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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us,
is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because
we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Riding The Rails To Zurich
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

On April 16, 2010, the SmackDown Superstars and Divas are on in the middle of
a long train ride from Hannover, Germany to Zurich, Switzerland instead of
flying due to the eruption of the Eyjafjallaj”kull volcano in Iceland that
has disrupted air travel throughout Europe. In one of the private travel
cabins, Matt Hardy, wearing a green t-shirt and jeans, is sitting on one of
the seats looking out a window as R-Truth opens the door and enters the
cabin. "Man we still got another 5 hours... you think we'll make it in time
for the show tonight?" R-Truth asks and he's dressed in jeans and a black t-
shirt with a black jacket.

"Yeah... question is what's gonna happen with RAW on Monday? Those guys are
on a boat to Belfast," Matt Hardy says as R-Truth closes the cabin's door

"You're kidding?" R-Truth asks, as he can't believe what Matt just said.

"Nope... I saw Evan and Maryse's tweets," Matt replies as he nods his head.

"Damn... glad I'm on SmackDown..." R-Truth says as he sits on the other seat
as John Morrison opens the door and peeks his head inside.

"Hey... you guys bored?" John Morrison asks as he remains outside of the
cabin. Morrison is wearing tight fitting black pants and silk shirt

"Oh you know it JoMo," R-Truth says with a laugh

"Yeah... why?" Matt asks.

John Morrison looks over his shoulder and asks someone, "What do you think?"
Morrison asks. After getting a reply, Morrison enters the cabin before he
looks at R-Truth and Matt Hardy, "Well why I ask Matt is that someone else is
very bored..." Morrison says before he motions for someone else to enter the

The beautiful and powerful Natalya Neidhart, dressed in a tight fitting pair
of jeans and a white tank top, enters the cabin with her hands onto her
nicely juicy hips and smirks at Matt Hardy and R-Truth. "Hey's it
going?" Natalya asks as she slides the cabin door closed, concealing herself,
John Morrison, R-Truth and Matt Hardy inside.

"Hey Nattie..." R-Truth says as he slightly checks out the gorgeous

"Hi Nattie..." Matt grins, "So JoMo... Nattie's bored too, what's going on?"

John Morrison smirks, "Well Natalya came to me and said if I could find some
guys that were bored, she'd tell me a great way to kill that boredom..."

Natalya glances at John Morrison and nods her head with a smirk. "That's
right, John babe....because if there is one thing the Hart Dynasty knows more
than wrestling, it's how to kill time..."

"You got my attention.." R-Truth smiles, "How does the Harts kill time?"

Natalya raises an eyebrow and deeply, but yet seductively laughs. "You really
want to know?"

"I know I've been dying to know since you came up to me in the dining car...'
John Morrison says.

Natalya rubs her moist and pouty lips together as she glances around the
cabin at John Morrison, Matt Hardy and R-Truth. "Well's fucking....
oh yeah baby!"

Matt glances at Morrison and R-Truth before he looks at Natalya, "You know
that is a real good way to kill time..." Matt grins before he pauses, "But
what about your boy toy Tyson?" Matt asks.

Natalya smirks and shrugs her shoulders "Oh don't worry about that...besides
him and David are probably nailing Tiffany as we speak..."

"Ah I see..." Matt smirks.

"So sweet little Nattie wants to get gang banged..." R-Truth says as he licks
his lips.

"Sweet? With her wanting me to find some guys, I think she should be called
naughty little Nattie..." Morrison smirks.

Natalya laughs and nods her head at John Morrison. "Naughty definitely works
for me..." Natalya says before she turns to lock the door of the cabin,

"I think that goes without saying..." R-Truth says as he takes off his jacket
while Morrison starts to unbutton his silk shirt and Matt starts to remove
his t-shirt. Natalya licks her lips as she steps closer toward R-Truth, John
Morrison and Matt Hardy as the three talented SmackDown Superstars start to
undress, before she follows in suit with removing her white tank top to
expose her juicy and large, tanned, rounded and perky tits.

