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Ride Together
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On a South California highway, in a 2006 Mercury Sable, reigning WWE Champion
John Cena is driving with Raw's beautiful ring announcer Lilian Garcia on the
way from an autograph signing San Diego up to a live even up in Los Angeles.
John, dressed in his black jean shorts, one of his white "Chain Gang"
t-shirts and a camouflage baseball cap. He has his arm resting on the door,
while he keeps his right hand on the steering wheel, John smiles as he thinks
about how the fans were. He looks at Lilian, who's in the passenger seat, and
asks, "Those fans were great, weren't they?"

Lilian smiles and nods her head as she turns to face John after looking out
of the window for the past ten minutes. "Yeah...they were great." Lilian
laughs a little "How'd I do? This was really my first official autograph
signing" Lilian confesses as she dressed in a pair of tight fitting jeans
and a black t-shirt, with sunglasses covering her eyes.

John smiles, "You did great..." John then laughs a little, "I think you
probably signed about like 5000 pictures of yourself for all them." John
keeps his attention on the road as another car passes them on the highway.

Lilian smiles as she leans her head back against the headrest on her seat as
she looks at John "There's no way I was as good as you were with that fans.
You were absolutely amazing with the fans, are you always like that?"

John nods, "Yeah... I gotta be... I wouldn't be where I am without them..."
John smiles as he switches lanes. "And like I always say, they ride with me,
I'll be on the front lines for them every time."

Lilian smiles and nods her head impressed with John's comment "That's really
great John, that you care that much about the fans." Lilian says, before
letting out a yawn as she looks back out the window.

"Well, there's enough prima donnas in the WWE... and I don't want to be like
those ones who reach the top and start being snobby... I know where I came
from," John says as brings his left hand to the steering wheel so he can use
his right hand to slightly adjust the air conditioner of the car.

Lilian gently closes her eyes "Yeah...there's a lot like that." Lilian
replies with her eyes closed "How far away are we?"

"Oh... we're about two hours away..." John answers before there's a loud BANG
sound and the car starts to sway a bit making it a little difficult for John
to remain in control when he grips the steering wheel with both hands.

Lilian's eyes open up and she glances over at John, sitting up in her seat
"John...what in the hell did you do?" Lilian asks with a laugh.

"I didn't do nothing!" John says with a bit of a laugh before he parks the
car on the side of the highway and turns off the engine. John opens the
driver's side door and looks out and sees that the front left tire is flat,
"Awww damn... we got a flat..." John groans as he gets out of the car.

Lilian sighs as she opens her car door and steps out of the car and walks
around to the drivers side of the car, where John is checking out the flat
tire. "Well...what do we do then?" Lilian asks as she folds her arms.

"Pray there's a spare..." John jokes a bit, while being serious at the same
time. He reaches into the car and gets the keys from the ignition, then he
goes to the trunk, opens it and frowns, "Oh you got to be kidding me..."

Lilian quickly walks around to the trunk of the car, joining John "What...
what!?" Lilian asks quickly.

John points at the spare tire that's sitting in the trunk, and Lilian can
see that the spare is flat, "That tire is no good..." John sighs as he starts
looking at the other contents in the trunk of the car, and he sees a bicycle
pump, some duck tape, and a car jack.

Lilian sighs as she places her left hand on top of her head "Great...what
are we supposed to do now? Hope someone driving by is nice enough to stop?"
Lilian laughs and shakes her head "I doubt it will happen in California..."
Lilian replies as she now places both of her hands onto her slender hips as
she watches John shift through some of the contents in the trunk.

"We could call a tow truck... or Triple-A... or the place we got this car...
but who knows how long it'll be before they send us some help..." John
replies as he takes out the car jack, the bike pump, the duck tape and a few
other items, "Maybe I can fix it..."

Lilian laughs as she steps a bit away from John "Ok...ok do that."

"What's that supposed to mean?" John laughs as he goes to the front of the
car and sets the items down. He takes off his cap and tosses it inside of the
car, then he takes off his t-shirt and does the same.

Lilian's eyes widen a bit as she sees John's shirtless muscular upper body.
Lilian turns away from John "Wow..." Lilian says with a laugh as she starts
to fan herself off with her left hand "It's sure getting hot out here."

"Yeah... it sure is..." John says as he crouches down, picks up the jack and
sets it up under the car, and starts jacking up the car.

Lilian turns back to John and starts to walk to the front of the car, where
John is working on the flat left tire "So...what exactly are you trying to

"I'm... going to try..." John grunts as he continues to jack up the car until
it's high enough for him to work with it. He then looks over his shoulder and
up at Lilian, "I'm going to try and use the duck tape to patch up the tire...
and use the pump to re-inflate it..."

