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Starring: Stephanie McMahon - Trish Stratus - Chyna - Tori - Triple H
Test - Rikishi - Too Cool - Shane McMahon

It was RAW, Triple H and Stephanie got out of the limo & made their way
to the arena. Like always they had each other's hands and happy. They passed
many WWF superstars such as Chyna, who Triple H didn't want to get eye to eye
with, as Steph proudly took his arm and looked at Chyna. Then they passed
Test that Steph tried to hide herself from him.

Finally they got to their locker room and sat. "Well, Did you see how
Chyna burned when she saw us together?" Steph said proudly.

"Yeah! Just like Test." Triple H answered and made her silent. Then the
door knocked and Tori got in and asked her if she is ready. Steph got up and
picked up her Women's Championship Belt and got on her way to ring to defend
it againts Trish Stratus.

Backstage the angry Chyna went to Too Cool's locker room by breaking down
the door. Too Cool and Rikishi were there and wondered why she was so pissed

"Hey boyz..listen to me! I need your help tonight." Chyna said.

"What's the matter, Chyna?" asked Rikishi.

"I want you to embaress Stephanie in front of the world and I will pay you
anything you want, I mean anything," she said very angrily.

"Well, that's great but I realy don't wanna face The Game. You know what I
mean." Rikishi said and looked to his stupid friends. They shook their heads
in agreement.

"Don't be afraid of him." Another voice caught their attention to door. It
was Test.

"So, we will do it like no one else can do." Rikishi said and 3 cools got
up & leave.

"Well, how will you keep Triple H out of this? Please dont hurt him, I
still love him." Chyna said.

"I know that you still love him. Everybody knows and I will not contact
with him. Those two ediots I mean Too Cool will take care of X-Pac & R. Dogg
and Rikishi will go after the bitch herself. All you got to do is help me a
little." Test said with a kind smile. Chyna didn't understand his meaning,
but she didn't like it at all.

* * *

Stephanie and Tori got to the ring and Steph had harsh things to say
about Trish. Then she dropped the mic and wait for Trish but she didnt come.
Steph got so angry but Tori confort her, Mick Foley came to the ring after 3
minutes of Trish's absence and told Steph that he will give her another
opponent and there came Lita. Steph got scared that her belt would be in her
hands for last time and whisped to Tori about Lita. The match began and Tori
interfered many times, Titantron showed the backstage area that Too Cool
attacked DX from behind. Lita executed the Twist of Fate on Steph and pinned
her but Tori had the ref distracted. Chyna ran in and pulled her down and
placed Tori on her shoulder and carried her back. Lita got up and delivered a
swanton bomb on Steph and pinned her to win the WWF women's championship.

Backstage Triple H was in shock. "What the hell Chyna did?" Triple H
yelled and got up to leave the room but when he opened the door he saw two
most beautiful legs that he had never seen. He looked a little higher and
saw a little white skirt and still higher were two perfect breasts. Now he
could tell who she was....Trish Stratus.

"It was all your fault, If you went in that fuckin' ring and wrestle Steph
this wouldn't have happened." Triple H yelled at her and want to go but she
blocked him in and closed the door.

"You aint see nothing yet, so sit and look what is next for your little
bitch." Trish pushed him to chair in front of TV.

Chyna brought Tori to her locker room and dropped her to the floor. Then
came Test high fiving Chyna and headed over to Tori. Chyna sat and looked at
the TV as Lita left the ring the winner with Steph lying unconsious. Tori
looked at Test as he pushed her down lying on top of her. She tried to get
escape but Test ripped off her mini shirt. Chyna looked at her perfect
breasts as Test sucked on one of her pink nipples. Chyna tried to keep her
attention on the TV but Tori's moans of plassure made her to leave the room
to bathroom. She washed her face but it didnt work and she open the door
slowly and saw Test's head buried in between Tor's legs. Test licked Tori's
hot pussy and moved his tongue all over her cunt while Tori licked her own
left breast. Chyna probed her wet cunt by taking inserting a finger inside

Test then shoved his thumb in her pussy. Tori was moaning in love as he
showed her his cock.

"It's all yours, Tori, should you pass the test." Test said holding his
crotch while Tori smiled.

* * *

In the ring Stephanie awoke and looked around. There was no Lita or Tori
in sight and even Triple H wasn't around. She got up but there came Rikishi.
Fans paused and looked confused wyh the 400 pounder's was down there. Rikishi
came into ring and pushed Steph lightly into the turnbuckle and she softly
fell there. She had no energy to defend herself.

Trish stood a little closer than Triple H to TV and showed her round ass
to him. Triple H tried to look at TV but her big ass wouldn't let him.

Meanwhile Rikishi stinkfaced poor Stephanie in the ring, Triple H snapped
and got up to leave but Trish blocked him.

"The difference between you and that little whore is she is an unlucky
bitch and you are one lucky guy. She got stinkfaced by Rikishi's fat shitty
ass, but you will get my pretty ass." Trish said to The Game.

