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Ride 'Em Cowgirl
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the start of a taping of Friday Night SmackDown, Matt Hardy,
wearing black wrestling pants, is arguing backstage with his rival Gregory
Helms, who is wearing purple and black wrestling shorts. "Oh Christ Greg!
I fucking pinned you ass the last time we met!" Matt yells as he puts his
hands on his waist.

"No... you fucking cheated!" The Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms
snaps back as he pokes Matt in the chest, "We both know that I'm the better
wrestler... and the better man!" Helms says with a smirk on his face.

"Oh you wanna talk about being a better man? I'm not the one getting turned
down every week..." Matt starts to say.

"Nope... you're the one who got dumped... TWICE by two different chicks..."
Gregory smirks, "And they both went on to get with guys who could get some

"Oh fuck you!" Matt says as he suddenly shoves Helms, and Helms stumbles
backwards and bumps into SmackDown's redneck cutie Amy Zidian. Matt cringes
and hurries, "Aw shit... sorry Amy..." Matt says as he goes to check to see
if Amy is all right as Helms composes himself.

Amy Zidian the All-American, sweet and adorable redneck cutie girlfriend of
Jimmy Yang Wang widens eyes as she stumbles back a bit "Whoa...easy there
boys..." Amy says in a sweet, innocent voice as she dressed in a pair of
short 'Daisy Duke' jean shorts and a light blue tied top. Amy scrunches her
nose up and places her hands on her curvy, cute hips "Now what's all this
fuss about between ya'll two?" Amy cutely asks in her adorable, redneck
southern cutie accent.

Gregory Helms points at Matt with his right hand, "Oh it's nothing, Matt here
can't fess up that he cheated to beat me in the last match we had against
each other, even the though the whole world saw him cheat!" Helms says in an
angry voice.

Matt rolls his eyes, "Actually Amy... Greg here is a sore loser... every time
I win he says I cheated... he can't just say I beat him..." Matt explains in
a cool, calm voice.

Amy slowly nods her head "Oh...I see..." Amy says with a cute smiles as
she gently clicks her cowgirl boots against the floor before she raises an
eyebrow "Wait a minute...aren't ya'll two friends?" Amy asks adorably as she
gives a soft smile.

"We were... up till he flipped out over some comment the King made..." Matt
Hardy says as he folds his arms a bit.

"Hey! I have every damn reason to be pissed about that!" Helms snaps.

Matt shakes his head and looks at Amy, "You see my point..."

Amy presses her lips together "Ya'll two shouldn't be should
ya'll be like my boy, Jimmy, and lets things slide and worry 'bout the
important things..."

Gregory Helms turns and looks at Amy, "Your boy Jimmy is an idiot...
pretending to be a redneck... Christ..." Helms rolls his eyes.

Matt sighs, "Gregory... Amy's right... just gotta let things slide..."

"Oh shut up... what the hell does she know?!" Helms snaps as he points at

Amy raises an eyebrow as she turns to face Gregory Helms as she removes her
hands from curvy, cute hips and folds them over her petite, cute chest "Hey boy Jimmy is no idiot!" Amy slightly and cutely snaps at the WWE
Cruiserweight Champion before she bites down on her bottom lip "Like I was
sayin' to ya'll two...there's more important love!" Amy smiles
cutely "...And riding out in the range with those cowboys!"

Gregory Helms and Matt Hardy both raise and eyebrow, then the look at each
other and then at Amy before saying at the same time "Riding out in the range
with those cowboys?" They ask with a look of confusion on their faces.

" know...riding!" Amy replies with a cute smiles and she adorably
nods her head excitedly "It's oh so much fun with my boy, Jimmy!"

Matt puts his hands on his hips, "Riding... riding... oh you mean..." Before
Matt can finish, he's cut off by Helms.

"Oh give me a break... she probably doesn't even know how to ride like
that..." Helms says as he again rolls his eyes.

Amy raises her eyebrow before she presses her lips together as she glances
over at Gregory Helms. Amy lowers her head as she blushes "Oh...I can ride
alright! I'm a good rider!"

Gregory Helms licks his lips slightly as he smirks, "All right... we'll
let's see about that..." Helms says as he starts to lower his wrestling

"Whoa! Hey! What are you doing?!" Matt says as he stops him.

"What? She says she's a good rider... so I want to fucking find out..." Helms
says as he pushes Matt away and resumes lowering his shorts in order to free
his long, thick ten inch cock.

Matt shakes his head, "Amy... I'm totally sorry about him..." Matt says
before he slightly locks his eyes with the soft, adorable eyes of the redneck

Amy's cute, adorable eyes widened as bites down on her bottom lip "Oh! Whoa!
Gee Gregory! That's one big dick..." Amy says as she adorably nods her head
as she slightly licks her lips "Mmm...I can't wait to ride that!" Amy cutely
states as she starts to untie her light blue top.

