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Right To Nudity Auditions
by Innovator Of Awesomeness

It was no secret: the `Right to Nudity' was vastly expanding--not only
with the audience, but the male and female wrestlers in the locker room as
well. Vince McMahon had finally discovered a sure ratings grabber, whether
the PTC dislikes the idea or not.

Kat, leader and founder of the illustrious group, was tired. She had just
worked a show in Memphis for her husband, Jerry "The King" Lawler, and made a
brief appearance during RAW is WAR and Smackdown! She returned to her locker
room a beaten, broken, and tired individual. She needed sleep. She needed
comfortable. She needed pleasure.

Despite her recent marriage, the Kat lacked the attention she desired.
Jerry's busy scheduled prevented him from "performing" night-after-night,
imprisoning Kat's pleasure deep within her diminutive stature. However, Kat
had devised a plan to retrieve her lost pleasures.

Kat, a master manipulator, had convinced Vince McMahon to allow backstage
auditions for Right to Nudity members. Originally, plans had called for the
entire group to interview men and women during WWF television, eventually
allowing for a few new members to the rapidly growing tantrum. Kat's
intentions were directed toward her own sexual disappointments, not her
ongoing angle.

Kat entered her locker room, dragging her feet along the linoleum floor
as she sloshed from side to side. It was obvious that she was feeling
disappointed, much less tired. Kat forced her head to eye-level as the door
swung open. Surprisingly, two figures stood in the room, awaiting her

"Val?" Kat recognized the individuals. "Terri? What are you two doing

"We want in," Val said sternly. He wore shorts and an old cut-off
"Valboski" T-shirt, a far stretch from his RTC attire.

"What?" Kat question, astonished. Her lack of sleep and pleasure had
completely erased the memories of the RTN interview request.

"We want to be part of the Right to Nudity," Terri replied, turning to
the mirror to adjust her hair. She appeared hotter than ever, decked in
spandex pants and her infamous mid-drift T-shirt, coming to a halt just
below her breasts. It was an outfit even Kat was jealous of.

"Oh, right," Kat remembered, taking a seat. "We have plenty of
opportunities open."

"Great," Val voiced, smiling broadly. "I need opportunities. This `Right
to Censor' garbage has completely ruined the career I once possessed. I
believe that a complete face turn to older routes will have me over in no
time flat."

"And," Terri interrupts, "I'm sick and tired of being paired with Perry
Saturn. It's an obvious ploy to get him over. I'm just there for the crowd
appeal. Perry needs me to save his career, and with it, his job. I'm done
being showcased as a secondary prize. I deserve each and every audience
member's applause, not Perry Saturn."

"Great points," Kat responds, attempting to sound firm. "However, the
`Right to Nudity' has strict rules and regulations. You must first pass the

"Which is...." Terri questions, glancing back at Kat.

"Normally," Kat starts, "the Acolytes and Jackie would enforce certain
rules. I've seen beer drinking contests... poker games... and other items in
that general area. But, I'm different. I need certain things, and winning a
hand in a game of poker is not one of them. I desire pleasure... and to
accomplish the task would be a ticket straight to this illustrious pairing."

"Let me get this straight," Val fires back, a bit angered "for us to join
the group, we have to do something... for YOU? We have to pleasure YOU? We
have to work hard to bring enjoyment to YOU?"

Kat nods seductively. Val's appearance of hostility turns to a sly grin.

"Baby," he leads, "let's do this."

Val steps in front of the seated Kat. She folds her arms across her belly
in anticipation. Hands laced behind his head, Val gyrates his hips, slowly
swaying back and forth. Terri stands behind him, observing his moves with
passion in her eyes. She had always loved the forgotten Val Venis, especially
his grinding and pivoting. It was a complete turn-on for the
self-proclaimed, "she-devil."

Terri continues to watch, desperately wanting to interrupt Val's trance
and fulfill her own sexual desires. She places her hands around the waistband
of her spandex pants, pulling slightly. Val glides his hands over is chest,
down toward his erect package. Terri cannot withstand the pleasure.
Immediately, her pants are tossed aside and the thong-clad Terri advances in
front of Val. He halts his sexual stupor.

Silently, Terri sinks to her knees, holding onto Val's shorts for balance.
He glances down at her with a grin, then places his hands behind her head as
a invitation. Terri willingly accepts, pulling Val's trousers down to his
ankles. His manhood stands erect, itching for attention. Terri parts her ruby
lips slightly, allowing Val's cock to penetrate into her awaiting mouth. She
tilts her head, trapping the entire piece deep within her hot aperture.
Gradually, Terri advances along the length of Val's cock, bobbing with the
forcefulness of his hand behind her head. He slams hiships forward, thrusting
himself further into Terri's inviting mouth. Val slips his fingers through
Terri's silky blonde locks, endeavoring toward her magnificent backside,
encased in a skin-colored thong. He squeezes her butt gently, testing its

"Pleasure her," Kat demands, switching positions in the chair.

