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Revenge: A Dish Best Served Hot N' Nasty - Part 2
by Crank Case

Jaqueline and the Kat dropped the packages they were carrying and looked
over the wounded yet satisfied Marissa McMahon.

"Damn girl! You really fucked this cracker bitch up!" Jackie said running
a finger over the welts on Marissa's left tit.

Marissa smiled and responded, "Yes she did and I love my Mistress Ivory
for it!"

Kat cocked an eyebrow at Ivory who grinned back. "Well than Marissa," Kat
said massaging Marissa's right buttcheek, "what would you 'do' for your

Marissa enthusiastically responded, "ANYTHING!"

"Would you...suck a flea bitten stray dog's cock in front of the whole
McMahon family?" asked Kat.

Marissa smiled widely and asked, "Oh heavens YES! Where's the dog? Do you
have him wth you?!?!?"

Jackie's mouth hung wide open before she said, "Well I'll be damned!"

"You've trained her well Ivory. BUT you jumped the gun, means you don't
get to have fun with Trish or little miss Steffy."

"Awww!" Ivory sulked and kicked a stillettoed boot against the TV stand.

Jackie dropped her trench coat to reveal a red leather body suit that was
frontless, crotchless, and assless. Other than that she was covered neck to
stilletoed toe in red leather. She pointed to Marissa and said, "You, bitch,
help us with this equipment."

Marissa jumped up and helped Ivory and Jaqueline with the packages.

"Ya'll have fun with Trish, I've gotta go pick sumthin else up. Don't
touch Steffy though, that bitch is mine!" Stephanie whimpered and writhed in
her bonds.

It took Ivory, Jackie, and Marissa half an hour to set up what was in the
bags. Most of it was video equipment but Jackie set aside two black gym bags.
She then sauntered over to the bound and gagged Stephanie McMahon, her huge
chocolate mammaries bouncing with every step. Ivory admired Jackie's luscious
assflesh as it jiggled.

Jackie ran one finger up Stephanie's panty-covered cunt mound.

She kneeled down next to the bound heiress and whispered in her ear,
"Lemme explain this to ya bitch, those cameras all route into that one mixer
box which is connected to the tv. We've got six angles workin' here girl, and
those machines aren't going to miss one humiliating, pain-filled moment of us
fucking you. But first I get to mess up your girl ovah there. You watch an
learn now honey." Jackie closed her plump lips over Stephanie's gagged mouth.

Stephanie fought hard against her revulsion so as not to hurl and choke
on her own vomit. Jackie stopped the liplock and walked over to the bound and
spread eagled Trish Stratus.

Trish had been stripped of her trenchcoat and hat so all she had on were
her boots, white mini skirt, and black tank top. Jackie told Ivory to start
filming and pulled a menacing looking nine inch blade from one of the bags.

She re-advanced on the table Trish was strapped to and spoke evenly, "You
know Trish, there's a lot of things I don't like about you. I don't like the
fact you get more tv time than me despite a total lack of any wrestling
ability whatsoever. I don't like the fact that you hold back the female
gender by serving as unrepentant t&a, no pun intended. I don't like the fact
that you were, and I do mean WERE, going to get handed the women's title at

As she spoke she ran a cloth across the huge blade, transfixing Trish's
fear-filled eyes.

Jaqueline continued, "As you know, I'm Texas born and raised. And in Texas
we take pride in our wild west heritage. I don't particularly care about you
setting back the feminist movement, but you slap Texas pride in the face
everytime you come out in one of those hats!!! That's why I picked you on
this particular outing. Don't worry though sugar, I'll teach you how to be a
REAL cowgirl!"

Jackie placed the blade between Trish's widespread legs and lightly rubbed
the edge on Trish's skirt. A two-inch split formed from the lightest touch of
the knife. Slowly she slit Trish's skirt all the way till she had only her
white g-string panties covering her lower half. Then Jackie lightly slid the
knife down the front of Trish's top scratching her stomach lightly. Jackie
pulled the cut top from Trish, leaving her D cup boobs exposed to the ladies
and the camera's view. Jackie cut the strings of Trish's panties and slowly
removed them from Trish's waist. Ivory caught a close-up of Trish's v-shaped
and closely shaved cunt hair. Jackie got rid of the blade and placed her
toungue on Trish's slit. She ran her long toungue up her slit, over her
mound, up her stomach, sucked on each nipple. Then she licked away the tears
from Trish's face.

