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with the title heading "WOWEFA Story Submission" I'm a little late with this one wrestling fans, but better late than
never, right? This is a little ditty I composed to commemorate the lovely
Lita's return to wrestling. If you know me, you know she's my favorite. So
this one is for her. I wanted it out about a month ago, but I got busy...sue
me. ;-)

This story takes place on the night Lita made her return to RAW. It's an
offshoot of sorts to Harem because it refers to events that took place in
Harem 8 and Harem 10. If you haven't seen any of those stories than be very
ashamed of yourself. I'm disappointed in you. Now go read them and come back
here to take a look at this. And after that go to your local bookstore and
buy Lita's book. I sure did.

Now for the legal things. This story is pure fantasy and not meant to infer
anything about the backstage activities of Amy Dumas, Trisha Stragigias, Nora
Greenwald or Gail Kim. It is a fictional fantasy and not meant to be taken as

Also, if you're under 18 I'm afraid you can't read this story. You can watch
RAW and fantasize that these things happen, but you can't read the story. I'm
sorry, but that's the law and what the man says goes.

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Now onto the fun....

Ripped, Writhing And Dripping
by KMB

Her heart pumping a thousand miles a minute, Amy Dumas couldn't help but
smile as she sat down on the bench and tried to catch her breath. She had
done so many things lately to push herself and increase her strength and
endurance and now she couldn't do something as simple as catch her breath.

But she just couldn't stop her heart from racing. Adrenaline pumped in her
veins and even though she had just completed a relatively simple set of
moves, she was sweating like she'd just participated in an hour-long Ironman
marathon match.

Not that she minded the feeling though. She couldn't remember the last time
she had felt this good. Part of her never wanted her body to stop racing. Amy
never wanted to forget the exhilaration of what she had just done. It had
been almost 18 months of hard work and it had been worth every drop of pain
that had pounded her rehabbing body.

Amy could close her eyes and still hear the cheers. Of course they were
technically cheering for Lita, her character in the WWE, but Amy didn't make
the distinction nor felt that she had to. To her Amy Dumas was Lita and Lita
was Amy Dumas. The cheers out there...they had all been for her. The fans
knew what had happened to her. They knew the pain she had endured after neck
surgery. They knew how hard she had worked to get herself back
Monday Night get the feeling of being out there in the ring with all
eyes on you.

She had been so nervous all day. They had rehearsed down to the second what
point in the match she would run down to save Trish from Gail and Molly's
beating. Amy knew she could do it. She knew she could do all her moves. But
what she had been worried about was whether or not the fans would react. They
had always popped so huge for her, but she hadn't been in action in 18 months
and so much had changed since then. Would they remember her? Would they cheer
like they used to?

The answer to both questions had been an enthusiastic yes and Amy was flying
now. There was nothing like experiencing those cheers and hearing the fans
chanting your name. Amy had pushed herself every day to get back here. There
had been so many setbacks and times that she had thought she would never,
ever be able to return from her surgery. But she had kept going, through all
the pain and soreness, and now she was back. It had never felt so good to be
out there.

Amy was overcome with emotion from the response she had gotten. The cheers
had sent chills down her body and she had almost lost it out there. She had
never been the type to cry easily, but when she had heard those cheers for
her, Amy felt tears in her eyes. She had actually had to pause for a split
second and collect herself before she began kicking ass in the ring. Amy was
sure no one else had noticed her quick pause, but to her it was a surge of
emotions like she had never felt and those emotions hadn't cooled one bit
since she had left the ring.

Now she was back in the women's locker room with a big smile on her flushed
face. Her heart was still pounding. She knew she had to find a way to cool
down and relax, but she couldn't and she also knew she didn't want to. Amy
wanted this adrenaline to keep pumping.

"Hey there partner," Amy heard a voice behind her say and she turned around
to greet Trisha Stragigias, who to the WWE fan base was best known as Trish
Stratus. Trish was going to be Amy's partner at the Pay Per View this weekend
and Amy greeted her friend with a happy hug.

"God that was just amazing out there," Trish said with a wide smile. "The
crowd really loved it. We totally had them from the second the match

The feud Trish had been engaged in the past few weeks had been built up
particularly well and the crowd had indeed been into the match from her first
appearance. Trish and Lita were two of the more popular girls on the roster
and, as wrestlers; they knew that the worst possible thing was no crowd
reaction. When the crowd wasn't into the match, there was just dead silence
and those were the times that made you want to hang up your boots for good
and go home.

Trish had been in the unfortunate position of having to receive a beating
from the evil team of Molly Holly and Gail Kim at the time of Lita's return,
but she had certainly heard the roar of the crowd when the redhead had zipped
in to her rescue. Trish had been ecstatic to hear the crowd pop for her like
that. Even though it wasn't happening to her, Trish still felt that surge of
excitement from playing even a part in it. Besides, it was good to have Amy
back. Trish had missed having her as a friend...and there were other reasons
she had missed her as well.

It was taking all of Trish's willpower not to bring those reasons up, but
she kept telling herself that this wasn't the time or the place. She'd been
waiting 18 months for a moment like this, so what was it going to matter if
she waited a day or two more when things had calmed down. Amy was too pumped
from her adrenaline right now. Trish could see that easily. It made sense to

But as often as Trish told herself that, she still couldn't get it out of her
head that she should grab her chance now. It was so hard for her to be around
Amy and to be so close to her as she wore just tan shorts and a black bra top
and not think about the fantasies that had danced around her head all these
many months.

Trish had always fantasized and wondered what it would be like to be with
another woman since she had arrived in the WWE, but she had never had the
courage to act. The day that Amy had confessed to her that she had made love
to Jessica Alba in her trailer while filming her part on "Dark Angel" was
the day that Trish's fantasies had kicked into overdrive. Amy's hot
experience had given Trish the courage to finally make something happen and,
one day when Jessica dropped by to look for Amy, Trish put all her fears
aside and went for it.

It had been absolutely amazing with Jessica. It was everything Trish had
imagined it would be and more. Jessica was so soft and sexy and her kiss so
passionate and tender all at once. Trish could still close her eyes and
remember how good it felt to play with the actress' generous, all natural
breasts and the sweet, hot taste of her tight pussy. The fact that their
steamroom encounter had turned into a threesome when Trish's fellow Diva,
Stacy Keibler had walked in on them had turned it from merely amazing to the
best sexual experience of Trish's life.

Trish hadn't seen Jessica since that wonderful day, but she had played around
with Stacy many times since. Every time their boyfriends had pissed them off
or they were simply horny for pussy, Stacy had always been willing to spread
her long legs for Trish's hungry tongue. But there was still something Trish
was missing and she knew it was the sexy creature standing right next to her,
oblivious to her fantasies.

For so long Trish had regretted not making a move on Amy the day the redhead
had confessed her encounter with Jessica. Amy's neck had gotten so sore by
then and it was obvious she was in pain, so Trish held back her own desires.
But since then she had wondered what would have happened if she had leaned
over to her friend, kissed her and told her she knew a way to make her feel
better. Trish's own encounter with Jessica had happened soon after, but she
still wondered what might have been.

It had been so long since then that Trish had even begun to lose her nerve
about telling Amy how she felt. What if Amy had come to regret what she had
done with Jessica? What if Amy didn't want to mix business with pleasure?
What if Amy didn't feel the same attraction that she did?

All of those questions were keeping Trish from coming right out and spilling
her desires to her friend. Amy had seemed so receptive to the pleasure of
girl girl sex that day, but that was then. Who knew what her reaction would
be now? Instead Trish told herself to try her seduction later...maybe over a
bottle of wine back at the hotel. She tried to push her sexy thoughts away
and get ready for her shower.

Trish watched as Lita undid the laces for her boots and pulled them off,
right along with her socks. Hoping that soon Lita would be stripping off her
bra and shorts, Trish busied herself by getting undressed as well. They had
done this in front of each other so many times, but the desires Trish had
stifled for so long had never been this powerful.

The busty blonde was still wearing the silver and blue two-piece outfit she
had on in the ring. Trying not to stare at Amy, Trish undid her own boots and
pulled them off before doing the same to her tank top. The top had been so
tight that it had been unnecessary for Trish to wear a bra underneath. So
when she yanked the top over her head, she exposed a full dose of puppy power
to Amy. As she wondered if Amy could see how hard her nipples were getting,
Trish began to reach for her belt.

Of course not only did Amy notice, all she was thinking about was reaching
over, grabbing Trish's huge tits and getting those pink nipples in her mouth.
Being this close to a woman as beautiful as Trish had Amy thinking back to
all the sweet pleasure Jessica had given her that afternoon in her trailer.
It had been way too long since Amy had sex with anyone and she was longing
for the soft touch of a woman like never before.

Like Trish, Amy had developed more than a few girl/girl fantasies over the
years. But she had never expected to act on them. Jessica had changed all
that. Through all the pain she had experienced and all the endurance it had
taken to make her way back, one thing Amy could always count on to give her
pleasure were the memories of her and Jessica. Amy could practically still
taste Jessica's juices on her lips and it always made her hot to remember the
touch of her hands and her tongue all over her naked body. Jessica had made
her come so hard and ever since that passionate afternoon, Amy had been dying
to experience girl sex again.

Her confession to Trish had been calculated as a way to try and work her way
into the blonde's panties. As soon as she had given Jessica a kiss goodbye,
Amy's thoughts had turned to the sexy women she worked with, particularly
Trish. Amy had invited her friend over that day and shared her hot lesbian
escapades as the beginning of a seduction attempt.

Unfortunately, her neck had been hurting too much for Amy to try and close
the deal. And after that it had been 18 months of rest, rehabilitation and
time away from her fellow Divas. Now she was back and all her fantasies had
returned, with friends. There were just so many fuckable women here. There
were beauties like Stacy and Torrie Wilson and fresh meat for her to stare
at like Jackie Gayda and Dawn Marie. But of all of them, Amy wanted Trish
the most. Her unfulfilled conquest of a year and a half ago weighed heavily
on her mind.

Amy had no idea how accepting Trish would be to a same sex advance. She
hadn't seemed offended when Amy had spilled the naughty details about her and
Jessica, but she hadn't exactly stripped and brought her pussy to her face
either. Amy did know she wanted this. She wanted Trish. She just had to find
the right moment. Amy's fires were burning for Trish, but she knew she had to
try and cool them a bit.