Val fails to hesitate. He forces his index finger beyond Terri's thong
and deep within her pleasurable buttox. She moans, still intrigued with her
lover's tool.

"That's better," Kat responds, tugging her spandex shorts to the floor.
Stacey didn't wear underwear, and as her shorts fell to the floor, that fact
was apparent. Her lovebox glistens with juices, already released during Val's
erotic grind. However, to avoid the risk of appearing "easy", Kat buries her
fingers inside her moist pussy.

Fortunately, Val and Terri are completely shrouded in their own sexual
experiments, unbeknownst and uncaring to Stacey's deploy. Val, nearing
climax, advances his hands back to their locked position behind his head.

"Ooo... Terri..." he moans softly, "I'm about to cum..."

Terri, hearing the cries, plants her hands around Val's waist and switches
her pace. She focuses on the tip of Val's piece, teasing the purple head with
the tip of her tongue. Val's tool quivers, almost begging for her pleasure.
Terri slowly licks the drop of pre-cum off of his manhood, then diligently
excite s the tip of his cock with her tongue. Terri's temptation is too much
for Val to handle. He shoots his load unexpectedly, drenching the blonde's
face and half-shirt in his cream.

"Looks like somebody needs to be cleaned up," Kat announces, springing
from her chair.

Terri stands completely erect, coming to the full height of the eager
Stacey. Former in-ring enemies, the two women embrace in a sensual lip-lock.
Terri wraps her slender arms around Kat's back, cradling her bare bottom in
the palms of her hands. Val lies back in awe, stroking his manhood back to a
full erection as the beauties share a deep kiss.

"Come here, ladies," Val orders.

Hearing this, the ladies disband. Kat tears Terri's half-shirt from her
slim body, exposing her magnificent bulbs. Her nipples stand hard, topping
off an amazing set of breasts. Kat's pupils expand. She had felt certain
erotic emotions toward women before, but none that were this overwhelming.
Perhaps, she thought, it was the mood. Perhaps, she thought, it was the
sexual tone emulating throughout the room. Perhaps, she thought, it didn't
matter. Stacey wanted a piece of the Radicalz's sidekick, but she knew it
wasn't time. Terri struts toward the awaiting Val Venis, her breasts swinging
like giant pendulums.

Val lies back as the blonde bombshell approaches. His pecker stands high
and firm, almost inviting Terri over. As a lover of the male organ, Terri
cannot help but keep her eyes locked on his manhood, licking her lips
tenderly. She stands above Val's waist, hovering above his aching penis.
Taunting him, Terri lo cks her hands behind her head and grinds erotically,
dipping down. Her moist fuck-hole glides along the top of his pecker, sending
a quiver through the RTC member's frame.

"Ooo... Terri..." he moans.

Terri drops herself down a second time, this time meeting the tip of Val's
prick. Instantly, he thrusts his hips upward, impaling the unsuspecting

"OH!" Terri hollers as Val's dick pierces through her.

Gradually, the blonde beauty sinks to a squatting position, imprisoning
Val's piece buried within. Her labial lips enclose around the diameter of the
manhood, trapping it. Insinuatingly, Terri's entire frame adjusts to the
magnitude of Val's tool. It appeared large as she gazed upon it, but Terri
undere stimated the force that could be placed behind a piece that enormous.
Despite slight discomfort, Terri bounces to the rhythm of each thrust. Her
plump backside grazes the underside of Val's testicles as she matches his
pace with sheer expertise.

"Ooo... fuck me harder!" she coos, continually corresponding to Val's

In an attempt to show his male dominance, Val elevates his hips slightly,
thrusting into the blonde bombshell at an unbelievable pace. Terri bounces
with the increased rhythm, thrown around like a ragdoll. She is unable to
retain her balance, but manages to successfully rejoin with a similar pace to
her wild lover. Terri's 100 lbs. are tossed around with ease as she remains
entrapped around Val's member. Her blonde hair trashes out; her
silicone-injected breasts bounce in unison; her moans become passionate

Kat, observing the sexual ordeal, cannot help but become aroused. She
removes her latex shirt and pitches it aside, exposing her perky jugs. Her
small, circular nipples stand firm, itching for attention. Stacey endeavors
to the fallen Val Venis, feeling a certain degree of abandonment and
jealously toward Terri. Kat decides to take actions into her own hands. She
stands above Val's face, completely nude, flaunting her delicate extremities.
Val, appearing intrigued, wraps his chiseled hands around Stacey's slender

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty.." he jokes, lowering Kat's damp hole toward
his open and awaiting mouth.

As Kat is lowered into a knelt position--her legs wrapped around the
sides of Val's head--she finds herself face-to-face with Terri. A sudden jolt
of pleasure fills the Kat's frame as Val's tongue protrudes her insides.
Gently, his hands massage Stacey's stout backside, caressing it tenderly. His
tongue skewers her labial libs, slowly pleasuring her cervix. Kat's jaw
drops, releasing a moan. Terri inclines forward, licking Stacey's excited
nipple with the apex of her rough tongue.

