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Return Of The Psycho-Bitch
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a RAW Live Event, the WWE's twenty-year-old rookie sensation,
Kenny Dykstra, dressed in lightning blue wrestling shorts, is watching a
women's tag team match that is taking place in the ring on one of the
television monitors. Kenny's attention however, is only on one of the four
women involved, that being the Women's Champion Mickie James. "Yeah that's
it Mickie... drop the bomb on them... they have to be a complete psycho to
think they have a chance of beating you for the Women's Championship..."
Kenny says as he roots for the Women's Champion with his complete attention
directed to the television monitor as he speaks his opinion out loud.

As the rookie sensation of RAW, Kenny Dykstra, continues to watch the WWE
Women's Champion Mickie James compete in the wrestling ring in front of the
live audience, former WWE Women's Champion the psychotically vicious Diva
known as Victoria steps behind the young twenty year-old RAW Superstar.
Victoria grits her teeth together as she raises a vicious eyebrow as she
starts to ball her hands into tight fists "What was that little boy!?"
Victoria shouts from behind as she dressed in a tight-fitting pair of black
wrestling pants and a red tank top, startling Kenny Dykstra.

Kenny jumps a bit after hearing Victoria shout and he turns around to see the
WWE's resident vicious vixen, "Um.... what?" Kenny says with a confused look
on his face totally unaware that Victoria over heard him, "I'm didn't say
anything..." Kenny says as Victoria gives him a death-glare.

Victoria takes a deep breath as she keeps her vicious, sinister eyes locked
on Kenny "Yes you did!" Victoria says as she snaps at the former leader of
the Spirit Squad "For your information...there's only one psycho around here
and that's me!" Victoria says as she starts to crack her knuckles as she
begins to approach Kenny.

Kenny takes a step backwards and bumps against the table where the television
monitor is sitting on. "So? There can be two psychos around here...." Kenny
says, "Just one is better than the other...' Kenny says as he happens to
deeply insult Victoria even more.

Victoria presses her vicious lips tightly together as her head starts to
wickedly tremble with anger "Oh yeah...well the PSYCHO-BITCH IS BACK!"
Victoria shouts as she lunges forward and firmly slams both of her hands
against Kenny Dykstra's smooth, muscular chest as she knocks Kenny back
against the table where the television monitor is sitting.

"Ah shit!" Kenny yells as his back hits the edge of the table. Kenny reaches
back and rubs his lower back as he looks at Victoria, "What's your problem?!
I'm the future of the WWE...." Kenny shouts angrily, but he shuts up quickly
as he sees the psychotic look on Victoria's face as she looks him over as if
sizing him up.

Victoria raises an eyebrow and sinisterly smirks "Oh yeah!? Well guess what!?
I'm going to make an example of sweet little Mickie James knows
exactly what type of psycho-bitch she's dealing with!" Victoria yells before
she roughly lowers her hands down from Kenny's smooth, muscular chest as she
places them on his waist, on top of his wrestling shorts, before she quickly
yanks down Kenny's blue wrestling shorts.

"What the fuck?!" Kenny yells as his eyes go wide after Victoria practically
rips down his blue wrestling shorts, revealing his very spirited twelve inch
long cock. "You are fucking nuts!" Kenny yells at Victoria as she forces him
to step out of his wrestling shorts.

"SHUT UP!" Victoria shouts as she grits her teeth as she fiercely looks at
Kenny Dykstra with her cold, dark eyes narrowed into a psychotic glare. The
vicious, dominating Diva pushes Kenny on top of the table and she forces him
to lay on the surface of the table. Victoria looks at Kenny Dykstra before
she shakes her head with her eyes narrowed before she bends over to tightly
wrap her sinister, vicious hands around Kenny's shaft before she starts to
roughly stroke her hands against his shaft.

"Ahhhh.... ohhh fuck.... ohhhh damn..." Kenny groans as Victoria pumps both
of her hands up and down on his hardening cock, and Kenny closes his eyes
tightly and clenches his teeth together. "What... the hell... is your...
problem... ahhh fuck..." Kenny groans as Victoria squeezes his dick with her
strong psycho hands.

"You that little boy!? HUH!? YOU LIKE THAT!?" Victoria shouts as taunts Kenny
Dykstra while she roughly strokes her vicious hands against Kenny's hardened,
thick spirited cock. Victoria grits her teeth as she tosses her raven-black
hair back before she leans her head down and opens her hot sinister mouth and
lowers her head to take Kenny's cock into her mouth. Victoria wraps her lips
tightly around Kenny's cock as she starts to bob her head at a rough and
intense rate.