Helms grins like a wolf as he steps out of his shorts, "Finally I get some
respect..." Helms says as he then looks at Matt, "See Matt... all the chicks
want a real man..."

Matt glares at Helms, "We'll see about that..." Matt says as he starts to
push down his own pants and he quickly pulls out his twelve-inch cock which
is instantly noticed by Amy as being not only longer than Helms', but also
thicker. "What do you think of this Amy?" Matt asks as he pushes his pants
all the way down and steps out of them.

Amy glances over and looks down at Matt Hardy's large, thick cock and her
soft, adorable eyes widen instantly "Ohh! Wow Matt!" Amy says with a cute
smile as she finishes untying her light blue top to remove it from her
petite, curvy and adorably hot body as she reveals a black bra covering
her petite, rounded chest. Amy bites down on her bottom lip "Oh boy! Oh
boy! I can't wait to get riding!" Amy says cutely as she takes a step
towards Matt Hardy before she lowers herself down on her knees.

Matt licks his lips a bit and smiles, "Good thing Gregory is here so you can
ride him first... for practice..."

"Hey!" Helms snaps at Matt, "I'm still more than a man that you are!" Helms
says as he glares at Matt as he watches Amy wraps both her hands around
Matt's large, thick twelve inch cock.

Amy Zidian presses her lips together as she smoothly moves both of her soft,
adorable hands against Matt Hardy's long, thick shaft as his cock gradually
becomes more hard in her delicate hands "Mmm...I love all the big boys!" Amy
says with a cute smile before she glances over at Gregory Helms and smiles
softly "Gregory...ya'll get over here.."

Gregory Helms licks his lips, "Hmph... you're gonna like my dick better..."
Helms says as he walks over and stands next to Matt so that the beautiful
redneck diva can put her right hand around his semi-hard cock.

Matt licks his lips and moans a bit as Amy keeps moving her soft left hand
up and down his rock hard shaft, "Mmmmm you sure know how to handle the big
ones Amy..." Matt says as he moves his hips slightly in order to move his
cock against her hand.

The adorable, redneck cutie of SmackDown bites down on her bottom lip cutely
as she blushes "Aww thanks...I sure wanna ride you big boys..." Amy says as
she licks her lips while she smoothly strokes her left hand against Helms'
cock as it hardens her soft hand while she quickly strokes the shaft of Matt

Gregory Helms licks his lips and groans a bit as Amy pumps his now hard shaft
with her left hand. "So... who do you wanna ride first?" Helms asks casually
as he loses himself in the pleasure of Amy stroking his shaft.

"Damn Greg... you can't wait... she doesn't even have her shorts off yet..."
Matt laughs at the over eagerness his rival now has.

Amy bites down on her bottom lip "Well...who ever ya'll want me to ride
first can get me shorts off..." Amy replies cutely before she leans her head
and gently flicks her soft, adorable wet tongue against the head of Gregory
Helms' cock before she turns her head to Matt's cock and flicks her soft
tongue against the head of his cock as well.

Gregory Helms uses both of his hands to free his ten-inch long shaft from
Amy's hand, "Oh that'll be me... I'm a real man..." Helms says as he quickly
moves around to get behind Amy. He bends down and pulls Amy up so that she's
sitting higher on her knees. He then kneels down behind her, reaches around
her slender All-American body and unbuttons and unzips her hot, tight fitting
'Daisy Duke' jean shorts.

Matt smirks a bit as he watches Gregory Helms lower Amy's shorts as quickly
as possible, "Damn slow down Greg..." Matt says with a bit of a moan as Amy
traces her soft tongue around the head of his cock in a circular motion. Amy
cutely laughs as she gently slides her tongue around the head of Matt's cock
as she closes her eyes and taps her wet tongue against the piss-slit of
Matt's cock before she opens her mouth and gently lowers her head on Matt's
cock as she starts to slowly bob her head and suck on Matt's cock while
Gregory Helms quickly guides Amy's short 'Daisy Duke' shorts down her smooth,
tanned legs as he sees her hot black panties underneath.

Matt Hardy has both of his hands on his waist as Amy slowly bobs her head
up and down on his large, thick twelve-inch dick. "Ahhh... mmmm ohh yea...
Amy..." Matt moans as he closes his eyes and leans his head back slightly.

