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Revenge: A Dish Best Served Hot N' Nasty Part 1
by Crank Case

JR: "King, Lita is up top! Stephanie is still out!

King: "Oh no poor Stephanie! Damn those Hardys!"

JR: "Moonsault! Top rope moonsault!"

King: "Noooooo!"

JR: "1, 2, 3! We have a new womens champion! New champion!" As Lita posed for
the cameras with her WWF Women's Championship, Raw went off the air.

***In the back***

"THAT BITCH!!!" Ivory screamed in rage as the monitor shattered against
the all. Jaqueline was pounding a chair against a locker. The Kat slammed her
fist against a door. All in all, it was a bad time to be in the WWF women's
locker room.

Jackie screamed, "That bitch Stephanie swore she'd drop that belt back to

"To you?!?" screamed Kat, "She said I was next with the belt!"

"What the hell are you two talking about?!? Steph said she'd drop it too
me!" screamed a half-naked Ivory.

All three screamed in unision, "THAT BITCH!"

"Now now ladies," said Stephanie McMahon standing in the door with Marissa
McMahon and Trish Stratus, "Temper temper. I never guaranteed anything to any
of you. Everyone knows that if a McMahon doesn't guarantee something it
probably won't happen. What IS going to happen is Lita will be in a triple
threat match with myself and Trish at Summerslam. And I GURANTEE that I will
help Trish win the title then."

Marissa chimed in, "And if you sluts don't like it, GO FIND DIFFERENT

With that the three women turned their backs on the three wrestlers and
left the locker room laughing.

"Of course you know," Kat said to her taller compatriots, "This means

***Los Angeles, California, Sunset Strip, Four AM***

The two McMahon women and Trish Stratus had spent the evening club-hopping
and celebrating their pseudo victory over the three "jurassic" women's
wrestlers. The three blitzed women stumbled out of the Viper Pit and tried to
support each other as they drunkenly walked to their limo.

"'serves those bitches right!" said Marissa while taking another swig from
a beer bottle, "Fr' teynna...trynna...whad they do 'gain?"

Stephaine slurred, "They...uhhhh...they fergot their place an' calleded us

"Oh." said Marissa as they got to the door of their limo. The petite
chauffer opened the door for them.

"Where's Miguel?" asked Trish.

The smallish female driver answered, "He got really sick while he was
waiting so the agency sent me to replace him." With that the blonde woman
climbedinto the back of the limo with the other two women.

Once in she saw Jaqueline and Ivory sitting across from her. Ivory had
Stephanie in a katahajime and Marissa was out cold on the floor after
apparently being hit by the menacing looking baseball bat that Jaqueline had
in her hands. Trish turned and tried to run before finally recognizing the
face of The Kat under the driver's cap.

"Wha..." she started to say before the Kat slammed the door on her face
and sent her sprawling and unconcious onto the floor of the limo.

"Well ya'll," said The Kat as she got into the driver's seat, "where to

"The nearest no-tell motel, time to teach these bitches not to mess with
people's careers," said Jackie.

***The nearest no-tell motel***

When Marissa woke up, she had a killer headache and her arms hurt. She
groggily lifted her head but found she couldn't quite see correctly. She
thought she was looking at a trashy hotel room, she thought she might be
hanging from the ceiling by her wrists. She thought she saw Stephanie tied
down to a bed in her underwear. She could've sworn she saw Trish tied down to
a table, but that couldn't be right, could it? Then she noticed that the
nipples on her naked breasts were standing on end from the air conditioning.
Her head dropped back against the wall.

"Waitaminute!" she thought, "Naked breasts?!?!?!" She looked down again
with now clear vision. "Oh shit," she said.

"Well well," said Ivory stepping out of the bathroom, "look who woke up."
She was wearing purple leather bondage gear. Her legs were encased in thigh
high, spiked heel, boots. Her arms were covered by purple gloves that came
up to her bicep. She had a crotchless leather thong on with a leather cupless
bra to match it.

"How are you feeling Marissa?" Ivory said as she stroked the side of
Marissa's face lovingly.

"Well," Marissa said, "My head hurts, I'm hung over, I feel like I might
throw up, and my skin just might RIP RIGHT OFF MY BONES AND RUN AWAY IF YOU

Ivory promptly punched Marissa in the face, ruining her recent nose job
and resulting in a trickle of blood running down her face. Ivory spoke in
anger, "Well I was supposed to wait for the other two to get here before I
started in on you, but this latest effrontery to my person prompts an
advanced schedule. So you little whore, I hope your ready for one night
directly through hell because after I'm through with you not even Shane will
recognize you."

Ivory shoved a six-inch dick shaped gag into Marissa's mouth and strapped
it in behind her head. She then walked over to Stephanie and slapped her in
the face to wake her up, "Wakey wakey daddy's girl, you've gotta see this.
You're about ot see your sister-in-law get nasty!"