With that Triple H forgot the entire relationship he had with Stephanie.
Trish took advantage and pushed him into a chair and took off her white
little skirt. She got on top of the chair, turned around and pushed her
pretty big asschicks in his face.

His nose rubbed against her wet cunt and making it even more so. She
couldn't handle the pleasure and took her ass away. She quickly unmoved her
panties and again stinkfaced the leader of D-Generation X. It felt great and
even got better when he opened her asscheeks and licked her cunt and asshole.

* * *

Test undid his tights and stood naked in front of Tori. His cock was a
hard nine inches. Tori got down on her knees and inserted his cock into her
moist mouth. Inch by inch of his cock went all the way down her throat. He
pumped his hips fucking in her mouth. She quickly got his rythm and started
to do it faster and faster all the time.

Chyna witness the entire blowjob movie as sheburied all of her finger
inside her cunt. Chyna didn't want to join them, she just compared Test to
her lover Triple H. She instantly became angry of Test's blonde hair and she
was about to lose herself. She left the bathroom and went over to Test, but
she restraind herself and left the locker room.

* * *

"Oh, what a tongue! Lick me! Lick me harder!" Trish screamed as she felt
Triple H's tongue digging in her cunt. She held her asscheeks to make his
work easier. Now with both hands free he moved one of them took her mouth.
She was crazy and started to suck not just his finger but his entire hand.
Triple H then pushed his thumb in her asshole and made her scream.

"Wider, wider, spread you asschicks more," Triple H order his new bitch.
She tried hard and Triple H added another finger to her asshole.

"I want more! Put in another one." Trish said with horny voice. Triple H
did exactly what she asked him to do.

"How is that? Feel good?" Triple H asked the bombshell blonde.

"Yeah. Add another finger. OOHHH, make it 3!" Trish screamed.

Triple H doubtfully shove his 3rd finger in her asshole. She let out a
loud scream. Triple H licked out her wet pussy. Her ass was in pain, but it
didn't compare to the fire inside of her cunt. She had heard that sex with
Triple H is awesome (that's why Steph stuck herself to him) and finally
realized that it was true.

"Triple HHHHHHH!" Trish said.

"Yeah?" Triple H answered.

"OHHH, I think I need another finger." Trish said when she was nearly
passed out.

"Come on, you have enough fingers in your ass. Forget it." Triple H said.

"Come on, four time champ. Put four in me. I promise I'll be ok." Trish

Triple H looked at her ass. She was right and there was room for another
finger. He licked her pussy hard again, but just once.

"OOOOF, Great. Shove that fuckin' finger and then lick my pussy." Trish

Triple H had no choice. He should give her some more pleasure. He knew
that if he didn't finish her off she would not release him. He decided to
make her in a mood that she'll never forget or never forgive.

"I will but make your hole bigger." Triple H said.

Trish open herself as much as she could and Triple H without any warning
shoved his entire hand into her wet asshole. She screamed and felt like
choking. Triple H massaged her big tits and she started to breathing.

* * *

Chyna walked down the hallway and damn, she was horny. She begged god not
to see any man on her way. She was on her way to Triple H's locker room when
she saw Stephanie walking her way to that locker room. Chyna got angry and
ran to Steph and pushed her into wall. Steph looked frightened as Chyna
slapped her right across the face.

Steph tried to run, but Chyna restrained her. Chyna noticed Steph's erect
nipples popping out of her babydoll shirt. Chyna couldn't help herself and
took Steph's hand and shoved it into her wet cunt and moaned. Steph was
shocked that her hand was in the pants of the 9th wonder of the world. She
wanted to remove it, but she felt something go inside her pants, too. Chyna's
finger went right into her hole and Steph moaned in pleasure. Chyna didn't
think of it as Steph's cunt. She thought of it as the place Triple H's big
cock goes every night.

Both fingered each other as Chyna manuvered Steph putting her down on the
floor. Chyna rested on top of her and the two female superstars were tit to
tit. Chyna ripped off Steph's blouse and sucked on her left tit. The body of
the youngest of McMahon family started to get cold. She saw Chyna as a
vampire who was trying to take her blood. Steph pushed her away and ripped
off Chyna's shirt. Chyna opened Steph's fly and made her completely naked in
the middle of hall. Chyna pulled down her shorts and put Steph's legs in air
and ate out her pussy.

"Ohh Chyna! Eat my pussy. Yeah." Steph said.

"That feels good ha?" Chyna said as her continued to lick.

"It feels that damn good." Steph whisped.

Chyna's tongue worked on her hot pussy for five minutes until Steph
finally came in her mouth. Chyna got up and kissed her sharing some of
Steph's own juices with her.

Then Chyna pushed her down and sat on her face. "Lick me bitch!" Chyna
yelled and Steph started to roll her little tongue in Chyna's big, wet pussy.