"Fuck... those are hot... but they are in my way..." Gregory says as he again
licks his lips. He puts his hands on Amy's slender waist and slides her hot
black panties down her sexy All-American legs so that she is naked from the
waist down. The longest reigning Cruiserweight Champion wraps his right hand
around his cock and stroke it a bit before he proceeds to lay down on the
cold ground behind the adorable blond haired diva, "All right Amy... Come on
and ride a real man..." Helms says as he lets go of his shaft.

Amy lifts her head up from Matt's cock for a moment before she smiles cutely
" you mind moving on over with me?" Amy asks adorably as she the
adorable redneck cutie pushes herself back on the floor as she slightly lifts
herself over Gregory's body before she straddles herself on top of his cock,
taking his cock deeply into her adorable, tight All-American pussy "Ohhhhh
Gee! Gregory!" Amy moans as she lowers herself completely down on his cock as
she places her hands on his smooth, muscular chest and begins to smoothly
rock back and forth on Gregory's cock as she begins to ride the Cruiserweight

"Ohhh mmmmm ohhh yea..." Gregory Helms licks his lips as he puts his hands
on Amy's smooth waist and he begins to thrust his cock upward into Amy's
warm, soothing pussy as she rocks back and forth on top of him. "Whew...
fuck... feels like my dick is gonna break off..." Helms groans as Amy keeps
herself moving gently on his shaft.

"Mmmm...ohhhh geee!" Amy cutely moans as she tilts her head back as she
rocks smoothly on top of Gregory Helms' hard, thrusting cock as she begins
to slightly bounce. The adorable redneck cutie opens her eyes as Matt Hardy
steps up to Amy as he stands over Gregory Helms with his hard, thick cock
right in front of Amy's adorable face. Amy presses her lips together as she
pushes her shoulders up "Mmm...I couldn't for about ya'll either..." Amy says
with a cute laugh as she leans her head towards Matt's cock and opens her
warm, wet adorable mouth as she takes Matt Hardy's cock into her cute mouth
once again and begins to suck as she rides the cock of Gregory Helms.

"Ohhhh I hope you wouldn't..." Matt moans as he places both of his hands on
Amy's head in order to push her hair back as she bobs her head along the
length of his large meaty shaft.

Helms grits his teeth as he helps Amy bounce on his dick by lifting her up
and down as he pumps his shaft up upward with sharp thrusts, "Ahhh... ohhh
shit... mmmm..." Helms groans as he feels Amy grind her pussy down against

"Mmmm...mmmm ohhhh Gee..." Amy softly moans against Matt Hardy's cock as
her moans vibrate and bounce against Matt's shaft while she bobs her blonde
haired-head at a quick rate. Amy gently twists her head on Matt's cock as she
opens her mouth slightly wider as she begins to deep throat his hard cock.
While Amy smoothly and deeply sucks on Matt's cock as she rocks her adorable,
petite and hot curvy body back and forth on Helms' cock at a quicker pace as
she slams her petite body down on his cock at a cute, rough rate.

"Ahhh... ohhhh damn... mmmm... shit... fucking ride me..." Helms groans as
Amy uses all of her riding skills to jerk his cock in several directions as
she rides him a bit more fiercely. Helms holds on to Amy's slender waist as
he tries to match her pace and he starts to cum inside of her hot, tight
All-American pussy, "Awww... ohhh fuck!" Helms groans as Amy keeps her
smooth, yet hard pace.

"Mmmmm...ohhhhh..." Amy softly moans around Matt's cock as she slowly lifts
her head off his cock "Mmmm...ohhh Gee Gregory!" Amy moans cutely as she
gently rocks back against his cock as his cum enters her tight, adorable
pussy. Amy licks her lips as she moves her hands gently against Gregory's
chest as some of her warm saliva drips off of Matt's cock and onto Gregory's
forehead as he lays beneath his former friend.

"Awww fucking hell!" Helms cringes as moves his head to the right to avoid
any more saliva to land on his forehead, "That's fucking gross!" Helms yells
as he starts to push Amy off of his cum spent cock.

"Oh relax... you wuss..." Matt Hardy says with a smirk as he starts to lays
down on the cold ground, "I'm ready to have you ride me Amy..." Matt says
with a grin as he puts his hands behind his head.

Amy bites down on her bottom lip as she presses her shoulders up cutely
"Ok..." Amy says with a soft, adorable smile before moves over to Matt Hardy
as he lays down on the floor before she mounts her petite, curvy body on top
of his cock "Ohhhh Gee Matt!" Amy cutely moans as she firmly presses her
petite, adorable body down on his hard, thick cock before the redneck cutie
begins to quickly rock back and forth on Matt's cock with her back facing

Matt Hardy grits his teeth a bit as he groans slightly, "Uhhhh ohhh fuck...
damn Amy..." Matt moans as he brings his hands from behind his head and puts
them on the lower portion of Amy's back to give her extra support as she
rocks back and forth on his stiff shaft.