Stephanie screamed around her ballgag.

"Shut up!" screamed Ivory before popping Steph in the jaw. Trish woke up
and got one good scream in before Ivory gagged her too. "Now then," Ivory
said pulling a bullwhip from a drawer in the dresser, "You Miss Marissa
Melanie Mazzola-McMahon are about to learn a lesson in humility, shame, and
most importantly...pain." She unfurled the bull whip, "Now I'm not as good
as The Kat or Chyna with this thing, but I'm good enough."

Marissa's eyes went wide as saucers. Ivory lined up her shot and sent one
that went right across Marissa's exposed nipples with a loud SSSSSSWAP!

"MMMMMMMPH!!!" screamed Marissa around the gag.

"The next one's across those pretty legs or yours, bitch" said Ivory.

SSSWAP! The shot went high and cut a swath across the mini-skirt that
Marissa still had on.

"Oops!" said Ivory, "Guess I oughta work on that huh?"

Marissa shook her head no and moaned. Ivory laughed evilly and brought her
arm back again.


When Ivory was done Marissa's tits and stomach were criss-crossed with red
welts and her skirt was in tatters around her spiked heels. Her white panties
were cut around the front and hints of a black bush could be seen.

Trish and Stephanie were staring wide-eyed, Stephanie was crying.

Ivory walked over to Marissa who was sagging in her bonds. "Well miss
Marissa," said Ivory evilly while clutching Marissa's jaw, "any trite
comments to make now? I bet you think we're done don't you? Nope! I haven't
done your back yet!"

Marissa moaned in pain and looked up at her captor. Ivory towered over
Marissa. She was sweating and it dripped off of her distended brown nipples.
Marissa looked at her naked crotch and saw that her pussy was wet too, but
not from sweat. For the first time since becoming one of the McMahon's,
Marissa knew fear.

Ivory licked the red welts on Marissa's boobs and to her shame Marissa's
nipples started to harden. "Heh, who's the dyke bitch now miss Marissa?"
taunted Ivory. Ivory stood up and turned Marissa around in her bonds via the
turning hook in the ceiling.

Ivory rested her chin on Marissa's shoulder and said, "You know, I really
don't have to continue this Marissa. I mean, I am not an evil person. I just
don't like being fucked with you know? I'll tellya what, If you get down on
you knees and say 'I, Marissa McMahon, am nothing more than a dirty, cunt-
eating, slutty, bitch, doorknob, dyke and Ivory is my mistress now and
forever' and then lick my pussy till I cum all over your pretty face, I'll
let you go right now and start in on someone else. Deal?"

Ivory unstrapped Marissa's dick-gag and waited for an answer. Marissa
fought back the tears and looked at her damaged tits and then at the
dominatrix that stood before her and at her companions who looked on praying
that she wouldn't say yes and be next. Marissa looked down at te floor and
said, "Go fuck yourself."

Ivory replaced the gag and said, "Stupid move girly girl. And as for
fucking myself, naaaaah I think I'll just fuck you!" Ivory laughed that evil
laugh again and re-took her spot in the middle of the room. Then she really
let loose with the whip.


When Ivory was finished Marissa's back, her tight ass, and her legs were
covered in the same red welts her front was. There was little left of her
lacy white panties, a wasteband and a piece of lace on her left thigh to be
precise. She was bawling around her gag.

Ivory said, "That's enough whipping I think. Let's have some fun miss

Ivory licked the welts on Marissa's neck and back, easing her pain
somewhat. She licked and kissed her way down Marissa's back, skipped her
shapely ass, and licked her tight legs down to her feet. Ivory tossed the
fallen tatters of Marissa's skirt and panties in the corner with her
discarded blouse and bra. Then she licked her way up to Marissa's shapely

"Mmmmmmm, you ready baby?" Ivory asked, tweaking Marissa's right nipple.

Marissa sobbed and shook her head no. Ivory licked all over the welts on
Marissa's butt. Marissa thought, "Oh god, I'm actually getting wet! Oh god I
knew I was easily aroused, I mean look at Shane, but fuck! This is a WOMAN!
A woman that just brutalized me and intends to do worse! Oh gooooooood......"

Marissa's thoughts trailed off when Ivory dipped her face between
Marissa's buttocks and started licking her asshole. Her toungue dipped into
Marissa's asshole and tickled her sphincter. Her left hand came up and
started tugging and tickling her clit. This combined assault caused Marissa's
first orgasm of the night. She came violently, writhing in her bonds and
humping her pelvis against the air. Girl goo splattered all over Ivory's
naked tits. Ivory wiped some of Marissa's cum off her tits and rubbed it on
Marissa's wide-stretched lips. Then she sampled some herself.

"Mmmmmm, you taste so gooooood baybeee!" said Ivory.

"Oh Jesus no!" screamed Marissa in her head, "I came! I came for this dyke

Stephanie and Trish looked on in stunned silence.