"Great. You deserve The Game. Lick me OOH." Chyna moaned.

Steph shoved her finger in Chyna's backdoor, too, and Chyna shoved her
thumb in Steph's cunt while her two other fingers were in Steph's pussy.
Chyna rubbed her pussy into Steph's face until she came too.

"Ohh. I came honey, Be carefull." Chyna screamed.

"No problem."

Chyna's juice came in Steph's mouth.

"God! you are so tasty and sweet."

The two women tried to each other cum one more time as Chyna shoved her
entire fist in Steph's pussy mading her scream in orgasm.

Chyna made Steph get on all-fours and licked out her asshole. Steph moaned
louder and laoder as Chyna's fingers and tongue both worked on her pussy.
Rikishi and Too Cool came back and saw this hot action. Scotty in one second
got naked and went to Chyna's behind and shoved his 4 inch cock in her wet
asshole. Chyna screamed and turned around and saw Scotty fucking her ass. She
get pissed off and slaped Scotty hard. Rikishi and Grand Master held him in
the air.

"Who the fuck you think you are?" Chyna said as Steph took Chyna's arm and
tit to stop her.

"Remember, We did this for you. If it wasn't for us you couldn't fuck this
little bitch." Rikishi said.

Steph looked at Chyna now seeing the truth. She realized that Lita's
replacement of Trish was Chyna's plan and why Tori's missing, too. Tears
poured from Steph's eyes. "Where is Triple H? Where is Trish?" Steph thought
as she ran down the coridor to see Triple H, but Chyna blocked her.

"I never forget what you did to my life. Each night my fingers replaced
Triple H's cock. I masturbated my cunt just because a bitch I like you.
He fucked me all night long and now it's about 4 mounths I wait for it."
Chyna yelled angrily.

"I knew you jealous of me. I will send a video of myself and Triple H for
you. A video that will burn your pussy, He will fuck me doggystyle." Steph
said. That made the 9th wonder of the world snap and without waisting any
time she DDTed Steph on floor.

"I told you that you will get a nice prize if the job nicely done, she is
all yours" Chyna said to Rikishi and Too Cool. Then she picked up her dress
and leave. Rikishi stared at Stephanie's soft body and looked to his friends.

Chyna went back to her lockeroom and saw Test sitting on Tori's stomach
and tit fucking her. Tori grabbed her tits tighter and lick the head of his

Test's cock made Tori's tits red and looked like she was about to explode
but she wasnt the one who explode. It was Test who loaded his white cum all
over on Tori'a tits and neck and face.

"Do you know what time it is Test?" Chyna asked him. He turn around with
exausted look.

"No." He said.

"You fuck this bitch for about 40 minutes. What about me?" Chyna said.

"What? You want me to fuck you too?" Test said with shocked face.

"How stupid you are! You left your little valet Trish with Triple H for
about 40 minutes. If you think she can handle him you are wrong." Chyna said.
Meanwhile Rikishi and Too Cool jumped in with Steph on their shoulders.

"What are you doing here?" Chyna asked.

"What happened to Steph?" Tori asked.

"Nothing, Shane was walking around and we come here to hide." Rikishi

"Ok, The only way that you can stay here is three of you give her what
she deserve." Chyna said."or may Test wanna get revange too." She admited.

"No, I'm sorry Chyna, Dont do this to me,,Triple H is all yours I never
come close to him again, let me go." Steph begged.

Rikishi slaped Steph right across her face and Too Cool jumped on her.
Scotty forced her to put his little cock in her mouth. Rikishi spread her
legs and shoved his fat cock inside her. She screamed but she had to enjoy
it, So she took Grandmaster's cock and put in herself's mouth beside Scotty's

* * *

Back to Triple H's lockeroom, he put Trish down on all fours. He licked
her ear as Trish closed her eyes. Triple H move her hair away from one of her
shoulders and licking and wet kissing her shoulder.

"Hey Stratus! Are you ready?" Triple H asked with laugh.

"NNOOOO." Trish said with laugh too.

Triple H goes her behind. "Look at me!" Triple H order her. She turned
around and looked at his face, That made both hornier.

"Yeah!" Trish said.

"Open your mouth now!" Triple H said and she did exactly what he ordered
her to do, She loved to get ordered in sex.

"Aim it." Trish said.

"You are so wise." Triple H said and spit in her mouth. she swallowed it
and laughed.

"I said are you ready? "Triple H said.

"Now yeah." Trish said.

Triple H then shoved the entire 11 inch cock inside her asshole. She let
out a load scream as he worked on her back and thrust in and out of her ass.
He pumbed her ass as she fingering herself. Her tits was so incridible in
that moment.

"How is that, Stratus?" Triple H said.

"OOOOHH,,AHHHHHH,,MMMmmmm" Trish moaning.

"Aswer my fuckin' question, bitch." Triple H said while thrust inside her

Trish let out another scream. "AHHH, Thank god your fingers saved me."

