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This story has implied rape so if you are agianst reading it then don't.

by Du Ma May

Stephanie sat in her office after smackdown. She had "wrestled" Brock Lesner
earlier that night. She was a little sore from when Kurt Angle had rescued
her. She landed wrong and had twisted her leg. She had an ice pack on it,
and it was starting to get numb. She bent down to take it off when there was
a knock at the door. "Come in," she said sliding the ice pack out of the
pouch it was in. The door slammed open and was shut in an interim. She looked
up to see who it was, but a huge arm wrapped around her neck, lifting her out
of her seat. Another hand clamped around her mouth, so she couldn't yell for
help. She struggled trying to break free. "Who is doing this to me, why" she
thaught to herself.

"You wanna make fun of me," her eyes widened as she recognized her abuser
right away, "you wanna say I tapped out. I really wanted to hurt you out
there tonight. I really did. Oh well, I still can, just, hahaha, in a
different way."

Stephanie was pushed back down onto the desk, but Brock's hand was still on
her mouth. He looked her over. She had gotten dressed since their match. She
was wearing a tight faded black top, showing lots of cleavage he had seen
when he came in. She had on a black miniskirt, coming up to in between her
thighs and legs knee high boots. He reached up her miniskirt and pulled down
her black thong down to her knees. He ripped it off and smiled. He brought
it up his face and took in her scent. Brock crumpled it into a ball. He let
go of her mouth for a second. Stephanie gasped taking in some air, and Brock
shoved her panties into her mouth. He closed her mouth agian, putting her in
a head lock.

He dragged her over to the couch. He stood facing the wall with Stephanie in
a head lock. He let go and kicked her into the couch, face first. He pushed
the couch in front of the door, blocking anyone from coming in. Stephanie
pulled her thong out of her mouth and started to gag. Brock pulled her up by
her throaght and braught her to her desk. He pulled his ring attire off with
one hand, and sat down in Steph's chair.

"Remember when you and Hunter were rebels," he snarled, "well suck it."

He pushed Stephanies face down on his half hard cock. Stephanie thaught about
biting him, but he would do something really bad if he did she taught. At
first she just stood their in shock.

"Come on!" Brock yelled in a stentorian voice.

She started to move her head up and down. It extened to probably nine inches,
but it was real thick. Careful to not let her tongue touch it. Brock soon
noticed this and told her to lick his the head of his cock. She brought her
mouth out.

"He..." she tried to say but Brock caught her by her mouth before she could
finish it.

"Big mistake" he said smiling. He stood up and ripped off her top. Stephanie
was squating there in a black bra and a miniskirt. He opened a drawer in the
desk. He rummaged threw it. Not finding what he wanted he opened another.

"Ahhh" he said finding what he was looking for. He pulled out some scissors
and cut part of her bra, but not all the way threw. Her bra started to rip
and it popped off, because her breasts were so big. He pulled her up and
grabbed the scissors. Brock opened them up and little and put it on her
breast, her nipple in the middle. Stephanie shook her head no. Brock asked
her if she would do what he asked, and she nodded yes.

"I want you to suck me," he said, "and when you are done, you should be wet
enough to fuck."

Stephanie got on her knees and started to lick his cock. Starting around his
base and working her way up. When she got to the head, she licked all around
it. Brock moaned as in ecstacy. "More, more." She lowered her head, preparing
to deep throat him. She got about 4 inches in before she started to gag. "To
bad" Brock said he pushed her head all the way down. She just kneeled there,
not knowing what to do. She ran her tongue along the his length to buy some
time. She couldn't think of anything else so she slid her head up and back
down, slowly at first. Stephanie started to pick up the pace, Brock started
to moan agian.

"Thats all," he said, feeling about to burst. He picked her up and put her
underwear into her mouth, so she wouldn't yell. He turned her around and
pushed her over on her desk. He hiked up her miniskirt. "Uh oh you aren't
wet" he smirked. "I'll just have to fix that." He licked two fingers and
stuck it in her cunt. "Ok your wet enough" Stephanie was barely wet at all,
but Brock alligned his cock with her pussy. "3, 2, 1" He rammed his cock
all the way in.

Stephanie's eyes bulged, she tried to scream but Brock clamped her mouth
agian. He slid all the way out and back in agian. Soon he picked up his
speed. Stephanie was no virgin, but she had never had meat the size of his
before. Her vagina soon adapted to it.

"Its no challenge anymore" Brock said "ok Steph now the fun begins. When it
gets to bad just tap out. Hahaha. Ok. Ready? Here comes the pain"

With no warning or preparation, Brock slammed all of his dick into
Stephanie's ass. She was however, a virgin in the ass, and the only thing
lubricating it was her juices on Brock's dick. Brock felt Stephanie's huge
ass tighten around his dick as she squirmed. It was a little painful, but
he liked this pain. He started pumping with reckless abandon in and out
with no rhythm. Stephanie started to cry it hurt so bad. She started to tap
her hand on the desk, begging Brock to stop. "Please, please" she said threw
her panties.

Brock just stood there laughing, and pumping. He couldn't take it anymore,
he pulled out and turned Stephanie around and cummed on her breasts.

"We still aren't done," he said. He sat her on her desk, and spread her legs.

"What now" Steph thought, "he couldn't have recovered yet."

"Brock stuck two fingers into her pussy, and started to masturbate Stephanie.
After about 4 minutes, he inserted another. Stephanie tried to remain
indifferent, showing no change in expression, but she couldn't do it forever.
She was close to cuming and Brock could tell. Stephanie let out a loud huge
moan. She started to cum, Brock tried to throw as much on her chest as

He mixed her cum with his own, making it real slippery. He pushed her on her
back ontop of the desk, and put his dick inbetween her breasts, his dick
already hard agian. He told Steph to hold her breasts together, and Stephanie
did. Brock started to pump in and out, Stephanie licked his cock whenever it
came out. Brock looked down and started to play with her nipples. After he
got bored of this, he stopped pumping in and grabbed one of Stephanie's leg
and turned her on her side. He put her leg on his shouldar, and started to
insert his dick. He started to fuck her on her desk some more. He finally
felt like cuming after 12 minutes of this, and pulled her off her desk onto
the floor and put the tip of his dick in Stephanies mouth. He jerked off
until he came for the second time in her mouth.

Stephanie started to spit it back out.

"tsk tsk tsk," Brock said waving his finger, "You shouldn't have done that.
Now there is a part two."

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