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Revenge: A Dish Best Served Hot N' Nasty - Part 3
by Crank Case

The Kat had returned with a dog carrier and her fiancee Jerry Lawler.
Jerry walked in the door and his jaw dropped. "Damn!" he shouted, "I thought
you were kiddin' babe!"

Ivory smiled and patted her slave Marissa's head, "Hiya Jerry!"

Jaqueline dumped an unconcious Trish Stratus in a corner, "What up King?"

The the King saw the bound, helpless, underwear clad, cum covered, heiress
to the McMahon fortune, Stephanie McMahon. Jerry took on a look not unlike
that of Bubba Ray after a table breaking. "Sweet fucking christmas!" he said
and advanced on the bed. He palmed on of Steph's ample tits and whispered,
"You have no idea how long I've wanted to take a crack at you!"

Stephanie's heart sank. She thought for sure that her "Uncle Jerry" would
end her ordeal.

Jerry started to unbutton his pants when Kat said, "Not yet baby. I need
something from her first." Jerry looked dejected put buttoned back up. Kat
pulled a notecard and a Glock 9 from the second black bag. She put the card
in front of Stephanie's face and said, "Read this into that camera to your
right or else I shoot your kneecaps off."

Jerry unstrapped Steph's ballgag. Steph turned her head and tried not to
weep, "I, Stephanie McMahon, hereby state that anything done to me on this
tape is done with my consent and of my own voilition. The truth being I'm a
dirty slut that will do anything for a quarter."

Kat said, "Not good enough bitch!" The Kat pulled the trigger.

Stephanie was hit in the face with a warm salty liquid. She'd closed her
eyes on reflex when Kat pulled the trigger but now she opened her eyes and
was greeted by a stinging golden stream. "Aaagh!" Steph screamed.

Kat said "Sorry but the dog had to piss on the way over."

Stephanie's face turned green. She almost hurled but Jerry punched her in
the chest and she swallowed the puke back down. Kat jammed the end of the
pistol down Steph's throat and shot dog urine down her throat unrelentingly.
Kat screamed, "Choke on this bitch!"

Stephanie was forced to swallow the vile liquid or drown. While the latter
was looking more and more attractive, she chose the former and gulped down a
mouthful of dog piss. She nearly threw up again but Lawler once again did the
punching thing.

"Enough of this," said Kat. Stacy Carter got off the bed and dropped her
trench coat. She was wearing a completly form-fitting and see-through body
stocking with holes cut out for her ripe 32C breats, shaven pussy, and
asshole. She also wore thigh high boots and forearm length gloves. Her small
brown nipples were standing straight out and everyone could see that her
pussy was moist.

Meanwhile Jerry was feeling up on the McMahon heiress' bound legs and was
fingering her panty-covered slit. "Ready for the real big show Steffy?" he
asked mockingly.

The King stood up and Kat unbuttoned his slacks. She pulled his black
t-shirt off him and fondeled his hairy chest and nipples. She then slid down
his heart-covered boxers to reveal a flaccid two inch dick.

Stephanie laughed, "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!That's it?!?!? What are you gonna do
with that?!??!? You couldn't fill a Barbie doll with that little thing!!!"

King simply smiled at Kat who promptly jaw-jacked Steph, breaking a tooth.
"You ain't go no manners shugah!" Kat said, "All I gotta do to get my honey
bunny goin' is kiss the right button!" Kat then licked the base of the King's
dick where his stem met his golf-ball sized nuts.

In exactly fifteen seconds Jerry Lawler's needle dick grew to a monstrous
eighteen inches long and four inches wide. Stephanie's jaw hit the floor.
King smiled again, "Couldn't fill a Barbie eh? We'll see about that!"

King mounted Stephanie's cum-covered stomach, unbuttoned her bra, and
pushed the cups to the side. Lawler drooled over Steph's almost D-cupped tits
and sucked her left nipple into his mouth while palming her right boob.

Stphanie's nipples hardened in spite of herself. The events of the night
combined with Lawler's ministraitons had slightly aroused her. Besides that
she was a slut anyway. Lawler then said, "Well you're no Barbie but let's see
if I can't fill your big mouth. Stephanie opened her mouth to protest which
was just the opening Lawler was waiting for.