The adrenaline pumping through her wasn't helping matters though and neither
was watching Trish strip right in front of her. Amy had to remind herself not
to pant and drool as Trish stood there topless, her heavy breasts jiggling
seductively as the blonde undid the belt to her silver and blue pants and
slowly pushed them down her legs, exposing a tight pair of gray panties that
clung so naughtily to the curves of Trish's ass.

Part of Amy wanted to just tackle Trish and start humping her face. If Trish
gave her a sign, any sign, that she'd be open to it, Amy would have been all
over it, tearing off her remaining clothes as easily as she'd whipped her
shirt off in the ring and getting her cunt where it belonged...right against
Trish's full, sexy lips. But Amy didn't see that sign, so she held back.

As she tried not to expose too much of her arousal, Trish proceeded to
expose everything else. She pushed her panties down her legs and pulled
off her socks before tossing them away with the rest of her clothes in her
locker. She deliberately took her time in reaching for a towel to wrap
around her nude body because she wanted to make sure Amy could ogle her if
she wanted to.

Do you like what you see, Amy? Trish thought that to herself and wished she
had the guts to go out and say it. I know I'm as sexy as our little friend
Jessica. If you liked her body, just wait till you get a feel of my big, sexy
tits and my wet, tight pussy. I want you Amy. I want you to want me too. Say
you want to fuck me baby. Say it loud so the whole fucking locker room can
hear you.

Unfortunately, Trish could only say that in her head. She tried to force
the words past her lips, but it wouldn't work. Instead she wrapped the
large white towel around herself, covering up the nude girl flesh Amy so
badly wanted to worship. Both girls tried to cover up the fact that they
were staring at each other as they each waited for any sign from the other
that it was ok to make a move.

"Gonna hit the showers or are you just gonna stand there sweating?" Trish
teased, finally finding the ability to speak.

"Yeah, be there right behind you," Amy said, Trish's words snapping her out
of the little lust trance she had put herself in. If it had been possible for
someone to come just by looking at another person, Amy would have done that
right there for Trish. Seeing her stand there naked was like holding out food
to a starving man.

Amy had seen Trish nude dozens of times. But now she noticed every curve on
her beautiful body, right down to every last hair on her tiny black landing
strip of fur above her pussy. Amy had to stop herself from groaning in
disappointment when Trish covered up. God, she wanted her so fucking bad.

Trish started to walk away but suddenly she stopped. What the fuck was she
doing? She was being a little chicken shit and that wasn't who she was. She
never would have gotten out of Toronto if that had been her true nature. All
her life she had gone after what she had wanted and not stopped until it was
hers. Why was she scared now?

She hadn't been scared to go after Jessica. She had talked her out of her
clothes and into the steamroom and then made her move. She had been nervous
to do it, but it hadn't scared her off. Why was she hesitating now? Suddenly
Trish felt as if it had to happen now. She didn't want to push it off because
if she did she feared another excuse would come up and then another and
another until the window was closed. It was like a sudden fear filled her
that if she didn't do this now she'd never get her chance and that fear
easily eclipsed any potential fear of Amy rejecting her.

Trisha wouldn't have become Trish without taking big chances and the blonde
turned around suddenly to face Amy, determined to take another big chance.

"Wait Amy...ummm there's something I have to tell you," Trish said, gathering
her courage as she stood next to Amy, the towel still wrapped tightly around
her otherwise naked body.

"What's up Trish?" Amy asked, her hands dropping back to her sides. She
had been just about to reach back and undo her bra, but she paused in her
undressing to hear what Trish had to say.

"Well it's just've been gone so long and...oh God, there's
been something I've been dying to say to you for all that time," Trish
stammered slightly. She had practiced her seduction speech in her head like
a zillion times, but now at the moment of truth she had forgotten it all. She
had to improvise and fast.

"Well you and I...ummm...I mean, that day you had me over and you...ohhh man
I...I wanted to tell you then and now you're back and I wasn't going to...but
then I felt like I had to and you just...I mean I'm so happy you're back and
I want to...but I don't know, it's just I wasn't sure how you felt anymore
and I...awww fuck!" Trish then dropped her torturously mangled speech and
made her point the best way she knew how. She pulled Amy to her, placed her
hands on her face and impetuously kissed her.

Amy's eyes flew open when she felt Trish's lips fasten to her in a sizzling
kiss. She could feel all of Trish's passion and desire flow into her open
mouth and when she felt the blonde's tongue slide into her Amy found herself
moaning in desire. It was just what she wanted. She just hadn't been
expecting it. But it felt so fucking good to be kissing Trish that when she
suddenly pulled away Amy groaned in disappointment.

"I...I...I'm sorry Amy," Trish apologized profusely. "I just didn't know how
to tell you how I felt and it seemed like a good idea..."

Suddenly Trish stopped cold and changed her tone completely.

"You know what? I'm not sorry...I wanted to kiss you and it felt good..."
Trish said confidently. The feel of Amy's lips lingered for her and it fueled
her on. "No, fuck felt amazing I'm glad I did it and I want to do
it again. I want to kiss you and strip you and fuck you. I hope you want it
too because I really don't feel like taking no for an answer!"

"Trish?" Amy interrupted.

"Yes Amy?" Trish replied hopefully.

"Stop wasting time talking and come fuck me," Amy grinned wickedly, her smile
crossing from ear to ear. Trish had to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't
dreaming. She'd longed to hear those words for so long and she didn't waste
another second before getting her lips back against her friend's.

This time Amy was ready for the kiss and she happily returned it. This was
just what she had wanted. The feel of Trish's lips to hers was even better
than she had dreamed. Their had been so many nights over the past year and a
half where the thought of how it would feel to kiss Trish would do wonders
for dulling the aches in pains in Amy's body. Now it wasn't just a
masturbatory fantasy. It was the real thing and Amy wanted to savor every
bit of it.

"Get this damn towel off," Amy giggled as she helpfully yanked the fluffy
white cover away from Trish's body. Her nudity exposed once again, Trish
grinned and struck a pose, modeling her bare flesh for her aroused friend.
She placed one hand on her hip and ran the other through her blonde hair,
cocking her hip out and jutting her huge tits forward.

"You like?" Trish asked teasingly.

"Mmmmmm fuck yeah have no idea how long I've waited for this,"
Amy grinned back, her voice almost a needy growl of pent up horniness.

"Me too," Trish admitted. "God Amy, I want you so bad baby. I've been
dreaming of this happening ever since you told me about Jessica. I don't
want to wait one more second. I can't wait. I want you now. I want to fuck
you over and over again and drain you of every drop of girl cum you've got
in that hot body."

"Ooooh I like the sound of that," Amy said with a lick of her lips. "Get
over here and kiss me again you nasty girl."

Amy's heart was beating hard again, but this time it was for the one thrill
that could possibly rival hearing them cheer and chant for you. It was the
rush that only came from a beautiful, naked woman begging to fuck you.

Trish loved the sound of Amy's demand, but she didn't immediately obey. She
had a request of her own first.

"No...strip for me first baby," Trish implored. "I don't want to be the only
one naked here. Show me that amazing body of yours. Show me every fucking
inch of you."

There was no way Amy could refuse a request like that, especially since
Trish's blue eyes were filled with sexual need. They were just begging for
the sight of Amy's body and Amy was not inclined to make them suffer. Instead
she stepped away from the bench, tossed her head back to send her long red
hair flying and reached around back for her bra.

"Yessss..." Trish hissed as her hand snaked its way down her stomach and
right for her heated core. She had seen Amy naked so many times before, but
this was the first time there was intent behind the flesh show and Trish was
going to enjoy every second.

"You wanna see em Trish? You wanna see my tits?" Amy teased wickedly after
unsnapping her bra, but holding it to her body to keep it from dropping off.

"Ooooh yessss please..." Trish begged, her hand rubbing her wet slit. "Show
me Amy. Show me those sexy tits. Show them to me just like you showed them to
Jessica. Strip baby. Strip naked for me so I can fuck you so good."

At the sound of that enticement, Amy smiled again and moved her hands away,
letting her black bra slip off her shoulders and fall to the locker room
floor. Lita certainly wasn't all-natural, but still Trish dwarfed her breast
size. Amy didn't mind though and, judging from the ecstatic look that passed
over the blonde's face, neither did Trish.

"Now your shorts," Trish directed with a quick flip of her hand while she
continued to rub her wet pussy into a creamy frenzy with her finger play
against her slit. "Get em off baby. Your panties too. Show me everything."

"Just keep rubbing that pussy for me sweetie and you'll get everything you
want," Amy promised.

As aroused as Trish was getting watching Amy strip, the redhead felt double
watching Trish pleasure herself. Amy couldn't take her eyes off Trish's hand
rubbing her wet cunt lips, spreading them open and exposing her glistening
desire and pink folds. Amy wanted her fingers to be doing that...or better
yet her tongue. She couldn't wait to get a taste of Trish and Amy knew the
quickest way to do that was to get naked.

"Oh yes I'll rub myself," Trish moaned. "I'll rub my pretty pussy raw for
you Amy. Fuck! I want you so goddamn bad!"

Trish found herself getting close to orgasm, just by rubbing her labia as Amy
undid her belt and tantalizingly pulled it away from her shorts. She tossed
the belt on the ground and then bent over, placing her hands on the bench
before the lockers and sticking her ass out.

"You want my shorts off so bad Trisha?" Amy asked, using Trish's real name
as incentive to make sure she had her attention. "Then do something about it!
Get these things off me and don't even think about stopping rubbing that
pussy of yours."

Trish was on the redhead in a second. She kept one hand glued to her
honeypot and used the other to undo the button and yank down the zipper
of Amy's shorts. It was hard to do this one handed, but Trish managed and
besides it felt fucking amazing to be spooned up against Amy's body from
behind, pressing her bare tits against the returning Diva's bare back.
Trish made sure Amy could feel her hard nipples rubbing her flesh as she
pulled the shorts down her leg, exposing one of Amy's trademark thongs.