Jackie untied Trish and knocked her on all fours. She retrieved a special
saddle and riding crop from the black bag.

"Toldja I'd make a cowgirl out of you!" Jaqueline gloated. Jackie put the
saddle on Trish's back, wrapped two straps around Trish's hanging breasts,
and shoved a seven inch connecting dildo into Trish's ass. She then lowered
herself onto the nine inch dildo on the saddle. She took off Trish's gag and
put a cock-gag connected to some reins in the blonde's mouth. She then took a
riding crop and started slapping Trish's ass and thighs with it.

Trish was forced to give the bouncing black cowgirl a horsey ride with
her own boobs hanging obscenly beneath her and a seven inch dildo up her ass
while she throated a six inch rubber cock. To add insult to injury Jackie had
put on Trish's own hat whil she jumped up and down on the dick on Trish's
back while yelling, "Yipee kayo kayaaaaay!!!" Jackie jumped and down on Trish
and led her around for ten more minutes before she splattered her pearly girl
goo all over Trish's back.

Jackie then took the saddle and reins off Trish and tossed her face down
on the bed. "You weren't exactly enthusiastic about my ride, bitch, so you
gotta pay the price!" Jackie shouted. She held Trish's hands above her head
next to Stephanie's and straddled Trish's thighs.

Trish sqeualed, "Please, no! Don't do this! I'm sor..."

The THWAK! of the riding crop on her plump ass shut her up. Stephanie
looked on horrified. Ivory was reclining in a chair with Marissa happily
slurping on her mistress' pussy.


Jaqueline cruelly beat on the sobbing Trish's plump ass. "You want me to
stop you little blonde Burbank whore??!?" Jackie screamed.

"Yuh..yes! Puhpuhplease hit..tting me!" a heavily weeping Trish

Jackie leaped up above Trish's head and spread her leather-encased legs
far apart on lifted them high exposing her bald black poontang and ebony
asshole to Trish's face. "If you want me to stop you'll shove your toungue up
my ass and pussy till I cum all over you white-trash face!" she screamed.

Trish slammed her toungue into Jaqueline's dripping wet cunny and licked
and slurped for all she was worth. Stephanie's eyes went wide.

"Get a real close look bitch," Jackie malevolently said to Stephanie, "As
soon as Kat gets back you'll be doing the same thing! Up my ass! Put your
toungue up my ass!"

Trish quickly complied and reamed out the ebony goddess. She shoved her
toungue all the way into Jackie's bung, not wanting to risk another beating.
Jackie came all over Trish's face. Her pearly white girl goo coated Trish's
face and Ivory made sure the cameras got a good close-up of the spunk covered

Jaqueline pulled Trish up by the hair to her eye level and screamed,
"That's a good look for you you white-trash cracker slutbag! Now then, whose
bitch are you?!?! Who's your mistress?!?! And you better have the right

Trish sobbed and said, "I'm YOUR bitch and cum slut. You are my mistress.
I'm sorry to have insulted you my ebony goddess!"

"That's real good bitch!" Jackie exclaimed and threw Trish so she was
laying across Stephanie's stomach, "Now YOU get to have som fun!"

Jaqueline fondeled Trish's clitoris and shoved two fingers in her barely
damp cunt. She plowed into Trish hard and soon added a third finger as her
pussy lubed itself up.

"!" screamed Trish in exxxtasy.

"Yeah bitch! Your momma knows how to treat her whores!" yelled Jaqueline
as she added a fourth finger. She kept pounding her fingers into the moaning
blonde bombshell and slowly slipped her thumb in alongside her fingers.

"OHHHHHHH YES!" screamed Trish as she had her first orgasm.

"Hold on bitch we ain't through yet!" screamed Jackie. Jackie punched her
fist into Trish till she had her hand up to her wrist buried in Trish's sweet
sweet cunny. Trish came again, louder this time. A bang came over the wall as
Trish screamed again. Jackie had her arm up to her elbow buried in Trish.
Trish screamed again and passed out. Jackie pulled her arm out of Trish and a
gallon of girl cum splashed on Stephanie's chest and stomach.

Jackie wiped her arm off in Stephanie's hair and on her face. "Damn
Steffy!" Jackie taunted, "Your friends sure are sluts! I wonder if you are

Ivory screamed as Marissa brough her mistress to her third orgasm. Then
the door opened and the Kat walked in. "Guess what ya'll?" she said, "I
brought a friend!"

Next week: Kat Scratch Fever

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