"What are you mean?" Triple H said as an orgasm was building in his balls.

"You are so thick." Trish said.

Triple H bounced her ass a little up and again doggy-style the former
model. "What are you mean?"

"YOOUU ARE SO THICKKK,,,, come on I love it, I never Fucked like this,
Shove it more."Trish said.

He didnt listen to her anymore and held her waist and fucked her. He
grabed every single place of herpritty body. He spanked her ass and took her
hair. She was no more moaning, Now she was screaming in plassure. She was so
happy, Triple H was so intense and didnt want to come in early.

* * *

Chyna had heard Trish's scream and got worried. "Hey Test, let her go
and get Trish away from Triple H, It's my turn." Chyna said.

Test shot his cum in Steph's mouth and she was about to clean his prick.
Chyna took Test hand and pull him away and asked him to dress and come with
her. Scotty lied down and put Steph on his prick.

"Ride it." Scotty told Steph. steph go up and down but no plassure came
from his 4 inches cock. Steph had no willing to ride until she scream, She
felt something else in her cunt, Yeah it was second dick inside her pussy.
They fucked her in and out.

Rikishi rode Tori up and down, He picked her up in air and down her hard
that she could felt his balls, He put his hands on her big tits and pinched
her nipples, She was enjoying his fat cock in her cunt. Rikishi throw her
away and turn around and spread his legs.

"Lick my asshole." He said.

Tori couldnt believe it. She denied but Grand Master punched her to
stomuch and put her near the Phat man. She was ready to puke but she had to
and started to lick his ass and Grand Master Sexay laughed and shoved his
five inch cock in her cunt. Rikishi turn to Steph and show his big fat cock
to Steph.

"Your words, Suck it" He said to his bosses daughter.

Steph started to lick his balls. "Our words, Lick it." Rikishi told to
Tori. She continued to lick his big ass as Steph was blowjob for him. Grand
Master try to make a sound out of Tori but she wasnt tight and his 5 inches
cock couldnt do it, So he decided to satisfy himself.

* * *

Triple H led Trish to a table and spread her legs. Then put her legs on
one of his shoulders and shoved his big cock inside her.

"OHHHH, Honey please come in me." Trish said.

"It's a long way, baby." Triple H said.

"OHHH, I want it now, inside my pussy." Trish moaned.

Triple H didn't care about it and fucked her cunt. She grabed the edges of
table when Triple H fucked her hot pussy, She didnt know how many times she
came but she belived that her juices was dropping from her cunt second by
second, Looked like she didnt stop coming. Her tits goes up and down when he
fucked her, She made her cunt's muscular tight and locked her legs aruond

"AHHHHHHooo, II,I Wishhhhh you had two cocks." Trish said and maoning.

Triple H slowly thrusted entire cock in her lovehole and slowly pulled it
out and hardly thrusted it inside her pussy. She let out another scream and
Triple H continue this way until she got his rhythm and enjoyed it.

"That is wonderful, FFaassterr,," Trish maoned.

"You are toughest bitch I had ever seen." Triple H said and made his
rhythm faster.

She released table's edge and locked her pretty little arms around The
Game's neck and got breast to chest with Triple H. Her nipples became damp
and juices came from it. She couldn't contain herself and came all long in
her pussy, nothing could stop Triple H's power and his balls was ready to
explode and also nothing could stop coming of Trish Stratus.

"You did it bitch, I'm coming." Triple H said.

"OHHH thank god, I did it, Fill my pussy with your cum." Trish maoned in

Triple H fucked her pussy for last moments and his balls counthdown to
explode. (6-5-4-3-2).. but suddenly the door opened and Chyna and Test came
in. Triple H's excitement died in one second as he saw Chyna standing there.
Triple H slowly reduced his speed and stopped.

"What happened? I didnt feel it." Trish said when she still didn't see
Chyna and Test.

"Ok, Trish! Thanks for your help. Get up and go." Chyna said.

Trish saw them and got flustrated. "Why you two fuckin' nuggets come now?
You couldn't come 30 seconds later? " she yelled.

"Well, bad luck for you that you couldn't make him come." Chyna said.

"Chyna! Would you let me another two minutes?" Trish begged.

"Fuck your own boy bitch." Chyna yelled angry.

"My boy wanna see me fuck." Trish said while look at Test.

"Let's watch her a little bit." Test whisped to Chyna'a ear.

"How dare you!" Chyna elbowed to Test's stomach. "Pick up your bitch and
leave here." Chyna yelled.

Trish so sad opened her legs around The Game and got up and looked at
Chyna then Test and stared at the silent Game.

"Remember, you didn't come in me." Trish said so sad and got eye to eye
with Chyna and left room with Test. Chyna closed the door and turn around to
looked at Triple H but he wasnt there. She searched the room and heard the
water sound. She sat on chair until he returned back with a towel around his
waist. Her heart was about to explod when she saw her love wet.