Kenny lets out a long loud moan of pleasure as the vicious vixen bobs her
head quickly and roughly on his stiff hard cock, "Ohhhh... ohhh fuck.... ohhh
shit...' Kenny groans as he feels Victoria's teeth and lips against the skin
of his cock as she gives the talented young WWE Superstar the roughest
blowjob he's ever experienced.

"Mmm...mmmm little boy..." Victoria sharply moans around Kenny Dykstra's cock
as she grates her sinister, vicious teeth against the skin of Kenny's cock as
she roughly bobs her head and a quick, fierce pass on his cock. The vicious,
psychotic vixen Victoria starts to lash her sinister tongue against Kenny's
shaft as she lifts her head up slightly and narrows her eyes as she glares at
Kenny while she sucks his cock.

"Ohhh.... mmmm ohhh fuck.... ohh shit..." Kenny moans as he licks his lips
and opens his eyes to look at Victoria, and he locks eyes with her. The color
almost instantly drains from Kenny's face and he looks scared as he enjoys
the vicious blowjob Victoria is giving him. "Ohhh... mmm fuck... damn....."
Kenny tries to bring himself to tell Victoria to stop, but all that escapes
his mouth is moans of intense pleasure.

Victoria pauses for a moment before she opens her mouth as wide as she can
before the vicious, sinister Diva lowers her head completely down on Kenny
Dykstra's cock as the vicious, psychotic vixen deep throats Kenny's entire
spirited cock. Victoria holds Kenny's cock deep into her warm, sinister mouth
as her wicked saliva drips against his cock. Victoria begins to roughly grind
her chin against Kenny's large ballsack as his balls lightly press against
her chin.

"Ohhhh ohhh fuck... ohhh fuck yes... ohh shit.... ahhhh!" Kenny's body
trembles with pleasure as Victoria swallows his entire cock. The
twenty-year-old WWE Superstar thrusts his hips upward to thrusts his cock
a bit into Victoria's mouth so the head hits the back of her mouth, and he
licks his lips as he feels Victoria's saliva drips onto his large balls.
"Ohhh shit... that's... fucking... ohhh psycho...." Kenny moans.

Victoria slowly lifts her raven-black haired head off of Kenny's cock as she
grits her teeth together "You like that little boy!?" Victoria yells as she
starts to breath heavily as she gets a sinister, psychotically look on her
viciously attractive voice as she rips her tight-fitting black pants off
exposing her hot, sinister smoothly shaven pussy.

Kenny lifts his head off the table and nods, "Oh yeah... I... really liked
it...." Kenny says as he looks at Victoria with a scared and excited look on
his young face. Kenny's eyes wander down and he looks right at Victoria's
hot, clean shaved wicked pussy and he licks his lips.

Victoria firmly presses her lips together as she easily lifts herself up onto
the table that Kenny Dykstra is laying on top of "LAY DOWN!" Victoria snaps
at Kenny before the vicious vixen mounts her vicious, hot body on top of
Kenny's roughly-handled spirited cock. Victoria narrows her eyes into a
frightening glare before she powerfully slams herself down on Kenny's cock
before roughly pushing her hands against his smooth, muscular chest.

"Ahhhh ohhh fuck...." Kenny moans and groans as he feels Victoria's
incredibly tight hot pussy squeeze his hard, saliva dripping twelve inch
cock. The young WWE Superstar starts to raises his hands a bit but he
quickly drops them down, not wanting to risk Victoria breaking one or both
of his arms if he was to touch her. "Ohhhh this... is.... incredible..."
Kenny moans as Victoria starts to rock her body is short, sharp movements
to torture his hard cock that's in her pussy.

Victoria tilts her head back and wickedly smirks as she sharply grinds her
tight, wet pussy against Kenny's hard spirited cock as she fiercely rocks
back and forth on his cock "Ohhh...ohhh fuck! You like that boy?!" Victoria
shouts as she starts to slam down on Kenny's cock at a harder and quicker
rate while she slides her vicious hands against Kenny's chest.

"Ohhhh mmmmm fuck... ohhh fuck me..." Kenny moans loudly as he thrusts his
cock upward into Victoria's tight, hot pussy as she rocks and slams herself
on his dick. "I... love it.... ohhh fuck...." Kenny groans he raises his
hands up again and he opens and closes them repeatedly, almost in the same
sequence of Victoria rising and falling on his cock.