"Said it before... Tyson's a lucky bastard..." Matt says as he looks at
Natalya's tits as he unbuckles his belt. R-Truth and John Morrison both
remove their shirts and nod their heads in agreement with Matt as they watch
Natalya's large juicy tits bounce as she starts to undo her jeans.

Natalya bites down on her bottom lip and seductively glares as she glances at
the impressively tanned and highly muscular chest on John Morrison, the
muscular black chest of R-Truth, and the nicely toned chest of Matt Hardy.
"Mmmmm...that's fucking hot, babes." Natayla replies as she pushes her tight
fitting jeans down from her hips and pushes them down her smooth, nicely
toned and tanned legs to expose her white panties beneath.

"Took the words out of my mouth..." Morrison grins as he looks at Natalya.
All three hot Superstars lower their pants as well as the boxers they are
wearing and within moments, Natalya is looking at three naked, well hung
studs of the SmackDown roster.

"Oh yeah baby!" Natalya says with a laugh and a nod of her head as she steps
closer to Morrison, Hardy and R-Truth, before lowering herself down onto her
knees in front of the three SmackDown Superstars. "Lets kill some time boys!"
Natalya says as the three Superstars proceed to huddle around the beautiful
and powerful Anvilette.

"Hey Matt... you should get your minicam..." R-Truth grins as he stands to
the left of Natalya, while Morrison stands in front of her.

"Good idea..." Matt says as he turns back to his seat to pick up his minicam
to turn it on, "This will make a great addition to the Hardy Show..." Matt
grins as he now stands right of Natalya as she wraps her right hand around
his cock and glances up at him. Natalya slyly smirks up at the minicam that
Matt Hardy is holding as she starts to move her right hand back and forth
against this shaft, while placing her left hand around R-Truth's black
cock, which she proceeds to start stroking. Natalya soon swifts her attention
to John Morrison and leans her head forward to slap her wet tongue against
the head of his cock, as she starts to drag her tongue against the surface.

"Mmmm...." John Morrison moans as he holds his huge cock with his right hand
as Natalya slaps her tongue against the head of his cock while she strokes R-
Truth and Matt's large dicks with her hands.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh yeah..." Natalya lustfully moans as she teases the head
of John Morrison's cock with her wet tongue, slapping it around and splashing
her saliva against his cock. Natalya tightens the grip of her hands against
R-Truth and Matt's cocks as she swiftly works them against their fully
hardened shafts.

"Ohhh yeah... mmm..." R-Truth groans as Natalya swiftly pumps her left hand
on his big black cock. Matt licks his lips as he holds his minicam with both
hands as he watches Natalya attack Morrison's cock with her tongue while she
tugs and pulls on his fat dick with her right hand. Natalya turns her head
away from Morrison's cock and spits some saliva onto Matt Hardy's cock before
she lowers her head and uses her wet tongue to spread the saliva around the

"Ohhh yeah Nattie..." Matt licks his lips as he watches and films Natalya
using her tongue to spread her saliva over the head of his cock. John
Morrison moves around R-Truth in order to get behind Natalya and while her
attention is on Matt, Morrison kneels behind her and slides down her panties.

Natalya closes her eyes as she lustfully smacks her wet tongue against the
head of Matt's cock as she moves her right hand up and down his shaft.
"Mmmmmmm...mmmmmm..." Natalya moans as she works her tongue against the head
of Matt's cock, while also working her left hand against R-Truth's black

"Hey Nattie how about showing me some love..." R-Truth laughs as Natalya
continues to stroke his cock while she works her tongue on Matt's shaft.
Morrison smirks as he finishes removing Natalya's panties and he proceeds to
guide his long hard cock into her pussy.

" sure you want that babe?" Natalya asks with a smirk as she
turns to face R-Truth's black cock as she feels Morrison's long shaft
entering her tight pussy.

"Yeah I'm really sure..." R-Truth grins as he moves to be more in front of

"Ahhh... mmm..." Morrison groans as he thrusts his cock in and out of
Natalya's pussy while Matt films everything with his minicam as Natalya lets
go of his rock hard dick.