Gregory Helms starts to get up from the floor and grits his teeth, "That's
bull... I wasn't even ready..." Helms complains after he cummed quicker than
he thought inside of Amy's pussy as he grabs his wrestling shorts.

Amy presses her lips together as she rocks back and forth against Matt's cock
as her smooth, tanned back faces Matt Hardy as she firmly slams her petite,
curvy body down harder on Matt's cock "Mmmm...ohhh boy!" Amy moans cutely as
she tilts her head back and closes her eyes while Matt's smooth, swift
thrusts cause the adorable blonde redneck cutie to bounce quicker on his

"Ahhh... mmmmm ohhh fuck yea Amy... ride me cowgirl..." Matt licks his lips
as he starts to lift and lower his hips in order to pump his cock upward
into her tight redneck pussy. Matt moves his hands from Amy's lower back and
places them on her hips as Amy's hips.

Gregory Helms puts his shorts on and shakes his head, "Damn it! That's not
fair you're not even riding him as hard as you did me!" Helms complains.

Amy presses her lips together and glances over her shoulder at Gregory Helms
and smiles cutely "Then...make me ride him..."

"Oh I'll make you ride him..." Helms replies with a smirk as he moves
closer and leans down so that he can grab hold of Amy's body. The reigning
Cruiserweight Champion begins to lift Amy up and down on Matt Hardy's dick
and when he drops her down, Helms makes sure that Amy's whole body slams
down onto Matt's rock hard shaft.

"Ahhhh fuck Greg! Can't you just admit you came... up short!" Matt groans as
Helms makes Amy ride him harder.

Amy grits her teeth as her petite, adorable body comes crashing down harder
on Matt's cock as his cock is forced deeper into her tight, All-American
pussy "Ohhh gee!" Amy moans loudly as Gregory Helms has his hands place
against her smooth, curvy waist as he lifts and lowers the redneck cutie at
a quick and rough pace.

"Uhh... shit... fuck..." Helms grits his teeth as he lifts Amy up and down
on Matt Hardy's cock, "Fucking little redneck..." Helms grunts as he forces
Amy to slam down harder on Matt's thrusting shaft.

"Ahhh... fuck... awww... shit... Greg... you... bastard..." Matt groans as he
starts to cum inside of Amy's warm, tight and wet pussy, filling her with his
dose of warm cum.

Amy bites down on her bottom lip as Gregory Helms powerfully slams Amy down
on Matt Hardy's cock as his cock erupts with warm, sticky cum "Awwww shucks!"
Amy cutely moans and pouts as sweat drips off of her petite, adorable curvy
body while she feels Matt's cum pour out of his cock.

Gregory Helms smirks arrogantly as he lets go of Amy's hot, curvy
All-American redneck body and he stands up straight, "Yeah... that's what
you get... no one makes a fool out of Gregory Helms..." Helms says as he
walks away laughing.

Matt Hardy grits his teeth as he keeps his hands on Amy's hips as he finishes
cumming inside of her pussy. "Ahhh... damn he's such... a sore... loser..."
Matt groans.

Amy bites down on her bottom lip as she lifts herself gently off of Matt's
cum-spent cock and begins to gather her clothes. Amy lowers her head and
adorably blushes "I really had fun...riding the big boys..." Amy says with
a soft and cute laugh as she looks at Matt who is gathering his clothes as

Matt smiles as he gets up from the floor, "Mmm you know Amy... you can come
ride this big boy... any time..." Matt says as he gets his pants and starts
to put them on.

Amy bites down on her bottom lip and cutely scrunches her nose up as she
pulls her short 'Daisy Duke' jean shorts up and buttons them before she
reties her light blue top "Really!?" Amy adorably asks.

"Oh yeah of course..." Matt says as he pulls his pants up and smiles, "In
fact...if your boy Jimmy don't mind... I'd show you that I know how to ride
'em like a cowboy..." Matt says with a wink.

Amy lowers her head and blushes "Awww...I can have two boys..." Amy then
pauses and the adorable redneck cutie raises an eyebrow "Hey...don't ya'll
have a brother?"

Matt nods his head, "Yeah I do..." Matt then gets a big smile on his face
"You wanna meet him sometime?"

Amy's soft, adorable eyes lighten up with excitement "Oh...ya'll bet I'd love
to meet him!" Amy replies.

"Great... tell ya what... I'll give him a call... and you'll get to meet
him... and you can ride us good ol' Hardy boys..." Matt smiles.

Amy smiles and places her hands against her curvy, adorable hips as she
clicks her cowgirl boots against the floor "Well...Ride 'em cowgirl!"


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