"That Trish made me dirty, Ohhh" Triple H said and seat. She changed her
saet on chair next to him.

"You liked her?" Chyna asked so carefully.

"Yeah, she wasnt bad. So anyway I missed you so much. How are you?" Triple
H asked.

"Oh. Well, I'm, I'm good, Thanks." Chyna lost herself.

"Listen Joanie, I'm always thinking of you but the way Steph acts makes me
so confused." Triple H said and took her hand. "Speaking about Steph, where
is she? Last time I saw her she got stinkface by Rikishi." Triple H said and
wanted to get up but Chyna finally had enough and took his hand and pulled
him down on chair.

"What?" Triple H said.

Chyna took his face and kissed him long and hard on lips. Finally, when
she broke it to take a breath. Triple H look surprised.

"I know you already took care of her." with that he took her big arms and
pulled her to himself and french kissed her. That was Chyna wanted, she knew
that Triple H doesnt fuck girls by his wish but now he allowed her to be with
him, she realized that he still loved her and that was the reason she wanted
to give her best to him, Triple H shoved his thong in her mouth and pull her
thong inside himself's mouth. Triple H pushed her to wall and continue to
tongue searching in The 9th Wonder Of The World's mouth. She grabbed his wet
hair and pushed her own body to his and got breast to chest with Triple H.
Triple H moved his hands down to her butt and pulled it to his towel. Finally
she broke the longest kiss of her life and kissing his throat and shoulder
and chest. Chyna down on her knees and kissing his stomuch down to towel.
Triple H put his hands between her lovely black hair. She ripped of his towel
and saw her dream, the same thick 11 inch cock that used to be inside her
cunt all the times during the night. She hold it in her hand ready to eat it
but she couldnt. Something pulled her back, She looked up and saw it is
himself Triple H who took her hairs back.

"Don't you remember that I will not kiss Pricky lips." Triple H smerked.

She smiled back and got up and put her arms around his shoulder and again
kissed eachother, this time The Game broke the kiss and kissing her chin and
chicks to her ear, She took his head and guided it to her neck and chest,
Triple H kissing her hot chest and over her stomuch, Then take the front of
her pantis and pull it to himself and kissed it, Triple H wanted to put off
her pants but she seat in front of him and kissed him, Triple H pushed her on
floor and lied on her and kissed her neck, stomuch and legs, he started to
kiss her toe and upper to ankle. Triple H then licking back of her knee and
lick her leg up to pussy. He realeased her legs and picked her up.

"Honey you get heavier." Triple H said.

"Just becuase Stephanie is so light." Chyna replied.

Triple H smiled and put her on table and went to her behind and started to
kiss her back. She moved a little away, looked like she giggled. Triple H
took her fine breasts and stopped her to go front. She started to moaning as
he untight her black top and put it down. He moved her hairs to one shoulder
and kissed and licked her shoulder and neck. She closed her eyes and
continued to moaning. Triple H slowly opened her belt and shoved his hand
deep in her cunt, Her eyes got wide and she missed breath for a while.

"Always shaved! Just like always." Triple H put his head on back of her

"Did you find anything there?" Chyna laughed.

"Yeah, Something wet." Triple H giggled and both laughed.

"That wet thing is all yours, I save it untouch for you." Chyna admitted.

Triple H hold her left big breast in his hand. "What about that one?" he
looked at her tit over her shoulder. "Is it untouched too?" He added.

"Hell yeah and its for you too." Chyna said when looked at him over her
shoulder and they kissed eachother once again.

"What about this 1?" He hold the other one too and started to massage
them. Then after realized that Chyna is in heaven, He got on his knees and
spanked her ass cheeks.

"OOooch, you never used to do this." Chyna turned around and said.

"Sorry, Steph likes it and asks me all the time to do this." Triple H said
as open her big and muscular legs.

"Wow." Triple H excited.

"What's wrong honey?" Chyna said.

"Nothing. This place needs something so much." Triple H raised his head
up and said.

"Do what you think is right." She said after bit her lips.

"I don't know that hurts or not but its better to dont look at it." Triple
H said.

Chyna closed her eyes and a second later she felt something went deep
inside her body. She let out a little gasp and looked at The Game. Triple H's
finger was in The 9th Wonder Of The World's fuckhole. He shoved it as far as
possible in her pussy. She couldn't deny it. She was shaking as he stared at
her pritty body.

"OHH, I love you....Your finger is a magic.." Chyna moaned.

"Honey you are shaking. You need to get warm." Triple H whisped...Her body
was perhaps the most beutifull body in his eyes, Many people told him that he
should not like her body but he loved the colour of her skin, He enjoied to
sucking her brown nipples.