Natalya places her hands onto R-Truth's muscular black waist as she opens her
mouth and leans her head forward in order to take his black cock into her
warm and wet mouth. "Mmmmmmm..." Natalya moans, pressing her lips around his
shaft as she proceeds to bob her head on his cock.

"Man this is fucking hot..." Matt grins as he holds his minicam with his
right hand while he starts to stroke his cock with his left.

"Ohh fuck..." R-Truth moans as Natalya bobs her head up and down on his cock
while Morrison keeps pumping his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmm...ohhhhhh..." Natalya moans as she closes her eyes and
steadily bobs her head back and forth on R-Truth's black cock with her lips
brushing back and forth on his shaft as she expertly sucks on him. Natalya
rocks backs on her knees and she perfectly grinds her juicy ass back against
Morrison as he swiftly drives his cock forward into her wet pussy.

"Ohhh ahhh..." Morrison tosses his long hair back as he deeply and quickly
pumps his cock into Natalya's pussy while her juicy ass smacks back against
his waist. R-Truth places his hands on Natalya's head as she sucks and slurps
on his large black dick.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm!" Natalya moans lustfully as she rapidly and eagerly bobs
her head on R-Truth's cock, slightly adjusting how her hands are positioned
on his muscular waist as she perfectly takes him deeper into her mouth, while
Morrison skillfully drills her pussy.

"Ohhh shit suck that dick..." R-Truth moans as Natalya sucks and slurps on
his stiff cock while she pushes back against Morrison. Matt Hardy continues
to stroke his own cock as he moves around Natalya, Morrison and R-Truth to
film everything from a different angle.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Natalya moans as she grinds her pouty lips against R-
Truth's cock as she lifts and lowers her head, sucking on his black cock as
her wet tongue slaps firmly against his shaft. Natalya rocks back on her
knees with her nicely juicy ass smacking against Morrison's muscular waist as
she feels his cock ramming deeply inside of her.

"Ahhhh mmmmm yea..." Morrison moans as he pumps his cock for a few more
moments into Natalya's pussy before he pulls out. Natalya lifts her eyes and
seductively looks up at R-Truth as she slaps her tongue against the bottom
side of his black cock, while soothingly rocking her head back and forth on
his shaft.

Matt sits down on one of the side seats of the cabin and smirks, "Hey
Nattie... how about you ride me..." Matt says as he holds the minicam in
angle to film her lifting her head up off of R-Truth's saliva coated dick.

Natalya drags her wet tongue against the head of R-Truth's black cock before
she turns to glance over her shoulder with a smirk directed at Matt Hardy.
"Sounds perfect to me, babe..." Natalya says before she stands up from the
floor of the cabin and approaches Matt Hardy as he sits on one of the cabin
seats. Natalya tosses her blond hair back as she places her hands onto his
shoulders and eases herself onto his cock.

"Mmmmm yea..." Matt groans as Natalya lowers her pussy down onto his rock
hard cock. Matt places the minicam on the seat so that he can put both of his
hands on her hips as Natalya starts to rock on his cock.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmm yeah baby...ohhhh yeah..." Natalya moans as she smoothly
rocks back and forth on Matt's cock, feeling him start to thrust up into her
wet and tight pussy.

"Ahhh fuck... mmmm..." Matt groans as he thrusts his cock upward into
Natalya's pussy.

John Morrison picks up the minicam and smirks, "Would hate to miss
anything..." Morrison says as he aims the minicam at Natalya as she rides
Matt. R-Truth licks his lips as he moves to stand behind Natalya and as
Morrison realizes what he's going to do, R-Truth guides his big black dick
into Natalya's juicy round ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh....mmmmmmmm fuck!" Natalya moans loudly as she grits her teeth and
slightly digs her fingernails into Matt's shoulders as she sharply rocks
forward on his shaft, while R-Truth begins to pump his black cock into her
juicy ass.

"Ahhh shit... ahhh..." R-Truth groans as he thrusts his cock deeply into
Natalya's ass while she rocks between him and Matt Hardy who continues to
thrust his cock up into Natalya's wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhh fuck yeah...ohhhhh fuck yeah baby!" Natalya lustfully moans
as she rocks back and forth between R-Truth and Matt Hardy, feeling both of
their cocks equally working at thrusting deeply into her ass and pussy,
causing her to bounce and rocks sharply between them.

