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Repaying The Favor
by Someguy826

It was after Smackdown. Becky Lynch and Nikki Bella were alone in the locker room. Nikki was attacked again by Carmella during Becky's tag match.

"Fookin hell!", said Becky looking at the large bump on Nikki's forehead she received from Carmella.

"Is it that bad?", asked Nikki.

"Dude, that bump is gnarly! Don't worry", Becky consoled her, "you still look great. As usual." Nikki smiled. Becky had helped Nikki to the back after her beating from Carmella. She got ice for Nikki's bump and cleaned up her bloody lip.

"Thanks Becky. You've been so nice to me since I came back from my injury. I know we had our differences in the past..."

"Ahh don't worry about it Nikki", Becky interrupted.

"Thanks for taking care of me. I think I just a nice hot shower", said Nikki.

She stood up and began to walk toward the other room filled with showers. Nikki's ass bounced up and down, side to side, still in her tiny red ring gear. Becky could not help but stare at her perfect ass. She had always found Nikki very attractive, even when she was divas champion and team PCB hated her. But now that she was back in the locker room after her injury, Becky caught herself staring at Nikki an awful lot. Becky even started getting quite friendly with Nikki, now that she came back with a different, much nicer attitude toward Becky and some of the other women.

Nikki began to remove her red top from her gear, slipping it off over her head. Nikki turned to Becky, her big perky tits hanging freely. Her small, round, light brown nipples somewhat hard and pointed. Becky felt her jaw fall open as she had a staring contest with Nikki's boobs. "You should probably hop in the shower too. You did just have a match" said Nikki, placing a hand on her hip and tilting her hips to one side, showing off how shapely her form is and how wide her hips are. Becky shook out of her trance.

"Uh, ye-yeah I should. I will. Take a shower. I'll take a shower. Yes. Yeah", said a flustered Becky. Nikki just laughed and headed to the showers.

Becky stripped off her ring gear, now just in a white bra and white panties. She headed into the showers to see Nikki fully nude and showering. Her big, wet titties glistened and shined as Nikki rubbed them down. Down to her hips, Nikki had a loan landing strip. Becky was surprised she wasn't fully shaved.

"What's the matter?", said Nikki. Becky was staring again.

"What? No, nothing. Just looking at that bump, that's all", she replied with a nervous laugh.

"What, these bumps?", said Nikki as she squeezed her tits. Becky looked down, embarrassed. She felt her face get as hot as the sun and as red as roses. Becky stammered, unable to form a sentence. Nikki walked over to her, her boobs bouncing with every step.

"You know Becky, it was really nice of you to take care of me. But I think I should return the favor." Nikki placed her hands on Becky's heated cheeks and lifted her head to meet her gaze. "Nikki...", Becky whispered, as Nikki pulled her faces to hers and locked their lips.

Nikki's tounge swirled around Becky's, exploring her mouth. Becky's heart began to race. Nikki reached behind and unclipped Becky's bra. She broke away from the kiss and threw the bra away. Becky felt inadequate next to Nikki, as Becky's smaller, but still round and firm breasts couldn't compare to Nikki's. Becky's medium size, dark nipples her fully erect. "God, I want these titties in my mouth", said Nikki as she put her mouth on Becky's tit. Becky shuddered with pleasure as her nipples were incredibly sensitive. Nikki pushed Becky against the wall as the water of the shower rained down on both of them. Nikki's big round ass glistened from the water running down their skin. Becky's thick thighs shined brightly as well. Becky slid her hand down her wet panties, passed her freshly shaved pussy and began to rub her already wet pussy, and clawed and squeezed at Nikki's big booty with the other. Nikki continued to suck her nipples.

"Oh fook Nikki", moaned Becky. She circled her nipples with her tongue before softly biting down.

"Let's get these off", said Nikki snapping Becky's soaked panties. Becky peeled off her panties and tossed them aside.

"Come here Becky", said Nikki. She laid on the ground on her side. "I want you to sit on my face". Becky was trembling, she couldn't believe this was happening. It was her first time with a woman, and for it to be with Nikki Bella was just crazy.

Becky got on her knees next to Nikki, who placed her hand on Becky's hip and slid it to her Irish Lass and spanked her. Becky jumped. She loved the sensation of being spanked. "I know you're a 'good girl' Becky, but right now, you're gonna be my naughty little play thing", said Nikki.

"Anything for you Nikki". Nikki laid flat on her back as Becky lowered herself onto her face, facing the rest of Nikki's body, her large thighs squeezing Nikki's head. Becky could feel her juices begin to drip on Nikki's lip even before she started to eat her pussy. Nikki gave one soft lick to Becky's pussy. At the sensation, Becky let out a loud gasp and shook with pleasure. She grabbed onto Nikki's titties for support.

"Wow Becky, you taste amazing", said Nikki.

"Oh Nikki, don't fookin stop. Please", moaned Becky, so attracted to Nikki and so excited about her first time with a woman knew she would cum quickly. Nikki just giggled, knowing she had Becky in the palm of her hand.

She continued to give slow, soft licks to Becky's tight, wet slit, while she squeezed Becky's ass cheeks. Becky's moans got louder and louder echoing throughout the locker room, not caring if anyone heard her.

"Oh Nikki, faster. Faster please Nikki!". Nikki sped up. She began to circle around Becky's clit. "OOOHHH SHIT! Nikki right there! Right FOOKIN THERE NIKKI!!" screamed Becky as she deeply squeezed Nikki's boob with one hand and squeezed her own thick thigh with the other.

Nikki slowly put her finger between Becky's ass cheeks and slowly fingered Becky's ass. Becky's ass was incredibly tight, as Nikki struggled to get it in at first even with her finger all wet. Becky was shocked for a split second, but after that she didn't care. At this point she wanted Nikki to do everything to her.

"Oh ya Nikki. Finger that arse. Make that arse yours. Oh fuck! OH FUCK YEAH NIKKI DON'T EVER FOOKIN STOP!"

Nikki could tell Becky was ready to cum. Becky grinded her pussy wildly against Nikki's face. "Nikki I'm ready to cum! I'M GONNA CUM SO SOON!". Nikki lifted Becky's pussy away from her mouth. "Becky, I want you to cum all over my face and down my throat. Are you ready to be my naughty little girl and do that for me?" Said Nikki as she gave Becky another spank.

"Oh yes Nikki, I'm a bad bad girl. I'm ready to cum. I'm SO FOOKIN READY", said Becky. Nikki lowered Becky's pussy back on her mouth. She licked and sucked Becky's clit as hard as she could and fingered her ass as fast as she could. Her cheeks bouncing and shaking like jello at Nikki's hand. "HOLY FOOK, OH MY FOOKIN GOD YES!! OOOHHH GOD YES!!! I'M CUMMING NIKKI!!! OH NIKKI YES!! YES NIKKI!! NIKKI!! OH GOD YES NIKKI!!", screamed Becky. Becky's pussy pulsated and quivered. Cum squirted down Nikki's throat and all over her face. Becky's whole body shook. Her titties bounced around as Becky shook without control. Becky's continued to moan and moan, softer and softer as Nikki slowed down after Becky's orgasm.

Finally as her orgasms ended she collapsed to the floor next to Nikki. "Oh wow", said Becky out of breath, "That was absolutely, fookin incredible", said Becky. "Can't say I didn't enjoy that either. You taste amazing". Becky looked over to Nikki's face shiny with her cum. She licked some off her face.

"Ya it does taste good", said Becky with a seductive smile. "Maybe I should see what you taste like."

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