Victoria grits her teeth as she lowers her head and narrows her eyes as
she glares down at Kenny Dykstra as the vicious vixen roughly grinds her
sinister, hot body against his cock while she roughly bounces and roughly
slams down his cock "Is that all you got little boy!? Huh!? Is that all!?"
Victoria yells as she starts to rock back and forth quickly on Kenny's cock,
jerking his cock in every direction.

Kenny shakes his head, "No.... ahhh.... no... I... got more.... for your....
ahhh psycho-bitch... pussy...." Kenny grunts as he reaches up and grabs
Victoria's red-top covered tits and squeezes them firmly through the material
of her top. Kenny roughly thrusts his large, thick cock upward into
Victoria's hot tight pussy at a sharp rate as he tries to match Victoria's
vicious pace.

Victoria grits her teeth as she tilts her head back and closes her eyes as
she slides her hands up Kenny's smooth, muscular and sweaty chest and places
both of her vicious hands against Kenny's neck as she starts to slam down on
Kenny's hard spirited cock at a psychotically quick and rough rate.

"Ohhhh.... ohhh fuck.... mmmmm I love it.... you're.... ahhh... the best...
psycho...." Kenny grunts in pleasure as sweat drips down the sides of his
face as he rapidly rams his hard spirited cock up into Victoria's psychotic
hot tight pussy. The spirited young wrestler claws his hands against
Victoria's red-top covered tits, almost as if he's scratching her, but
Victoria's hot, large round chest is easily protected by the material of her
sweat dampening top.

Victoria raises an eyebrow as she smirks wickedly before she starts to firmly
press her hands down against Kenny's neck as the psychotic, vicious vixen
begins to choke the young, slightly cocky Kenny Dykstra as she roughly slams
down on his cock "You are nothing little hear me?!" Victoria yells
as she sharply grinds her pussy against Kenny's cock.

"Ahhhh.... ohhh yesss.... I.... understand... you...." Kenny groans as he
starts to choke a bit and gasp for air Victoria's hands press against his
neck. The spirited young Superstar arches his back as he continues to
sharply slam his cock upward into Victoria's hot pussy and he lets out a
long loud moan as his young hard throbbing cock begins to erupt with cum
inside of Victoria's hot psychotic pussy.

Victoria tilts her head back and wickedly laughs as she feels her hot,
sinister pussy fill up with Kenny's warm spirited cum "'re just
like all the others!" Victoria loudly groans as she removes her hands from
Kenny's sweat covered neck as she continues to rock her vicious, hot body
on Kenny's cum-spraying cock.

"Ahhhh ohhh shit.... fuck.... you're psychotic... the best...." Kenny groans
and licks his lips as he finishes cumming inside of Victoria's hot pussy as
the vicious WWE Diva continues to ride him. "Ohhh... damn.... fuck...." Kenny
groans as he lays completely exhausted underneath the hot psychotic woman.
Victoria grits her teeth as she tosses her raven-black hair back before the
vicious vixen lifts herself off of Kenny Dykstra and she then stands to the
side of the table as Kenny slowly sits up with sweat dripping off of his

Kenny sits up completely and places his hands flat down on the table, and he
looks down at the floor as he breathes deeply, "Ohhhh wow.... ohhhh shit...."
Kenny says as he spits down on the floor to recover from the vicious fucking
Victoria laid on him.

Victoria raises an eyebrow and wickedly smirks "Hey wanna tell
your pal Mickie something for me?" Victoria asks as she has a psychotic,
fierce look in her wicked eyes.

Kenny looks up and at Victoria, "Okay..." Kenny answers as he nods his head.
Victoria narrows her cold, dark eyes as her vicious head starts to tremble
with anger before the vicious, psychotic vixen swings her left leg upward
towards Kenny Dykstra's head as Victoria's powerful left knees collides with
Kenny's jaw. Kenny's head jerks back following the blow from Victoria's left
knee and he falls backward on the table, and his head hits against the wall
behind it. "Owww...." Kenny says after the double impact and his body slumps
on the table completely unconscious much to Victoria's psychotic delight.

Victoria grits her teeth before she tilts her head back and releases a
sinister, psychotic laugh before she glances back at the unconscious Kenny
Dykstra "You can tell Mickie...the psycho-bitch is BACK!" Victoria
psychotically yells before she places her vicious hands against her
raven-black hair and lightly pulls on her hair.


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