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Rhodes Of Passion
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Cody Rhodes rubs the back of his neck after his match with Randy Orton on the
July 16 2007 edition of WWE RAW. He's dressed in his green wrestling trunks
and his shaking his head in disappointment after coming up just a bit short
in his match, and he doesn't realize as his Hall of Fame father, Dusty Rhodes
comes up behind, "Hey Cody.... Great job out there tonight... you really
showed the world... that there's gonna be a new American Dream..." Dusty says
as he pats Cody on the back.

Cody smiles a bit as he turns to look at his father, "Thanks dad.... But I
know I let you down out there... I could've beat Orton..." Cody says.

Dusty shakes his head, "Now don't you worry about young Randy.... He's
been in this game for a while and he's got some tricks you've never seen
before..." Dusty says, "And I can't be any more proud of you.... You took
it too him... you showed him that you aren't just gonna lie down when hard
times come around..."

Cody nods his head, "Cause with the hard times comes the good times are right
behind them..."

Dusty smiles, "That's right... I know I didn't raise no fool... and don't
worry about me and Randy... cause Sunday at the Great American Bash... he's
gonna get his bell rung by a big ol' cowbell..." Dusty says with confidence
before he pats Cody's arm, "Now go get some ice on that neck... I got to go
have a word with the Coach."

"All right dad..." Cody says before he and Dusty share a hug before heading
off in opposite directions. Cody Rhodes walks to the locker room area,
rubbing his neck as he approaches his locker room door. Cody opens the door,
steps into his locker room and closes the door, but just as he's about to
step towards the shower area, there's a knock on the door. Cody raises an
eyebrow as he turns around to open the door, "Yes?" Cody says as he looks
out into the hallway.

Standing out in the hallway the WWE Women's Champion, the seductively
delicious RAW Diva Candice Michelle presses her luscious lips together and
locks her seductively, irresistible eyes with the young, handsome Cody Rhodes
"Why hell must be Cody...." Candice says with a seductive smirks
as the talented Women's Champion is dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans
and white tank top, fitting perfectly against her large, rounded chest.

Cody looks at Candice with wide eyes and he swallows a bit, "Um yeah.. I
mean... yes that's me..." Cody Rhodes says as he clears his throat, "And...
you're Candice Michelle...." Cody as he again clears his throat.

Candice raises an eyebrow and seductively laughs "Well...aren't you a smart
one.." Candice playfully teases the young newcomer of RAW. Candice places her
hands on her smoothly rounded, seductive hips "Say...didn't you just have
your big debut match tonight?" Candice asks as she seductively licks her
luscious lips.

Cody Rhodes nods his head, "Yeah I did....: Cody says before looks down
slightly, "It didn't go as I would've liked... but it was a big moment for
me..." Cody says as he looks up at Candice with a look that shows the
stunningly hot Women's Champion he's surprised that Candice is talking to

Candice lightly tosses her smooth, silky dark brown hair back as she
seductively looks at Cody "May I come in?" Candice sweetly and slyly asks as
she glances down at the crotch of Cody's green wrestling trunks.

Cody's green wrestling trunks hides his large sized bulging crotch as Cody
nods his head, "Um... sure... yea... sure..." Cody says as he takes two steps
back and stands behind the door to let Candice into his locker room.

Candice smiles and glances up to lock her seductive eyes with Cody once again
"Thanks..." Candice says as she enters the locker room of Cody Rhodes. The
stunning, seductive RAW Diva folds her arms against her largely rounded
chest as she looks back at Cody "So Cody...happy to be on RAW now?"

Cody let's the door close as he looks at Candice, "Yeah I am... I've been
wanting to be on RAW since my dad let me start training to be in the ring..."
Cody smiles, "It's kinda overwhelming.... but that'll pass I think..."

Candice laughs and presses her seductive, luscious lips together "Oh Cody
you're such a stud..." Candice says as she glances down at Cody's bulging
crotch and she slyly smirks "Mmm.... Cody... why don't you get a bit
comfortable..." Candice Michelle slyly suggests as she steps to Cody and
lightly brushes her left hand against the crotch of his green wrestling

Cody swallows extremely hard as Candice lightly brushes her left hand back
against the crotch of his green wrestling trunks again, "A... bit more...
comfortable?" Cody asks as Candice has him completely off guard.

Candice slyly smirks as she soothingly feels up Cody's bulging hardened
crotch. "Mmmm...its seem like little Cody is a big...BIG boy!"