This one matched the black of her bra and, as bad as Trish wanted to get at
what was underneath it, she had to step back and admire how Amy looked in it.
The small black thong offered such a tantalizing view of Amy's ass that it
was all Trish could do to not reach out and smack those toned butt cheeks of
hers. But Trish knew she could play those games later. Right now she didn't
want to play. She just wanted to fuck.

"So sexy," Trish purred into Amy's ear as she hugged her friend and soon to
be lover with her inactive arm from behind. Trish's hands began to rub up
and down Amy's stomach, caressing her new and improved abs of steel. Amy's
stomach was as hard as a washboard, but she was still all woman and Trish
could feel the heat coming from the front of her thong.

"Are you nice and wet for me baby?" Trish inquired.

"Feel for yourself," Amy smiled as she took Trish's free hand and guided it
to her pussy. She let Trish slide her eager hand right under the waistband
for her thong. Trish immediately moaned when she touched the heated lips of
Amy's cunt. She began rubbing them, playing with Amy's slit just as she was
doing to her own. The touch to herself was almost an afterthought to Trish
right now. She was concentrating too much on enjoying Amy's body that she
was ignoring the touch to her own.

"Awwwww yesss Trish...feel how wet my pussy is for you," Amy groaned. "God,
I never thought this would happen so quick. Mmmm I've wanted you for so long
too Trish. God, you're one of the reasons I worked so hard to get back here.
I wanted to see you again and finish what we couldn't start that day."

Trish's hands sped up on the work she was doing to both Amy's pussy and her
own. She wanted to do so much more than just rub Amy's pulsing cunt, but
Trish couldn't stop. All she could do was reluctantly disobey Amy's order
and take her hand away from her own dripping sex. Trish then used her juice
covered hand to reach down and pull Amy's thong down her body. Trish still
kept herself behind her friend, pressing her heaving chest against her back
and kissing the back of Amy's neck as the moaning redhead bent forward on
the bench and supported herself with her outstretched hands.

"No more waiting," Trish sighed dreamily in between kisses as she moved down
Amy's neck to the tattoo that covered her entire right shoulder and down
part of her arm. Trish kissed all over the intricate design, almost trying
to trace it over with her tongue as her fingers began to push inside Amy's
pussy. "Now we're going to fuck and nothing is going to stop us."

"That's just what I want to hear," Amy said before pulling herself up and
breaking the positing she and Trish were in. Amy turned herself around so
she was facing Trish and they immediately fell into another passionate kiss.
Their tongues flew into each other's mouth and wrestled for the only thing
sweeter than the Women's Championship...the control of this encounter.

They were hardly in a private place, but neither overheated Diva cared. They
didn't care who walked in or what their reaction was. They weren't stopping
their locker room fun for anyone or anything.

Now that Amy was facing her, Trish was able to get finger her with much more
ease. Two of her fingers pushed past Amy's tight cunt lips and into her soft,
pink insides. She was so wet and so ready for this and Trish loved it. She
loved it even more when Amy responded in kind and pushed two of her own
fingers deep into Trish's wet channel of burning lust. The two naked girls
kissed each other without concern for oxygen as they vigorously pumped their
fingers in and out of the other's slippery snatch.

"Oooooooh Trish...yessss baby finger my cunt...get my wet pussy off baby,"
Amy groaned. "Mmmm you're the first girl I wanted to do this to after I
played with Jessica. She was so hot Trish, she made me feel so fucking good
and now I'm gonna make you feel even better. God, you have no idea...she was
so good..."

"Actually...oooooh don't stop...I do know," Trish began to confess in between
moans. "I wanted you so bad that day when you told me and I was going crazy
with lust for all these girls I saw. I wanted to fuck them all and then when
we were in L.A., Jessica came looking for you...and I saw her and we
talked...and then ooooooooh yessssssss Amy...fucking yesssss...we got into
the steam room and ohhhhhhhhhhhh babyyyyyyy..."

Trish continued with every hot detail of her encounter with Jessica that day
at the Staples Center. She told her Jessica had made her
come so hard and then how she's tasted a woman for the first time and how
she'd rubbed her tits against Jessica's pussy and then...then how Stacy had
caught them and been seduced into the fun. Amy's eyes glazed with lust. Fuck
what a day that must have been. Amy had no idea Stacy was into girls and now
that she knew...plans were already forming to get under her short skirt.

"Mmmmmm you little slut...fucking both of those hotties," Amy groaned happily
as she and Trish continued to explore each other's pussy with their fingers.
"I'd have given anything to watch you two get Stacy naked and take that tight
little asshole of hers. Oooooh yesss....God I need to come Trish...make me
come baby. Push those fucking fingers inside me and do me hard! Make me
fucking come!"

"I wish you'd been there," Trish moaned right back, feeling her own pent up
orgasm approach. "Mmmmm we'd have fucked you so good...all four of us naked
in that damn steamroom...yesssssss three was good...four would have been so
fucking amazing! Ughhhhhh yessss Amy...give it to me baby! Finger my slippery
snatch like I'm fucking you!"

Their words ceased as Amy responded to the pleasure coursing through her
body by mashing her lips against Trish's. They kissed madly and passionately,
sucking on each other's tongues like frantic animals fighting over a piece of
meat. Neither girl could get enough. Their slick, cum covered fingers pushed
in and out of their pussies as they rubbed each other raw. Moans and screams
of ecstasy were muffled by their kisses and both girls were panting with lust
when they finally pulled away to breathe.

"" Amy grunted as she struggled to draw breath again.

Trish was right behind Amy when it came to their orgasms. Her nude body was
sweating and shaking as she and her red headed lover stood in the middle of
the locker room fingering each other without a care or concern for anything
else. Trish's hair was already sticking to her body and her skin was glowing
more than any match could ever make her.

Amy looked the same way. Her tits were bouncing with every hand thrust
between Trish's legs and her skin was sweaty in the best way. She was soaked
with perspiration and lust and every hair on her head felt like it was
standing with anticipation for what was to come. It had been so long since
she'd felt this good and when the sweet rush of orgasm began, Amy didn't
fight them off to prolong pleasure. She just let them ride her naked body
like a bronco.

"YESSSSSSS SOOOOOOOO FUCKING GOOOOOOOD!!!" Amy screamed as she came, coating
Trish's hand with hot girl cum. Trish squealed in delight as her fingers
dripped with Amy's honey. She kept fingering her friend as she came, even as
her own orgasm began.

orgasmic bliss. Her eyes shut and she felt as if she would have floated away
from her orgasm except for Amy's sudden kiss to her lips. The rest of Trish's
cries were covered, but the blonde didn't mind. She hungrily tasted Amy's
kiss again as her brief, but intense orgasm rocked her where she stood.

"Mmmmm so how about we get into that shower now," Amy suggested. She and
Trish were still rubbing each other, as if they were afraid that if they
stopped they would both wake up from a wonderful dream. Their hands glistened
under the light of the locker room and the aroma of hungry sex filled the
space around them.

As much as Trish didn't want to stop this until girl cum was coating both
their hands again, she loved that idea. There was so much more she could do
to Amy after getting her under the water and Trish couldn't wait to start
soaping up Amy's hottest of spots. So, without another word, Trish let Amy
take her sticky, cummy hand and lead her toward the showers.

Meanwhile, completely unaware of what was going on behind the closed doors,
two other WWE Divas were headed for the locker room looking to get out of
their gear, grab a shower and then rest their sore bodies back at the hotel
for the rest of the night. Nora Greenwald and Gail Kim had been making a lot
of noise as the Women's Division's top two heels and, even though the night's
events had resulted in both of them getting a beatdown, they were still happy
with the way things had gone. Nora was much more recognizable when she used
her in-ring name of Molly Holly, but Gail didn't have that problem. She was
Gail Kim in the ring and Gail Kim out of it. The only difference between
fantasy and reality was that in-ring Gail was much more evil and wore better
sunglasses than real-life Gail.

Even though Nora and Gail had been in the same match as Lita and Trish. They
were delayed in getting back to the locker room because they had stayed
behind to film a promo that set up their pay per view match against Lita and
Trish at Unforgiven. Now the promo was done and both women were looking
forward to some relaxing down time. Their bodies were sore and they both were
tired, but despite that and despite the fact that their character's evil
scheme to end Trish's career had been thwarted, they were still in high

"You really did great in that promo Gail," Nora commended as they walked
toward the women's locker room together. "I think you're really starting to
come around as a character and that's so important. If you don't establish
yourself around here, then they tend to forget about you. I wasn't sure about
your heel turn at first, but I think you've really done a great job with it."

"Thanks Nora," Gail smiled gratefully. "It's kind of fun to be the bad girl.
I don't think I could go out there and be a good girl all the time, it can
get stale."

Gail really was happy that Nora had been there to help her out since her WWE
debut. Her heel turn had really benefited her because she was working side by
side with Nora and Gail wasn't so cocky that she didn't know there was a lot
she could learn from the veteran wrestler. Nora had been with both WCW and
the WWF and was one of the company's top trainers for women wrestlers as well
as the current champion. Gail had heard stories before she had gotten to the
WWE about the women all being bitches, but she hadn't found that to be the
case at all.

In fact, Nora's had really stepped forward to take her under her wing. She
had become her unofficial teacher and mentor and Gail had improved a ton
since her arrival because of Nora's efforts. Nora had been totally open and
kind to her and given her nothing but help for her ring skills and mic
skills. Hearing compliments from her, really meant a lot to Gail.

"Well it was a great promo, a little salacious for me, but what are you going
to do?" Nora said with a cheerful shrug. She had learned the hard way not to
go against the power anymore when it came to toning down the sex in the show.
Now all Nora tried to do was do the best job she could do and be the biggest
help to the other girls when they needed her.

"Hey, what can I say? It was easy for me to play sexually unsatisfied," Gail
grinned. "After all I can't remember the last time I got laid. It just kind
of built from there."

"Gail!" Nora gasped. "You shouldn't talk like that in public! There's a time
and a place for complaining about things like that and I really don't think
it's here."

"Oh loosen up Nora," Gail laughed. "If you can't be open with your friends,
then what's the point of having them in the first place?"