Lilian laughs "You're kidding me, aren't you?" Lilian says as she shakes her
head "Aren't you the handy-man."

John laughs as he picks up the duct tape and starts to spin the tire around
to find the area he needs to patch up, "Gotta work with what I got, you
know..." John says as he finds the area and starts apply the duct tape to
the damaged spot on the tire.

Lilian nods her head "Oh yeah...I know what you're talking about." Lilian
says with a smile as checks out John's nice muscular upper body. Lilian licks
her lips slightly "So...ummm...John you need any help?"

"No... I'm alright..." John says as he breaks off the strip of duck tape he
applied to the tire from the roll. John then unscrews the air-cap of the tire
and hooks up the bike pump to it. Before he begins to pump up the tire he
stands up and wipes some sweat from his forehead, "Damn it's hot out here..."
John says as some beads of sweat start to run down his muscular upper body
and arms due to the heat.

Lilian nods her head and licks her lips slightly "'re telling
me... whew...boy...very hot.." Lilian says as she gazes at John's now sweaty
muscular upper body.

John smiles, "You could go into the car and turn back on the AC while I work
out here..." He suggests as he kneels down and stars to pump air into the

Lilian smiles "No...I'm fine out here...enjoying the view..." Lilian pauses
and laughs a bit "I mean...I'll stay out and keep you company..." Lilian says
as she folds her arms and leans against the side of the car.

John nods his head as he continues to pump air into the tire. His arms move
very quickly in and up and down manner as he tries inflates the tire, and his
efforts are soon proven as the tire starts to become full of air. Once it's
full, John separates the pump from the tire and then screws back on the
air-cap for the tire. John's upper body is slightly covered in sweat, as is
his face. He puts his hands on his hips and looks at Lilian, who's slightly
staring at him, "I think that'll hold... at least until we find a gas

Lilian stares blankly at John's sweat covered body, with her mouth slightly
hanging up in awe. Lilian shakes her head as she breaks herself out of her
trance "You're hot.." Lilian raises her eyebrow and swallows a bit "Ummm...I
mean, what did you say?" Lilian asks as she looks down, embarrassed.

John smiles a bit when he heard Lilian say he was hot, but being the man he
is, he lets it slide after seeing Lilian appears to be embarrassed, "I said
I think that little patch job on the tire will hold until we find a gas
station." John bends down again and starts to lower the car by using the
jack, with his muscular back is facing Lilian.

Lilian licks her lips slightly "Mmm...John..."

"Yeah?" John says as he lowers the car back down completely and takes the
jack out from under it. He turns a bit and looks up at her and sees Lilian
licking her lips as she looks down at him. John smiles and picks up the jack,
the duck tape and the bike pump before he stands up and walks to the trunk
to dump them in back in it.

Lilian slowly turns as she watches John walk back to the trunk of the car.
Lilian takes a deep breath as she starts to fan herself off again with her
left "'s hot out here..."

John closes the trunk of the car and takes the keys from the lock. He then
walks back to the drivers side door and to Lilian who's standing against it,
"Are you ok?" John asks as he watches Lilian fan herself with her left hand.

Lilian blushes a bit "Yeah...sorry...I'm a dork.." Lilian says as she stops
fanning herself "It's just...nevermind..." Lilian shakes her head.

"Aw c'mon..." John smiles as he leans against the car, "Is the weather
getting to you?"

"'s something a bit...hotter.." Lilian says with a soft laugh.

John laughs a bit, "Something hotter than this heat?"

Lilian blushes again "" Lilian looks down "Oh god...I can't
believe I just said that."

John wipes a bit of sweat off from his forehead, then smiles, "It's not big
deal Lil... it's really cool that you think I'm hotter than the heat...
and... the same can be said about you too."

Lilian laughs like a school girl and blushes "Oh...John.." Lilian slowly
turns her head away from him "Why don't we get...back on the road."

John nods his head, "Good idea... they'll probably throw a fit if we're
late..." John laughs as moves a bit to the driver's side door and moves his
hand to the door handle, but it brushes against Lilian's leg when he does.
Lilian smiles a bit before she walks around the front of the car and opens
the front passenger door and climbs into the car along with John. Lilian
smiles at John before looking away with a blush on her face. John has a
smile on his face, as he sees how Lilian is acting. He puts the key in the
ignition as he closes the driver's door. "Might want to try and cool down a
bit first..." John says as he turns the key in the ignition to start the
car, and for the air conditioner to blow some cool air inside the car and
onto them. Lilian slowly looks back at John and smiles again, before she
leans over and softly kisses John on the lips. John doesn't hesitate when
Lilian kisses him and he quickly, but softly kisses the beautiful ring
announcer back. John then slide his tongue forward a bit, pressing it softly
against Lilian's lips.

