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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Ride Along: California Car Ride
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The scene fades in, showing the interior of a vehicle with Paige in the passenger seat and Alicia Fox in the drivers seat. A caption in the bottom left corner reads 'Ride Along, February 15, 2016' as Alicia drives the vehicle out of a drive thru while Paige opens one of the bags to take out some food, "About fucking time I'm starving!" Paige says as she unwraps a burger and promptly takes a bite as Alicia brings the vehicle out into traffic to continue their journey from Anaheim to Ontario, California.

Alicia laughs, "It's not like you would've starved..."

Paige looks at the gorgeous black Diva, "Hey, I would've eaten you!" she replies, her words a bit muffled as she talks with her mouthful.

Alicia raises an eyebrow, "Why didn't you say so? We could've find a spot for you to eat me," The first ever black Divas champion says with a chuckle.

The pale skinned British Diva swallows the bit of burger in her mouth and smirks, "You'd make a great desert Foxy," Paige replies as she takes another bite of her burger.

"I know it..." Alicia laughs, "And by the time you finish that, I might have find the perfect spot..."

The scene fades from view and is soon replaced with the sight of the vehicle the two Divas were traveling in, parked in the lot of a closed market. Alicia Fox is laying on the large backseat with her legs spread as Paige is kneeling at the edge of the backseat and leaning forward with her head between Alicia's legs lapping her tongue against her pussy. "Ohhhh ooooo fuck... ohhh..." Alicia moans as she runs her fingers through her own hair as Paige moves her tongue against her cunt.

"Mmmm..." Paige moans as she moves her hands against Alicia's beautiful legs as she slaps her tongue against her cunt lips. Paige sways her ass as the cool night hair blows against her backside thanks to the rear door of the vehicle being wide open.

Alicia arches her back and moves her hips, pushing her snatch against Paige's talented tongue as the second-generation grappler soon plunges her tongue into her wet hole, "Ohhh ahhh yeah... ohhh fuck.." Alicia's eyes roll back slightly and her breathing quickens as Paige starts bobbing her head to thrust her tongue in and out of her love tunnel.

"Mmmm... mmm..." Paige moans as she tilts her head from side to side as she raises her eyes to glance at Alicia, watching her grabbing her tits as she eagerly explores her pussy with her talented tongue. Each time Alicia raises her hips to thrust her crotch against her face, Paige simply raises her head, not allowing her to disrupt how she is eating her desirable twat.

"Ahhh shit Paige... ohhh fuck...." Alicia gasps as Paige moves her hands to where she can push both of her long legs up so that she can drag her tongue from her pussy down to the edge of the crack of her gorgeous ass. Alicia tweaks and tugs on her nipples as she moves against the surface of the vehicle's leather backseat.

"Mmmmm... mmmm..." Paige moans as she soon returns her tongue back to Alicia's cunt, plunging her oral organ back into her fuck hole. Swirling her tongue around inside of her, Paige puts her nose to the proverbial grindstone pressing her beautiful face against Alicia's crotch as she buries her tongue inside of her wet hole.

The scene soon blurs for view and transitions to that of Paige laying on the leather backseat with Alicia straddling her face and leaning forward with her head between her legs as they feverishly lap their tongues against one another twats. "Ohhh... mmm!" Alicia groans as she moves her hips, pushing her pussy down against Paige's face and tongue while ramming her own into the British Diva's sweet cunt.

"Mmmm... ahhh!" Paige groans as she moves her hands against Alicia's thighs and ass while raising her hand to drive her tongue up into her love tunnel. She squirms wildly on the backseat as Alicia hammers her cunt with her tongue as she returns the favor.

"Oooo ohhhh..." Alicia groans as Paige gropes her ass cheeks as she pushes her tongue up into her wet hole while she rocks and grinds on her face. The foxy black Diva lifts her head slightly, withdrawing her tongue from Paige's cunt and starts to lap it against her clit.