Nora knew Gail was right about that, but she was still a little uncomfortable
with her friend revealing aspects of her sex life, even if it was about the
lack of one. As someone with a deep Christian faith, Nora knew it made her a
bit of an outsider in the locker room. Everyone was still nice to her and she
tried not to be too judgmental when she saw some behavior she disapproved of,
but Nora also saw there was a bond between the other girls that she just
didn't have.

They had their lives and Nora had her faith. It was just a matter of personal
choice and while Nora knew the others liked her, she just wished she could
relate to them better and they made more of an opportunity to get to know
her. Sometimes it was like Shawn Michaels was the only one here she could
talk to. The casual attitudes the other girls in the company seemed to have
about sex was just something Nora couldn't share.

"Well...I just don't think it should be talked about so flippantly," Nora
replied. She tried to have fun and joke around with the others, but it really
was sometimes they were from different worlds.

"Hey talk is all I've been getting lately, I'd prefer less talk and more
action," Gail giggled as she and Nora pushed open the door and walked into
the locker room. She loved teasing Nora and she hoped her mentor wasn't
taking it personally. Gail knew how religious she was and she was just being
affectionate with her teasing. She wasn't trying to ridicule her faith.

The truth was, Gail was more than a little sexually frustrated. She was flat
out horny and even though it was just for the storyline, even Eric Bischoff
was starting to look good to her today. Hell, if it had a pulse and half a
brain, Gail felt like she would jump it in a second. Working in the WWE took
its toll on a lot of things and most of all on the personal lives of its
wrestlers. How were you supposed to have a relationship with someone when
you're on the road 300 days a year? Gail was never home and that made having
a boyfriend just about impossible.

Plus as the new girl on RAW, Gail was committed to working her ass off to
prove she belonged here in the big time. She hadn't worked all her life just
to blow it at the key moment. So she was willing to put in all the extra time
necessary to improve her skills and then some. If that meant giving up the
chance to go out and find a lover for the night, then Gail was willing to
make that sacrifice. She would just have to find a way to work through her
horniness in some other fashion.

"Wow, Trish and Amy sure left a mess here," Nora said, shaking her head as
she noticed the scattered clothes all over the floor. It was like they had
just torn their things off. One of them had even left a towel hanging off the
bench, it wasn't even used or anything. Sometimes these girls could just be
so sloppy.

Gail also shook her head at the mess and walked over to her own locker. She
was about to start undoing the laces for her orange top when she suddenly
heard something coming from the shower.

"Hey Nora, did you hear that?" Gail asked, wondering what it was.

"Yeah I did," Nora replied with a concerned frown. "Do you think someone's
sick or something?"

"Only one way to find out," Gail said before heading off down the short walk
to get from the lockers to the shower room. Nora followed right behind her,
hoping that someone hadn't gotten hurt or anything. If whoever was making the
noise was sick or hurt, both girls were ready and willing to help out as best
they could.

The closer they got, the louder the noises became and the more apparent it
was that the groans of pain were anything but. Soon it was obvious that it
was moans of pleasure and they were being made by two female voices and not
just one. But when Gail and Nora finally got an eyeful of what was going on
under the showers, not even those realizations could prepare them for what
they witnessed.

"Oh my lord..." Molly gasped, her hand reflexively clamping to her open mouth
in shock.

"Holy fucking hell," Gail declared in complete and utter surprise as she
watched something she never figured she would ever witness in a WWE locker
room. There, under the hot water of the shower, lay Amy and Trish lost in
sexual bliss with one another. There was no attempt being made to hide or
even disguise what they were doing. They were fucking and loving it.

The streaming water from the shower had their naked bodies glistening and
Gail and Nora could only stand in complete stunned silence as Amy and Trish
continued their fun. Both girls were down on the white tile of the shower
area, but Amy was sitting up while Trish lay flat on her belly. Amy's back
was pressed against the wall as water coated her face and red hair. She
didn't seem to mind the water though and it was easy to see why. Trish's
face was buried between her legs and the look of ecstasy on Amy's face gave
a small sampling of the ecstasy she was feeling from Trish's tongue in her
wet, spread pussy.

"God damn you're fucking good at this Trish!" Amy cried out happily. "Mmmmm
you've been practicing while I've been gone, haven't you? Yessssss work that
tongue in me baby. Work that tongue in my pussy and make me come so sweet!
Ohhhhhh that tongue feels so fucking awesome!"

Hearing those passionate words was doing more to stimulate Trish than
anything her own hand could do at the moment. She was dripping wet all over
her thighs and down her legs and it wasn't from the shower. She loved hearing
Amy talk like that for her and compliment her skills. She'd worked damn hard
on Stacy to get her tongue in the prime shape it was in and hearing Amy tell
her how good it felt was almost as satisfying as tasting her sweet girl
juices all over her lips and tongue...almost.

Breaking for some oxygen, Trish took a second to admire Amy's tight little
cunt lips and the spread pink that was on display for her. Trish still
thought Stacy had the prettiest pussy she'd ever seen, but Amy came a close
second. Little droplets of girl cream clung to her splayed slit and the neat
red patch of fur over her pussy was wet with desire. All Trish wanted to do
was just devour Amy's sex. Her months and months of intense fantasies had led
up to this moment and there was no letdown in sight. The heat of Amy's pink
folds made Trish giddy with desire and after she had gotten all the breath
she needed, she went right back to pleasuring her friend.

"Hmmmm yesssss...nasty girl," Amy groaned. "Bury that face in my hot fucking
pussy! Do you love it Trish? Was it worth waiting for? You like licking my
pussy? My tight, pink cunt!"

Mmmm keep talking to me baby, Trish thought to herself with an ecstatic
smile. Moan those nasty words for me Amy. You're just making me wetter. Trish
was hooked on Amy's sweet, but slightly spicy taste and there was no place on
her she didn't want to lick. Her tongue teased over her thighs and up her
stomach. Trish could taste the water from the shower and the salt from Amy's
sweat and it made for an intoxicating mixture with the sweet taste of her
girl juice.

Just like Amy, Trish found it easy to ignore the falling water that was
covering their bodies. Amy was getting the brunt of it, but it was also
soaking Trish's blonde hair and running down her bare back toward her ass.
Trish didn't let the water distract her, in fact she loved how it felt to
have it coating her naked skin as she pleasured Amy. With Amy all wet and
spread open for her, there was no way Trish couldn't feel good and she
happily leaned down to nibble and tease her pussy lips as she began sliding
two of her fingers into Amy's tightness.

The two naked girls remained completely unaware that they had an audience
because Gail and Nora had yet to make a sound to reveal their presence.
They backed away slightly, neither girl wanting to be discovered and their
reactions differed as much as their personalities.

"They can't do that..." Nora whispered in disbelief. "It's wrong. They...they
just can't."

"But look at's so hot," Gail replied, her own excitement growing. In
her life, Gail had known more than a few lesbians and a few of them had even
sought to entice her into the lifestyle. She'd always politely rebuffed them
though. Gail just didn't think it was for her. She liked guys and she'd
always thought you couldn't get the same pleasure from a girl. But now, as
she watched Trish's tongue drive Amy to ecstatic highs, she began to wonder
if she'd been wrong. Gail had never really had any lesbian fantasies before,
but it was impossible to ignore the fact that this live sex show was turning
her on.

"Women shouldn't be with other women," Nora claimed. "It's wrong. And we
shouldn't be watching. We should leave."

"I'm not leaving...I want to watch," Gail stated firmly, her voice barely
above a hush. She was still in her two-piece orange ring attire and her
hands unconsciously began to move down to her firm breasts as they lay
trapped beneath her top. Gail's fingers began to toy with the black strings
that held her top together in the front and the other hand began to rub her
chest through the material. She had never seen anything like this before
and the erotic visions, plus her own touch, was getting Gail's nipples hard.

Nora had told herself not to be judgmental. She didn't feel it was right
for people to judge her solely on her faith and she wasn't a hypocrite who
judged people on their choices. What people did in their bedrooms was their
own business, but this wasn't in any bedroom. Trish and Amy were flaunting
themselves right there in the shower where anyone could see them. Nora knew
what she should do. She should leave right now and tomorrow, after everyone
had cooled down, she should talk this out with Amy and Trish. But even as
she recognized this, Nora couldn't make her feet move. She couldn't stop

Still unaware of their audience, Amy happily squealed her pleasure from the
double stimulation of Trish's tongue and her fingers. She had her long,
flexible legs wrapped around Trish's back and she brought her dripping pussy
right up against her blonde lover's face. Amy's hair and face were soaked
with the hot water and it only made her want more. She let out a hungry groan
and she shook her hair around, sending water splashing over Trish's back and
around the wet, cold tile. Amy felt that cold tile pressing against her feet
and ass, but she didn't care. Trish was making her too hot to experience
anything but pleasure.

"Eat me Trish...mmmmmm yesssss fuck me good baby...just like you fucked
Jessica," Amy wailed in pleasure, her orgasm getting closer with every lick
of Trish's horny tongue. "Lick me up just like you licked her! Mmmmmm make
me come Trish! Fuck yesssss!!! I've been dreaming about this every damn night
and it's so gooooooood!"

Even though she had just come, Trish's own pussy was sopping wet. And though
she longed to touch it, she didn't. She wanted all her efforts to concentrate
on Amy so she was willing to let her own pleasure wait for a little bit.
Besides, if Amy was as good as Jessica said she was, then Trish knew she was
going to get more than her deserved reward right back.

While Amy moaned and writhed against the shower wall, Trish lapped away
hungrily at her pink. Trish had gotten her fingers and tongue to work in
perfect synch with one another as Amy passionately fucked her face with
hard bucks of her hips. Trish let her tongue concentrate on Amy's swollen
clitoris and her two fingers worked together to penetrate her soft pinkness
over and over again. Both Trish's tongue and fingers were coated in girl
juice, but all the blonde wanted was more. She wasn't going to let up until
she got Amy's orgasm. She had craved it for so long and anyone who dared
interrupt her from getting it would have been chick kicked right into

Trish moaned right into Amy's cunt as the redhead's clit pulsed under her
tongue. Trish could feel the cold, wet tile pressing into her hot naked body
as she lay there flat on her belly, mashing her tits into the floor and
rubbing her overheated pussy against the tile. Trish felt like she could come
just from rubbing herself against the wet floor as water coursed down Amy's
body and onto her own, dripping straight for her ass and stimulating her
tight, puckered hole. Trish's cries were muffled, not only by the pussy in
front of her face, but by the frenzied requests for more from her lover.