Lilian feels John's tongue enter her mouth and she presses her soft tongue
against John's tongue, before she pulls her head away and breaks the kiss.
Lilian takes a deep breath "Turn off the car..."

"Good idea..." John says after he takes a breath as he savors the feeling
of Lilian kissing him. He turns the key in order to kill the engine, and
the cool air that was circulating in the car dies off almost instantly.
John turns and looks at Lilian with a smile, "It's going to get pretty hot
in here... pretty quick I think..."

Lilian smiles "John...could you...take off...your shorts?" Lilian asks

"I think so..." John winks at her as he begins to unbutton and unzip his
jean-shorts. He then lowers them down his legs, and shows Lilian that he's
true to what he said on his '5 Questions' segment, that he doesn't wear any
type of underwear underneath his shorts outside of the ring.

Lilian's eyes widen at the sight of John's cock "Damn John..." Lilian says
with a slight laugh as she moves a bit closer to him in the front of the
rental car.

John looks down at his nice thick thirteen-inch cock, and then he looks at
Lilian, "Something wrong?" He asks with a smile as he reaches down under the
car seat to grab the lever necessary to lean the car seat back as far it can

Lilian shakes her head "No...not at all.." Lilian says as she leans her body
down and gently wraps her soft left hand around John's thick shaft and begins
to slowly move her hand up and down against his shaft as she strokes his cock
to life.

John's cock instantly starts to become hard because of Lilian and the WWE
Champion lets out a moan as well, "Mmmm..." John presses his lips together
and places a hand on Lilian's left shoulder as he slides on the seat so his
lower body is closer to her. Lilian starts to gradually move her hand quicker
against John's shaft, before she lowers her head down and places her delicate
tongue against the large head of the Champ's cock. Lilian starts to mover her
tongue around on the head of his cock in a circular motion, gently flicking
and patting her tongue as she does so.

"Ohhh... damn girl..." John moans as he closes his eyes and simply enjoys the
pleasure he's feeling thanks to how Lilian is using soft tongue on the thick
tip of his dick. Lilian slowly drops her tongue down from the head of his
cock and begins to guide her wet tongue down John's long and thick shaft, as
she laps her tongue around the width of his shaft. "Ahhh shit... damn...
don't choke..." John groans as he moves his right hand from Lilian's shoulder
to the back of her head to entwine his fingers with her lovely hair.

Lilian brings her wet tongue back up John's shaft, leaving a trail of her
moist saliva, as she reaches the head of his cock once again. Lilian opens
her warm mouth and the beautiful Ring Announcer of RAW, lowers her head down
on his cock. She wraps her soft lips around his cock and starts to swiftly
bob her head up and down, sucking The Champ's cock.

John sits up a bit on the car seat since he's been leaning back for the past
several minutes, and he starts to tug on Lilian's black t-shirt to pull it up
towards her neck and shoulders. "Lift your head up..." John says in between
some of his moans, and when she does, John rolls her t-shirt over her head
and slips it down her arms to remove it from her body.

Lilian smiles up at John before lower her head back down on his cock and
starts to bob her head once again on his cock, sucking his cock at a gentle,
sensational pace. Lilian gently laps her tongue around his cock as John gazes
down at Lilian's nicely sized tits, held back by her black bra.

"Whew... Lil... you can really work it..." John says, complimenting the
lovely diva on her oral skills. He closes his eyes and tilts his head back
for a few moments, then he turns his attention to unsnapping the clasps on
the back of Lilian's black bra. Once he releases it, her bra slips down her
arms and naturally peels away from Lilian's chest on it's own.

Lilian rotates her head around on John's cock, bobbing her head quicker as
she gently lashes her tongue around his cock. As Lilian sucks on John's cock,
she cups his ballsack with her left hand and starts massage his balls as she
impressively sucks.

"Mmmm fuck..." John moans in a low tone as he leans back on the car seat. He
looks at Lilian's lovely tits and smiles, "Can you... take a moment... to...
slip out of those... jeans?" He asks as he slides his tongue over his lips.

Lilian slowly picks her head up and slides her hand through her soft hair as
she smiles up at John "What did you say?"

John smiles at Lilian, "Can you... slip out of your jeans..." He repeats
himself as he slightly brushes his fingers from his right hand against her
left cheek.

Lilian smiles "Sure..." She says as she moves a bit away from John and sits
up in her car seat. Lilian unbuttons her jeans and arches her body up a bit
as she pushes her tight jeans off of her hips and starts to lower them down
her smooth, tanned legs.

John sits up on his car seat and grins when he thinks he sees that Lilian is
not wearing any panties underneath her jeans, "Looks like... we have that in
common..." He says with a bit of boyish mischievous smile.

Lilian blushes a bit and looks down at her pantie-bare, cleanly shaven pussy
and smiles "I guess we do..."