"MMMMM!" Paige moans loudly as she feels the beautiful black Diva works her tongue around her clit, causing her to ram her tongue harder up into Alicia's soaking wet pussy. The British Diva lustfully gropes and Alicia ass as she feels her lips around her clit before Alicia Fox begins to firmly suck on her sensitive nub.

"Ohhhh..." Alicia moans and raises her eyes, glancing forward the camera filming her sixty-nining with Paige as she sucks on clit while rocking on her face as the scene blurs from view.

When it comes back into focus, Alicia is standing and leaning forward with her hands on the hood of the vehicle while Paige is crouched behind her groping her incredible black ass before spreading them apart so that she can lap her tongue against the smooth crack of her backside. "Ohhh ahhh mmmm.." Alicia gasps and leans her head back as she feels tongue going up and down against the smooth skin between her ass cheeks.

"Mmmmmmm..." Paige moans as she holds Alicia's rear cheeks apart as she drags her tongue along her ass crack as she rocks on her feet, pushing her ass back against her face and tongue.

"Yes... ohhh yes... mmmm ahh..." Alicia tosses her head back as sweat drips on her gorgeously toned ebony body, making her skin shine under the moonlight as Paige soon starts to dart her tongue against the entrance to her anal cavity.

"Mmmm ahh..." Paige groans as she teases pushing her tongue inside of the rear passage of Alicia Fox while continuing to play with her ass cheeks. As Alicia pushes her ass back against her face, Paige soon plunges her tongue into her asshole.

"Ohhhh fuck... eat my ass Paige... ohhh fuck yes!" Alicia squeals with desire as Paige begins to dart her tongue in and out of her backdoor. She raises one leg and places her foot on the front bumper of the vehicle as Paige explores her anal cavity with her talented tongue. Alicia closes her eyes as Paige thrusts her tongue in and out of her asshole at at a quicker tempo.

"Mmm... mmmm..." Paige moans as she continues to hold Alicia rear cheeks apart as she pushes her face right against her ass while pushing her tongue into the depths of her rear hole for a few more moments. The raven haired Diva removes her tongue from Alicia's ass only to shove a pair of fingers into her rear end second later.

"Ahhh! Ahhhhh! Ohhh!" Alicia groans as she shivers as Paige starts to fuck her ass with her fingers, pumping them firmly into her ass and causing her to buck her hips back against the younger Diva fingers. Paige licks her teeth as jerks her hand back and forth, firmly thrusting her fingers into the depths of Alicia's anal cavity as the scene blurs from view.

When the scene comes back into focus, it reveals the back of the vehicle, with it's trunk open along with one of their travel bags as well as Alicia is securing a large strap-on dildo around her waist. As soon as she's finished, Alicia turns towards Paige who greedily takes the large sex-toy into her mouth, taking nearly the whole thing into her mouth on the first go. "Oh yeah Paige..." Alicia grins as she grabs a handful of Paige's black hair before she starts to move her hips, thrusting her fake cock in and out of the Brit's saliva dripping mouth.

"Mmmm! Mmmm! Gahh! Gahhh!" Paige moans and gags as Alicia pumps the man-made dick in and out of her mouth, with the head of it colliding with the back of her throat. Paige places her hands on Alicia's thighs as she tilts her head back to look up at the gorgeous black Diva as she fucks her face.

"Yeah eat that dick...fucking eat it!" Alicia tosses her reddish hair back as she repeatedly rams her strap-on shaft forward into the very willing and eager mouth of Paige, who slaps her tongue up against the bottom side as saliva spills out of her mouth. Alicia Fox rocks her hips back and forth at a swift pace as she fucks Paige's mouth, shoving the full length of her sex toy past her lips.

"Gahh! Gahh! Mmm! Gahhh! Gahh!" Paige gags lustfully as she sucks, slurps and slobbers whorishly on Alicia's huge fake cock as it moves back and forth between her lips. As Alicia increases the pace of her forward thrusts, Paige moves her hands against her ebony beauty's legs as the scene blurs from view to transition to the next portion of the scene.