"Ughhhhhhh sooooo close...gimmie more Trish! Suck on that clit! Fuck my
pussy! Just make me come goddamn it!" Amy begged. Trish peered up from
between the redhead's legs to see her friend's face contorted in ecstasy
as she mauled her own bare breasts.

The water and the grip of her own hands were making Amy's tits raw and pink.
Trish couldn't wait to kiss those jiggling mounds and make them feel better.
But first she needed to finish the job here. Trish continued licking and
fucking Amy as the girl sat up against the wall and moved her fingers to her
mouth, where she began sucking on them frantically to get a grip on the
intense pleasure her body was feeling.

The more Nora stared at Amy and Trish, the more tortured she felt. She knew
it was wrong not only for them to be doing this, but for her and Gail to be
watching. But Nora could not deny what was so plainly obvious. She liked what
she saw and she liked looking over to see Gail fondle her breasts through her
orange top.

Nora might have been religious, but she wasn't a nun and she was no stranger
to wicked desire. She knew she was a woman and there was nothing wrong with a
few passionate thoughts now and then. But this...this was unlike anything her
brain had ever conjured up, even when she had been at her most aroused. Nora
couldn't stop watching Trish as her sexy ass rose in the air, glistening with
water while she feasted on Amy's womanhood and loved it. Nora could hear
Amy's rapturous cries and began to think about how good it would feel to be
in Amy's place right now and feeling all that pleasure.

She tried to shake these thoughts out of her head. It wasn't right to be
with another woman. She had been taught that and she believed it, but she was
looking at a living, breathing example of wicked lesbian lust and it made her
own sex stir. She could hear the heavy breathing from Gail and for the first
time, Nora felt desire for another woman.

Nora couldn't help but think back to close to a year ago when she had
loudly sounded off against RAW's Hot Lesbian Action angle. She had felt
it was demeaning to all the female wrestlers and it was offensive to her
sensibilities. But now she was looking straight at some real hot lesbian
action and unable to stop herself from reacting with desire. How could
lesbianism truly be wrong when Amy and Trish looked so beautiful, naked in
the shower and enjoying each other's bodies. Nora didn't know what to do or
how to make herself stop, but she just couldn't pick up her feet and walk

As tortured as Nora was at that moment, Gail was quite accepting of these
new feelings. She didn't know what it was specifically that was making her
feel this way, but she wanted in. She wanted to be as naked as Trish and Amy
and to be doing the same nasty things they were. Gail had never looked at a
woman the way she was looking at the two bare Divas right then and her
fingers which had been playing with the string of her top, now moved to undo

Without taking her eyes off of the action, Gail began to untie the string of
her top. She pulled and yanked at it with a growing energy and soon she had
undone the laces enough so that she could just tug the rest of it open. The
top was now hanging from her shoulders and her bare breasts were exposed to
the open air. Gail gasped and moaned happily as the steam from the shower
tickled her flesh and stimulated her nipples. Not caring anymore about being
caught or what Nora would think, Gail began pinching her nipples and
caressing her own tits while watching the most erotic sight of her young

This action did not go unnoticed by Nora and for the first time she was
struck by how beautiful Gail was. She had always noticed Gail was attractive,
but this time it was completely different. Now all Nora could do was look at
Gail pinching her hard, pink nipples and tugging on the swollen pleasure
points. Nora felt her own nipples begin to harden and press against her pink
top. Normally when Nora felt wicked impulses like this she would either push
them out of her mind or let them fade away naturally. This time she was
unable to resist them and she began to fondle her own chest through her soft
top, making herself moan in the process.

Back in the shower, even if Gail and Nora had been screaming out in orgasm,
it would have been highly unlikely that Amy and Trish would even notice them.
They were lost in each other and the rest of the world had ceased to exist.
Amy's hands were flailing about and trying to grip the tiled walls of the
shower as she cried out again and again in warning of her immanent orgasm.
Trish heard those cries and just sucked and fucked her harder.

"Mmmmmmm Trish baby I'm gonna come!" Amy cried. "Make me come with your
tongue you nasty girl! Make me come like you made Jessica come!"

Hearing that made Trish think of an especially wicked memory of something
she'd done to Jessica. And thinking of it suddenly created an impulse inside
Trish for her to do it. She'd waited so long to taste Amy's orgasm and now
she was going to deny herself it, but she didn't care. Trish knew there would
be other opportunities. Right now she had to do this.

Trish pulled away from Amy, leaving the returning Diva gasping and groaning
in frustration. She had been so close! Why had Trish stopped? And then when
the answer became clear, a happy grin crossed Amy's face.

As she looked her lover straight in the eyes, Trish sat up and began playing
with her own tits. She fondled them passionately and pinched her own nipples
to make them as hard as diamonds. Trish then didn't waste another second
before she was right in between Amy's pussy, rubbing her tits against her
aching clit.

screamed out load, her hands splashing down over and over into the pools of
water that were collecting on the floor. "TITFUCK ME TRISH! FUCK ME LIKE A

That was just what Trish wanted. She wanted to feel Amy's girl cream dripping
all over her huge tits. These were the times when her implants had been worth
every penny and Trish wasn't going to satisfied until her puppies were coated
with desire. Trish moved back and forth from one breast to the other, rubbing
it deep against Amy's sex and getting them both sticky and creamy with girl
juice. Trish cupped each of her tits in her hands to rub them hard up and
down against Amy's pink, stimulating her folds and rubbing right against her
hard clit.

Trish kept rubbing and rubbing until Amy was right on the edge and then she
pushed her face to her pussy again and sucked hard on her clit. All it took
was one suck and a huge wave of Amy's 18 months of pent up lesbian lust was

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" Amy screamed, unable and unwilling to control her
volume. She screamed out over and over again how good it felt and how much
she loved Trish's lips on her clit as she came came. Amy's body rocked up and
down on the tile, water splashing everywhere as her pussy creamed pure girl
lust onto Trish's face and down to her incredibly impressive mammary glands.

As Amy came, Trish held steady sucking her friend's clit before pushing her
chest back up and titfucking her friend as her orgasm faded. Trish made sure
every last drop of cream coated her girl flesh. Amy's cries continued until
her voice started to lose strength. Her hips bucked in orgasmic delight a few
more times, before Amy finally slumped back against the shower wall, a happy
smile making her face glow.

"Mmmmm so are you properly Stratusfied?" Trish giggled wickedly as she
crawled up to Amy and kissed her tenderly.

"Nope," Amy said with a smile and a shake of her head.

"Oh? And why not?" Trish asked after another kiss.

"Cause I haven't gotten you off yet with my tongue," Amy replied before
summoning all her energy and sliding a finger up and down Trish's sizzling
slit, tracing up and down her sensitive pussy and making the blonde moan
giddily. "Mmmm let me show you what I can do baby."

Trish's tits were coated completely with girl cum and Amy quickly began to
lick them clean, before the water from the shower washed it all away. As she
moaned more from the feel of Amy's long tongue strokes on her tits, Trish
helped her out by hefting up her mounds to her own mouth so she could lick
and clean them. She and Amy shared her huge breasts until Trish let Amy
finish her off. Trish pushed her tit right against Amy's hungry lips and she
fed her the cummy flesh like a mommy feeding her baby.

"Ohhhhhhhh my God...I can't believe they're fucking doing this," Gail groaned
as she now had one hand rubbing her pussy through her shorts as the other
continued fondling her tits. Gail had cast off her top by then and was now
standing there topless in just her orange shorts and ring boots. The more she
saw the more she wanted and Gail didn't care that she was feeling lust for
women. All that mattered to her was that it was a lust that needed attention.

If she'd been in the company longer or known Trish and Amy better, Gail might
have been tempted to just walk into the shower and join the fun. But she had
only been here a few months and wouldn't have felt right being that ballsy.
However, Gail didn't feel too inhibited about turning toward her friend and

"Nora?" Gail asked, her voice filled with need, causing the brunette to look
in her direction. "Nora, would you kiss me? Please...I need it. I know you
like what you see as much as I do. Please Nora. Kiss me and play with my

Nora's throat was too dry for her to say anything in response. For once words
failed her. She couldn't comprehend Gail's pleas. An hour ago, Nora would
have been completely offended. Now she no longer knew what to feel. She kept
telling herself that this was wrong. But Gail was a beautiful woman and Trish
and Amy were giving each other such pleasure. Nora's nipples were now visibly
straining against her top and she felt the heat of her own arousal between
her legs.

"I...I...I..." Nora began, but before she could stammer out any further,
Gail was kissing her. It was the first girl/girl kiss either of them had
ever experienced and while Nora was too stunned to respond, Gail enjoyed it
immensely. It had been so long since she'd felt a lover's kiss and Nora's
lips were so soft. Gail wanted more though. She wanted to do just what Amy
and Trish were doing. The Asian beauty moved in for another kiss, but this
time Nora held up her hands and stopped her.

"We can't..." Nora insisted with a whisper.

"Yes we can," Gail replied. "Look at them Nora. Look at how hot they are.
Look at how good they're making each other feel. Let's make each other feel
that good."

"Nooooooo..." Nora groaned. "I just can't. It's not right. Not moral. Don't
make me."

"I don't want to make you," Gail claimed. "I want you to want me too. I know
you like what you see Nora. Look at your tits. Look at how hard your nipples
are. I'll bet your pussy is as wet as mine is. Let's join them."

"No...please..." Nora continued to resist. But hearing Gail say those nasty
words was making her even more aroused. It was like fighting a losing battle
and when Gail reached up and suddenly began massing her breasts through her
top, rubbing her stimulated nipples, Nora couldn't help but moan.

"Don't fight it Nora," Gail urged softly, her lips hovering right next to
her friend's. It was like at any second she could just lean in and kiss
the confused Nora's sexy lips. "You know how good it can feel. Don't deny
yourself pleasure."