"Well we wouldn't want your uppity sister-in-law and your snooty friend to
think you're a TOTAL dyke would we?" asked Ivory as she pulled something from
another drawer, "Yeah, howabout some hard dick action?"

"Anything," thought Marissa, "Anything but this torture and lesbian shit!"

Ivory turned her back to Marissa. She slowly slid a two-headed purple
dildo into her pantyless cunt and fastened it too her leather thong. When she
turned around she had nine inches of harrd-ribbed purple plastic sticking out
from her crotch. "Whaddya think sweetcakes?" she asked.

"OH MY GOD!!!" screamed Marissa in her head, "What is she..she wouldn't
would shee...I...I...OH MY GOD!"

Ivory lifted the petite woman off the hook and flung her wet, naked, and
handcuffed body on the bed next to her sister-in-law who was still wide-eyed.
"Let's get rid of this rag shall we?" Ivory said as she removed the remains
of Marissa's panties with a loud rip. "Down to buisness," Ivory said.

Marissa thought, "Oh Jesus no!"

Ivory relentlessly shoved her nine inches into Marissa's sloppy wet cunny.

"Urrrnnn!" Marissa grunted and thought, "! It feels...
sooooooooooooooo gooooooooood!" This was the moment Marissa Maazola-McMahon
gave up all her inhibitions. She was now and forever more Ivory's bitch and
she'd do anything her Mistress Ivory asked of her. She proved it to herself
and her wide-eyed sister by looking directly in Stephanie's face and began
sucking loudly on the plastic dick in her mouth. She smiled around it and
thought, "Just like the time the Posse came looking for Shane and found me
in the shower.

Marissa began throwing her hips back at Ivory who went full force at this
rich bitch. "Enough of your cunny, bitch, that ass is mine!" screamed Ivory
as she pulled out of Marissa's fuck hole and positioned the now extremely
well lubricated pseudo-dick at Marissa's tiny brown pucker.

"Oh baby," thought Marissa, "The only other thing I've had in my bung
is Shane's four-inch worm! To bad he doesn't take after his genetic
jackhammerin' papa!" Marissa the wanton slutwinked at her sister-in-law and
sucked harder.

Ivory slowly shoved her dick into Marissa's lady-brown. Marissa moaned as
she was completly filled. Every thrust shoved the lezbos further up the bed
until Marissa's tits were right up against the wall. Ivory rubbed Marissa's
welted tits and shoved one more time causing bot women to scream and come.
The cobined girlgoo covered the horrified Stephanie's face and she had to
fight back her gagging.

Ivory pulled out of Marissa's shit shoot and pulled off the bound woman's
sailva soaked dick-gag.

"Ohgodohgodohgodohgod," stammered Marissa.

Ivory unhandcuffed her and sat in front of Stephanie. Her nine inch
purple dick dripped girl goo onto the bound woman's face. Marissa wordlessly
deep-throated the double-headed strap on and cleaned off her mistress'
crotch. Then she grabbed her sister-in-law's face and pressed her supple lips
to Stephanie's gagged mouth.

Marissa dipped her hand into her own cooch and cupped some cum into her
hand and smeared in on Steph's face. Still silent, she unfastened Ivory's
dildo and pulled it slowly out of her mistress' sweet cunny. She cleaned off
that end with her toungue and set in on the nightstand.

Marissa then put one leg over Steph's head shoving her face into the
mattress. She bowed between her mistress' wide-spread legs and said, "I,
Marissa McMahon am nothing more than a dirty, cunt-eating, slutty, bitch,
doorknob, dyke and Ivory is my lord and mistress now and forever. Mistress
Ivory, please allow you fuckslut to drink your sweet sweet cunt necter till
you cum all over her face and her sister-in-law's head."

"You may, slave," said Ivory as she fingered the welts on Marissa's back
and ass and fondeled her own breasts.

Marissa moved her head up and slowly ran her toungue along her mistress'
slit. She took two fingers and opened her cooch up and slathered Ivory's cunt
in saliva to replace the girlcum. Ivory used her left hand to shove Marissa's
head further into her cooch and the other to bring her right tit to her
mouth. She suckled on her own nipple like she were a baby. Marissa used her
other hand to rub her own clit. It didn't take long for both mistress and
slave to explode cum all over Stephanie McMahon's head and face.

"Oh my god," Ivory sighed patting Marissa's head, "That's a good slave,
that's a good litlle bitch."

"Thank you mistress," said bitch-Marissa as she got bust re-cleaning
Ivory's coochie.

"I sweah girl," said Kat from the doorway with Jackie, "I declare ya'll
have no stamina. Ya'll couldn't wait till we got back with the party favors?"

One thought simultaneously ran through Trish and Stephanie's heads, "Oh
shit! Whatt now?"

To be continued

Next week: Jaqueline and Trish

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