Paige is then shown standing and bent forward with her hands on the hood of the vehicle while as Alicia Fox thrusts her strap-on into her tight wet cunt, "Ohhhhh shit Foxy!" Paige squeals as Alicia grabs her hips and begins to pound her pussy with swift firm thrust while pulling her back towards herself, causing Paige's ass cheeks to smack against her waist.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm..." Alicia Fox groans as she hammers the British Diva's cunt at a brisk pace. The first and only black Divas Champion licks her teeth as she swatches Paige's ass cheeks jiggle when they collide with her own waist as she drives the full length of her sex-toy into her fuck hole. Sweat drips off both of their bodies, which makes then both look even more glamorous under the moon light.

"Fuck my Foxy! Fuck that pussy! Give me that big dick! Ohhh! Ohhhh fuck!" Paige cries out lustfully as she pushes back against Alicia, making sure that every inch of her fake cock is driven into her love tunnel. Alicia smirks as she increases the pace and force of her thrusts, complying with Paige's demand, rocking her hips sharply to propel the strap-on dildo forward into her cunt.

"Ahhh fuck... mmmm..." Alicia grunts with the effort she's putting into fucking Paige, putting everything into driving the fake cock forward into her cunt while pulling her back towards herself at the same time. The sight of Alicia's fake shaft pistoning in and out of Paige's twat is shown for several moments as the scene blurs from view.

Once the scene refocuses, both Divas have moved back inside the vehicle, Alicia laying on the backseat with Paige mounted on top of her, bouncing on the strap-on dildo while placing her hands on Alicia's tits. "Ohhhh yeah... ohhhh fuck Foxy! Ohhhh ahhh!" Paige groans as she rises and drops on the fake cock as Alicia places her hands on her hips and begins to thrust it up into her.

"Yeah Paige... ride that fucking cock!" Alicia grins as she looks up at the pale skinned Brit as she rises and drops of her man-made fuck stick. Paige tosses her sweat soaked black hair back as she feverishly grinds her cunt on Alicia's sex toy while groping her tits at the same time.

"Shit! Ohhh fuck! Ahhh ohhh!" Paige moans and gasps with delight as she leans forward to avoid her head banging against the roof of the vehicle as she bounces repeatedly on the long, thick strap-on dick of Alicia Fox. Alicia licks her lips as she pops her hips upward, constantly shoving the fake cock up into Paige's soaking wet pussy.

"Ahhh... awww..." Alicia groans as she keeps pushing her sex toy up into Paige's pussy as the sound of her pale ass smacking down against her black thighs echoes in the confines of the vehicle. Paige angles her head back as she bucks her hips, sharply grinding her twat on Alicia's large fake cock as her pussy starts to tighten around it.

"Ohhh! Fuck! AhhH! Ohhh yes Foxy! Ohhh ahhhh!" Paige gasps and breathes heavily as she starts to cum on the man-made cock, collapsing on top of Alicia where she takes advantage by shoving her tongue into Alicia's mouth. Alicia respond by pushing her tongue against Paige's tongue while moving her hands to grab the Brit's ass cheeks while continuing to pump the strap-on dildo upward into her snatch as the scene blurs from view.

When it comes back into focus, Alicia is seated in the drivers seat, with it reclined slightly while Paige is back in the passenger seat, leaning towards her bobbing her head up and down on the strap-on, "Keep sucking that dick Paige... you're gonna suck it all the way to the hotel..." Alicia says as she starts to drive the vehicle, guiding it out of the parking lot and into traffic.

"Mmmm! Mmmmmm!" Paige moans with desire as she drools heavily onto the manufactured shaft, lowering her head all the way down on it as the scene fades to black with the Ride Along logo appearing in the bottom right of the screen.


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