Cody smiles a little as Candice Michelle rubs his crotch, "Ummm... I get
by..." Cody says as he puts his hands on his muscular waist so that he can
begin to lower his green wrestling trunks down his muscular legs. As the
second generation Superstar lowers his wrestling trunks, his very large and
extremely thick fourteen inch hardening cock becomes exposed to the reigning
Women's Champion's eyes.

"Mmmm...very nice Cody..." Candice says with a sly, seductive smirk as she
gently wraps her left hand around his thick shaft and begins to lightly
stroke his hardening cock before she lowers herself down onto her knees in
front of the handsome, young Superstar.

Cody steps out of his green wrestling trunks and smiles, "Um thanks
Candice..." Cody says as he licks his lips lightly as Candice Michelle gently
strokes his fourteen inch shaft as it becomes hard as a rock. Candice licks
her luscious, soft lips as she smoothly and steadily stroke his rock hard,
thick fourteen inch cock. Candice locks her seductive eyes with Cody before
she leans her head forward and flicks her soft, wet tongue against the head
of Cody's cock before she starts to gently circle her tongue around the tip
of his cock.

"Wow..." Cody Rhodes moans as Candice circles her soft, wet tongue around
the thick head of his huge fourteen-inch shaft. The young, handsome Superstar
puts his hands on his waist as he looks down at Candice with a smile on his

Candice locks her seductive eyes with Cody Rhodes as she gently slaps her
soft, wet tongue against the head of his cock, splashing her saliva as stroke
his shaft smoothly "Mmmmm..." Candice softly moans before she opens her warm,
wet mouth and lowers her head to take Cody's cock into her mouth.

Cody tilts his head back slightly and closes his eyes as Candice Michelle
takes over half of his cock into her warm, wet mouth before she closes her
lips around his shaft. "Ohhhh man.... ohhh man..." Cody moans in amazement
as Candice keeps her head perfectly still on his cock in order to soak it
with her warm saliva.

"Mmmmm...hmmmm...." Candice seductively moans around Cody's thick shaft as
she starts to smoothly bob her head, sucking on his thick and rock hard
shaft. Candice gently laps her soft tongue around his shaft while her warm
saliva drips down his shaft. Candice presses her lips tighter around his
shaft as she starts to lower her head further down on his cock.

Cody opens his eyes and looks back down at Candice as she bobs her head
smoothly on his meaty fourteen inch cock. "Ahhh... uhhh mmmm..." Cody moans
as he moves his right hand to push back Candice's black hair as she takes
more of his cock past her Candilicious lips.

Candice gently taps her seductively skilled tongue against the thick
underside of Cody's rock hard cock as she starts to bob her head at a quicker
pace while soaking his cock with her hot, wet saliva. "Mmmmm...." Candice
soothingly moans before she takes him deeper into her seductive mouth.

Cody licks his lips as he looks at Candice, "Ohhh wow... mmmm.... damn...."
Cody moans as Candice successfully deep throats his cock repeatedly as bobs
her head up and then all the way down on his cock at a quick pace. Candice's
warm, wet saliva drips down his long, rock hard shaft before reaching his
ball sack. Candice seductively works her skilled tongue against his shaft
while she continues to smoothly bob her head on his cock, before the sly and
sweet RAW Diva slowly lifts her head up from his cock.

Cody Rhodes has a stunned look and a smile on his face as Candice looks up at
him with the most seductive expression that he has seen, "You're... really...
really... um... incredible..." Cody says.

Candice presses her lips together as she sits on her knees and seductively
laughs "Mmmm...thanks Cody..." Candice says before she tilts her head back
slightly and lifts her white tank top off of her body to expose her largely
rounded, incredibly hot tits.

"Holy smokes..." Cody says as he looks right at Candice's large, round, firm,
hot tits, "Those.... are.... wow... " Cody Rhodes is virtually speechless,
much to Candice's delight.

Candice raises an eyebrow as she looks up at Cody while she begins to
seductively unbutton her tight fitting jeans before she starts to push them
down from her smoothly rounded hips "Are you going to fuck me Cody?"

Cody nods his head, "Um yea... sure... most definitely..." Cody says as he
clears his throat again as he watches Candice push down her tight fitting
jeans, revealing her sexy and tanned legs as well as her hot, shaved
Candilicious pussy. Candice sits down completely on the cold locker room
floor and leans back on her hands slightly while she seductively works her
smoothly shaven, gorgeously tanned legs out of her tight fitting jeans as
the hot RAW Diva becomes completely naked.