"Ahhhh fucking bounce Nattie..." Matt groans as Natalya bounces rapidly on
his big cock that's deep with in her pussy as R-Truth fucks her ass from
behind. Morrison licks his lips as he continues to film everything with
Matt's minicam.

"Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhhh yeah!" Natalya moans as she locks her beautiful eyes with
Matt Hardy while she rapidly bounces on his cock, feeling his shaft working
up against her pussy, while R-Truth has his hands on her juicy hips and
continuously pulls her back against his own cock inside of her ass.

"Awwwww ahhh yeah!" R-Truth groans as he drives his cock firmly into
Natalya's asshole while he pulls her back against himself.

Morrison moves to sit on the other cabin bench and smirks, "Hey guys how
about sharing Naughty Nattie?" Morrison asks as R-Truth begins to pull his
cock out of Natalya's ass.

Natalya glances back over her shoulder and slyly smirks back at John Morrison
as she remains smoothly rocking on Matt Hardy's cock. "Mmmmmm...I always have
time for the Shaman of Sexy, baby..." Natalya moans with a deep and sultry

"Then come on..." John Morrison smirks as he proceeds to move from the cabin
seat to lay on the floor of the cabin.

"Not a bad idea... cause I want to fuck your ass..." Matt grunts as he speaks
to Natalya while she keeps rocking on his dick.

Natalya smirks back at Matt Hardy before she slowly comes to a stop on Matt's
cock and easily lifts herself off of his shaft. Natalya turns around to face
John Morrison as he now lays on the floor of the cabin. Natalya positions
herself down on the floor with Morrison and easily straddles his gorgeously
tanned and perfectly muscular body, lightly lowering down onto his shaft.

"Ohh yea.." Morrison moans as Natalya grinds her pussy on his cock as she
lowers herself onto it. Morrison hands the minicam back to Matt as the dark
haired stud gets off the cabin seat and kneels behind Natalya. Matt smirks as
he films himself pushing his cock into Natalya's juicy ass.

"Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhh fuck....stuff that ass..." Natalya moans as she rocks back
on Morrison's cock in order to push back against Matt's cock as he slides
into her tight asshole.

"Mmmm fuck ahhh..." Matt Hardy groans as he thrusts his cock in and out of
Natalya's ass as films it with the minicam. Morrison places his hands on
Natalya's hips as he pumps his cock up into Natalya's tight wet pussy.

R-Truth licks his lips as he moves in front of Natalya, "Got room for the
Truth?" R-Truth asks with a grin as he taps the head of his cock against
Natalya's lips.

Natalya slyly glances up and smirks at R-Truth as she slaps her wet tongue
against the head of his black cock while he beats it against her lips before
she replies "Mmmm you bet Truth, baby..." Natalya replies as she opens her
mouth and takes the upper portion of his cock into her mouth. Natalya wraps
her lips around his cock and begins to bob her head steadily.

"Mmmm fuck..." R-Truth groans as he places his hands on his hips as Natalya
bobs her head on his big black cock once again.

"Ahhh awww..." Morrison moans as he quickens the pace of his upward thrusts
into Natalya's pussy while Matt keeps fucking her ass.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmmmm.....ohhhhhhhh!" Natalya moans around R-Truth's cock inside
of her mouth as she rocks back and forth on Morrison's cock inside of her
pussy, while Matt Hardy firmly pumps his cock into her tight and juicy ass.

"Ahhh mmmm yea mmmm..." Matt groans as he films Natalya's ass cheeks smacking
against his waist as she rocks back against his cock that's pistoning into
her ass. Natalya presses her lips firmly around R-Truth's black cock as she
turns her head, grinding her lips against his shaft, taking him deeper into
her mouth. Natalya lightly grabs at Morrison's muscular chest as she bounces
rapidly on his cock due to Matt thrusting into her ass.