Triple H then opened her legs wider and she gave him the permission of
doing eveything to her. He without any warning shoved a finger in her
asshole. She let out a loud gasp this time as WWF's Champion fingered both
back and front of her. She held her tits and seat on Table and put her
awesome legs on his shoulders. Triple H took the speed in EXP-ways and thrust
his fingers in same times in her shaven cunt and pink asshole. He tried to
make his fingers closer to eachother and possibly connecting them in those
amazing holes.

"AHHHhhh, Please harder. Faster,,,OHH I'm cumming." Chyna Screamed when
she grabbed her own hairs in 1 hand and her tit in other hand and pinching
it's nipple.

Triple H looked very carefully and quickly took out his fingers. She
shocked on his action and quickly tried to finger herself, But he took her
hand on her back and pulled her to himself in nipple to nipple position and
kissed her. she broked it so angry.

"What the fuck you doing?" Chyna yelled.

"Easy honey, I want you to go on with me and not Quiting in such a hurry.
R U rush for anything else?" Triple H said.

"Sorry, I will be your partner all long time. Lets start again." Chyna

Triple H again seat in front of her and shoved his finger in the place it
belonged but took it out. Chyna got flustrated by his actions but again smile
came to her face when he sucked his own finger.

"So tasty." Triple H said and went after her pussy but she took his hairs
and stoped him.

"What's the matter sweety." Triple H said.

"Like you I dont kiss cunty lips." She smerked.

Triple H laughed and pushed her on table and french kissed her. "That was
the last kiss." he said and open her legs and 1 big lick on her pussy. Her
legs automatically tried to close but he didnt let it happen. He spread her
legs 180 degree open.

"Take your legs." Triple H ordered his former bodygaurd.

Then he shoved his long tongue in her very wet cunt and round it there to
find her clit. She was in heaven and yelling. People who passed from his
lockeroom thought Triple H is a gay and he is with a men there. He then
opened her pink asshole and shoved his thong deep there and licked the
backside of her pussy. Chyna's back was cold and she was about to orgasm but
she remembered what she had promissed moments ago to Triple H. She tried to
hold herself not to come but plassure and prassure was about to explode her,
She let out a loud scream that perhaps the entire arena had heard it.

"Honey, don't you remember you promissed me something?" Triple H said.

"I try to keep my promise but you dont let me, Dont you understand that
I'm coming." Chyna said with horny and visous voice.

Immediately Triple H stoped licking her and got up and broke the 180
degree and put her awesome legs on his sholder.

"Are you ready for rumble?" Triple H said.

"I was born ready." Chyna said.

With that he throw his hairs back and shoved his 11 inches cock in her hot
pussy. he reached her shoulders and started to fuck her. The prassure of his
wieght made his dick went deeper inside her and she enjoied every second of
it. Triple H thrust his cock in her hot pussy and pulled back, Triple H let
her to take a breath and Thrust again. after 1 min of slow fucking, Triple H
decided to take The 9th Wonder Of The World in the next level and started to
fuck her faster and harder.

"OHHHHhhh, Your the greatest fucker I had ever seen.. Do it harder." Chyna

"Turn around hot pussy." he said.

She didnt understand what he said and still looked at him, Triple H wait a
little and when saw no reaction from raven hair Chyna, He took out his cock
and turn her around wildly and droped her on table and shoved his thick cock
in her pussy from behind. She liked it as Triple H pushed her to table and
grabed her hair.

"Fuck me hard, OOHh FFFFuck me hard, Fuck me like Stephanie." Chyna

Triple H atempted to to give The 9th Wonder Of The World something more
than her level and fucked her as hard as he could. Then grabbed her big tits
from behind and pinched her nipples.

"I fucked Stephanie like this, Thats what you looking for?" Triple H said.

"Yeah, But I cant take it anymore, I'm cumming. Please let me." Chyna

Triple H put out his cock from her opened pussy and spanked her left
asschick hardly. "Those pretty tits are mine. What about these wonderful
chicks?" Triple H said.

"No problem man. Spank them I love it." Chyna said so horny after 2 near

Triple H took advantage on her words and without warning shoved his thick
and long cock deep in her anus. She didnt expect him to do that and wanted to
scream but he put his hand on her mouth.

"Easy honey, It has pain but it will get good." Triple H tried to
conforted her.

"Will get good? no sweetheart! It's already good. Work on my butt. Its ok,
Its Good." Chyna very kindly said when turn her head back and inchs away from
The Game.

"Its realy Good." Triple H said and both laughed. "It's That Damn Good."
Both said.

Triple H slowly took out his cock and slowly shoved it inside. Chyna
moaned as the Game so slowly continued his track for 4 minnutes to make sure
she wont hurt. Then he took his cock out and examined her hole.

"Now it's ready my 9th Wonder Of The World. Show why they call you that."
Triple H said and then shoved it back there but this time fucked her ass hard
and fast. he grabbed her tight and fucked her easier for himself but harder
for Chyna. Chyna fingered her pussy as well.