Cody kneels down on the locker room floor in front of Candice and he grabs
her jeans in order to pull them completely off of legs. "Damn.... you're...
really hot..." Cody says as he looks at Candice's shaved pussy.

Candice slyly smirks as she locks her seductive eyes with Cody as she spreads
her smooth, tanned legs around to exposes her shaven pussy to Cody completely
"It's so hot...isn't it, Cody?"

Cody nods his head, " is..." Cody says as he licks his lips. The
young, handsome second generation Superstar looks at Candice's hot shaved
pussy then at her tits and then into Candice's eyes before he leans his head
downward to Candice's pussy where he begins to flick his tongue against her
soft, hot pussy lips.

Candice bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Cody's tongue flicking
against her soft, wet pussy lips "Mmmm...ohhhh Cody...." Candice moans as she
tilts her head back. Cody puts his hands on Candice Michelle's smoothly round
hips as he moves his head up and down as he brushes his tongue at a very
natural pace against Candice's pussy. The young, hot and muscular Superstar
looks upward as he eats Candice's pussy to lock eyes with the Women's

Candice presses her lips together as she narrows her seductive eyes into a
slightly lustful glare as she feels Cody's warm tongue working against her
hot pussy "Ohhhh...mmm yeah...Cody" Candice moans as she lightly pushes her
pussy against the bridge of his nose.

"Mmmmm...." Cody moans as he pushes his tongue into Candice's pussy and
twirls it around inside with ease. The hot, young Superstar smiles as Candice
pushes and grinds her pussy against his tongue and face as he starts to
increase the pace of his he moves his talented tongue.

"Ohhhh...mmmmm Cody!" Candice moans. Cody slides his tongue out of Candice's
pussy and smiles. Without saying anything, Cody lays on his right side next
to Candice and he turns her onto her right side. Cody then lifts up her left
leg so that he can then push his rock hard fourteen inch cock into Candice's
tight hot pussy. "Mmmmm.... ohhhhh yeah!" Candice moans and seductively grits
her teeth together while she glances over her shoulder to look at Cody Rhodes
as her works his cock into her warm, tight pussy "Mmmm...ohhhh" Candice moans
as she gently rocks back against his cock while on her right side.

"Ahhhh... ohhh... mmmm..." Cody Rhodes moans as he smiles at Candice as he
thrusts his cock in and out of Candice's pussy at a smooth, easy pace. Cody
hooks Candice's left leg over his legs, so that Candice is in an angle so
that each of his thrusts are delivered more sharply into her hot pussy.

"Ohhhh....ohhhh yeah Cody...mmmm" Candice Michelle moans as she lightly
grinds her hot, seductively rounded ass against Cody's muscular, toned waist
as his cock thrusts into her warm, tight pussy "Ohhh...mmmm..." Candice

Cody licks his lips as he feels Candice's hot, Playboy Covergirl ass back
against his waist and crotch as he pumps his cock deeper and faster into her
tight pussy, "Ohh yea... mmmm yea...." Cody moans as he puts his left hand
on Candice's flat toned stomach and he slides it up towards Candice's tits in
order to feel them up as he fucks her.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh..." Candice seductively moans as she leans her head back
against Cody's muscular chest as he thrusts his cock deeply into her warm,
tight pussy "Ohhhh...ohhh Cody"

Cody licks his lips as he squeezes his right arm underneath Candice's hot
body as he slams his cock deep into Candice's pussy. "Uhhh... ohhh yea...."
Cody moans as he starts to lean himself towards the left so that he's on his
back, and with his right arm around Candice's body, he brings the Women's
Champion with him so that she's mounted on his large, thick rock hard
fourteen inch cock.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah..." Candice moans as she leans back and places her hands on
Cody's muscular chest as she starts to smoothly rock back and forth on Cody's
fourteen inch cock, riding the handsome, young RAW Superstar. Candice closes
her eyes as she rocks her seductively delicious body back and forth on his
shaft, increasing her pace as she rides quicker.

"Mmmm.... ahhh..." Cody Rhodes moans as he puts his hands on Candice's waist
to lift her up and down on his huge cock, bouncing her at smooth pace as she
rocks back and forth at her own will. "Ahhh... mmmmm damn..." Cody moans as
he feels Candice's hot ass hit pressing against his muscular waist and crotch
as she rides his dick.