"Ohhh shit... mmmm fuck..." Morrison moans as Natalya bounces and grinds
herself on his upward thrusting cock. R-Truth tilts his head back as his cock
starts to throb inside of Natalya's mouth as she takes his dick deeper past
her lips. Natalya lifts her eyes and glances up at R-Truth as she greedily
moves her head back and forth on his black shaft, taking him deeper into her
wet mouth, while her toned and tanned body grinds between Morrison and Hardy.

"Ahhh awwww fuck... mmmm..." R-Truth moans as he starts to cum inside of
Natalya's mouth as Matt and Morrison continue to pump their huge dicks into
her ass and pussy.

"MMMMMMMMMM!" Natalya groans as she turns her head on R-Truth's cock, tasting
his warm cum flooding her mouth.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm..." R-Truth groans as he holds his cock inside of
Natalya's mouth as she gives her a mouthful of his warm cum.

"Ahhh... mmmm awww..." John Morrison groans loudly underneath Natalya as he
starts to shoot his cum inside of her wet pussy while Matt pulls out of her
ass. Natalya lifts her head from R-Truth's cock and tilts her head back as
she proceeds to swallow his warm loud of cum, while she continues to rock on
Morrison's cock as he sprays into her pussy.

"Ahhhh mmmm this is the best way to ride a train..." Morrison groans as
Natayla grinds herself on his cum spraying cock. Matt smirks at Natalya as he
films her with his minicam while he strokes his cock as R-Truth sits down on
one of the cabin seats.

Natalya turns her head to slyly smirk at Matt Hardy as he holds his minicam
while filming her. "Now if I'm correct, leaves just you left.

"Yeah it does..." Matt grins as he films Natalya lifting herself off of John
Morrison's cum spent shaft in order to move towards him. "Careful Matt...
Nattie has ways of finishing guys off..." R-Truth laughs.

Natalya raises an eyebrow and smirks up at Matt Hardy as she remains down on
her knees. "Should I be nice with you Matt?"

Matt smirks down at Natalya as she kneels in front of him, "Nah.... be as
naughty as ya wanna be..."

Natalya licks her lips as she places her hands against her large and juicy
tits, slyly smirking up at Matt Hardy. "Put it right here babe...." Natalya
says. Matt smirks and nods his head as he bends his knees in order to lay his
meaty throbbing cock between Natalya's juicy tits. Matt holds the minicam
with both hands as Natalya presses her tits against his cock. Natalya smirks
as she presses her large tits tightly against Matt's cock as she starts
to move her tits together against his shaft. Natalya lowers her head and
spits her saliva down on to the head of his cock.

"Ahhh fuck..." Matt groans as Natalya slides her tits up and down his
pulsating cock as her saliva acts like lubricate to allow her to quicken her

" like that baby?" Natalya asks with a smirk as she moves her
large and juicy tits against his cock as it is sandwiched between her tits.

"Ohhh yeah..." Matt nods his head as he starts to thrust his cock between
Natalya's tits as she pumps her tits against his cock. Matt tries to hold the
minicam steady as his cock begins to erupt with a massive burst of cum
shooting from the piss-slit.

"Mmmmmmmm.....oh yeah baby!" Natalya moans as she licks her lips, watching
the cock explode with cum and erupting onto her large, juicy tits.

"Ahhh.... mmmm fuck..." Matt moans as Natalya keeps moving her large juicy
and cum covered tits against his erupting shaft until he's finished cumming.
Natalya removes her hands from her large tits, allowing Matt's cock to fall
out from between them.

"So... is anyone still bored?" Morrison asks with a smirk as he sits against
one of the cabin seats.

"I know I'm not..." R-Truth laughs.

Natalya raises an eyebrow and smirks slyly at R-Truth as she stands up from
the floor of the cabin. "You're not, babe?"

R-Truth sees how Natalya is looking at him and he grins, "Well... maybe I'm
still a little bored... any ideas of how to deal with that?"

"Well...we could go see how Ty, David and Tiffany are coming along?" Natalya
suggests with a lick of her lips.

"I better bring an extra tape for my minicam..." Matt grins.


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