"AHHhh, you never fucked me in theass. That feels marvelous, Ohhh." Chyna

"I didn't think it could be so great, 1st Trish's soft Ass and now your
muscular Ass. This is the greatest day of my life." Triple H said while
thrust in and out of her asshole.

"Which one was better? mine or Trish's?" Chyna moaned.

"I dont know but the Diva I fuck now is incridible." Triple H said and
fucked her harder.

Triple H pushed her down on the table and laid on top of her. She tried to
get on all fours to do it doggystyle but he didn't let her. She tried to
spread her legs that he could thrust deeper but he closed her legs.

"What are you doing?" Chyna said horny and excited.

"I want to fuck your middle legs and tight chick a little bit." Triple H

After about three minutes of that action Chyna got a little tired. She was
upset that why the recent Hardcore turn to Softcore. But Triple H again
wildly thrust his cock in her backhole and she screamed. He fucked her butt
for sever minutes and pulled it out and started to fuck her very wet pussy
again. She was in heaven and his big prick's head tried to explode her
cum-bag. Triple H continued his attack on The 9th Wonder Of The World's pussy
until she had enough.

"OH,,ah.yeah fuck it.fuck my little pussy. burry it there forever." Chyna

"You coming honey?" Triple H said hardly while his sweats droped on her
lovly back and ass cheeks.

"Your cuuuumm, oooh belongs to my body. Fill me cunt with it or let me
suck it." Chyna said or better say screamed.

Triple H fucked her harder and it was his last moments of standing.
Teaching Trish was enough hard for him and breaking Chyna was something he
thought impossible. Chyna saw that if he stop they would never orgazm in that
night so she pushed him down and seat on his 11 inches prick. Chyna felt his
prick in her throat from her cunt. So she started to bounce on his cock
sloly. Both were horny as much as they never was, Both had swaet all over
their bodies and that was the 1st reason they saw eachother so sexy. Chyna
bounced faster and faster and her big tits went up and down even quicker than

"They are unstopable. Only you can stop them now, WWWoooww Hold it." Chyna

Triple H held her big breasts in his hands and helped her go up and down.
Her's body was ready to explode as she let out a loud scream and came on his
prick. That was the last thing that his man, Triple H could see, When she was
about to slow down Triple H got a superhumenal energy from outworld and took
her tights and bounced her harder and harder.

"Hey bitch! I dont let you to leave me alone now so ride with me."

Triple H rided her on top of himself only for one minutes as he explode
the best cum of his life into his former bodygaurd's pussy. She felt it and
droped herself next to him. it took so long that they took their breaths.

"Are you Ok? Honey? Are you Ok?" Chyna said.

"Yeah, Dont worry about me. If I wrestled in Iron man hell in the cell
match tonight I wouldnt be tired as I am now." Triple H hardly said.

"OH, I love you." Chyna said so kindly and seat on him and they started to
kiss each other.

* * *

Steph still was getting gangbanged as Test came in with Trish. Trish was
shocked to see Steph got fucked like that. "Wow, What a sight!" Trish said.

"Did you enjoy Triple H, ha?" Steph moaned when bounced on Brian's little

"Of course not. That bitch didnt let me get what I want?" Trish said

"Which bitch?" Steph yelled while she was fucked by two cocks.

"Chyna." Trish said angry.

Steph paused and get hot and heavy. She could stand anyone with Triple H
except Chyna. She took out Grand master's cock out of her pussy and wanted to
get up but the second dick which was in her pussy didnt let her.

"Put it out of my ass, jerk." Steph yelled but she turn her attention to
other side of the room which scotty fucked Tori while she licked Rikishi's
stinky Ass. She wondered, "Who the hell is fucking my ass? He's not Brain
cause he was fucking my cunt. He's not Rikishi or Scotty cause they are all
over on Tori. He's not Test cause he is right next to Trish in front of me
and at last certainly he's not Triple H cause he has monster cock. So who is
he?" Steph tought in her mind.

"Trish! Who is fucking my ass?" Steph said so carefully to Trish.

"HHHaaa, it's better to guess Steph." Trish said while laughed with Test.

Steph was worried. She knew all cocks fucked her and this one was the
first one in her ass. The person continued to fucked her hot pussy as Test
came and got under her. Test helped her to sit on his nine inches cock.

"Grand! she loves begger cocks in her holes and smaller cockes in her
mouth." Test said to one half of Too Cool. Grand master got his meaning and
came close to her and shoved his little cock in her mouth. Her three holes
was fucked by Test that 1 time she fingered herself in bed for him when she
thought on him, Brain Lawler who she never thought one day she would suck his
prick and at last a mistry man who she now forgot to think on him.

Scotty couldnt handle Tori, She couldnt orgazm and that made him worry.
Trish stand and watch Tori and Steph fucked. She didnt show any willing to
join their party. Scotty jumped on her and striped her dress and shoved his
little prick inside her. Trish didnt like it at all.