Gail continued to massage Nora's chest and she pressed their lips together
again. It was a relatively light kiss, but it was far and beyond anything
either girl had done before. Nora kept trying to tell herself that this was
wrong and she couldn't do this with Gail, but her body was ignoring her
brain and reacting on its own. Nora felt the beginning of a moan, but
suddenly she and Gail found themselves interrupted. They had been too busy
paying attention to each other that they hadn't heard anyone approaching

"Well...well...well, what do we have here?" Stacy Keibler asked as she stood
before Gail and Molly, arms crossed over her chest and a teasing smirk
across her face. At the sound of her voice, Gail and Nora immediately became
flustered and pulled away from each other, trying to compose themselves.

"This isn't what it looks like!" Nora immediately claimed, her face turning
deep red with humiliation. She couldn't believe she'd been caught kissing

"Oh really? Cause it looked like you two were starting to have some fun,"
Stacy said, her tongue sliding out just a bit to lick her lips. "I came in
here for a shower and I heard the moans. I thought I'd check them out. I just
didn't expect it would be you two making them. I never figured you'd be into
girls, Nora."

"I'm not...we're not!" Nora continued to try and explain her way out of
this. But she'd been caught red handed and Nora could so easily picture Stacy
teasing her about it for the rest of her stay here in the WWE. Beside her,
Nora could see Gail having the same thoughts. The young woman stood there
looking down at the floor and covering her bare breasts with her hands.

"Don't be embarrassed," Stacy advised, her smile never leaving her lips. "I
think it's great. But I see you're not the only ones having fun."

Stacy then craned her neck to the shower area where Amy had positioned
herself on top of Trish and was kissing her passionately while their bare
tits rubbed together. Judging from the position they were in, it also looked
like Amy and Trish were rubbing their pussies together and Stacy immediately
felt a rush of arousal between her own legs at the sight of Amy reaching down
to smack Trish's ass and grab onto her jiggling cheeks.

She knew how bad Trish wanted Amy. Stacy's only regret was that she hadn't
waited for her to go after the sexy redhead. But Stacy quickly got over that
disappointment. This was a golden opportunity for her here now and seeing
Gail and Nora like this only raised the possibility of turning this into a
very tantalizing equation. With her wetness growing by the second, Stacy knew
she had to play this just right to get what she wanted.

"You two like watching that don't you?" Stacy asked seductively as she drew
herself closer to Gail and Nora. Stacy was still in what she'd worn out to
the ring that night, but since she hadn't been wrestling, she wasn't in her
gear. Instead she was in a black and silver dress that showed off as much of
her long legs as was allowed on television. Stacy had already kicked off her
heels, so she stood there bare footed, but she still had a height advantage
on both Gail and Nora.

In response to her question, Nora just stood there shamefaced, but Gail
began to shyly nod her head. Stacy recognized the feelings that must be
going through them right now. It didn't look like either of them had been
with a girl before and it looked like the same way Stacy had felt when she
had walked into the steam room a year ago and caught Trish and Jessica
together. She had been so nervous at first, but Trish had quickly relieved
her of her towel and her inhibitions and Stacy had been a devotee of girl
sex ever since. Now she saw a chance to get Gail and Nora the same pleasure
she'd felt that first time.

"Don't be shy, you can admit it," Stacy said, ignoring Nora for the moment
and concentrating on Gail. "Say it Gail. Say you like what you see."

"Yesss...I like it," Gail moaned, her arousal had never really disappeared
and now it was becoming stronger than ever. "I like watching them. They're
so beautiful and they're getting me so wet."

"Mmmm good," Stacy said wickedly before leaning down, propping Gail's chin
up with her hand and kissing the company's newest Diva. Gail was shocked at
this development but it didn't stop her from returning the kiss with passion.
Soon Gail had her arms wrapped around the back Stacy's neck as she held on
and kissed her hungrily, going further than she had in her shy kisses with
Nora. And when Stacy pushed her pink tongue into her mouth, all Gail could do
was moan.

Nora couldn't believe what she was seeing. Was everyone here a lesbian but
her? It was crazy and she started to regain some of her senses. She was
still as aroused as she'd ever been, but she began to back away from Stacy
and Gail, looking to get out of the locker room before she lost all control.

"No! Don't go!" Stacy said, breaking the kiss suddenly with Gail and leaving
the Asian girl groaning in disappointment. "Please don't go Nora!"

"I...I have to," Nora claimed.

"No you don't," Stacy said before grabbing Nora's hand and pulling her
forward. Nora didn't resist and Stacy responded by slipping a sizzling kiss
on her lips. Nora didn't let her have the uninhibited access that Gail did,
but Stacy kept kissing the veteran wrestler, trying to increase her passion
and her willingness. Stacy kept Nora locked to her lips, acting as if she
could change the woman's entire mindset with just one magic kiss.

When Stacy finally broke the kiss, Nora was gasping for breath. She didn't
look convinced yet, but she also wasn't moving for the exit anymore.

"You two just stay here and watch for a little bit," Stacy giggled sexily.
"I'm going to give you guys a real show."

The leggy blonde then turned away from them and began walking toward the
shower area, where Amy and Trish continued to grind each other, Trish's cries
growing longer and sharper with every thrust of Amy's cunt against hers.
Stacy didn't show a bit of inhibition or fear. She just pulled her dress over
her head and cast it aside before she walked onto the wet tile. She stood
there topless in tiny red panties that didn't do much to hide the exquisite
cheeks of her ass.

"So Trish you didn't go off and forget about lil ol me now that Amy's back,
did you?" Stacy playfully demanded before getting down on her knees and
inserting herself right into the action with a kiss to Trish's lips.

The busty blonde had been well on her way to orgasm from grinding Amy and
the extra stimulation of Stacy's barely dressed presence was welcomed with
open arms. Stacy and Trish kissed and sucked on each other's tongues as Amy
watched with happy surprise covering her face. She hadn't expected Stacy to
show up like this, but she was more than happy to have her stay and join

"Mmmmm so Stacy, Trish was telling me some stories about you," Amy said as
she began to run her hands over Stacy's ass, rubbing the firm curves as the
water from the shower soaked her red panties and made them a darker shade.
"I hear you're a real naughty girl."

"Oh yeah...very naughty," Stacy giggled. "What are you gonna do about it

Amy didn't answer with words. Instead she pulled her hand up and sent it
screaming down toward Stacy's ass. She spanked Stacy firmly as her panties
clung to her flesh. Stacy happily yelped in delight at the feel of Amy's
hand on her butt and she immediately turned to kiss the returning superstar.
Amy sucked Stacy's tongue into her mouth just as soon as the kiss started
and their tits were quickly rubbing together as Trish fondled both of their
bare, water covered backs.

"Just so you know...we have an audience," Stacy said with a chuckle as she
pointed right at Gail and Nora. By now Gail had stopped hiding her tits and
was blatantly fondling them again, but Nora just continued to stand there.
Both Trish and Amy were shocked to see that they had been watched by their
in-ring rivals, but they weren't upset. Gail and Nora seemed to like what
they saw, so Trish and Amy decided to just go with it. Besides, the
possibility of their encounter turning into a threesome and then a fivesome
was just too hot an idea to pass up.

"So what should we do with them now?" Trish asked as she helped herself to
a long gaze at Gail's bare breasts.

"They're a little shy," Stacy said. "Let's just let them watch. Now where
were you two?"

"Ohhhhhhh gawwwwd I need to come," Trish groaned. "You wanna help Amy out
there, Stacy baby?"

"I wanna do more than help," Stacy replied before she gave Trish another hot
kiss. "Mmmm I wanna lick."

Stacy then gently pressed Trish down on her back on the tile floor and began
kissing her way down her lover's body. Amy watched in admiration as Stacy
made Trish coo with delight with each kiss down her chest and over her tummy
to get at her thighs. She had no idea Stacy could be this hot. Amy had always
looked in secret delight at her long legs and sexy ass and now, as Stacy
neared Trish's pussy, her body was hers for the taking.

Amy repositioned herself to get behind Stacy and her perfect ass. The red
panties were like a second skin now from the water and Amy didn't waste a
second before hooking her fingers into the waistband and rolling them off
her. Amy had to resist the temptation to just sink her teeth into that ass
the second it was exposed to her horny eyes, but it was a tough task. Amy
finished pulling Stacy's panties off and tossed them in the direction of
Gail and Nora. Amy then winked seductively at their enraptured audience and
got to work on Stacy.

There was no way Amy could ignore an ass like this, especially in her horny
state. The tight cheeks were just too tantalizing a sight and Amy immediately
began to spank Stacy again and again, making her tanned ass pink with

"Oooooooooh ooooooh oooooooooooooooh yessss..." Stacy squealed in delight.
"Spank me Amy! Mmmmmm I got Trish first cause I'm a naughty girl and now you
need to punish me! Spank me Amy for being such a bad little slut!"

That request got Stacy exactly what she was looking for as Amy delivered
another series of hard smacks to her toned ass cheeks. Stacy pulled her ass
up in the air and wiggled it as she begged for more. She loved being spanked
and no one could do it as well as another woman could. Both Jessica and Trish
had spanked her that first day and in all the times she had been with Trish
since, Stacy had made sure her friend gave her a proper spanking.

"Mmmmmm more Amy! Spank me harder damn it!" Stacy begged. "I deserve it! I've
been bad! Soooo fucking bad!"

Even though Stacy had a boyfriend she had no guilt about doing this with
Trish. There was no way Andrew could make her feel as good or get her off as
hard as another woman could. It was way too much fun to stop. She squealed
and moaned with every hard spank Amy gave her needy ass. Amy was really
getting into it too, leaving her cheeks nice and raw.

As much as Stacy loved being spanked, she didn't want to take attention away
from Trish. The two had grown very close since they had become lovers and
Stacy didn't want to deprive her friend from a much needed orgasm. Trish was
writhing on the floor and spreading her legs as a simple illustration of her
desperate need to come. Stacy could feel her heat and smell her musk so she
didn't pause any longer in her journey to her snatch. Instead she just buried
her face right in Trish's most intimate of parts.

"Ooooooh baby yessssss eat me!" Trish groaned as she began to rub and grip
her own bouncing tits. "Lick that pussy Stace! Mmmmmm lick it good you
little whore! You like Amy spanking your ass? I know how much you love a
good spanking on your slutty ass! Get your tongue in my pussy and make me
come or else I'll make her stop I swear to God!"