The King shoved six inches of his girth into Stephanie's mouth before
hitting her throat. Width wasn't a factor because Stephanie had the biggest
mouth in the biz and everyone knew it. Steph was starting to gag and she saw
that she still had a foot of dick between her and Jerry's crotch, and she
KNEW he wasn't stopping till she deep throated him.

Meanwhile the Kat was working Stephanie's breasts. She roughly mauled
and kneeded the pliant mammaries. She paid special attention to Stephanie's
nipples and used her hoover-like mouth to suck on them.

The King said, "Come on little bitch Steffy, you can take more of your
Uncle Jerry's cock than this." The King was barely moving his hips but he was
forcing the stuck up bitch to deep throat his rod. Jerry had now buried ten
inches of man-meat down his boss' daughter's throat, causing it to bulge

Jerry was in heaven. He and his fiancee were fucking the daughter of one
of the most powerful men in America and it wass all going to be on tape. Add
to that the bonus of having four other extremley sexy women fucking each
other, it was a wonder he hadn't blown his load yet. King was fifteen inches
in when the top of Stephanie's chest started to bulge like her throat.

Kat had continued to squeeze Stephanie's breasts while her husband was
raping the heiress' mouth. Steph'd nipples were rock hard and Kat just kept
mauling them for some reason. Finally little streams of white liquid started
coming from Stephanie's boobs. "The bitch is lactating honey!" Kat screamed.

"Good, milk the whore like the cow she is," Jerry said and pushed another
inch in.

Kat suckled on Stephanie's right tit while holding a bottle over the left
to catch the milk. Steph's mothers milk tasted sweet. "Almost as good as
Jerry's cum," Kat thought.

Jerry only had an inch and a half left to go when he felt himself finally
bottom off. Jerry just pulled back till he onlyn had eight inches in and
rammed for all he was worth. Next thing Steph knew her nose was buried in
pubic hair and her "Uncle" Jerry's balls were knocking against her chin.
Jerry looked directly at a camera and said, "Yknow Vince, your daughter sucks
dick like a pro. I'm just about ready to jizz down her slutty throat. I
suggest you try her out if you get the chance!"

Then the Kat spoke to Steph, "Start sucking hard Little Steffy or we shove
a cattle prod up your ass!"

Stephanie sucked like there was no tommorrow and the King finally blew his
load. He shot stream after stream down Steph's throat but pulled out as he
did so. When he was all the way out he blasted Stephanie's face and tits with
thick roapy wads of jizz. When he finished he was still hard but Stephanie
was wearing a mask of cum.

Kat had a bottle of milk from each of Stephanie's breasts and she tasted
some with her husband. Then the Kat leaned down and caught Stephanie with a
deep french kiss. The King moved lower and cut off Stephanie's gray lace
panties with a pocket knife. Steph tried to protest but her mouth was filled
with the Kat's long toungue. Jerry looked down at the pink treasure trove
before him. He smiled that sardonic smile and said, "Hail to the King baby."
Then he plunged his cock into Steffy's pussy.

Stephanie screamed around Kat's toungue. She'd never had anything near
this big in her cunt. The Kat stopped kissing Stephanie and jumped on her
face. Stephanie's button-nose was buried in the Kat's pussy and the King's
dick was buried in Stephanie's pussy. King figured he got a full foot in
before he hit her cervix. So he rammed harder and got another five inches in.

Stephanie screamed into Kat's poon tang and Kat came in Stephanie's mouth.
Stephanie was being smothered and drowned at the same time so she tried to
ignore the pain in her belly and focus on gulping down girl goo to survive.

The King eventually got all of his rod into Stephanie's stomach and then
he started slam-fucking the McMahon heiress with abandon. "I may only be five
years away from getting senior citizen discounts," though Jerry, "But I can
still beat up the pussy like a twenty year old! I proved it to Elizabeth, to
Sherri, Missy, Sunny, Sable, Linda, Debra, Trish, Ivory, Jackie, and Stacy!
Now this bitch knows too!"

The King came violently inside Stephanie, and then a strange thing (Well
at least it was strange to Stephanie!) happened. Steph's pussy started to
contort around the King's staff and she screamed like she'd been shot.
Stephanie had the greatest orgasm in her life and nearly passed out as her
eyes rolled back into her head and her toes curled up. The scream made the
Kat cream Stephanie's face again and she humped her cooch over Steph's face
like a true cowgirl.

The King and Kat climbed off the still-bound and smiling snob and kissed
each other deeply. The King said, "Not bad kid. You're almost as good a fuck
as your mom!"