John makes sure the car is in park and that the emergency break is locked in,
before he motions his head to back seat of the car, "You want to climb to the
back... or lean your seat back so we have some room here up front?"

Lilian smiles a bit as she looks at the back portion of the rental car,
before looking back at John "Well...which do you want?" Lilian asks with a
soft, but playful smile.

John scoots over on his seat and leans over towards Lilian and kisses her
lips softly as he reached down under her seat to pull on the lever to lean
her seat all the way back to where it's almost flat, but it has a bit of an
angle still, which also has Lilian laying down instead of sitting up. John
climbs over and lays a bit on top of her and smiles, "Let's stay up front..."
John grins as he starts to spread her legs a bit.

Lilian smiles and laughs a bit "Ok..." Lilian says as she looks up and locks
her eyes with John's eyes, placing her soft hands around, gripping his strong
muscular arms. John helps Lilian wrap her left leg around his waist, and he
pushes his large thick 13-inch cock into Lilian's warm, wet and waiting pussy
with a gentle thrust. Making sure that every inch of his dick is balls deep
inside of her. John begins thrusting his cock in and out of Lilian's tight
pussy with careful and precise movements.

Lilian licks her lips as she feels John's thick, large cock thrust his cock
in and out of her sweet pussy "Mmmm...John..." Lilian moans as she starts to
push herself down against John's cock, thrusting her pussy against his cock.

"Ahhhhh... wow..." John moans as places his hands on Lilian's shoulders as
he starts to slowly speed up his thrusts, making the beautiful Raw Ring
Announcer slide a bit on the leather car seat. John lowers his head down
and kisses the right side of Lilian's neck when she turns her head to the

Lilian bites down on her bottom lip, wrapping her smooth legs tighter around
John's waist as he pistons his cock in and out of her warm pussy "Ohhh...
John...mmm...yesss..." Lilian moans as she starts to sweat as the heat from
outside, starts to enter the car. John lifts his head, and sweat rolls down
off of his face and body onto Lilian. John slides his hands down from
Lilian's shoulders to her slim and sexy hips, then he starts to roll over so
that Lilian is on top of him. Because of them being in the front seat, John
is laying underneath Lilian in diagonally, with his upper body and head
resting on the driver's seat, and his lower body resting on the front
passenger seat. Lilian tilts her head back and moans as she starts to bounce
on John's cock on her own moment, rocking her hips back against his cock as
she slams down hard on his cock

"Mmmmm.... damn... it's... really getting hot... ain't it?" John asks with a
moan as he keeps his sweaty hands on Lilian's hips, helping her rock back and
forth on his dick while he thrusts up into her.

Lilian places her hands down on John's sweaty chest as she starts to bounce
quicker on his larger cock. Sweat flies off of her body as she suddenly slams
down hard on his cock "Ohhhhh shit John!" Lilian moans. John grits his teeth
together as he sharply drives his cock up into Lilian's pussy, making the hot
diva bounce upward with her head almost hitting the roof of the car. The
windscreen and all the windows start to steam up as the moisture of the sweat
of John and Lilian mixes with the heat that is seeping into the car, making
it into a mini-sauna.

Lilian tilts her head back as her body comes crashing down on John's cock,
driving his large member deep into her wet pussy causes her to climax while
on top of John's cock. Lilian closes her eyes as sweats off of her body

John arches his back when he feels Lilian's pussy tighten like a vice on his
cock as her climax sweeps through her lovely body. "Ahhh fuck... Lil..."
John clenches his teeth together and holds Lilian down on his cock before he
starts to cum deep inside of her pussy.

Lilian licks her lips as she feels John's warm cum rush into her pussy
"Mmmm...John..." Lilian moans as she slowly opens her lust-filled eyes.

John opens his eyes and looks up and locks gazes with Lilian and smiles,
"Ohhhh... Lilian... I think... we... really... raised the temperature... in

Lilian laughs a little "I'll say..." She then leans down and kisses John's
lips, pressing her sweaty chest against John's muscular sweaty chest.

John kisses Lilian back and wraps his muscular arms around her slender sweat
covered body. When Lilian lifts her head to break the kiss, John licks his
lips a bit, before getting another boyish, mischievous smile on his face,
"Do you... want to ride together after tonight's Live Event up to San Fran?"

Lilian smirks a little "Depends...are we getting another flat tire?"

John shrugs, "Maybe... it could be... a little engine trouble... you never

Lilian laughs a little "I was supposed to car pool with Maria." Lilian pauses
and shrugs "But if that's the case, I guess I can tell Maria something came
up.." Lilian smiles and kisses John's lips again.

John kisses Lilian back, slipping his tongue up into her mouth before
she again breaks the kiss, John grins, "Then... I guess we'll be riding


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