Stacy couldn't bear the thought of having Amy stop what she was doing, but
it really never took much convincing for her to tongue fuck Trish's yummy
pussy. Stacy settled in on her knees so Amy could get as much ass play as
she wanted on her backside while she feasted on Trish's womanly orifice.
Stacy began licking up all the juice leaking from Trish's sexual core and
then she burrowed her pink tongue inside her friend, heading straight for
her clitoris.

Meanwhile, the more they watched, the more Gail and Nora wanted in. Gail was
so obvious about it that she was practically humping her friend's leg, but
still Nora stood silent. Her resolve was weakening though. She wanted to
resist, but had no strength too. How could it be wrong if they were enjoying
it so much? They weren't hurting each other. It was just sex. Couldn't she
still be a good person, strong in her faith while also having some sexy fun
with other girls?

That question became even more pressing when Gail reached over for her again.
Gail's lips pressed against her neck and the rookie wrestler began kissing
all around her mentor's neck, making Nora moan and her knees go week. She
loved being kissed on the neck and when Gail began to push her top aside Nora
couldn't stop her. Nora's red top was held onto her body with only one knot
of material on her shoulder. It was tight enough to prevent accidental
exposure in the ring, but loose enough for Gail to ease it right off her

"No," was all that could croak out of Nora's mouth.

"Yes," Gail simply replied before pushing the strap all the way off Nora's
shoulder. Gail then pushed it all the way down her friend's body, leaving her
shirt bunched around her waist and exposing her sports bra underneath. The
bra had clear straps but was white over her tits. Gail could see how hard
Nora's nipples were and she leaned down to begin teasing them with her tongue
through the material of the bra.

"Ohhhhhhh my God...ooooooh Gail...sooooooo good..." Nora groaned. "Please
stop...mmmmmmm yessssss...oooooooh yessssss...nooooo don't! Ohhhhhh gawwwwd
more...please more!"

Nora continued to go back and forth like that as the horny girl sucked on her
hard nipples, but her body showed none of her brain's indecision. She wanted
it. Her body knew it, even if her mind couldn't accept it yet. Nora was too
wet to resist Gail's sexy advances and a grin began to crack her lips as she
envisioned herself naked on the shower floor just like Trish was right now.

When Gail began to undo her bra, all Nora could do was arch her back and give
her better access. Gail was getting more bold with her touching and she got
Nora's sports bra off as quickly as possible. This exposed Nora's bare
breasts and the generous mounds fell out into Gail's eager grasp. Unlike the
majority of the well built Divas, Nora was all natural and Gail immediately
began to tongue and kiss all over her soft, bare breasts.

"Oooooh Gail...what are you doing to me?" Nora moaned, her head tossed back.
She didn't expect an answer though. She just didn't want the pleasure to
stop. She felt guilty about doing this, but her desire overwhelmed her. "Mmmm
more...gimmie more. Make me feel good!"

That was what Gail was planning to do as she sucked on her mentor's tits.
She wanted Nora to be as horny as she was. Gail had no idea how to do any of
this. It was all new to her, but her instinct was guiding her and, judging
from Nora's moans, it was doing a good job. Gail nibbled on Nora's pink
nipples and her moaning only got louder as Gail pushed her hands down Nora's
bare back and into her pants to squeeze her ass through her panties.

Of course any moans that came from Nora were easily eclipsed by what was
going on in the shower. Amy, Trish and Stacy were all soaked from head to
toe. Their hair was all stuck in wet clumps to their bodies, but it only
made them want each other more. The water gave their bodies an extra shine
to go with the glow of their arousal.

One of Trish's hands still remained on her chest to stimulate her own tits
and the other was clamped to the back of Stacy's head, gripping her by her
blonde hair and making sure she couldn't stop licking her pussy. Stacy didn't
need the extra help though. She was licking Trish's quim just fine on her
own. Trish was so hot and wet that it was like sliding her tongue into a
sauna and Stacy loved it. The taste of Trish's cum was a treat she always
craved and the sugary sweetness of her juices was filling Stacy's tongue and
dripping down her tummy. She was in heaven between her friend's legs and all
she wanted was to make her come.

However, it was kind of hard for Stacy to concentrate entirely on Trish
because of what Amy was doing to her. After her spankings had made Stacy's
backside suitably pink, Amy began to stab her pussy with her tongue, getting
her first taste of the statuesque beauty. Before this day, Jessica Alba had
been the only girl Amy had tasted, and now that her tongue was filled with
the taste of both Trish and Stacy, Amy was ready to add this creamy treat to
her regular diet.

Amy continued to lick Stacy's cunt, swiping her tongue up and down her slit
and then pushing it inside over and over again as the all natural blonde
cried out into Trish's pussy. Amy could still hear those cries though and it
was so easy to see how well Stacy was reacting to this. Her hot juices were
practically dripping into Amy's mouth and her body was steadily rocking on
her knees as she continued to eat Trish out. Amy was in total lust with
Stacy's snatch as she crouched behind her and pleasured her. But she couldn't
help but have her focus wander.

Stacy's ass demanded attention and Amy felt like she needed to give it to
her. One of Amy's regrets was that she and Jessica hadn't had time to fully
explore each other's bodies. Jessica had such a great ass, but nothing could
rival Stacy's. Amy finally couldn't take it anymore and she pulled her tongue
away and lined herself up against Stacy's sculpted ass.

Amy hovered above Stacy's puckered asshole and let her saliva drip from her
mouth and down her crack. Stacy moaned happily and once again began to wiggle
her butt in an enticement for more. Amy then spit a little harder, letting
her saliva go straight from her mouth to Stacy's asshole. The groans, muffled
by Trish's pussy, grew louder with each time Amy spit into Stacy. Finally,
feeling that the slut had been lubed up enough, Amy pushed a single finger
past her tightness.

"GAWWWWWWWWD YESSSSS!!!" Stacy roared as Amy's finger filled her ass and the
redhead slid a second one inside her. Stacy pulled her face away from Trish
and sent her soaked hair flying backwards, splashing Amy in the face. Trish
quickly pulled Stacy back down against her pussy and Amy began to finger fuck
her ass while working her tongue back inside her cunt.

Stacy's eyes felt like they were about to roll back in her head and she shook
in rapture from having her holes taken like this. But she rallied and kept
her focus. She wanted to make sure Trish got off. She didn't want to leave
Trish horny and unfulfilled. Stacy didn't think she could take such intense
punishment. So Stacy did everything she could to get her friend to orgasm.

As her tongue played in Trish's sexual folds, she kept batting it against
her clit. Finally Stacy pursed her lips and captured the throbbing pleasure
center. She sucked it long and sucked it deep, like a vacuum for Trish's

"MORE STACYYYYYYYYYYY MORE!!!" Trish screamed, her orgasm getting closer.

Trish's hips were orbiting up and down steadily, grinding her wetness against
Stacy's face as she licked her and sucked her clit. Trish felt the intense
pressure building up in her body. She needed release and the feeling of
Stacy's lips sucking her clit was doing so much to make that happen. But in
the end it wasn't Trish felt that made her come, it was what she saw.

She had almost forgotten that Gail and Nora were there too and, as Stacy
continued to vigorously suck on her clitoris, Trish caught them out of the
corner of her eyes. She turned her head slightly to be able to see better
and she locked her eyes on them as Gail finished undoing Nora's ring boots
and yanking them off her. Gail then didn't wait another second before
grabbing Nora's black ring pants and tugging them down in a single motion
along with her panties. To see goody goody Nora Greenwald, the innocent,
Christian girl standing there naked as that little Asian cutie Gail Kim
rubbed her face against her pussy was exactly what Trish needed to reach

CUMMMMM!!!" Trish wailed as she fucked Stacy's beautiful face and creamed
her skin. Girl cum filled Stacy's happy mouth and dribbled down past her
lips, only to be quickly recaptured by Stacy's tongue. The sound of Trish's
cries of passion filled the locker room and pushed everyone onward,
especially Gail and Nora.

"Mmmmmmm don't you like hearing that?" Gail asked, her voice ragged with
eager horniness as she stayed on her knees in front of Nora's naked body.
Gail was still in her shorts and boots, but she didn't care. She just wanted
to fuck her friend.

"Don't you like hearing Trish come? I can make you feel that good Nora," Gail
said. "Let me lick you like they're licking each other. Let me taste your
pussy and make you come!"

"Yessssss...God yessss Gail...please...lick meeee..." Nora moaned. She never
dreamed that anything like that would ever escape her lips, but she was now a
slave to her desires. She was getting so wet standing there naked in front of
everyone and when Gail leaned forward to kiss her sex, Nora shuddered in

Gail kissed Nora's pussy deeply, savoring her first taste of girl juice.
Nora was so wet for her. She loved everything about her body. The feel of
her soft, curvy breasts, the way her ass was so sexy and full and the way
her pussy tasted. It was fruity, but slightly intoxicating. Like a glass of
sherry. Nora had a sexy bush of dark hair and Gail ran her fingers through
the soft fur before letting her tongue slide inside her slit.

"Oooooooooooh yessssss...awwwwwww sooooo good..." Nora happily panted.
"Mmmmm Gail your tongue is magic...yesssss..."

The cries coming from their corner of the room were reaching the girls in the
shower. They couldn't wait to show these newbies all the tricks they knew,
but Gail and Nora could wait. Stacy needed their attention first.

After recovering from her own orgasm, Trish was ready and willing to start
giving pleasure back again. She saw the flush on Stacy's face and knew from
experience that when she rocked like that, she was close to coming. So Trish
decided to lend a hand...or rather a tongue to the efforts.

At first Trish just watched as Amy skillfully took on both of Stacy's hot
holes. It was so hot for Trish to crawl over around back and see Amy's
fingers fucking Stacy's tight ass while her tongue lapped away at her kitty.
It was almost a shame to have to break them up, but Trish knew two tongues
could get Stacy off better than one. So Trish pushed Amy's hand away from
Stacy and let her own tongue take over.

as Trish began lapping away at her asshole with her tongue. After the hard
penetration of Amy's fingers, this was just what Stacy's sensitive hole
needed, the soft feel of a sexy girl tongue.