"Hey Test! What's the matter with your girlfriend?" Scotty yelled.

"Took it out of me. I hate your little cock." Trish yelled.

"Trish! How it felt to fuck with Triple H?" Tori said.

"After that, No cock can satisfy me." Trish said as pushed Scotty away.

Rikishi go to Trish and show her his fat cock. Trish looked at it
doubtfully. Phatu waisted no time and pushed her down and shoved his cock all
over in her. She moaned as he fucked her so tough and she started to like his
cock. Tori got up and got dressed and wanted to leave but Triple H and Chyna
came. She liked what she saw. Triple H looked at Steph while she got

"Scotty! Make yourself usefull and play with her tits." Triple H said.

Steph wondered at what Triple H said, But that made her so happy and let
scotty to be usefull and pulled his cock closer and put it in the middle of
her tits. Chyna glanced at Tori, She couldnt took her eyes away from Triple
H. Triple H looked at Trish got fuck by the Phatman.

"Look at this room, Trish?" Triple H turn back to Trish.

"Yeahhhhh, Master!" Trish moaned.

"I knew that Rikishi is the only 1 that can satisfy you after what I did
to you." Triple H smiled at the valet of TandA.

"Gangbang me! Please join Rikishi." Trish screamed to Triple H.

"You are sick Trish, Very sick." Triple H said and looked at Tori. Tori
lost herself and got down on her knees in front of The Game.

"Let me suck it." Tori said.

Chyna held Tori's breasts from behind and pinched her nipples. Chyna
stoped and looked at Triple H. "What am I done? If he dont like it, Then what
will happen?" Chyna thought and looked to his face. She tried to find some
kind of bad reaction but all she got was his famous smerk. That was what she
wanted and continued to work on Tori's nipples. Tori turned around and two
muscular ladies put their lips on eachothers and kissed passionly. Chyna
shoved her hand inside her top and held her tits. Tori kissed and licked her
neck and with her free hands stripped Chyna's top. Chyna stripped Tori's top
too and started to lick and suck her pritty nipples.

"Come on Triple H! join our party." Tori moaned.

"Yeah, That will be great.." Chyna said.

"Shut up Chyna! You and Trish broke me apart. I cant go on." Triple H
laughed. Then he went to watch live gangbanng scene. Test's cum was in
Steph's little pussy and made bouncing so easier, Grandmaster's little cock
was in Steph's mouth. She looked helpless to Triple H, She couldnt say
anything. Triple H stared at her, her shining eyes told everything to him.
Steph was in pain. She couldnt orgazm anymore so Test's cock and unknown guy
in her holes made her pain.

"Test! Leave her alone." Triple H said.

"I'm cumming again. Wait for a minute." Test yelled and then load his jizz
in her pussy.

Test then go up and went to shower. Chyna's finger fainaly made Tori
orgazm and licked all of it and then Tori attemped to do same thing with The
9th Wonder Of The World. Scotty came all over on Steph's pritty little
breasts and he joined Test in Bathroom. Chyna came all over on Tori's face
and both women licked their own joices from eachother's lips.

"Steph! Why dont you suck his little cock correctly and finish him off.

Steph was tired but she combined her energy and sucked Granmaster's prick
visously and in less than 30 second he came all over in her mouth. Steph
swollow all of it as she felt The mistry man came inside her. Steph's
bouncing stoped and she felt a little free.

"Well Grand Sexy! Get your little cock out of her mouth." Triple H said
while stared at 1 half of Too Cool. "and you too, Took your cock out of her
pussy." Triple H said to the mistry man.

Steph felt the cock left her body. She stared at Triple H with some sort
of appriciatation. "Steph! Why dont you turn around and see who fucked you
moments ago." Triple H Laugheed. Steph turned around to see who her fucker
was and she shocked. It was her own brother Shane, she almost had heart
attack as Shane smiled.

"If I knew my sister is sexy like this, I fucked her all days of my life."
Shane said and go to Triple H and ask him for shake hand. Triple H shook his
hand and Shane left room to shower, Then Triple H looked at Trish licking
Rikishi's cum from her tits as chyna dressed and was helping Tori too. Triple
H smiled at Steph, She still was shocked as Triple H seat beside her.

"My little cummy sweetheart! What was the lesson you learn today after
find out Test kidnapped Tori, I fucked Trish, Chyna fucked you, I fucked her
and Too Cool/Rikishi and at last you got fucked by your own brother?" Triple
H said to Steph.

Steph was thinking about what happened to her tonight. She had fucked by
The 9th Wonder Of The World, By Scotty and Grandmaster and Rikishi and even
her asshole was wet because of her brother's cum.

"I learnt that never piss off the wrestling world." Steph whisped in The
Games ear.

"Well boyz and girlz!" Triple H shouted to them. All came close to see
what he had to say.

Triple H looked at them and said: "I think Revannge over Stephanie is



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