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Riding Miss. Keibler
by TrishBelongsToMe

I just got finished taking Julia Roberts to huge mansion where she was
invited. They were having this big party to thank her or something stupid.
She didn't even thank me, she tossed the money to me and just went into the
party. Yeah, I'm a limo driver. At first I was excited that I was driving
celebrities around the cities but it all ended when Michael Jackson called
for me. He tried to hit on me and everything. Ewwwwwwwwww. So anyway, I into
the limo and drove off to my last destination. I read the form and was
shocked to see Stacy Keibler's name on it. A smile crept upon my face as I
drove to the seductive Stacy's hotel. I parked the car and decided to go to
her room and tell her I was here. Her door was open, she was probably packing
and getting ready. I peaked through the open door and saw Stacy in a white
sleeveless shirt and biker shorts. She was bending down throwing her clothes
rapidly into the suitcases.

"Need help," I asked. Being the good man that I am.

"Oh yeah...can you carry those suitcases to the limo?"

"Sure" I replied, "Nice night isn't it?"

"Its okay I guess, don't forget the suitcases!"

I frowned when she wasn't looking and took all her bags to the limo. She was
obviously in a hurry. I came all the way to Stacy's hotel and didn't get

The End. Wait a minute! There's more. I knew it, I still have a chance. She
came down into the limo in a hurry and tossed her remaining bags into the
trunk. I shut it and opened the door for her to get in. She stepped in and
took a deep breath of relaxation.

"Are you gonna make it?" I joked.

She smiled at me and nodded her head. We rode around for a while until she
broke the silence.

"Did you forget something?"

"Yeah. We need to stop somewhere so I can get dressed. I think my workout
clothes are going to attract weirdos."

"Well, the only place I can think of that is close is my house. It's only a
block away."

Stacy looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm not trying to hit on you. We can look for a bathroom at Burger King or

"No. I guess we can go to your house for a second," she agreed, "but don't
try anything funny."

We arrived at my house and I opened her door. She was really use to that. I
led her into my house and pointed her towards my bathroom. I was glad that
the house had been cleaned the night before. She stepped into the bathroom
and didn't quite shut the door. It creaked a little bit open and I had no
choice but to peak through it. Hey, how could I resist. She started by taking
off her tight sleeveless. I wish she would do it slower but she was obviously
not intending on being watched. Her smaller but beautiful breast hung out
freely. She then bent over to take off her tight biker shorts. She did this
so slowly and seductively that my cock almost poked a hole through my pants.
She laughed at herself.

"I'm way too use to being my character!"

There she was. Her long sexy legs wrapped around each other. Her bright red
panties wrapped around her gorgeous ass and hid her delicious pussy. I
couldn't take it anymore and I busted into the room. Stacy put her hands over
her breast and asked me to leave. I didn't reply as I grabbed her and tossed
her to a wall. I quickly grabbed a bottle of iodine and tissue paper. She
tried to run out but I tripped and she fell to the floor. I poured the liquid
onto the napkin and put it on her nose. I kept saying sorry over and over as
she eventually went unconscious.

Stacy Keibler finally gained consciousness and wearily looked around. Her
hands were tied to the top edge of the bed but her legs were free. She was
still in her bright red panties and braless. She was worried but also
turned on when she saw me. I was naked and had a hard-on. She was obviously
impressed by my muscular frame. I had to work out if I was gonna be around
celebs. I walked over to her and rubbed her head. She tried to kick me but
missed with those long sexy legs. After a while she began to like the
rubbing, so I knew it was time. I hurried over to her legs and started at
her feet. I licked the bottom of her feet and went up to her toes. I licked
between them and it drove her crazy.

" tickles..."

She was upset when I stopped but then I licked up her long legs. They were so
soft and long. My tongue rubbed against her silky skin from her ankles to her
inner thighs. I suddenly found myself between her legs. The only thing
blocking me from her pussy was her panties. She spread her legs wide open and
wrapped them around my head. I sniffed her panties and got way too horny. The
scent was so great and I didn't even take her panties off yet. I forced her
legs off and pulled her panties off. Right then she kicked me with her long
legs and I fell hard on my back. Stacy somehow untied herself and almost
left, but she looked back at me and grinned. She knelt on the floor and
slowly crawled towards me. I watched her breast swing back and forth as she
came at me like a cat. I stopped by my dick and slowly wrapped her hand
around it. She jerked my dick and lowered her head to it. Her tongue licked
the head of my dick and extremely slowly licked my whole shaft. Her lips
wrapped around the head and she sucked it like crazy. I was moaning for my
life. She bobbed her head up and down my dick and slurped on it. She was
spitting on my dick and getting it as hard as she could. She unwrapped her
lips from my dick and crawled towards me. She turned around and sat on my
head. My tongue shot out into her asshole and licked everywhere. I rubbed her
ass while she bounced softly on my head.

"God yes! Go deep between the cheeks!!"

It lasted for a while until she turned around and lowered her pussy onto my
awaiting mouth. I licked at her pussy lips and slowly dug my tongue in her
pussy. She bounced her pussy hard and fast and my tongue acted like a dick,
pounding it hard. She had a huge orgasm and it landed all over my face. I
lapped it all up and tasted her sweet juices.

"Fuck me with your tongue!! I hope your dick is harder!"

She once again got off of me but this time she put my dick in her pussy.

"Ahhh!! Oh fuck yeah!!" She cried.

I held her waist as she rocked back and forth on my huge cock. She bounce on
it as I used all my energy to ram it in. She laid down on me and passionately
kissed me as I held her ass to help me fuck her pussy. After a while she got
too tired and almost collapsed. I took her off of me and laid her on her

"Don't worry honey, I'll do all the work." I said as I spread her legs open
and stuck my dick in her ass. I put her long legs on my shoulders and put
my hands on her shoulders. I pulled on her shoulders so my dick had a good
rhythm to fuck her ass to.

"Ahh!! Fuck..fuck...fuck...damn...don't stop baby..."

I felt a surge of cum trying to escape but I held it in for as long as I
could. After a couple minutes a felt it again and had to release it. I took
out my dick from her ass and carefully put it in her mouth. She took the
full length in as I came deep in her throat.

The morning came and the two of them woke up in each other's arms.

"Oh shit!!" Stacy yelled, "I should've been gone a long time ago!! Now I have
to wait another day before I can fly that plane again!"

I smiled at her and said, "That just means we get another day to "wait" for

Stacy slapped me hard and then left after getting her clothes.

"Well, on the plus side, I fucked Stacy. Then again, she slapped me and she
is probably is gonna tell the cops on me. I hope the cop is a woman!"

I laughed at myself and put my clothes back on.

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