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Ringside Or Rape
by JGarces

As soon as I had found out how hot Noelle Foley, the daughter of former professional wrestler Mick Foley, was, I've had a crush on her, as many wrestling fans have.

So naturally, when I got a job as a crew member on the YouTube show that she hosts for Ringside Collectibles called "Ringside or Riot", I jumped at the chance to take the job.

It was a great way for the company to promote their line of wrestling figures, but I of course, wanted only one thing out of it, and that was Noelle.

But despite the fact that she was on the surface a pleasure to work with, and had many ideas for how to make the show better, including doing skits, I also happened to notice that she had a nasty habit of flirting with all the guys on set and not putting out for them.

Which I later found out was because despite her being hot, blonde, and now reasonably famous, she was very much involved with WWE super fan Frank the Clown.

But that wasn't stopping her from using her body, or her flirting skills, to lead all the guys on set, and any other places she would go, on.

And I know this because she was doing it to me, always flirting with me during breaks on the set, but shooting me down when I asked her out or said something sexual to her.

So one day I decided that things between us had to change, and I was going to make her pay for all those times she had played with my emotions, and for playing with everyone else's emotions, as well.

And I was going to do that by taking away the one thing she had probably thought she'd always have: her dignity.

"Hey, where's Noelle at?" I asked one of the male staffers upon arriving for a production day on set, being told that she was in the make-up chair, and after which she would be ready to record an episode.

Except that today she was going to be raped on set, and there was nothing she could do about it, even if she didn't know it yet.

"She's in her dressing room now if you want to go after her," the same staffer told me, having heard of my plans to make her pay for her teasing ways, "just make sure you leave everything the way it was in there when you're done taking that teasing blonde bitch down a notch or two."

"What's up Noelle?" I said to her as I playfully knocked on her dressing room door, smiling to myself when she waved me in as I looked at her tight body in the blue jean shorts and tight black shirt, beginning to flirt with me yet again.

"You're gonna make me look good out there, right John?" she asked me as I stared between her legs, not even caring if she caught me.

"Of course Noelle, and I was kind of hoping maybe you and I could together somewhere and hook up afterward," I told her, knowing she was going to shoot me down again and fall right into my trap.

"You know I have a boyfriend," she told me as she forced a smile, knowing she still had to work with me, even though my persistence was starting to annoy her.

"Why are you locking the door John?" she asked, puzzled, as I forced myself on her and roughly kissed her as I felt up her tight body, my hands already undoing the button on her shorts and siding them off of her as I backed her into the wall.

"Boyfriend or not, you're not going anywhere until you give me some pussy Noelle..." I hissed in her ear, her cries falling on deaf ears when I kissed her roughly again, her hands slapping me on the back as I pulled her shirt over her head, unhooked her bra and started to suck on her tits, pulling off her panties as I pinned her to the wall and pulled my clothes off.

"What are you-" she started to ask, my hand covering her mouth as I lined my dick up with her pussy, ran it over her lips a few times, and slid into her.

"Relax and enjoy it bitch, because there's a lot of other horny guys on this set who are also tired of your teasing, and they're gonna make sure no one interrupts us until I'm done with you," I hissed in her ear as I thrust into her, causing her to burst into tears at the thought of being raped on the set that had brought her so much newfound fame..

"OHGOD...SOMEONE HELP...MMMMPPPPHHHH..." she moaned, the last part being muffled by my hand as I held it to her mouth and plowed her airtight pussy, forcing her legs around my waist as I started sucking on her tits again.

"So tight Noelle...but I bet you won't be when I get done with you..." I hissed in her ear as I drove my dick deeper and deeper into her tight cunt, her walls wrapping around it as I bottomed out inside of her, my balls slapping her ass as I pounded away on her.

"MMMPPPPHHHH," she moaned, trying to work one of her hands free to pull mine away from her mouth as I abused her pussy, her eyes starting to roll back in her head as she threw her head back.

"Cum for me Noelle, you sexy bitch," I taunted her as she shook her head no, her pussy having other ideas as it grabbed my dick and started squeezing it right as she shot a load of her cunt juices all over it, "because I'm going to cum inside you either way."

"NO...OHGOD..." she moaned as I jerked my hips into hers a few more times and exploded within her womb, my cum filling up her pussy as she threw her head back and cried out in disgust while I finished filling her and pulled out of her.

"Get down on your knees and suck my dick, you filthy whore," I sneered as I put my hands on the back of her head and pushed her to her knees, "unless, of course, you want me to fuck your pussy until I cum in you again and make your old man a grandpa."

"And no biting or I'll make sure he never sees you again," I warned her as I forced my dick between her lips and started to fuck her face, not even waiting for her to start sucking on it.

"MMMMPPPPPHHHH," she moaned from around my dick as she started to suck it, her hands wrapping around it as she bobbed her pretty little blonde head back and forth on it, my hands pushing her head even further onto it when I thought she wasn't doing a good enough job.

"Suck it Noelle, or I'm going in balls-deep and not stopping till I drown your womb in my cum," I hissed when she tried to pull off of it, not wanting to give me the satisfaction of cumming down her throat, "and swallow it too, slut."