Stephanie's jaw dropped again before she asked, "Could you untie me now?
My arms and wrists sure do hurt and I obviously can't tell anyone about this
as long as you have those tapes."

Kat replied, "Oh we'll cut you loose alright shugah, but we ain't through
with your big fuckin' beehind yet!" The Kat turned her back to Stephanie and
the King cut her free and flipped her onto her stomach. When Kat turned
around there was a foot-long black two-way dildo hanging from her crotch.
Stephanie looked behind her and tried to run away but Jerry was right there
to stop her and hold her down.

The Kat jumped on Stephanie and slammed her pseudo dick into her gaping,
cum dripping pussy in one stroke. The King had really stretched her out so
the Kat removed the now exxxtremely lubed up dildo out of Stephanie's cunt.
The Kat parted Stephanie's ass with her hands.

"NOOOO! NOT THERE!" screamed Stephanie.

The Kat plunged in and got six inches into Steffy's wide stretched
asshole. The King jumped behing his fiancee and said, "Back that ass up
baby!" The King speared the Kat with his fuck rod while the Kat rammed into

Stephanie's cum-covered face now had tears on it as well as she bawled
like a baby while the couple behind her fucked her ass. The King was able to
wrap his arms around both the Kat and Stephanie's waists so he could pull
both women back at him. Stephanie had twelve inches of hard platic up her ass
and the Kat had the accustomed eighteen inches in her asshole. The Kat
couldn't last long in such a tight ass and she soon came again. The added
pressure on his dick forced the King over the edge and he blasted his load
into his fiancee's asshole. Stephanie passed out from the exertion and the

***Two hours later***

Stephanie awoke to the feeling of a warm stream of liquid hitting her
face. She thought, "Oh no, not that damn water pistol again!" She opened her
eyes and saw the King's giant dick spitting golden liquid at her. Her mouth
opened to scream so Lawler shoved his cock in and held her nose so she had to
swallow all his piss. When he was done he wiped his dick off with a portion
of Stephanie's hair that wasn't cum or urine streaked. Then the King tucked
himself back into his slacks and put his shirt back on.

Stephanie was tied back down to the bed, this time on her knees and bent
over. She turned her head right and saw the gaping wide, cum dripping, pink
of Trish Stratus' pussy. She looked up at Trish and saw that her breasts were
welted up from Ivory's whip and there was dried and drying cum all over her
and she was gagged with her own shredded panties. King shoved Steph's face
into Trish's cunny. He ran a cord around Trish's back and around Stephanie's
head, keeping her mouth on the other woman's cunt.

"Now then Steffy," came the Kat's voice from over Stephanie's left
shoulder, "I bet you're wondering what's going on. Well we're gonna leave
ya'll in this heah positon for the maid's to find, with one small
modification. Oh, and Marissa the slave is comin' with us bu we'll be sure to
return her to Shane-O post-haste heah?"

Kat didn't say anything for awhile and Stephanie was relieved. But then
Kat said, "But what I REALLY suppose what ya'll are wonderin is 'What is in
that goldarned doggie-carrier Kat?' Well I'm gonna tell ya. You remember Al
Snow's pet chihuahua Pepe that the Bossman supposedly turned inta hamburgah
meat? Well he's alive and well and he's heah to say hello!"

Stephanie felt a scratchy toungue licking at her pussy and asshole and a
wet nose inbetween her huge buttcheeks.

Kat continued, "Did ya'll know that this heah chihuahua is a five-star
breeder dog? He's the best chihuahua breeder there is! In fact his doggie
dick is so long he can't walk when it's fully erect because his legs aren't
long enough! He's twenlve inches long and five thick not countin' his knot
mind ya, the very best. Only the best for you miss Stephanie! Oh and so ya'll
know, ther won't BE a women's title match at Summer Slam or the tapes get
released to the net and ya'lls families, heah? Same thang happen's if'n ya
tell the police, too! We'll just leave you three alone now. Ciao dahlings!"

There was laughter and then the door slammed. Stephanie felt a big dick
entering her cum crusted cunny and Trish started to moan and grind her cunt
into Stephanie's face. Steph just hoped she and Trish could get out of this
mess with a minimum of embarassment. Unfortunetly for her, the maids that
would find the two female superstars were mexican lesbian sisters. But that's
another story...

The End

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