"Ooo... yes!" Kat purrs, her hands wandering along the body of Terri

Stacy advances her hands to Terri's succulent mammories. Her petty hands
cannot quite cover the colossal breastworks, but Kat utilizes her pleasurable
fingers as an equal substitute. Placing her thumb and forefinger around the
browned nipple, Stacey excites the busty blonde. Like an expert, Stacey
forces the oversized nipple to an erection using her crafty handwork. She
rubs, massages, and even tweaks the tit at precise moments, switching between
each style momentarily.

"Ooh.." Terri moans, removing her lips from around Kat's breast. "That
feels... wonderful... oh!"

Terri's hands retract and remain at her side as her duplicated pleasure
continues. Val's piece continues to reign supreme, however, thrusting into
the blonde bombshell in an uncontrollable fashion. Nevertheless, Stacey's
unbelievable performance continues to startle Terri, whom had never
fantasized that a woman could make her feel this amount of pleasure. Sensing
this, Kat leans forward, wrapping her crimson lips around Terri's overlooked
breast, imitating the blonde's previous actions.

"Oh God!" Terri hollers, now feeling a threefold of pleasurable
experiences. She had had her magnificent breasts sucked before, but Kat's
tongue work was mind-blowing.

Terri could feel her erect nipple become the center of Stacy's attention
as she nibbled slowly. It felt painful, but Kat's soft tongue brushed along
the nipple preceding each delicate bite, placing a desirable sensation
speeding throughout Terri's frame.

"FUCK!" she screams, climaxing. "HMMMPPHHH!!!"

Terri's petite body rumbles as her orgasm shoots through her. Her cunt
lips tighten around Val's member, coating it with her juices. She shifts her
head back, releasing one final moan as her orgasm comes to a close.

"Jesus!" she screams, "that was awesome."

"Unfortunately," the Kat interjects, lifting herself to a full stance, "I
have not faced an orgasm tonight. However, I have a bit of a plan."

Spontaneously, the Kat tackles the shaken Terri to the carpet, gently
shoving the busty blonde on her back. Glassy-eyed, Terri peers into Stacy's
sex-craving pupils, smiling broadly. Her arms fall to the side, allowing Kat
to have her way. Stacey takes the initiative, burying her face between
Terri's thin thighs. Her nose brushes the blonde's slightly shaven pubic
hairs and her tongue graces the blonde's pussy. Hungrily, Stacey licks
Terri's crotch, almost like a cat would clean itself.

"OHH!" Terri moans, running her hands down Kat's slender back. "KEEP IT

Stacy can taste Terri's liberated orgasm as she devours her fresh juices.
She slides her soft tongue across Terri's clit, embedding it deep inside her.
Terri throws her head back, her blonde hair swaying from side to side. She is
in absolute heaven. Never had she imagined that an interview with the RTN
would be this way. Never had she imagined that another woman could bring her
this much pleasure. Never had she imagined that Kat's touch would feel so

Val rises to his knees, obviously in a state of awe. He cannot believe the
night he had been having.... and it wasn't over. He knew he had to make the
Kat "cream", so to speak, to make this in terview worth while, as if it
wasn't already. Watching Stacey and Terri's lesbian scene, Venis strokes his
meat gently, bringing it to a full erection and prepared for immediate
action. He positions himself behind Stacey, watching as her rounded butt
sways in the air, begging for attention. Val spreads Kat's buttcheeks with
his fi ngers, revealing her tight asshole. He's surprised Jerry hadn't worn
it out already, but didn't bother to ponder any longer. Val thrusts into Kat,
submerging his hardened meatstick.

"Oooo!" she purrs, overwhelmed with the sensation.

Gradually, Val rocks back and forth, feeling the tension of her tight
asshole clenching his tool. Stacey tries to keep her face buried between
Terri's thighs, but Val's hard thrusts are too much. Her vision turns to a
blurry mass of colors as she is propelled forward and shot backward. She
lifts her face from Terri's snatch and releases a blissful moan.

"OH GOD!" she moans aloud, on the brink of ending the interview.

Terri slips beneath Kat's fluctuating frame, sliding beneath her clit.
She encloses her lips around it, sucking and licking for all she is worth.
Val continues to penetrate Stacey, increasing the rate of his bucking hips
with each second that passes in their lustful timeframe. Val and Terri worked
toward vengeance, rather than a job as part of the Right to Nudity. Both had
already experience violent orgasms and were hell bent on forcing Stacey to
feel the same.

"I'M GONNA..." Kat screams, overcome with the double penetration.

Terri furiously nibbles on Stacey's clit, licking her with violent lashes
of her tongue. Val, almost drained of energy, bucks his hips like mad,
completely impaling Kat with his rod. Stacey throws her head back. Her hair
snaps coarsely in each direction. Her eyes shut and her teeth sink into her
bottom lip. Within an instant, she releases, sending a blockade of her own
dew streaming down Terri's angelic complexion. It was over. Val Venis and
Terri Runnels had become honorary members of the Right to Nudity.

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