Amy didn't take the rejection of her fingers personally. She was actually
happy because now it gave her a better chance to lick at Stacy's cunt.
Stacy's juices were hot and rich and Amy knew she was almost there. So she
started licking harder, tongue fucking Stacy's tight pussy and sliding her
tongue against her clitoris with each thrust.

"FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!" Stacy squealed passionately. I'M ALMOST THERRRRRRRRE!!!

Stacy's cries then began to dissolve into loud, but incoherent babbling of
sexual pleasure. Her lean body tensed up and then exploded in joy as Trish
and Amy continued to tongue her. Trish spit and licked at her asshole as
Amy's tongue drilled her snatch. Stacy was in ecstasy and her whole body
shivered and shook in orgasmic pleasure.

"MMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEAHHHHHHH!!!" Stacy squealed as she came and
coated Amy's face with her essence. Trish and Amy never let up in their
licking and when Stacy finally was finished she grinned wildly and lay down
on her back under the water, letting it cover her naked and well fucked
body. Stacy's nude form glistened under the hot water and Amy and Trish
turned their attention to their soon to be Pay Per View opponents.

"Don't you think it's high time you two got in here with us?" Amy asked.

"I mean you could stay out there if you want, but it's nicer in here," Trish
added before kissing Amy and caressing her bare tits. Amy did the same to
Trish and that was all the encouragement Gail needed.

Gail got up off her knees, Nora's juices covering her lips and face, and
grabbed her friend's hand. Nora still wasn't entirely convinced about this,
but she knew she'd gone too far to stop. Plus the feel of Gail's tongue
inside her sex had been like no other high she had ever experienced.

"I wish I'd known you were into this baby," Trish said as she arose from her
knees and greeted Nora with a kiss. "Mmmm we could have been having so much

"I...I don't know what I'm doing," Nora admitted. She did like the feel of
Trish's kiss though. It was more confident than Gail's and, unlike when Stacy
kissed her, this time Nora was able to accept it and didn't back away or
freeze up.

"It's ok sweetie," Trish assured her fellow Diva. "It's only good stuff. Just
let your body guide you. I know what you need. Just let me pleasure you and
make you come."

Trish then kissed Nora again and pressed their bodies together under the
water. Their bare tits rubbed together, slick from the shower and when Trish
reached down to grab and squeeze Nora's ass, the brunette groaned and took
the initiative to do the same to her new lover. Nora gripped Trish's ass and
squeezed her right back as the kiss deepened and Nora found herself lost in
lust for another woman once again.

Meanwhile, Amy and Gail had also hooked up, but they dispensed with the
pleasantries and got right to the fucking. Of all the girls there, Amy and
Gail knew each other the least, but that didn't matter when they both wanted
to fuck each other as bad as they did. Amy had Gail get on her back and, as
the water soaked the last dry Diva, the redhead finally liberated the sexy
Asian from her clothes. Amy hurriedly undid the laces that kept Gail's orange
shorts to her tight, young body. When she had them undone, Amy quickly
disposed of the shorts and was happy to see that Gail apparently favored
going commando to the ring.

"No panties...naughty naughty..." Amy chastised with a giggle.

"Mmmmm what'cha gonna do Amy? Spank me like you spanked Stacy?" Gail eagerly

"If that's what you wish," Amy replied with a wink before giving Gail's naked
pussy a hard slap.

"AWWWWWWWW YESSSSSSS FUCK YESSSSSS!!!" Gail suddenly roared as her pussy
finally received the attention it so desperately needed. Gail had been so wet
for so long without any touching to her core and now that Amy was slapping
her, she felt like she was already about to come in buckets.

"You like it huh?" Amy grinned. "I could see that about you from the first
second I met you Gail. Bet you like it a little rough, don't you?"

"Fuck yesssss!!!" Gail hissed in ecstasy. "Slap that cunt Amy! Hit my pussy
hard! I'm so fucking hot for all of you! Slap my pussy baby with that nasty
hand you fucked Stacy with! Yessssssssss I fucking want it alllll!!!"

By now Stacy was stirring again and since Amy seemed to have the Gail
situation well in hand, the leggy blonde found herself crawling over toward
Trish and Nora. Nora looked so horny, but insecure about this still that
Stacy took it upon herself to make it all better.

The water soaked Nora's face and chest but the only thing she noticed was
how good it felt to be flat on her back with Trish's face against her sex.
The feel of her skilled and practiced tongue inside her eclipsed anything
that Gail had just made her feel. Gail was eager but raw and Trish had so
much talent at this. Nora was no virgin, despite what some might think, but
she had never felt sexual pleasure like this before in her whole life.

"Oooooooooh Trish...mmmmmm ohhhhh I love it...don't stop!" Nora moaned. She
felt herself getting close to an orgasm and her condition only got hotter
when Stacy suddenly leaned in and kissed her. This time Nora didn't resist
and let Stacy suck on her wet tongue.

"You look so sexy Nora....mmmm Trish's beautiful face in your pretty pussy...
soo hot," Stacy moaned as she began to play with Nora's shaking tits. "Mmmmm
I love seeing you act naughty. It's so fucking hot to see you get naked with
us and act like a bad girl. I want you to come for us Nora! Come all over
Trish's face while she eats your pussy! I can see how bad you need it!"

Nora did need it. It had been so long since she had had an orgasm. There
hadn't been any men worthy of her bed in such a long time. Now all the pent
up pleasure was about to be released on the face of the WWE's #1 Diva. Nora
couldn't believe the position she was in, but the pleasure was so intense
that she knew it was no dream. It was all real and it was all incredible.

Trish smiled and giggled as her tongue kept fucking Nora's pussy. She never
thought of all the girls here she'd have a crack at Nora. They'd always been
friendly, but Trish never thought they'd get like this. Nora had such a
delightful taste that Trish hoped this wouldn't be the only time she had a
chance to eat her up. But just in case it was, Trish wanted to get the full
effect. She latched her mouth hard to Nora's cunt and buried her face against
it. Trish also let her hands snake under Nora's body to get at her ass. She
squeezed the soft, sexy cheeks and pulled Nora even closer to her tongue.

A few feet over, Amy was having a great deal of success with driving Gail
wild. Amy was sucking hard on the new girl's nipples and even biting on them
a few times for a little pain with the pleasure. It was just what Gail wanted
and she let Amy know it.

"Yessssssss keep fucking me Amy!" Gail growled. "Slap that pussy while you
bite my tits! You know what I fucking need! Don't make love to me! Fuck me!
Fuck me hard Amy! Slap my pussy and jam your fingers deep in my cunt!"

Once again Amy did as she was asked. She pulled her girl cum covered hand
away and pushed her other hand against Gail's pussy. She pushed two fingers
into Gail's snatch and began to finger fuck her hard. She was tight, but Amy
was good at loosening her up and she soon got a third finger inside as she
let Gail lick her own cum off of her hand.

"Oh yeahhhh lick your slut juices off my hand," Amy demanded. "Did little
Gail get all hot and wet in her pussy watching me fuck Trish and Stacy? Did
her tight Asian cunt get slippery and cummy watching me make them come? Come
for me Gail! Come for me now! Come from my fingers deep in your pussy,
fucking that tight hole and making you my little slut!"

Gail cried out in rapture and greedily continued to lap away at Amy's hand,
tasting her cream and craving more. She didn't know what was going to happen
next, but she knew she was going to make damn sure she was with these girls
again and again after this.

As Gail drew closer and closer to her own orgasm, Nora was also on the verge.
Trish kept licking her while Stacy played with her breasts and told her the
nastiest things.

"Mmmmmmmm maybe next Trish will turn you over and fuck your sweet ass like
she just fucked mine," Stacy said as Nora moaned. "I want you to tell Trish
to make you come. I wanna hear you talk nasty Nora. I wanna hear dirty words
come out from your good girl lips."

Nora wanted to refuse but how could she, when she had a beautiful woman
between her legs, pleasuring her with her tongue. Her morals were out the
window and all Nora wanted was to feel the orgasm that was drawing
excruciatingly close.

"Say it Nora!" Stacy playfully ordered in between nipple licks. "Tell Trish
to eat your pussy! Tell her you wanna be a bad girl! Tell her to make you

Nora's mouth wasn't quite working well but when Trish began to suck on her
clitoris and push her over the edge, Nora's clean language was a thing of the

"OHHHHHHHHH FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!" Nora screamed out as she suddenly came, her
pussy spasming against Trish's horny face. "YESSSSSSSSS YOU FUCKING NASTY

That was all Nora could get out before she began moaning and had her lips
smothered with a happy kiss from Stacy. Trish let every drop of Nora's girl
cum fill her mouth and when she finally had her fill she pulled up and
planted her lips right on Nora's so the girl could taste her own orgasmic
juices. Stacy watched with glee as Trish pinned Nora and rubbed their big
tits together as she fed her new lover her own cum.

Hearing Nora let loose and come was what pushed Gail over the edge too. Amy
had slid her tongue in to go with her fingers and all that stimulation in her
pussy was too much for Gail to withstand. The walls of her pink cunt gripped
Amy's probing fingers and she let go with a wave of juicy girl cum.

Gail exclaimed, her voice growing weak with each loud cry. "YESSSSSSS LICK MY

As Amy licked up all of Gail's juices, she soon found Stacy right beside her,
sliding her own tongue into Gail's creaming cunt. Amy and Stacy both licked
her up and when she they'd had their fill they began kissing.

It wasn't long before Gail wanted in on that action and she propped herself
up to kiss Amy and Stacy and taste her own juices again in the process. Trish
soon elbowed her way into the crowded kiss and not even Nora could resist
getting in too. Their were five horny tongues licking and touching lips and
faces as hands got busy and the exertions of their encounter were washed away
by the shower.

When the kiss broke apart, Trish finally reached up to shut off the water.
She then collapsed back on the tile and jointed the rest of the girls as they
sought to catch their breath. No one knew quite what to say. It had all kind
of gotten out of control from what any of them had intended. But soon Trish
found the words she felt summed it all up.

"Wow! Welcome back Amy!" Trish giggled before the returning redhead kissed
her one more time.

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