"MMMMPPPPPPHHHH," she moaned from around my dick as I buried it at the back of her throat and shot my cum down it, causing her to nearly choke on it as she struggled to appease me and swallow it all down, finally succeeding just as I started backing my dick out of her hot little mouth.

"Get back over here bitch! I'm not through with you yet!" I shouted at her as she slapped me and tried to crawl for the door, only making it halfway there before I pulled her hips back and rammed my dick into her ass.

"Some sluts got to learn the hard way," I told her as I started thrusting into her ass, her cries getting louder and louder as I pounded her ass.

"'" she shouted as I drove my ass deep into her bowels, grabbing her hip and pulling them into mine as I worked over her tight little ass.

"That's the idea, slut," I taunted her as I drove my dick in and out of her ass, her anal walls clinging to my dick as I buried it deep in her ass one last time and held it there.

"Sluts like you who don't give up the pussy so easily probably take it up the ass all the time, so I bet this won't be the first time you take a man's cum in yours," I taunted her as I grabbed her hips one last time and pulled back on them, shooting my cum deep into her bowels as she shot a trickle of her sex fluids down the insides of her legs.

"Stupid just came from me raping this tight little ass...I guess I was right all along," I taunted her as I pulled my dick out of her ass and pulled my knife on her when she tried to escape yet again, placing the blade of it up against her spinal cord when she tries to make a run for it.

"Give me your pussy again and no one has to get hurt Noelle," I told her as I directed her to the couch in the dressing room, "otherwise, I'm just going to have to drive this knife blade right between your shoulder blades."

"OHGOD...just get this over with..." she muttered to herself as she closed her eyes and turned her head, refusing to look me in the eye as I placed the knife blade at her wind pipe and raped her again.

"Maybe you shouldn't be such a little cock-teasing whore then," I taunted her as I pounded away on her tight pussy for the second time, her back arching as her hips started to twist around my dick.

"Stop enjoying it slut," I taunted her, slapping her in the face a few times as she threw her head back and lost control of her bodily functions again, her eyes rolling back into her head as I hammered into her.

"OW...OHGOD...stop that!" she shouted after I slapped her a few more times, her pussy walls clinging to my dick as I thrust in and out of her, feeling them start to put the squeeze on my it again.

"You're nothing but Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy's Little Cock Teasing Cum Slut," I sneered as I pounded away on her pussy, throwing her legs around my waist as I felt her start to cum for me again as I picked up the pace of my thrusts into her.

"FUCK YOU...YOU...BASTARD..." she shouted as I thrust into her one last time and shot my load deep into her pussy, her walls pulling on my dick as I held it deep inside of her, kissing her cervix with it as I flooded her cunt with my baby-making fluid.

"I'm not the one who just got fucked Noelle, you are!" I hissed as I filled her pussy one last time and pulled out of her, running my dick along her cunt lips one last time as I sucked on her tits and slapped her around some more.

"I ought to fuck you one more time just to make sure you get pregnant, you little whore," I taunted her as I slid back into her and began thrusting away inside of her, her tight walls wrapping my dick up tight as I slapped her around and drove my dick into her.

"OHGOD...please don't cum inside me again...don't get me pregnant..." she begged me, her cries going unnoticed by me since I was focused on one thing and one thing only, and that was raping her one last time.

"SHUT UP CUNT! My only wish is that I could be there when you have to explain this pregnancy to the old man," I sneered in her ear, my dick bottoming out in her tight, wet cunt as she threw her head back and pushed her hips into mine, unable to keep herself from cumming for her rapist again, "of course he probably already knows deep down in his heart that his daughter is nothing but a two-bit cock-teasing whore!"

"OHGOD...OH FUCK...not again..." she moaned as I grabbed her hips and pulled them forward, her eyes rolling back in her head as she shot a little trickle of her cunt juice out onto my dick as I picked up the pace of my thrusts into her and started sucking on her tits.

"!" I hissed as I came deep in her young, tight, fertile womb one last time, punctuating each word of that sentence by shooting a thick, sticky load of my baby seed into her until I had nothing left to give and pulled out of her, laughing at her the whole time.

"OHGOD...OHGOD...what do I tell him? OHGOD..." she kept muttering to herself, crying her eyes out at the thought of getting impregnated by me as I calmly got dressed and started to make my exit.

"How about you apologize to him for being nothing more than a common street whore, you worthless slut," I sneered as I threw her clothes at her and walked out the door, hurling one last insult at her, "and if you tell anyone that you got pregnant because of a rape, I'll make sure all the horny guys on this set get a chance at you if you ever show your face here again."

And that was the last anyone saw of Noelle for a few months, but she finally resurfaced three months later, already starting to show signs of the pregnancy she was going through thanks to me.

I had heard through the grapevine that both her father and the WWE were putting up a lot of money to find me and lock me away, but due to the threats I had levied against her, she was unwilling to cooperate with anyone and spent her days and nights in a deep depression thanks to me knocking her up and teaching her a lesson she would never forget.

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