"Ohhhh...mmmm..." Candice moans, pressing her lips together and glancing
over her shoulder to look at Cody, while she bounce swiftly on his shaft.
Candice's seductively hot body starts to sweat as she slams down on Cody's
shaft before she rocks forward and back on his cock, grinding her pussy

"Ohhhh yea.... uhhh fuck..." Cody moans as he looks at Candice as she glances
over her shoulder at him. The handsome, young Superstar starts to buck his
hips up and down in order to thrust his huge cock in and out of Candice's
pussy as she rocks and bounces on him.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhhh!" Candice moans and grits her teeth as she roughly slams
down on his cock, taking his cock deeply into her tight pussy, his balls
smacking against her sweaty skin "Ohhhhh mmmm!"

Cody Rhodes grits his teeth as Candice slams herself down on his thick
fourteen inch shaft as he rams it up into her pussy. Cody keeps his hands on
Candice's waist as she grinds her Candilicious pussy on his shaft. "Ohhh
fuck... mmmm!"

"'re" Candice moans and tilts her head back to
lightly smack Cody's handsome face with her silky dark brown hair as she
swiftly rocks back and forth, while quickly bouncing on his shaft "Ohhhhh...
ohhhh" Candice moans as her breathing becomes heavy.

"Ahhh.... mmmm fuck... no you're hot...." Cody Rhodes moans and grunts as he
begins to sweat. Cody starts to turn himself and Candice towards the right.
He turns himself and Candice so far to the right that Candice ends up flat on
her stomach and Cody ends up pulling his huge cock out of her pussy. "I got
to be... the luckiest guy ever..." Cody says as he sits on his knees as he
pulls Candice up onto her hands and knees in front of him.

Candice glances over her shoulder and licks her luscious lips seductively as
she settles herself onto her hands and knees " like this
babe?" Candice asks as she moves back on her knees and rubs her seductively
rounded ass against his rock hard fourteen inch cock.

"Oh yea...." Cody nods his head as he wipes some sweat from his face before
he looks down at Candice's ass rubbing against his rock hard shaft. The
second generation Superstar hesitates for a moment before he makes a bold
decision by pushing his huge, stiff cock into Candice's Candilicious asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhh...." Candice moans, closing her eyes, as Cody enters her tight
asshole with his rock hard cock. Candice bites down on her bottom lip as she
rocks back on her hands and knees to lightly smacks her seductively rounded
ass back against his muscular waist while he starts to pump his cock in and
out of her asshole.

"Ahhhh.... uhhh... ohhhh..." Cody Rhodes grunts as he thrusts his cock in and
out of Candice's tight asshole at a slow pace. He puts his hands on Candice's
sexy hips to help her move back towards him as he starts to quicken the pace
of his movements.

" like that Cody?" Candice moans as she starts to rock back and
forth against Cody's cock at a quicker and firmer pace, smacking her gorgeous
ass against his muscular waist as his deeply pumps his cock into her asshole.

Cody nods his head, "Uhhh yea... ohhh yea..." Cody replies as his balls slap
against Candice's ass cheeks with each of his deep, hard thrusts. Cody tilts
his head back and grits his teeth as he slams his huge cock as fast as he can
into Candice's tight asshole.

"Ohhhhhh...ohhhhh fuck!" Candice moans loudly as she quickly rocks forward
on her hands and knees with sweat dripping off of her body while he slam his
cock deeply into her tight asshole.

Cody Rhodes leans his head back as he slams his cock into Candice's tight
asshole, "Ohhhh... awww damn..." Cody moans as sweat drips off of his
muscular body as his cock begins to erupt with warm cum inside of Candice's

Candice presses her lips together and looks over her shoulder at Cody while
sweat drips down her beautiful face "Mmmm...Cody..." Candice moans, feeling
his warm cum.

"Ohhh... ahhhh damn.... whew...." Cody moans as he breathes deeply and closes
his eyes as he finishes cumming inside of Candice's asshole. The handsome,
young Superstar pulls his huge cum spent shaft out of Candice's ass slowly
and lightly taps the tip of it against Candice's ass cheeks as some cum drips
from his cock's piss slit.

Candice raises an eyebrow as she locks her seductive eyes with Cody "Mmmm....
Cody... you're going to be a HUGE star."

Cody Rhodes smiles a bit, "You... really think so?"

Candice laughs "Oh yeah...."

Cody smiles, "Well... I hope... I'll be able to prove you right..."


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