked it to the second speed. It rumbled faster, shaking Renee's entire arm. "Jesus," Renee shut the vibrator off. "That thing is awesome."

Renee gazed back at Charly; Charly was biting her bottom lip, one hand resting on Renee's knee, the other moving teasingly between her legs.

"Oh, I see," Renee chuckled. "Someone bought this for themselves."

Charly shook her head. "I want you to use it on me, baby. I've never used one before, and I want the woman I love to do the honors."

"Honors?" Renee asked.

Charly winked. "Because I am a goddess, remember? You need to understand that it's a privilege that I even talk to you."

"Oh, really?" Renee said.

Charly smirked. "Yeah."

Renee retrieved the package of assorted duct tape. "I'm thinking... Red for your wrists; Indigo for your mouth."

"It's your birthday, Renee," Charly rolled onto her back. "You can do whatever you want to me, however long you want."

Renee chuckled. "I can't stop thinking about what I want to do to you. But my mom is here. When she leaves tomorrow, you are getting Athena. Right now, just little ol' me."

"I wouldn't want it any other way, baby." Charly flirted.

Charly quickly stripped herself down to her complete natural self. Renee stretched the red duct tape around Charly's wrists and around the head board. After making sure Charly's wrists were bound, Renee shoved her tongue in Charly's mouth and slid her hand between her legs. Charly moaned as quiet as she could, fearing that Jane would come bursting into the room at any minute.

"So wet," Renee whispered, sucking the thin layer off her fingers.

Renee kissed Charly one more time, then wrapped the indigo colored tape around Charly's head. Renee took position between Charly's legs. She bent over, kissed Charly's clit, ran her tongue over the entrance to her pussy, but sat up and retrieved the brand new vibrator. Slowly, Renee pushed the sex toy into her girlfriend. Charly moaned quietly, realizing she missed the feeling of a phallic shaped object pushing inside her. Renee switched the toy to it's lowest setting. Charly moaned against the tape, but hadn't made too much noise. Renee pulled the vibrator out and pushed it back in slowly to draw out Charly's orgasm. Charly's legs jolted a few times, but she was still somewhat calm. Renee, placing her mouth over Charly's clit, switched the vibrator on to its highest setting and rapidly pumped the toy in and out of Charly. The sudden switch in pace was so sudden that Charly didn't know what happened at first. Her insides burst into flames at the sudden realization that she was about to come. Renee smiled to herself, hearing Charly moan loudly into her gag and tasting her sweet come as she finished early; Maybe the fastest Renee's ever made her come.

"Damn, Char," Renee shut the vibrator off and removed it from Charly's pussy. "This thing is awesome. You've never come this quick."

Charly, locking eyes with Renee, lifted her hand and gave her the finger, making the taller woman laugh. Renee slid the toy in her mouth, making sure to lick all the come off the plastic. Charly's eyes widened. Renee noticed and chuckled.

"What? I had a few boyfriends before I started fucking girls." Renee said.

Renee helped Charly sit up and unwrapped the indigo colored tape from around her face.

"That was..." Charly shook her head. "Incredible."

Renee chuckled. "Yeah? I'm glad you liked it. I didn't think I plastic dick was gonna make you come so fast. You miss men that much?"

Charly shook her head. "No. I think I'm done with men. You're all I need, baby."

Renee smirked. "I already made you come. Don't sweet talk me."

Charly shook her head. "No, I'm serious. I love you so much. It might sound crazy, but I don't see this relationship ending anytime soon... Or ever, really."

"You wanna be my girlfriend forever?" Renee asked.

Charly shrugged her shoulders. "I don't see why we would break up. Unless one of us cheated, I wouldn't want to," Charly sighed happily. "I love you. More than I can explain. Just being around you makes me want to be a better person. For you," Charly's lip quivered. "I wanna hold your hand and call you my girlfriend and give you hugs and see your smiling face every morning. I just wanna be yours."

"Charly," Renee smiled. "I just want you to know I feel the same way. This confession is so much better because you're naked, just so you know," The girls shared a laugh. "But, I do feel the same way. I don't see any reason to break things off. And don't worry about me cheating. Why would I ever cheat on a goddess like you? You are the hottest woman I have ever met."

Charly lunged forward and crushed her lips against Renee's. "Correct answer," Charly giggled. "Now, get this tape off me, pretty please, and then I can show you why this vibrator makes you come so fast."

Renee nodded her head and began unwinding the tape from around Charly's wrists.

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